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Japanese edition of Letur-Lefr comes with a poster painting!

Letur-Lefr cover art

Letur-Lefr cover art - click to enlarge

Waiting for albums to be released, especially after what seems like such a long period of time might be annoying to some, exciting to some others; but one thing is sure - most of us just cannot wait for 4th, 16th or 17th July to hear more of Letur-Lefr.

But this might make many of the foot tappers a bit happier! The Japanese edition of the album on a SHM CD is, according to information on Amazon, set to include an exclusive poster painting by John, an unedited version the very same image that graces the EP's cover. The said poster is a fold-out.

So, if you feel like it, pre-order yourself one. If you're close to Japan or there, of course, use the officially- provided link.

  • George S.

    Why can't us Aussies get special gift from John 🙁 maybe a tour ? 😉

  • Mar

    Dear label...if you are listening....we want posters too in the other parts of the world...thank you...

  • Luke

    did you just say tour. just. omg.

  • i can bet you that john wont be touring. sorry to burst your bubble.

  • I hope he keeps sharing his music. He doesn't want it to end up as a product and makes music to listen with his friends and family. Don't think he'l be touring. Heard he has at least 200 songs or something, hope he releases some more albums like he did earlier.

  • Emmalovesfuzzman

    Can't everyone have a poster?! Pretty pleeeease <3

  • sander

    Well Merlijn van der Woude, in Holland we say something like promise makes debt.. But you know that already 🙂

    And John made a promise about touring / playing his music for people when bringing out new music 🙂

    • light

      When did he say that?

    • Luca

      I hope so 😉

  • SmotheringExpectations

    Well, I guess the EP will sound "interesting" to most of the fans ... 😀
    You can pre-listen the new songs ...

  • Mattciante

    The previews of the new tracks really had me excited; any news from John makes an amazing day!
    If he does decide to tour, I can but hope he makes at least one day in England. I know it's unlikely, but I can't afford to go to the states to see him just yet.

  • ShadowsCollide

    Why is it that the Japanese get bonus tracks and other extras? This happens with pretty much every artist and band, yet I have no idea.

    • Because CDs are really expensive in Japan. So in order to sell cds there a lot of record companies sends some extra stuff with the CD

      • ShadowsCollide

        Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

  • Callum

    link is broken

    • Iva

      Not sure what happened there, I will see if Amazon customer support knows anything as the link is correct. It could be a glitch, though. 🙂

    • Iva

      Until anyone has an explanation for this, the item is available on, too:

  • Tom

    Does anyone know which label this is with? There are 2 import versions on Amazon UK, one from Record Collection and one from PID - is there any difference between these two and do you get anything extra with them?

    • Iva

      I will send the links to them and ask, as I believe we're all confused.
      My recent post Dani na dokovima

      • Tom

        Thanks, there was one on Amazon US from Boundee Japan which looked like the best bet for the poster but that seems to have disappeared

  • TheEmpyrean


  • Alex

    Those Japanese always get such nice things.

  • Tom

    My pre-order of this arrived today, I'm in the UK and it came with a poster. I'm guessing they probably all will.


    First ?,is the shit in Japanese or English,and can I order the map one for the poster if so in English,,,,,second how can I buy it on my phone, am computer illiterate! Isn't that a move, if order and where ,,,help please friends.


    I meant a mp3:)

  • Ash

    There is a poster in the vinyl edition