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Feeding Back – comp winner, more JF excerpts

David Todd's book, “Feeding Back – Conversations with Alternative Guitarists from proto-punk to post-rock” is out today.

That means the competition is over. 70 of the entries were valid (one without a realistic name and a couple without location were omitted), each entry was assigned a number and the winner was drawn using the random number generator. The winning number was 42 and it belongs to Peter, from Fort Worth, Texas, USA! Congratulations to the lucky winner!

In the meantime, different excerpts of the interview with John from this book surfaced on Music Radar, titled Book excerpt: John Frusciante on being a guitar antihero. You can read it over there, and here's, excerpt from their excerpt.

You say that you haven't studied theory extensively, but compared to most rock musicians, you break things down easily. Although it's obvious how much of your playing comes from an internal place, does this theoretical knowledge ever lead you toward more of a formalist approach?

"No, for me to enjoy making music, it has to generate an excitement in me, and form in itself doesn't generate any excitement to me. For instance, I don't feel that the way to make the most free music is through music that has no limitations, like if you don't establish a tempo and you don't establish a key.

I feel like a lot of the time the music that can be the freest is the music that has a lot of limitations put upon it. All kinds of music – from sonatas to acid house to drum and bass – have real strict parameters, and for some reason that encourages originality rather than stifles it. So for me, working in a pop group like the Chili Peppers, working basically with the pop song format, I did everything I could to try to infiltrate that with musical ideas that were exciting to me, you know?

But that's lost its interest for me at this point. It's been a couple years now that I just don't have any interest in writing those kinds of songs. I feel like I did some interesting things within those parameters, but I have more interest in exploring different things."

Please, make sure you click the article name to read even more.

If you have not done so already, do read the news item on this book, do so; because the excerpt on this website is different from the one on Music Radar, it concerns Niandra LaDes, the time when an album is ready to be let go of and released to the public, as well as little critique of Captain Beefheart's more audience-friendly albums. In addition to that, David Todd shared some insight of how interviewing John was like and what he had on his mind when interviewing him; turning out to be

You can buy the book on IPG, Barnes and Noble (printed or digital) or Amazon (printed only). Also, you can show your support by following it on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Great stuff

  • Glad someone from Texas won 😀 Im still buying the book for sure!

  • Oh-- my goodness. I think I won!!!!? My joy is unstoppable!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!

    I just wanna say, Iva, you are wonderful for doing what you do. John Frusciante is a constant reminder of beauty, truth, art, suffering, redemption, work and love.

    I love the feeling.

    • Electric Laylaland

      Congratulations!! 🙂

    • Iva

      It has nothing to do with me, the random number generator apparently liked your number. 🙂 Please, do send your address via e-mail, so I can forward it to the publisher.

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      Hmm so this Peter guy lives in Fort Worth, Texas huh?...


  • All because you were assigned the meaning of life. (for those that don't get this

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    wow, those 6 pages of reading sure went too fast for me. i really hope John one day releases a book of some sort

  • Peter

    My book arrived today!!! Thanks! I love being a winner!

  • got the book @ B&N. it's awesome. highly recommend gettin it if you play guitar.