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Macy Gray: You can’t teach what John Frusciante does!

Macy Gray - The ID

Macy Gray - The ID

In an interview with National Post, the raspy-voiced solo star Macy Gray ("I Try", "Sweet Baby", "Sexual Revolution") was answering questions about her newly released album of cover songs. Questions related to her collaborations followed and she had something rather unique and true to say about John.

Q: You’ve collaborated with George Clinton, John Frusciante and Mos Def. What do you like about working with other artists?

A: I’m like, “How did you get so good?” You can’t teach what John Frusciante does. And you definitely can’t teach how to be George Clinton.

For those of you who can't remember it straight away or don't know it: John provided his subtle guitar to the hit single Sweet Baby off Gray's 2001 album, the ID.


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  1. CMD313 says:

    I'd still like a lesson from him! Who is with me?

  2. eloise says:

    me too please!

  3. fortonis says:

    what's the point of this post?

  4. shibby says:

    whats the point of complaining?

  5. conr275 says:

    "..... and what about mos def?"

  6. Edwin says:

    John Frusciante is Beauty

  7. Adrien says:

    Totally random but I just wanna thank Iva for this amazing site and forums. You're awesome!!! keep up the good work

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