To Record Only Water For Ten Days - still of Invisible Movement

John Frusciante Plays and Sings

John Frusciante Plays and Sings is a combination of fifteen videos that actor/model/musician Vicent Gallo has done for each of the songs apart from the bonus one from John’s third studio album, To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

Most of the clips are either one static scene – such as John’s shoe or smiling face, or a single movement – such as moving the guitar, bending over, a dog running or a car moving forward. All of these videos were supposedly recorded on 25th December 2000.

The film was shown on MTV2 in USA a couple of times and, despite rumours that Vincent Gallo would release this on a DVD, it never happened. In addition to that, he’s very keen on removing any of these videos from the Internet. However, the most famous out of these fifteen clips, Going Inside was shown on numerous other occasions.


Cast and music:
John Frusciante

Directed by:
Vincent Gallo

Short summary of each segment

Going Inside is John spinning around, kneeling, hitting a wall in a closed space, being hit by a car outside, running with a golden retriever by his side, jumping and, at the end, playing his Gretsch the white falcon. Most other videos from this album are just loops of scenes from this one.

Someone’s is a loop of John’s shoe in various positions on the dusty surface.

The First Season is just John’s hands on the guitar.

Wind Up Space is John jumping off a wooden stand, falling down in the dirt and he appears to have sprained something.

Away & Anywhere loops a couple of facial expressions, close-up.

Remain is a loop of John playing a chord on his guitar.

Fallout is John hitting the wall.

Ramparts is John spinning around with his arms wide open.

With No One is a loop of the previously seen car coming closer and closer.

Murderers is a loop of John’s face with stiff teeth and closed eyes.

Invisible Movement is a loop of John leaning forward with his guitar.

Representing is a loop of John running back and forth.

In Rime is a loop of John bending backwards.

Saturation is a loop of the dog seen earlier running.

Moments Have You is John playing the guitar and actually singing the song, with the camera being a bit “drunk”.


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To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Vincent Gallo’s works

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