John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement


Dear friends,
As you might know, the video archive used to be a part of the main site from 2006 to 2009, then a separate site from 2009 to April 2013. Now it's a part of the main site again. Things might look wonky until they've been fixed; but once they are, videos will be fully searchable AND associated with specific songs, events, magazine articles et cetera. They will likely be converted to more convenient format, too. Thanks for your patience!

05th June 2004 – Parallel Universe solo
05th June 2004 – Californication Intro
05th June 2004 – Mini-Epic
02nd October 1999 – Scar Tissue
02nd October 1999 – Give It Away
02nd October 1999 – Around The World
RHCP in Chile, October 1999
John and Anthony in Ramones documentary
MTV Icons – The Cure clip
28th July 2006 – TV Asahi performance
28th July 2006 – TV Asahi interview
18th July 2006 – Under The Bridge
10th July 2010 – Dr. Teeth
12th July 2006 – Jugband Blues + Under The Bridge
09th July 2006 – For Emily
12th July 2006 – I Feel Love
05th June 2004 – Tiny Dancer
05th June 2004 – Hard-Headed Woman
2001 MuchMusic Argentina interview
2001 Megafono interview
2001 MTV Brazil interview