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Outsides in all its glory

Thanks to a misunderstanding, error or whatever else has just happened in the weird and wild world of music distribution, a bunch of you have received your CDs of Outsides too early. This was not meant to happen; but since it happened, it would not be fair to pretend the album is not there, so give it a listen. To all people who asked questions: yes, there is guitar on it and yes, there's singing/talking, but only on the third track.

Of course, you're still more than encouraged to buy the EP in a better format and hear it in all its glory.

Pre-order the EP:
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120 Reactions to Outsides in all its glory

  1. Philosonaut says:


  2. Pit says:

    This is amazing...this man is a god.

  3. Xander says:

    I don't understand it but i like it Width~

  4. Sam says:


  5. Mongolija says:

    Dzon je neverovatan...shelf je toliko jaka stvar...same mi je kao da je neciji zivot opisao...
    Dzon is amazing...shelf is such a unbelievable thing...same is like he described someone`s life...

    • Iva says:

      Što jes, jes. Inače, napisao/la si Dzon i na engleskom, oš da to promenim? πŸ™‚

      • simon says:

        Hi, do you know if Cd Japan will be selling the new cd? It seems to have been removed from the website. All the other japanese sites are too hard to navigate and on top of that you have to register etc etc. I just want the japanese cd of outsides but it seems tricky trying to get one at the moment. Thank you in advance.

        • Iva says:

          It was removed indeed, but it's not clear if it will be back there, so you might want to give it a go to e.g. Amazon Japan. Just be aware that they use FedEx to ship, which might result in additional charges depending on your country's customs.

        • brendomc says:

          I ordered it from them, they took my cash through pay pal but back pedalled reimbursed my money and emailed me to say they were not permitted to sell it to an overseas buyer. I'm in Australia.

  6. David says:

    I don't like it, I just like some part in some tracks, that's it.

  7. amour fou says:


  8. litza says:

    I like his stuff! John is on huge form>> Love, Peace, Noise

  9. Tim says:

    This some amazing guitar stuff.. Not sure if it's new standard tuning though?..

  10. Matt Bartkiewicz says:

    outstanding, just amazing, not a huuge fan of the last song though

  11. Fabio says:

    Adore the first ten minutes, absolutely cannot get enough. I'm still listening and absorbing the latter half (and a bit) πŸ™‚

  12. drianoso says:

    I got to listen more times to have an opinion .

  13. pop says:

    Very disappointing:( ...... I want old John back!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(:'(

    • drew says:

      thank you....i cant believe anyone likes this....his old stuff was magical...this is awful.

      • tim says:

        a-freeeking -greeed!!! where is the will to death, or shadows, or niandra even. this sounds like a speed addict who is addicted to yo gabba gabba. come back john!!!!

    • This EP bleeds Frusciante in all it's tones and emotions. Try to to look past the superficial ignoramus that so much of the modern music industry depends on.

  14. Elma says:

    The guitar on Same has such a huge John feel.. made my week.

  15. Bernard says:

    I'm at a loss on what to make of this. To those raving about this EP, please share your thoughts about why you are finding it so amazing.

    • Tim says:

      I think the guitarsolo on same is just out ot this world. I'm not sure if you play guitar yourself, but if you do you can understand how hard it would be to play this way. Being able to switch between these high and low notes in seconds creates a whole different style, with the signature john frusciante emotion of course.

      I think breathiac and shelf also have a great atmosphere and some awesome sounds. Having said that, I think Sol is way too abstract for my liking. I don't like that song at all.

      • Bernard says:

        Thanks Tim. People were and still are throwing adjectives without putting their finger on what they like. Being a fan who could not absolutely tap into this EP was making me frustrated so comments like yours are appreciated.
        John's guitar prowess can never be put into question. But it's not a question of how hard it is to execute, but the emotions it manages to convey. I guess the latter is subjective. You hear something which excites you but it fails to leave a mark on someone else. I too happen to be a guitar fan but the solo on Same left me cold. I found it rambling and boring.
        I do however appreciate Shelf. It conveys such a sense of peace that it makes me trip out. I also find the drums complement the synths much better in Shelf than in any of the other tracks. I need to listen to this EP more that's for sure. There are small gems you keep discovering here and there with every listen, I recognise that.

        • Someone says:

          For me, John is some of the more conventional music I listen to. I don't find anything strange about PBX, I just found it intensely creative in a way that reminded me of Niandra Lades. This reminds me of that early, experimental John. It has the feel of it to me, just with different instruments and more fleshed out with the technical knowledge of years of playing at the highest levels. Yes, there are parts on this EP that challenge me as a listener. However, I actually get a sense of joy from that, from trying to make sense of it. It's like abstract painting; some will see it as rudimentary, others as a masterpiece, and much of the music I like falls into that category. For me, as a fan of John's music for many years, I am astounded that he's covering new ground constantly, with one of the richest and most diverse discographies of any active artist in recent times.

          What I loved about John's approach to poppier or more 'rockist' material in the past was that there was always a layer of experimentalism and mystery beneath. Now, those elements are again at the forefront as they were (about) two decades ago, and I absolutely love it!

          • Frank says:

            I know exactly what you're saying. I hear a lot of a young john frusciante in these recent projects, its abstract and weird but captivating in that way because it is created from someone who is immensely talented in their craft not some hack, you hear bits of him in these songs the same way you can on shadows collide or empyrean... its always there.

        • Tim says:

          You're welcome Bernard!

          I also would like to refer to an interview or actually an audio log from John on youtube, where he's answering fan questions ( i guess the title is something like john frusciante answers fans questions or something) . It's really interesting to hear what he has to say there. I guess the log is from 2004, but in one section John is talking about the benefit of learning theory in music. And he said something like, I learned theory at a young age , so I could break the rules at a later time with finesse, instead of breaking the rules because you don't know what you're doing. I thought that was a really fun answer because it's really relevant to what's happening now. You should give it a listen!

        • sickster says:

          Hi, i love that this is more "artsy". The guitar tone is changing almost to a guitar-synth in "same" and also goes with really unusual texture and rhythms and this makes the song develop from play to play. Then there is still the spiritual music in this record: the synth that sounds like sunlight coming in at Shelf right when he sings "all that is here will be sunlight" (really uplifting spiritual statement to me) and then there are lots of synths that feel more like a paintbrush movement of the synths then a movement dedicated to the songs topic like on earlier work. it is a litle bit like the phase frank zappa went into when he made grand wazoo and burnt weeny sandwich. this kind of "to the roots" of music feeling almost neglecting entirely an expression by the artist himself except for the "i love music". an artist going entirely mad is what is so cool about this. the drums are just in breathiac a little bit chaotic at times whereas in shelf they really make me see a new style, a new john with a hint of the old john, especially the drumwork on the first two minutes... *w-o-a-h!* just as good as everything plaid, afx, venetian snares do and in his very own style. It is really worthwhile for me, on a different note i was so deep in love with niandra or smile, also 2004er, i think if i would have to choose a top of the mountain it is not there yet but this style could be able to go there. i think: give him two years and he tours all over the place and makes a once in a lifetime show without playing any songs pre 2012!

  16. oal says:

    Awww, I love surprises like this - getting something weeks before expected. Waiting is my worst enemy. πŸ™‚

    Just listening to it - totally diggin Same so far. πŸ™‚

  17. orangevarld says:

    I like it. But less than any of his former EP or LP. Same is great, Shelf is nice but only great when he's singing and talking. I hope one day I'll be able to really appreciate Breathiac or Sol.

  18. Luca says:

    Sorry IVA but what do you mean with: "it will sound even better on vinyl and non-compressed .wavs." πŸ˜€ .. Does the CD sounds bad :s?

  19. Alex says:

    Same is really briliant, I almost fell into trance. Not gonna pretend to love the rest just cause i'm a big fan, it's a little too abstract really, but it can grow on me with more listenings.

  20. MelodiousThelonious says:

    Amazing guitar playing on the first track, kinda reminds me of John McLaughlin in Mahavishnu Orchestra (70's jazz rock band). Not too sure about the drum sounds,programming & synth patches though - they sound a bit amateurish & generic (the E.P would have benefited from some live drumming & bass playing). Just my opinion though, different strokes for different folks...

  21. Untitled #14 says:

    I like it, especially Same, but I think it pales in comparison to Letur-Lefr which is fantastic.

  22. Ryan says:

    The thing with John is that you would have to listen to his tracks more than once to fully comprehend the music. For those who are unsure about it, try listening to it with headphones.

  23. Cesar says:

    I'm not that good in English, but anyone can say toο»Ώ me what John's singing in the end? πŸ™


    Haters can hate. This is unfuckwithable! If youre unconscious and cannot register the vibrations keep listening....

  25. Addie-Rose says:

    Its just, beautiful.

  26. hi123 says:

    lol a bunch of people are big babies and downvoting everyone's comments

    • Iva says:

      Nah, they're upvoting negative comments and downvoting positive comments. It's one of those settings where we're all supposedly obsessive liars pretending to like abstract music if we dare say something positive. :p EVERYBODY WHO DOESN'T LIKE ROCK ONLY IS A HUGE LIAR1!!1!!

      • LEVELANCHORAGE says:

        I dont understand. Are people really that obsessive. Why do people care that much about comment vote count... ?? Like its a contest. How passive aggressive.. I was actually happy my comment was a negative 8 when it was addressed to haters. It negated itself.

        • LEVELANCHORAGE says:

          I do think its funny that people don't believe that other people are pretending to like something. How absurd!

          • LEVELANCHORAGE says:

            shit i wrote that wrong. Fuck it. I know what I like and I've never been disappointed by John. I also know that "People never seem to know What they least suspect is coming next ".

            • Iva says:

              Wrong in terms of grammar (its) or wrong as in missing the statement?

              Either way, I believe you can edit the comment for a while after posting it. And regarding what you said: welcome to the RHCP-related "fandom". Passive-aggressive behaviour has been a part of this microcosm for as long as I know it, mostly because people who were maintaining sites and boards were middle and upper-middle-class ladies with a bad attitude and too much time on their hands, wishing to become god knows what to god knows whom and seeing kids and young adults as an obstacle on their way. I have not seen that among fans of some other bands and musicians and I was surprised to find out everybody is nicer than folks here.

              • LEVELANCHORAGE says:

                My windows wont let me edit it for some reason. What I meant to say is that I THINK ITS FUNNY HOW PEOPLE (the passive aggressive folk) DONT BELEIVE THAT SOMEONE COULD LIKE SOMETHING THAT THAT WOULD LIE OR PRETEND TO LIKE IT.

                Iva, when you say middle to upper middle class LADIES. are you joking? Are you a woman? just curious, John

                • levelanchorage says:

                  I dont mean anything sarcastic or cruel I was just wondering cuz IVA sounds feminine and you made the comment about ladies...

  27. Daniel Mabe says:

    I think it's lovely. Reading what he says in his website is the best way to understand his intentions and where his head is at. I personally love all his albums besides the Estrus EP, and Smile cause I dunno they just don't make any sense at all and are terrible lol. I love Niandra tho. Here is a modern quote from the maestro himself in 2013 "The style I’m playing in is basically the way I play on PBX, but by this point I had gotten to playing that way with total reckless abandon. This was more of a mental development than a physical one. The difficulty in playing in this style is to think of two separate melodies, in two different ranges, at the same time, and execute them on alternate steps so that they both occur as a single melodic passage. This principle humbly began with some of the lead work Robert Fripp did in the 1970s, and was developed much further by people programming 303s and 202s in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s."- JF


      Enter a Uh is the most spiritual song I have ever heard. I bought that CD the week it came out when I was 15 and I listened to it on a train to visit my older brother who was in collage and I was a changed human being, I was already moved by Niandra so to hear the intense shift was a shock to my spirit. Then my brother bought me Outside Space for Xmas that year and I was like. THIS IS THAT SONG> THE OUTRO TO THAT SONG ON NIANDRA> Every successive release feeds my spirit overflowing...

  28. azool says:

    refait du rock john merde
    nous somme trop loin d'un shadows collide w p ou d'un inside the emptiness ou de la merveille the empyrean/.....stp un album rock avec ta super voie putain

  29. bigeddiestyle says:

    I like. First song is awesome. Especially minutes 6-10. The rest is more heavy electronica I would say and good. Wish it had more guitar and definitely some of John signing. I love his voice and its a shame he doesn't sing more (or at all). plus his lyrics are always very evocative even when they sound bat-shit crazy. Cannot get enough of his stuff. Wish he would release new stuff monthly!!! In whatever direction. Whatever genre.

  30. sorry if this has been said but, for anyone in Australia or probably New Zealand as well, its cheaper to buy from the 'North and South America' store.

    ps John has always been a next level musician/brain this stuff is absolutely amazing and mind boggling.

  31. Ian says:

    Really? Breathiac sounds like someone threw a band in a washing machine, just awful.

  32. JAFkov Croatia says:

    he should have sing a little bit more...but who am I to tell that? πŸ˜€

  33. Phil says:

    I really enjoy Shelf. But will invest more time into Breathiac. Never been a big fan of his 10 minute guitar solos.


  35. Thank you Mr Frusciante! Brill piece of soundwork - love it! Keep it up!

  36. mektoub-dazright says:

    Put a smile on my face. I like this! I really wasn't crazy about some of the chaotic stuff off PBX...and this EP is in the same genre and is still quite experimental but it just seems that the songs on Outsides progress in a more ear pleasing sort of way. I think on PBX John was making too much of a conscience effort to make things dissonant, it's a bit of cliche but its easy to try too hard when you have hope and work at creating something new and innovative. The stuff on this album seems like it came from a more instinctive place. I hear John coming through a lot more even in the more chaotic parts of this album. Its nice to see John progress in this new genre he is into...and I'm sure it's only going to get better.

  37. Shaun says:

    I really dig it. John is continuing to reach for greater heights artistically. The EP gets better and better with each listen. I wonder who he got to drum on this record? Hopefully Josh. Sounds like Josh.

    • Iva says:

      John and Josh have not been on a record together since The Empyrean and in a statement to some Italian newspaper late in 2011, Josh said that they were unlikely to work together. John is likely doing his own drumming, whether it's samples or a drum machine. I don't think those are live drums.

      • Sean says:

        It’s basically my dream drummer, because he listens and responds to what I am playing, yet he also provides a solid anchor for me to respond to, without the usual delays involved in those contrary actions. He also gives me large spaces of silence and then comes back in exactly on one of my accents, as if he knew I was going to play a note in that precise place.

        • Iva says:

          ...uh, whatever. I gave you the correct response, leaving out some things that probably would not be OK to say, and you come back with an old quote. πŸ˜›

        • zen says:

          I believe he was referring to the process of rearranging/chopping a breakbeat (sampled drums) after the the fact of recording. The 'dream drummer' is the drum track itself, which John recorded himself on, likely, an Akai MPC or similar sampling workstation/program. Further in the passage you quoted John goes on to state that the whole track was recorded to a simlpe quarter note beat which was 'chopped' by John. A 'real' drummer wouldn't be able to play and react to the music in this song the way John describes it. Only after an improvised guitar part was recorded was John able to arrange a breakbeat who's beats accent and land perfectly in line with the guitar, as though they were coming from the same brain.

  38. Sean says:

    Sorry John, i'm sure people will enjoy it.. but for me, i fell in love with your voice and lyrical ability. I hope that one day you decide to return to having fun with records in the same vein as Inside of Emptiness or Niandre LaDes. Also, you said once that playing live gave meaning to your songs... it's been a while. Come to England.

    • who the fuck cares says:

      you want him to stagnate and you have all this hold me closer tony danza crap going is not created to please anybody...if it manages to, that is good...but otherwise it would not be art. i want another niandra. omg, coming right up!

  39. Nick says:


  40. chimpdotcom says:

    personally I prefer the less guitar-based tracks. I never thought I'd say that since John Frusciante is one of my guitar idols, but I think the best thing about this EP is the synth parts and the melodies. I think the guitar solo on the first track is alright but has nothing on the guitar on PBX or the rest of this EP. The "backing" instrumentation is much more interesting and moving I feel. However, this is still one of the best things I've heard from John. It creates a really unique space in my mind.

  41. Cody says:

    You know I love John Frusciante, he is sure an idol to me and always will be, but coming from a huge fan I can honestly say I don't like his new music and can't pretend I do. As long as he's happy I can't complain, but I don't think he fits into the electronic genre and hope someday he gets out of this phase and goes back to making music like on his older albums.

    • who the fuck cares says:

      Who cares who's a huge fan and who's not?
      Who cares if this music was made by John or somebody else?
      Who cares about you?

  42. Matthew says:

    Oof. First track is pretty nice, but the rest sounds like someone messing around with computer programs. This is the first stuff Johns released that is even too far out there for me. Just to atonal and off putting.

  43. tenkai says:

    love comes in many forms. this is one of them. thank you thank you thank you, love love love love love love

  44. frontierofpain says:

    Some of Pbx, Outsides, etc is a bit abstract and if you're more into John's guitar music and haven't checked out anything besides his main albums then you might be interesting in the demos, bsides, etc compiled here.

    There was also mention here that John has hundreds of older songs in an archive which are unreleased.

    Maybe one day he will be interested in releasing those for fans in some medium as there are many options these days such as Bandcamp, album proceeds donated somewhere, etc

  45. Nek says:

    Hardest worker when it comes to expanding his creativity/thoughts musically, and I'm a HUGE fan of John's music, but he's losing me and it's not due to a lack of my intelligence. I want falsettos and those classic John vocal harmonies again!

  46. Billy says:

    Shelf lyrics =

    "All that is here will be sunlight
    Empty the name that you sign
    Of the given that I means mine
    Like the shape is a shell
    And the inside isο»Ώ a whole
    You behold, you behold"

    John I love you.

    You don't have to sing, but know that every time you do, that you make me cry tears of joy. Your music restores my soul. Thank you for everything you do.

  47. Henry says:

    When Sphere in the Heart of Silence was released I really enjoyed how different it was to anything John had put out previously. I cannot say the same for this. If it was released as a free internet album with the option to pay what you will, then sure... go wild. Make some money from those who enjoy the genre you have entered. Had this not leaked and I blew even a fiver on the EP I would be seriously disappointed. Wayne was brilliant and showed 1000% more emotion than Same. Shame there are too many deluded posters on this site who feel the need to attempt to replicate the complexity of John's mind. Put your pretentious spiritual bullshit aside and get real.

    • Iva says:

      Henry, you can't know what others think; so generalisations might not be a good idea?

      E.g. I am not spiritual at all, I might be extreme to the point where I nearly hate any religion, any sect, any cult and any possible belief as they drive people and civilisations apart and cause most of today's wars; but I love music. I try not to think that deep. πŸ™‚

  48. lukaszpiwecki says:

    Does anyone else hear Michael Stipe's style in the spoken part of 'Shelf'? Maybe I'm wrong but this is what I hear.

    There are many things I love about John and one of those things is that he gets impressed by so many other artists and he shows it up so naturally. For me he is himself and also a link between many others at the same time.

  49. The Hound says:

    Well a lot of John's more pop stuff is influenced by Stipe. John even said this in an interview.


    "Now is the time for millions to lose" - carvel

    This could pertain to the millions of fans who might be disappointed. maybe...

  51. j dub says:

    What the fuck. This might require talent or whatever but I don't listen to music to appreciate skill but to appreciate beautiful sound, and this is not enjoyable for me. Maybe if you have fake ass robot ears this sounds good but the old john frusciante was where it was at. People need to go back and listen to the old john and music with the chili peppers because that my friends was some great stuff.

  52. The Hound says:

    I believe that if you don't enjoy this music you should try to understand that John has the means, the ability, and the desire to continuously change his approach to writing music. He's been very frank about his process in writing music in the past, for example when he would talk about making music with the Peppers. He wrote guitar parts and music with the stipulation in mind that the band's music is essentially pop and commercially accessible. I wouldn't hold my breath in waiting for another Curtains album, but I also would be tolerant about his new music, even if it doesn't contain the typical harmony and melodic lines that John is known for. The change comes out of a conscious decision on John's part I'm sure.

  53. Crowley93 says:

    It's def cool........but I really miss the days of "Curtains" ,"Will To Death", To Record only water for ten days, etc. I guess I just miss those John songs where he picks up a guitar, turns on the mic and does his thing. But this is really cool....but not as cool as songs like "Time Tonight" πŸ˜‰

  54. Andrew says:

    Love John's music always have and will always listen to anything new he releases, but that being said I find myself bored listening to this almost as if I'm waiting for it to end or change. But regardless do your thing John keep putting out as much music as you can for all to hear!

  55. ferran_sax says:

    Letur, PBX and Outsides are great albums, but you have to listen to them a lot of times to apreciate them.

  56. Joe Kenbok says:

    With complete honesty I can say that my first reaction was that Outsides would be one of my lower ranking John albums. But it really does take a few listens to fully grown on you and I love it now. Not my favorite but I will listen to it often. I felt the same way when I first heard Glow before Letur-Lefr, and now it is my second favorite after Niandra. It just totally plays my heart like a harp. Also for all you "fans" saying you miss the old John and his old guitar work, how can you not be thrilled and floored by that amazing 10 minute guitar solo?!?! I mean that is sick and that was my immediate reaction. I love the fact that this ep never gets old because you get something new out of it every time you listen to it. Anyways, I'm just so glad John is still releasing his work and I'm grateful and I think it's great! Do you really think he gives a fuck what any of you dislike? I hope not because then he'd probably just keep it to himself. He doesn't need to release anything. Peace!

  57. Joe Kenbok says:

    Also, I have a question for you more knowledgeable musicians. In Johns blog when he says that Same (the 10 minute solo) only has like one or two breaks, what is he counting as a break? Cause what I though in my head was a break: I heard many more than that. Thanks.

    • hi123 says:

      A break is like a few bars of a little drum solo. For example, look up breaks like the amen break of the funky drummer break. What john did is he took a break like one of these and chopped it up and 'remixed it' for the duration of the song on a computer.

  58. Roo says:

    As John has a lot of unused material I think it´s fair to say that everyone will have the chance to enjoy stuff like Curtains in the future again. He has always been releasing albums and songs that were written a few years ago so I guess he will return to his old stuff sometime and mix it up for a new album.

  59. levelanchorage says:

    I just got my Outsides t-shirt. Is the a place we can upload pictures of us in our shirts?

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