John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Stuff transcript, 1993

1993 Added: June 10, 2007

Transcript of the 1993 documentary Stuff, featuring John, that was directed by Johnny Depp and Gibson Haynes.
Transcribed by Maggie (glycerineclown)

Shadow’s been word
One win a hand
To sell it thru their thick little black wet cloth,
It’s a, it’s a passageway to drive, walk or run thru,
Or the wind and water can carry me.
I expect what didn’t happen just now to just happen
To just hear me up, part of the quan skies wine.
And body betrayals that’s designed by the shadows
Never forward or up or down climb to top
It’s the bottom so there's no rush,
And you don’t get tired,
Just now, when if you burn the flames that’s around you
Trying to pretend,
Burying it wherever it grooves itself to the rage of life
That balance,
And move like you do cause you do it for them.
I’ve been followed around for so long
Mistakenly killed for being so thin
I can flip inside out
The song of trash that can rise in depression,
...It’s closing
So it grooves
I assume that whenever slides in her own ground spending life
So you flip each day to the night
That holds yourself in position
Folding pain tightly so it knows what it means
For its silent vowels to be all that bleeds
Like you knows the sides
Or what it needs to keep trying
And it didn’t mean to be N-I-A-P
My body is light
Cause the weight of whatever is carrying me thru the weak traps around
That bleed
I’ve stepped anywhere not falling my being my way to be
I’ll never go empty for fex to have thee
Sitting around feels like running
And crowds dangle me from their thighs widening across where life is here
Cause my love is crying
I’ll share the way I’ve lost
Cause I’m a pretend me
And I’m real cause I can hit me softly
And bleed blood I can hear
Cause I’m here now and it’s far from me
Fall back into the ground
Flip dive through its holes
Burying the whole thing, landing is unimportant
As long as I’m giving the things that swirls
Like selling dreams to cannabis
Telling too to jump free.