John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Sect In Sgt

Sect in Sgt cover image - click to enlarge

Sect in Sgt cover image - click to enlarge

This release is free to download on bandcamp or SoundCloud. In its ID3 tags, it's attributed to both John and his Trickfinger alias.

  1. Sect In Sgt 20:49

The track was first released as two separate tracks in September 2013 (albeit backdated to July 30th, 2012) on Neurotic Yell Records. The separate tracks were Sect In Sgt (15:21 long) and Sect In Sgt JA 5.19 (1:55) long. This is the old cover image.. The original upload was attributed to Trickfinger on, with the claim that Trickfinger's favourite musician is John Frusciante, and that he also enjoys Rockbusters.