John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

The Ruby Nightclub, Los Angeles (LA Awards) – June 27th, 2001

Photo by noizewater

Photo by noizewater

Date: Wednesday, June 27th 2001
Venue: Ruby Nightclub, Hollywood, USA
Attendees: Unknown
Audio/Video: YES | YES
Photo Albums: NO

* This show is, for some reason, listed under June 10th on all other websites; but the date it was held is really the 27th.

  1. So Would've I
  2. Forming (The Germs)
  3. Beat Down
  4. You and Whose Army? (Radiohead)
  5. Saturation

Announcement from L.A. Weekly

Wednesday, June 27:
L.A. Weekly Music Awards
Doors 8 p.m. This event is by invitation only.
At the Ruby Nightclub, 7070 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
Third annual music awards showcase. Entry by invitation only. Enter to win tickets throughout the city at independent record stores giveaways and selected LAM01 events. Performers include Aceyalone, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, John Frusciante, Madlib and Crew and Slowrider.


John Frusciante
Mia Doi Todd
Perry Ferrell
Moris Tepper