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John answers questions for Billboard

This is what a lot of people have been waiting for; so make sure you give it a careful read.

In an interview for Billboard titled John Frusciante Q&A: On His Electronic Evolution and Why He's Done With Rock Bands, the maestro has opened up about how and why he decided to leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the middle of the post-Stadium Arcadium tour break. He also admitted not to be interested in touring his music anymore, as entertaining people and being a performer is apparently "not his thing".

Furthermore, he also said that he's been making hip-hop music for the past six months, collaborating with Black Knights; which has been his purest collaboration so far. He believes that hip-hop, just like rock, can absorb any other music style.

Here's a sample answer

You play so many. Have any ever intimidated you?
I bought a clarinet, and I wanted to learn how to play that but it interfered with my singing. And I think there would be a time period if I learned it where it would make my throat tense, at least briefly, until I learned how to breathe properly. So yeah, I’ve had this clarinet sitting around for, like, a year and haven’t learned it. You know, that’s the beauty of the technology of sampling: You can play any instrument or any combination of instruments. You basically have the history of recorded music to play as your instrument. And I’m pretty adept at that. So there’s really no need to learn how to play other instruments since I can do that.

You can read the entire interview here.

  • So it appears my dream of seeing this great man live will continue to be just a dream. It's disappointing, but I can't fault him for the way he feels. I'm just grateful he's continuing to release his music for us.

    • Alex

      If you're living in NYC there's a chance you could run into him. He came in and sat down to have food at my buddies store in SoHo

      • If I ever saw him out and about, I'd feel as if it's almost insulting to go up and disturb him, despite the fact I'd want nothing more than to meet him.

  • Tim

    I think John will end up like John Cage. A composer that will have an insane impact on the music world forever.

  • nancy

    I love him and I hope he is happy. Sad for me, I don't like his musical direction. O well. Very interesting article. I can completely understand why he wanted to leave the band now. I always held hopes to see him perform again though.

  • I'm glad he's experimenting. His new music is pretty good and interesting, but it's nowhere near his best. It's so cold and detached a lot of the time. I think he's starting to lean in the wrong direction in my opinion, making hip hop, that's not his strength. He's becoming the jack of all trades and the master of none. His strengths are, playing guitar, writing songs with incredible melodies and harmonies and he's turning his back on that. I wish he'd take what he's learnt and apply it to the traditional song structure he can do so well.... A song like 'Mistakes' for example is epic and then out of nowhere, for what feels like just the sake of it, he's spliced in an avant garde section which hijacks the songs beauty. But that's just my opinion, i'm not John.

    • Jet

      but why must one keeps doing what he/she is good at? To me, it sounds like only weak people do that...

      • Solo Toad

        It actually takes a lot of strength to stick to what you're good at. You know, many times you may get bored and then think to yourself that you must be good at something totally new that seems to be great to you, but then, you're really not that good at that after all. And meanwhile, while you're focusing on the new things you'd like to be good at, your real skills just gather dust and are put to no use, which is really a pity.

        You see, so many people today do things that they're not good at, just because they'd love to be good at that kind of things. It's just a sign of a weak character.

        John, on the other hand, is still doing music, only not in the forms that he was used to. He's still good at creating stuff, and using new means to achieve his goals is something that should not be frowned upon. However, it seems to me that he is experiencing the urge to attempt a grand strike at originality, a tendency so common with people that are new in a particular area of skill, and, as it happens a lot of times, this kind of arrows aimed at being original and creating novelty almost always fall wide of the target; but still, this particular urge is not always present in his recent music, and exactly where it is not, that is, where his music is the result of the same process of great creation that he's completely proficient at, only moulded over the completely new musical tools that he's using, that's where his current music reaches a level of quality where one can still make out clear structures of music that is not "trying too much", while still being completely fresh! But then, there are pieces like parts of Outsides, where he is completely attempting to be original, and they're musical parts that do not really strike anybody as good music, and can only be appreciated through an intellectualized angle by which one could only think of them as being an attempt at creating something new, and appreciating them only for that, which is nothing much in itself, since novelty striven at by all means is not at all that uncommon or exceptionally valuable.

        To sum up this extremely tedious reply, John is of course great at creating music, only he is trying to do it in ways he's not used to, and that's why we hear a lot of musical pieces that seem plain bad - and they are simply his attempts at "being completely free", which is just another way of wording the Will to Originality which urges and pains most artists that are new to a domain. And, in my humble opinion, it is only after he goes over this phase, in which he is having this urge, it is only then that he will truly start making great music again. And I'm sure that, considering John's skills, that time is not very far away.

        • Joe

          Oh you just know everything huh? " do not really strike anybody as good music " really? Cause I and many others seemed to think it was pretty damn good. "The will to originality " ?? You can't be serious or taken seriously.

          • Solo Toad

            Don't get emotionally involved over this debate. I didn't, you shouldn't either. Had you used a normal tone, I would have respected you opinion; things being as they are, however, I can only consider you to be an overheated fan.

            And, for the sake of it, I meant "everybody", not "anybody", but, since I'm not a native speaker and it was well past midnight when I wrote my comment, I made an error.

            And The Will to Originality was obviously a refference to The Will to Death. I trust this rings a bell.

            • Joe

              Right. So does it urge and pain most artists that are new to that domain? Give me a break. Don't assume your opinions are facts ie. that John is not yet used to creating this kind of music, that we hear these new musical attempts as plain bad, or that it can only be enjoyed intellectually. That last part is especially not true. And as to your statement that it is a sign of weak character to try and do things that you're not yet good at- are you kidding me??? Everything we've done since birth is doing something that you're not yet good at but that you'd love to be good at. Like learning to walk. Weak character? Please. And it really does not take a lot I strength to simply continue doing something that you're already proficient in.

              • Solo Toad

                I just don't get it why you're so emotional over all this, using phrases like "Give me a break" and "are you kidding me???".

                Sorry, my comment was not made to upset you or anybody else, and I have tried to stick to some conversational manners; however, you have not, and I will politely refuse to continue this debate.

                Have a good day!

              • don dondon

                Dude, just let the guy have his opinion. Jesus fucking christ.

  • Victoria

    I think JF is clearly wrong with some things, but none of those things is music itself. As a member of his audience, I have the right to be offended by how he sees all of us.

    • hi123

      He didn't say he didn't like you (and even if he did, it shouldn't matter). All he said was that he didn't enjoy playing live. You should be grateful that you even get to hear any of his music in the first place.

    • Sean

      You have a right to be offended, but it has nothing to do with being his fan. Artists are not obliged to us in any way. They make music and if we like it, we buy it. If they are playing shows we want to attend, we go.

      If an artist starts going in a different direction we as fan's can choose to follow that direction if it appeals to us, or go our own way. There is no obligation for us to listen to their music, just as there is no obligation for them to make music we want to listen to.

    • Klee

      He said that the audience makes him feel good. That's the problem though, sometimes an artist takes it too far and gets wrapped up in pleasing an audience or a record label and it jeopardizes their relationship to creativity. I think fame, constant compliments and attention make John uncomfortable for this reason and he has always tried to avoid their negative effects. It's not anything personal to us and I believe he appreciates an interest in his work. I'm just glad he's following his heart and avoiding the trap that so many fall into. We should have a lot of interesting recordings coming our way to enjoy.

      • Joe

        Couldn't agree with you more klee

    • Ryan

      I'm offended as well. He had spoken to Hillel about playing for live crowds, saying how he loved the passion of the smaller crowds. Then during his solo work said he feels the need to preform live to complete his music. Now he has social anxiety and is afraid of getting too popular so he resorts back to hidding behind his music. Why not play the guitar?

  • Fa Corday

    i'm very happy for him... in fact is new EP brought me some good inspiration. I'm already producing a "progressive synth pop" EP. so is new music is insipiring at least someone over here. Sorry my english! 🙂

  • clay

    What does he mean he doesn't wanna play live. I thought we're "half the music, the music doesn't feel complete until he's playing it to us".... He said that live

    • lebowski

      John's entire discography has been about experiencing, having a paradigm and sticking to it while making his music. And having a paradigm is more important to him that the actual idea itself.

      He's a perpetual student of the game, and one day, he won't be fascinated by polyrhythms and electronica any more and he will turn to say, old country ballads.

      Today, he says he's not interested in doing stadium solos and playing with a band, anymore. And yet, he was still the one that embodied the genre, and he took great pleasure in recording Stadium Arcadium and touring stadiums jamming with his buddies.

      To respond more strictly to your point: he meant it when he said it, he changed his mind radically, and he'll probably change it again.

    • Edwin

      He was talking about the songs at that specific time. Not these songs

    • IJW

      John has contradicted himself many times, but always had full belief in what he was saying in that specific moment.

    • Craig

      People change.

  • paper

    really excited for him to produce a full rap album

  • Fam

    I think John makes the mistake of assuming his fans only enjoy the superficial aesthetic (tones rythms) and structure of his old songs and presentation of them on stage or say in a music video. In reality I (maybe many of you) enjoy what I here underneath, behind, within John's voice and guitar that is subtle but very powerful. It comes from a very deep & unique place. One problem I face with his new music is that once that deepness, richness, authentic John begins peeking out he switches things up and that depth or rawness and energy or whatever does not develop out as much for me. As he's said before as a musician he is simply tapping into somethimg that is already there not creating something new. If a painter paints a master piece portait, but then decides to paint over half of it in uneven shades of color, then it has a big effect on the piece. Which side is painted better? I can't say. Some viewers are moved by beuatiful portraits, some by abstraction. I often personally paint abstractly for personal reasons as well. I wish John the best and if only 10 seconds of his new album move me as much as the old stuff so be it. I'll take what I can get and I for one am glad he's happy.

    • Human

      I just had 2 react to your reaction , cause everybody knows John is not responsible for any opinion of who ever , he's only doing what makes him happy , and we only can enjoy his music which he made so far , i'd rather do that then critisize his new music which i have no influence on , and which i love btw , but most important , his music is unique and his aproach 2 , i think most musicians dream of that way of life/thinking but got stucked into they're schedules/management/formats etc. So there's no room any more for creativity and i think that is what John is searching for , ways to express his creativity and learning new things every day , i hope he keeps growing so we can enjoy , i am happy with anything he gives , even if it's not my thing , John doesn't owe anybody anything , just enjoy his art.

    • Anne

      When I read your comment I was - don't know why exactly - reminded of an interview. He said something along these lines: he was happy with his paintings and drawings when he first started painting. He liked the structures, the compositions. And then he started to go really deep into sort of copy the painters from whom he'd learned so much. He went to an extreme and didn't like what he saw. A road to everywhere and nowhere.
      This is NO quote and just my vague memory of that interview.
      I need to find it.

      Apart from that I'm sure John goes his very own ways as long as he wants to and needs to. And I wouldn't be surprised if in three years he's on a completely different road yet again.

      I like listening to Same. I just have to empty my brain to let this carry me .. somewhere.
      But it does reach me and carry me.
      It's difficult to explain.

  • Johnfan

    So, it's all Flea's fault... he planted the seed on John's head. If not for the 2 years hiatus, we'd be seeing John on tour with rhcp. Damn...

    • Iva

      While Flea, Anthony or anybody else may be guilty of something else; proposing a hiatus is certainly not a reason all of this happened.

      I don't even have to like Flea to "defend" him here, it's just plain logical.

  • Sam

    It pains me say this to my greatest inspiration of all time but to put it bluntly john kind of came accross as a bit contradictionary and disrectful to all the fans out there who love or 'once loved' his work and dedication to music. For one he disrespects his old band claiming "I just didn't want to be in the band anymore, they were only concerned with doing traditional things"... I find that a bit uncalled for, for one 'this band' was the thing that allowed him flourish, and gave him the fame and fourtune to explore his interests rather than working some shitty deadbeat job or still slumped on the couch as a junkie. 2, I think john is becoming a little too unapprieative and frankly 'cocky' when he says things like "I can create a great rock song without thinking about it, but it doesn't interest me anymore" or "I don't care about my audience or pleasing others"'re right john you obviously don't care anymore after realising trash like PBX and now Oustides,

    John, you used to be cool, but now you've changed for the worse, and I'm not going to continuing being your fan just because you're John Frusciante. I hope oneday you will regain conciousness and snap out of that daze of yours and start making good again, but until then it's goodbye

    From an former non-sycophant John Frusciante fan

    • Jane

      I agree partly with this, and I just thought I'd say so before Iva comes along and censors you.

      • Iva

        I beg your pardon? While I censor people who bluntly attack his wife just because she's his wife and don't allow links from certain sources; there's no reason to adress this and you're being downright mean, for no particular reason.

        The only suggestion I have for people is to try and divide the ego (or the impression we get) from music. This interview has a horrible, painful vibe to it...

        ... but music is still wonderful. Exploring new horizons is wonderful. Learning new things is wonderful. Might not be every single person's piece of cake, but people who have not heard it yet should not rule out listening to it because John appears to be a bit of a Richard in a recent interview. One does not have to buy it. There are streaming services and illegal downloads. If one doesn't want to support John because he's got enough money for his grand-grand-grand children to live happily - don't. If he's a total Richard - his problem and, to a certain extent - his shame for - possibly - lacking conversation culture and not being sensible. But music is art and art is beauty.

        Also, by categorically suggesting that one hates this, people sound as if they were returning a bottle of rotten milk to the store. No point in that.

        • Connor

          What is wrong with you people? So crucify the guy for being honest ??? I didn't see anything wrong with what he said. If he wants to get away from the fame so he can spend his time strictly creating instead of repeating, what is wrong with that? As much as I'd do anything to see John live, I'm okay with him concentrating only on creating new music as long as I get to enjoy it. Also Sam, I don't know if you're an ignorant child or what but you are being rude for the sake of your own insignificant opinion. And John never said he didn't care about his audience. That's not what he said. " I'm not going to continue being your fan anymore". Boo fucking hoo. What a loss. What so you know about consciousness?? Obviously nothing hearing the way you think. You're then one in a daze buddy.

          • Joe Kenbok

            You are truly an asshole Sam. Bravo, you have no couth. And Iva, really? Richard? I'm just not seeing it. To me he was just being frank and sincere. Nothing he said was insulting, especially toward the band, and he said nothing rude toward the audience- just that he was more concerned with what he hears inside than having outside distractions pushing him in a certain direction. You guys need to chill and accept it or move on. You're reacting this way, in my opinion, strictly because you're not enjoying his new musical direction.

            • Sam

              I’m just fed up with the all this recent bullshit and I am just telling it as I see it. In my honest opinion it has become ‘trendy’/‘cool’ to like John Frusciante nowadays regardless of the quality of his music. John could go ahead and release of full length LP recording of himself taking a shit and countless gullible fans would still praise him and claim “John’s new work is genius, you people just don’t understand… John is exploring new avenues and creating new things”.

              A while back I recall John saying in an interview “you shouldn’t like things just because of their label or because they’re popular but rather you should like things based on their quality or goodness” … you know what he was totally right. I absolutely loved To Record Water For Ten Days, Shadows Collide With People, Curtains, The Will To Death, A Sphere In The Heart of Silence, The Empyrean, Blood Sex Sugar Magik, Californication, By The Way, Stadium Arcadium because they were all good high quality pieces of art and were completely different from each other. On the other hand John’s latest releases ‘PBX’ and Outsides are not high quality pieces of art, in fact they are in no, way, shape or form pleasing to my ear despite the countless hours of trying to give them a chance. To say it bluntly they are crap. Ok so that’s fine, many of all the great artists release some shitty things here and there, no big deal right? No I have a problem…firstly, sure, it’s wonderful to see artists exploring new boundaries and territories but it’s not fine when the only new things they’re exploring is mediocrity in their music style and developing a self-righteous arrogance making them oblivious to their mediocrity.

              But of course all you hipsters out there will get all butt hurt reading this and attack me for saying this, the truth sucks… and it hurts, you know, this guy inspired me to play guitar and compose my own songs, I loved him for so long, he’s given me a great insight into life and a ubiquitous way of thinking about everything. It’s evident from his recent blog posts interviews and music that he has changed for the worst, especially when he compares himself to composers of the 1700’s, he shouldn’t be comparing himself to anymore and he should just be himself like he used to be. He’s not the same person who used to “continually work on being a nicer person and creating ‘good’ new music.” No, for whatever reason he’s changed, and it makes me sad. I guess all good things have to come to an end at some point in time. :’(

              • Joe Kenbok

                Sam it is your opinion that this new musical avenue is no good or mediocre. I personally truly enjoy it. And I'd like to believe that most other fans claiming to also like it are being sincere. If you don't like it, why say anything at all?

                The only way I see him changing is in the way he's become more wise and has pursued any interest he's ever had in an attempt to become awesome at it. Instead of practicing guitar in his bedroom for hours on end as he once did as a kid and continued to do, he's practicing electronic music for hours on end trying to reach the same level he did with guitar. And how can anyone say he hasn't become proficient at it ? Listen to Letur Lefr. That's all him ! That's skill!

                Ill be honest, my favorite John shit is niandra la des , shadows, to record, and all that. But, I still appreciate what he is doing now and I still get the same vibes. I LOVE Letur Lefr, I really like most of PBX and I think outsides is really dreamy and head-trippy. It's cool and it's new.

                I'm really not feeling the air of arrogance that you're getting from his recent interview, and especially not from his blogs. To me he's just being honest in the way he's explaining himself and what he's now up to. He's still an artist 100% devoted to his creativity, and as long as he's doing that he has stayed true.

              • Freddybear

                Thanks a lot man. You're completely right on calling John out, and this is the place to do it. Respect.

  • Tyler M.

    It's really beginning to frustrate me that John's supposed fan base is acting like they're entitled to hear some specific form of music made especially for them. It's not just here that I've seen it, it's been all over the internet since John released Letur-Lefr, and has only gotten worse since the release of PBX and Outsides.

    It's not that I don't get it, I do. I can understand why fans of The Will to Death or The Empyrean wouldn't like his newer music, however I'm part of a much smaller percentage of John's fan base that actually does enjoy it. I've been a fan of electronic music and hip-hop for years, and it excites me that John is bringing something new and inventive to those forms of music. Frankly, if John were to make another record like Shadows, I wouldn't be interested in it. I'd fully support his decision to make/perform that music, but I've already heard that record many, many times.

    Which is why I don't understand why many of the users on this site, and everywhere else on the internet, feel offended by the fact that John is no longer working within a sphere that encapsulates their very singular minded interests. You're all such "huge fans" of John so I'm sure you're more than aware of the fact that he made TEN albums before Letur Lefr. If you were to do a count of every song on every solo record, ep, demos or collaboration John released before 2012, it would exceed well over 200 songs, it's over twelve hours in music. It should be more than enough to satiate your selfish wanting for John to return to a form that bores him, but it obviously isn't.

    I'm sorry if I come off a little strong, I truly am, but I can't take the constant insults and complaining against John. John's music essentially saved my life over seven years ago, it's been a very important part of the person I've become and it means a lot more to me than I could ever put into words. It makes me sick that the fan base that once came together to make the Book of Suns for this man as a birthday gift, even knowing he would likely never receive it, are now behaving like a pack of spoiled, rotten children. (I'm not implying that those of you who contributed to the Book of Suns are behaving in this way; just a generalization of the fan bases' drastic shift in attitude)

    I know this isn't the place for a rant, and for that, I apologize to Iva who puts so much work into this site and bringing us news on Frusciante whenever it is available. My hope is that the self-proclaimed former fans of John will, eventually, disappear and let John do his thing, and let those of us who still enjoy his music, enjoy it without having to listen to their constant complaining.

    • Brummieapril

      Thing is Tyler, I have no problem with his recent music. In fact, I love it and agree with you that I also wouldn't be interested in another SCWP at this point. It's his attitude in this interview that disturbs me, particularly the don't care attitude towards the fans who have supported him. But I don't suppose he will ever realize that, let alone care. He has certainly changed in the last few years.

      • Tyler M.

        I understand being put off by his attitude. These two previous interviews, and in his blogs, he has come off as being a bit full of himself, and maybe he is. Honestly, though, I'd only be concerned if he stopped releasing music, which was something I feared for the past few years, at least, up until this point.

        It's clear at this point that John isn't too concerned with his fans, and that's fine. He never asked for our support, and frankly, I don't believe he ever really wanted it in the first place. It was the pressure of being a rock star that led him to isolation after leaving the Chili Peppers the first time.

        Basically, I see it like this. John is an artist who shares his work with the world, not to receive support or acceptance for it, but, I assume, just so that it's out there. John could easily be hoarding all of his music, refusing to share any bit of it with anyone but his closest friends. Thankfully, that isn't the case. It's out there, and it seems like he'll continue putting it out there as long as he feels the music is good enough. I don't think we owe him anything, but to enjoy his music if it's in our tastes. And as long as John is releasing music that he talks about publicly, he doesn't owe us anything either.

        • Minna

          If I could trade all my Frusciante records with a tiny bit of support and acceptance, I'd do it - immediately.

          At the end no creative act comes close to the act of an unknown old man, who came from nowhere and unaware of my desperation offered help, when I had none to ask and fixed my bike. None of the music Frusciante releases will ever surpass that act. That was the purest thing. That was the "next level shit".

      • Minna

        It has been so nice to know all of you guys. At least I know what those numbers in the Swiss bank accounts stand for. Love. 🙂

        • Joe

          Lady, you're scaring us!

    • Iva

      Our gift? Heh...He never cared about our gift. He didn't even want to look at it. That was one in the series of heartbreaks from 2008 on. From what I was told, he said we should just live with our image of him. And that's radical.

      I hated writing this in public, but there is no other way. I do not consider it to be a form of betrayal towards him or anybody else.

      By the way - Tyler, so happy to see you here again, hope we can continue the project we started in 2009! 🙂 And hope life's been treating you well.

      • Brummieapril

        Wow, seriously he didn't even want to look at a gift from his fans? I'm sorry, I've always defended John but what an absolute asshole he has become. And it's not about him wanting to make music for himself etc etc. I'm fine with that. It's this whole superior attitude of his and the way he just dismisses his fans. Well let's hope he won't be needing or wanting them again when this "phase", if that's what it is, is over because I can't imagine there being many left. Either he has changed a lot since he got himself a new family and friends, or he has always been a self-centered douche and I've just never seen it. Either way I feel very sad today.

        • Joe Kenbok

          Tyler thank you!! Finally someone is talking some sense. It's funny how all those people want to put words into his mouth and assume that his honesty is egotistical. He's bored with rock music, it's become second nature to him, and he wants to do something new and fresh and continue to push himself. And I think it makes total sense. You mean to tell me if you perfected something thoroughly and could do it without having to think or derive pleasure from it anymore, you'd just continue on that way? That sounds like giving up to me. What's wrong with pushing yourself to always be learning and expanding ? And the way everyone is taking this interview- why are you being so damn sensitive??? He didn't say anything that bad and I really don't think it's ego making him say the things he says. It's his honesty about what he wants and that is just living creativity. Either enjoy the music and keep listening or don't and move on.

        • Craig

          John has always acted like an asshole, ever since the Peppers blew up.

          Just because there's a senstive side to him, doesn't mean that he cares about the fans. He made it abundantly clear as a young man the he didn't, and a few kind words in the heat of a concert doesn't change that.

          People need to stop deifying him and realize he's just another brilliant, fucked-up musician.

    • hi123

      Tyler, I don't know why everyone is being a little bitch. I agree with you 100%. We're lucky we get to even hear any of his music in the first place. He doesn't make music to entertain and please people. He does it because HE enjoys it, and he does what he wants to do. All of these asshole fans think John is like their own personal entertainer. It's stupid as hell.

    • Human

      100% correct , thats the way 2 look at it .

  • _kid_a_

    100% agree with Tylor M. EVERY creative soul has a need to explore. That should make perfect sense for everyone who has a understanding of music. I hope JF evolves into a Stapelton (Nurse With Wound) kind of guy, and continues to explore and experiment and put out LOTS of records in the future. The man is a genius, and it would be a shame if he limited himself to playing guitar-based pop-rock.

  • rooroo

    I like many others on here understand and respect John's desire to push himself into new territories of music. I realize it is important to him and he should do what makes him happy. PBX was interesting and had some great songs on it, others were harder for me to get into but i appreciate him exploring and trying new things. Outsides wasn't so much for me. Granted I've only listened to it once and some of John's material requires multiple listens to get.

    I guess what I really want to comment on is how he feels rock music is full of limitations and that this new style is liberating. I'm sure his boundaries are far greater with this style but I personally find to be far less meaningful than his older music. I really felt a connection with with his music and thought he was able to express himself in a beautiful way. I feel him in a rock setting allows for so much expression and meaning. Furthermore, he was finding beautiful, creative new ways to do this, Empyrean being the example.

    I'm happy John is happy but I guess I just don't want to see him close the door on exploring rock and the creative ways he can take the genre.

    • simon

      i honestly don't see how rock music can be explored any further in terms of guitar, drums, bass, vocals etc.
      It has already been explored to it's farthest reaches. There lies no challenge there. I presume this is why John got bored of it in the first place.

  • Bernard

    A couple of years ago we got to know from John that he was creating music with the specific intention of not releasing it. The very thought that people will one day listen to it was conditioning his creative process, or so that was his reasoning. At the time it sounded like we would never hear any more of John's music, yet today we have three releases.

    So John did release some of that music eventually, but at the time he needed to build himself a categorical mindset to reach his creative goal.

    The point I am making is that it seems to me that John dives body and soul into a project, a bit of a Daniel Day-Lewis of the music world if you like. Today we have read a lot of categorical statements such as 'I don't want to be in a band again', 'don't wanna play live', 'don't wanna please people', 'don't like being a rock star', 'I only wanna make hip-hop', 'hip-hop is better than rock' and so on and so forth. I like to believe that John is in this self-imposed mindset right now, a bit like when he said he won't be releasing music any more. I mean, there's no doubt that the man will keep creating music all his life, but does anyone seriously believe he will still be making hip-hop in five years' time? I'm sure he will re-invent himself again by then.

    I'm not a fan of John's current musical direction but I still have faith that he's onto something. John has released hundreds of amazing songs and he's well past the point where most artists retire into a comfortable routine of tour upon tour performing the same repertoire of past hits. Instead he's on a journey of discovery exploring new avenues, risking ridicule and alienating his fanbase perhaps, but he is being true to his creative instinct and I respect him for that.

    And I also still believe that despite his 'don't wanna please' bullish mindset, his ultimate aim is to continue contributing meaningful music to the world. Time will tell.

    • hi123

      Oh my god, just let the man enjoy himself. All these whiny fans think John is required to make music for them, the exact way they want it.

  • Danno

    I saw him live Dallas, TX on the By The Way tour.

    It changed my life.

    it sounded liked 10,000 voices came out of his mouth when he sang

  • Frozengold

    I think he is not as good on electronic music as he was on playing rock and guitar. But i guess such a good guitarplayer and composer as he will get bored playing traditional music. He says he wont play live again or in a band but i think nobody knows, not even he, what will come in the future.

  • Paul

    Yes I agree with you Bernard. John isn't afraid to contradict himself. He seems to enjoy creating new meaning in his life by developing his outlook. I'm sure he'll change his mind in one way or another in the future. Who knows, in five years time he might take a U-turn and decide he wants to focus only on performing live, rather than recording! I wouldn't put it past him.

    Also, I see a lot of his music as experiments and part of his learning process.Similar to the way an artist like Van Gogh would go out day after day painting a particular landscape before attempting the final masterpiece. I think in a few years he might put out something that combines his songwriting ability and craft with his electronic skills that he's honing at the moment. Something like Letur Lefr, but more structured and 'poppy'.

    As a musician, I personally find it extremely inspiring to see that he is putting so much thought, energy and time into his music. The knowledge and the range of skills he has developed over the years is quite incredible. I must admit his current music isn't my favourite of his, but it's certainly the most thought-provoking and possibly the most inspiring.

  • john mayer

    i hope its just a phase

  • D Yizzle

    it's hard to express where I stand on this; the musician and artist in me has boundless respect for his perpetual journey towards uncompromising artistic expression, but the 13 year old who fell in love with the SCWP album and saw the chilis live in Hyde Park in 2004 is pretty distraught at the prospect of never seeing the guy live again, especially as he pretty much promised to tour any subsequent releases at ATP 2005.

    Having said all that, to witness the evolution of one of this generation's greats is a privilege, whatever form it takes.

  • MelodiousThelonious

    Ah keep calling somebody a genius - putting them on a pedestal for far too long, and eventually they end up dissappointing you...Never mind...Thank you John Anthony Frusciante - you gave us years of the rock guitar guru vibes and beautiful melodic solo excursions, but now you have moved on into other musical dimensions and creative endeavours.....peace to you bro, be happy and enjoy the ride...

    • _Kid_a_

      Moving on into other musical dimensions is exactly what true musical geniuses do. I have never been a fan of RHCP, so I was delighted when he quit them again, and delighted that he now puts all his energy and effort into his own thing. "To record" and "shadows" are two of my favourite records, but it would be boring as hell if he continued to make that kind of records over and over again.

  • David

    He goes through phases. When they toured in 2004 he was refusing to play guitar solos, or at least refusing to play wank-fest guitar solos and yet Stadium Arcadium and the subsequent tour is full of over the top, grand, guitar god solos.
    I read an interview with Chad once that mentioned them writing an albums worth of material on the road, (I forget the time period, possibly 2003/2004) and when it came to writing a new album, Chad was like oh hey those songs we wrote were great and John dismissed them because "I don't play arpeggios anymore"
    When he was 18 he was a super fan of RHCP and Hillel asked him would he support the band if they were playing big venues like LA Forum and he said no. He liked them being this sort of underground, cult sort of band so naturally when they exploded with Mother's Milk and BSSM he rebelled against that and quit the band. He obviously then changed his perception about fame/money/success because he rejoined.

    Now he is married and settled I would assume, he is playing what he wants to play and feels like playing live isn't his thing anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if in maybe 3 or 4 years he did play live or even rejoined the Chili's because his mind would've pulled him back around to that way of thinking. It's just right now he's exploring different kinds of music that might not be to everyone's tastes but they are to his and, as a musician myself, I have to say that you make music for yourself and if a load of other people can relate to it and they dig it then great but ultimately its a selfish act.

    It frustrates me to see "fans" constantly saying things like they wish he would rejoin the Chili's or that he would make another album like *insert favourite album* because if you are truly a John Frusciante fan then you would "get it" You would get that he is a special talent, a genius in some regards that has music flowing through him and you would understand why he does what he does. You don't have to agree with it but you would get it. Put it this way, in 1997 things could've gone a LOT different and he'd be dead. So let's just be thankful that he's making any music at all and if you don't like his current output then listen to your favourites, keep up to date on news and when the next music comes out have a listen as a fan and if you like it, great and if you don't, go back to listening to your faves.

    • The Hound

      Exactly! Art is not a democracy!

    • Anne

      I can't imagine John to make music with the Peppers again and vice versa.

      But apart from that I agree with most of what you say.

      I AM thankful like you. I am also in awe of him and his approach to life.

      Anthony Kiedis once said in an interview - I just read it once and forgot where it came from - "You can't stop John." It sounded to me a bit desperate. And it me made me smile. Why should you want to stop that guy?


  • Minna

    Even though I don't agree with John on many things, I read the interview a bit differently. When a man loses something, he might try hard to stab the thing in his mind in order to veil the loss and the pain. Some people who try to act like they don’t need you, deep inside are usually the ones who need you the most.

    And usually as you try to punch someone with your words and actions, you'll find out at the end that it was your own face that you punched the most.

    • frusciantefan

      That's pretty interesting... I thought exactly the same when I read the interview!

    • Joe


  • Sebastian baß

    The main things I would like to contribute to this debate are:
    John is living in his own world, like no other man I know or have heard of. The construction of this world is complex and so are his interviews and blog entries and now as well, his music.
    I first read the interview and maybe except of the sad disappointing though understandable thing, that he does not want to play shows anymore, most of it wasn't a surprise.
    A lot is logical: Musically he moved far away from the past and the RHCP. He is in his sense just critical against himself and concerning the RHCP, against the music business, the fame and celebrity-thing and i think this is a good thing. This is what made him leave after the BSSM-tour, this is what he is, what he really wants.
    And after I read, I listened to Shelf, and his music is nothing but amazing to me. He is ever-changing, he is progressive, he is avantgarde. We have enough of genious JF-songwriting of the past to listen to. I'm so glad he moved to where he is now. I want more... that's the sad thing.

  • Frozengold

    I think there is a "red line" that goes trough all his music. Even this electronic music. I wouldn't be suprised if he in a few years does something completly different, stops making music and does who knows?

  • Grorganic

    The Hero's Journey is alive and well in the spirit of John Frusciante.

    This is exactly nondetermined and nonrandom.

  • luka

    Supporting John all the way, because it's only reasonable for each and every human being to choose their destiny for themselves. And I also like the new music as well.

  • Mike Moon

    You know my initial reaction was a bit of disappointment. I wasn't shocked, I basically knew he felt this way though. My disappointment is my personal greed to see him live solo but if that never happens, life still moves on happily.

    What I take from this is that he is a true artist and as he is progressing, he is taking us (the fans) along for the journey. Whether we like the music or not depends person to person. Yes, I do enjoy what he did from 2004 - 2009 the best.

    I listened to PBX again last night in its entirety...all 4 sides of vinyl, a bottle of wine and my mind in full dedication. This album gets better with every listen.

    In no way do I think John intends to disrespect his fans. But, he also lives for himself and that is the right way. No matter what the man gives you the fan quality recordings that sound amazing so he cares about what he is putting out as he wants it to sound as good as possible.

    Hell, one of my biggest questions is if he still records, mixes and masters all analog. I know he samples from a computer for some things but this doesn't mean it is where the recording and mix is done. Not sure I will ever find out.

    I'm on board with John. Also a Wu-Tang fan so I'm excited to hear his production for this affiliate group.

  • The Hound

    Can anyone knowledgeable about electronic music explain how John has been creating the drums on his recent releases? I think he's using a drum machine but then cutting up individual hits so it sounds more natural right? I just can't wrap my head around it. 😛

    • Joe Kenbok

      I recently asked the same question and the answer someone gave me was that he is taking different "breaks" which are sections of particular live drums parts, and cutting and chopping them up and rearranging and what not.

      • rsc

        Correct Joe/The Hound, however that's only one way. He has been sampling recently quite a bit and in addition, he is using 'single' samples intertwined with the breaks he's chopping up. Meaning, he's using single hits. At times a cymbal, snare, or even bass drum, etc. All programmed by hand. The approach to this (sample based electronic music) is anything from using DAW's (specifically: sample editors) or using Trackers (ie. Renoise) which have become the main go-to for micro-edited sample based experimental electronic music. With today's technology you can record audio into them and chop them up on the fly.

        Last piece of info. The reason why "Tracker's" are much more efficient in this genre (electronic) of music is the fact they use keyboard commands as a way of programming samples. For most people, it takes a few keystrokes to get a motif into the sequencer, throw a fade on a sample, EQ it, run it through a bus, and slap a reverb on it. If you tried to do this in a DAW (like Logic or Pro Tools); lets just say (unless you're extremely proficient at programming on the fly) it would take you hours if not days. In my years in the field I have seen people spend 12 hours on 30 seconds of actual music. It's tedious work. Which is why tracker's are so useful.

  • schniefelus

    It is totally cool to explore new paths - in music as much as in life.
    Everyone is free to make their own decisions.
    John Frusciante is an excellent all-around musician, not just a guitar player.
    Good musicians and artists usually urge to make art in a way which resonates with them.

    Acknowlegding the above facts, loving Letur Lefr, digging most of PBX, enjoying some of Outsides and being a fan (and musically inspired by him) for many years I have to say that I was kinda shocked by his lack of human empathy and sensitivity in this interview. Reading between the lines, I can't help but to think some of his statements were designed to hurt people. I'm not so much talking about the fans here but musicians he worked with in the past, especially the ones he had very close musical relationships with - Flea and Josh come to mind.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near being one of the people who wants him back in RHCP or something. But I find it strange that he would compare different forms of art(music) in an evaluative way - an attitude that he strongly critized in the past. I have the strong suspicion that there are quite some events in the past he's not over yet. Also, openly devaluating his prior musical collaborations and relations in comparison to what he's doing now just is very bad style - no matter how genius his new stuff may feel to him. As some of you have said, to me this interview has an arrogant and insultive undertone, which I frankly wouldn't have expected from him after all these years.

    It feels more and more like he's going on kind of an ego/intellectual trip abandonning his sensitive/emotional side, which I believe to partly percieve in his new music, too.

    Maybe that's just me.

    As far as the music goes... from a harmonic and rhythmic viewpoint the new "out" tracks sure are interesting while production-wise this surely isn't the highest quality of electronic music available - everyone has to decide for themselves how much that matters to them. "Same", I found quite disappointing though. Many playing patterns and ideas were already incorporated into the fantastic "Guitar" on PBX which also was much more dynamic than "Same". Even though "Wayne" had a much simpler progression to solo over, I enjoyed that piece more because of the underlying emotions which (at least to me) seem to lack on the first "Outsides" track...

    Now flame me if you like 😉

    • Bernard

      I think you are reading a bit too far in between the lines, particularly where you concluded "lack of human empathy" and "statements designed to hurt [Flea and Josh]". What he is mostly saying in that part of the interview is that his creative streak and his being in a popular, touring band were pulling in opposite directions. Nothing more, nothing less. I see nothing tangibly personal in his words. Do you?

      I also think that he is not comparing different forms of art from an artistic viewpoint, in the sense of 'genre x' is better than 'genre y'. Rather, he is relishing the inherent freedom and flexibility of orchestrating a bunch of synths as opposed to creating music within a rock band. Never in the interview does he make comparisons with respect to the end results, but he does make it clear that he enjoys the process of creating music much more now.

      • Joe Kenbok

        Thank you Bernard !! I couldn't have put it better but these are my thoughts exactly. You guys are reading way too far between the lines. John has always said exactly what he's felt without sugar coating or being self conscious. You guys are assuming too much and taking things too personally. There's nothing more I can add to Bernard's words; he nailed it.

    • Minna

      I agree.

  • Sam

    In my honest opinion it has become ‘trendy’/‘cool’ to like John Frusciante nowadays regardless of the quality of his music. John could go ahead and release of full length LP recording of himself taking a shit and countless gullible fans would still praise him and claim “John’s new work is genius, you people just don’t understand… John is exploring new avenues and creating new things”.

    A while back I recall John saying in an interview “you shouldn’t like things just because of their label or because they’re popular but rather you should like things based on their quality or goodness” … you know what he was totally right. I absolutely loved To Record Water For Ten Days, Shadows Collide With People, Curtains, The Will To Death, A Sphere In The Heart of Silence, The Empyrean, Blood Sex Sugar Magik, Californication, By The Way, Stadium Arcadium because they were all good high quality pieces of art and were completely different from each other. On the other hand John’s latest releases ‘PBX’ and Outsides are not high quality pieces of art, in fact they are in no, way, shape or form pleasing to my ear despite the countless hours of trying to give them a chance. To say it bluntly they are crap. Ok so that’s fine, many of all the great artists release some shitty things here and there, no big deal right? No I have a problem…firstly, sure, it’s wonderful to see artists exploring new boundaries and territories but it’s not fine when the only new things they’re exploring is mediocrity in their music style and developing a self-righteous arrogance making them oblivious to their mediocrity.

    But of course all you hipsters out there will get all butt hurt reading this and attack me for saying this, the truth sucks… and it hurts, you know, this guy inspired me to play guitar and compose my own songs, I loved him for so long, he’s given me a great insight into life and a ubiquitous way of thinking about everything. It’s evident from his recent blog posts interviews and music that he has changed for the worst, especially when he compares himself to composers of the 1700’s, he shouldn’t be comparing himself to anymore and he should just be himself like he used to be. He’s not the same person who used to “continually work on being a nicer person and creating ‘good’ new music.” No, for whatever reason he’s changed, and it makes me sad. I guess all good things have to come to an end at some point in time. :’(

    • The Hound

      I respectfully disagree Sam. I don't think anyone can determine if someone genuinely likes something or is just pretending to. It's fine that you don't enjoy this music, and people shouldn't flame or harass anyone for not liking something. I agree with you on the albums you listed are "high quality pieces of art." Those albums are extremely amazing. But what do you specifically dislike about the new releases? The recent releases are very abstract and a lot of the music is based on acid music and its poly rhythms and melodies. And a lot of the drum work is heavily based off free form Jazz. Perhaps those approaches to music aren't to your liking?

      One point that needs to be addressed is that when you study and compare the music from the albums you listed and the recent releases, you have to understand that for the most part, John has played a lot of pop music and just experimented with the typical harmony found in that music and stretched the boundaries a bit by experimenting with it. On John's most recent releases, he's playing with "complete abandon." That means this music isn't really based off anything familiar but more the mathematics behind intervals and rhythms.

      For your last point, people change. People contradict themselves and they grow tired of past practices. It's normal. I don't think anyone should have expected John to just stay in the Peppers and expect them to be around for a long time like the Stones. Those moments of the Peppers are in the past, and they'll stay there because that's where they belong. It doesn't his music is bad or "good." It's just a different phase in a musician's life. If you enjoy it fine, but if you don't then that's fine too. In my opinion,(and you can do whatever you want with this) is to maybe give a listen to some of the Acid music by Aphex Twin and explore the free form Jazz of Miles Davis like Bitches Brew and John Coltrane's music as well. One can read up on this music and the musicians while listening to the music. That way you can become inspired by that music and want to re-listen to music you've passed up. With an open mind you can seek the truth in anything, and it will be an enjoyable experience at the same time. 🙂

    • simon

      Sam, i don't mean to come across as sounding rude, but dismissing John's new songs as 'crap' is just plain narrow minded and ignorant. I think a lot of the problem comes from the fact that a big percentage of John's fanbase is from the pop/rock spectrum. i.e they discovered him via the Chili Peppers and expect 3 minute songs all played on guitar to suit their commercial music only pallette. There is nothing wrong with this per se. We are all entitled to like what we like without explanation and that's fine. I just feel like you are saying his new music sucks just because you don't like what you are hearing. Perhaps if you listened to artists like Alice Coltrane, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Merzbow, Oren Ambarchi,Swans, Mouse On Mars, Sun Ra, constantly it would force you to shake the shackles (pop/rock music structures that are so common these days) and gain a wider understanding, thus heightening your appreciation. Deeper music is as much about understanding and vision as it is about what we are hearing. A fresh perspective and understanding will at least perhaps give you more of an indication of why John is doing what he is doing. And with understanding comes appreciation.. Plus, if you work out why the artists i mentioned above are so great, you should have no problem experiencing the greatness of John's new record 'Outsides'. Peace.

      • simon

        just realised i sent my reply to the wrong person. Sorry! I've replied to the correct person now.

      • Sam

        "I think a lot of the problem comes from the fact that a big percentage of John's fanbase is from the pop/rock spectrum. i.e they discovered him via the Chili Peppers and expect 3 minute songs all played on guitar to suit their commercial music only pallette" what are talking about Simon!?? I loved the empyrean which completely veared away from soundbtye rock/pop style songs... the empyrean is a mersmsizing album that you can get completely lost into into dimensions... i think the best music is written by emotions and not matetical formulas or 'polyrhythms'.

        • The Hound

          Again "the best music" is left to personal interpretation. It's true that the Empyrean didn't have just 3 minute pop style songs, but if you analyze the music, and by that I mean the song structure like intro, chorus, verse, as well as the mostly major and minor chords that John uses, the music from the Empyrean is still pop based. That's what John was saying he didn't want to do. Pop music doesn't just cover music like Celine Dion, it doesn't just refer to "popularity," it also refers to structure. "Stairway to Heaven" has pop in it. "Good Time Bad Times" has the pop structure in it as well, and so on. This pop structure is extremely ubiquitous throughout modern contemporary music. John wanted to stray away from this by using the influences of the less modern contemporary music which would be free form Jazz and also the non contemporary music (classical music) which would be chamber and orchestral music.

          And who is to say there is no emotion in his recent releases? In this music he's still using the major and minor intervals in the ways he's used them in the past. So if you change your expectations knowing that John wanted to stray away from that formula you won't be disappointed. John even advised the world of this. He specifically wrote a couple blog posts so that people can understand his recent way of thinking. That way people could think "Oh so I'm not getting Empyrean 2, I could open my mind to something different instead."

        • rikki

          the album was already made... so what can u do? Move on bro! Don't get stuck on these kinda conversations. Im pretty sure you're one of music critics peeps. Just enjoy the music. There's no good or bad music.. who cares if u like Empyrean hehe.. music is music period...Music can be written in any kind of way.

        • simon

          I give up on you Sam. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I wont waste any more of my precious time reading thru the garbage that you post on here. Thank you, much love, and goodnight.

    • Joe k

      Sam, you're repeating yourself. You've said all this and it's just as immature, full of shit, and lame as it was the first time. How can you pretend To personally know what type of person John is? And you say he should go back to being himself like he used to be...what exactly is it he is being like if he is not being himself ? What John is saying about the composers is that he is more inclined to want to compose or put together a full song arrangement with numerous instruments and sections than to just play guitar parts or write songs with the repetitive guitar, bass , drums. And it is strictly your opinion that the music he's working on is not good. How can you claim mediocrity of a type if music you obviously know nothing about? And as far as it being trendy/cool to like John nowadays, there's like one friend in my life who even knows anything about johns music and that's because I introduced him so I definitely am not just wasting my time listening to music that I don't truly believe is good. I've loved johns music since niandra was released and I enjoy the fact that its constantly changing and he gives me such a broad spectrum to choose from, as you said yourself "they were all completely different from each other", and it continues to go that way. . I could give a shit less what's trendy or cool. It wasn't trendy when niandra was released and in my world it's not trendy now.

      • Sam

        Joe I understand how your pain, I wish John would good back to making good music again too :'(

    • Mike

      And of course you'll be the judge of what is high quality and what is crap, right? How have I managed without your infallible knowledge of quality and goodness so far? I guess I am a true hipster and just fake it all the way.

    • Yorto

      I disrespectfully disagree Sam. Kill yourself.

  • Eugene

    He has to "somewhat" care for fans... Why else would he even do this interview or release new music?

  • _Kid_A_

    Haters gonna hate.
    John´s new direction is amazing and perfect for me. I love bands like Autechre to bits, and hearing their influence (as well as masters such as John Coltrane) on John´s music is great.
    As I stated earlier, I hope he takes it much further and develops into a new Steve Stapelton-guy.
    After all, John F has played in a rockband for so many years! No wonder he needs to do something very different. Creative souls simpley cannot be in one genre or style forever.

  • Joe Kenbok

    Has anyone else in the US not received their Outsides bundle yet? My live receipt says pending, which apparently means it has not yet shipped. Shouldn't it have shipped on the release date?

  • Shaun

    I for one am quite content with the musical direction that John is taking. I bought a copy of his new Outsides EP but I have not really listened to it too much as of yet, I still need to fully digest it. John has created so much wonderful music both with the Red Hots and on his own. Whether you listen to his first solo record or The Empryean, or any other record of his for that matter, it all comes from the heart and is truly authentic. John is still reaching for something musically that he has not found yet. I agree that not all of his releases are crowd pleasing to some and that it is also a shame that is unwilling to perform his songs live. However, John has already played live for most of his musical career and he has also already written a ton of guitar driven melodic pop rock songs that we continue to enjoy everyday and always will. Just let the man be himself and create music for himself. Enough said.

  • Frank

    Man... I never thought John would ever become a hipster, he's the last person I'd ever pick to traverse down that dark deep realm of pretentiousness and self-righteous arrogance...oh but of course the bulk of John Frusciante's fanbase now is mostly compiled of hipsters too, and you'll all still love anything he releases, even if he releases a record of scratching chalkboard sounds, you'll all still praise it...You know John used to be addicted to a harrowing, destructive drug known as heroin...but now he's addicted something even worse, something called loving yourself a bit too much and becoming a arrogant dick, typical hipster mentality...hopefully he'll be able fight it off and become good again.

    • Brummieapril

      Sadly, I have to agree with a lot of what you've said here. Not about being a hipster because you enjoy his latest music. I prefer all the stuff he has released since his exit from RHCP more than anything he released in 2004. That doesn't make me a hipster.
      But I can't help agreeing with the "loving yourself a bit too much" and "Self-righteous arrogance" comments. That's the impression I got from his last blogs/interviews. What happened to the guy who got off a tour bus to greet fans and stop to sign autographs when his fellow band mates ignored the fans?
      Maybe he is surrounded by too many yes men these days and has started to believe in his own press. I don't know, but it just goes to prove you should never believe the public image or you'll be disappointed sooner or later.
      I'll still support John, the musician, as long as I'm enjoying what I hear, but I see John, the person, in an entirely different light now.

      • The Hound

        Read the above posts for clarification Frank and Brummieapril....

    • _Kid_a_

      This is the most stupid thing I´ve read in ages. Being a arrogant dick for doing what he wants? And we are "hipsters" just because we appreciate other stuff than pop-rock? You (Frank) is the only one being arrogant here...

  • HUJ

    He's trying way TOO hard to be different. It use to be that listeners would think "hey, this guy's unique." Now it's like Frusciante is screaming at us, "look at me, I'm so unique."

    Whether you like his new music or not, it certainly isn't innovative! There's been a thriving scene of hip-hop and synth-pop going on since the 70's...this may be new to Frusciante, but it's not new to the world of music.

    Comparing himself to the composers of the 1700's makes me think he's on drugs again. lol

    • _Kid_a_

      what makes you think he even tries to be different? To me it sound like he don´t give a shit about any of that stuff. He makes the music he wants to make. That´s it.

      • HUJ

        I didn't use to think he tried to be different, but I do now....his recent actions and comments make me think that way.

        He's able to act like a person the doesn't give a shit, because he's a multi-millionaire from participating, for several years, in an industry he apparently has no respect for.

        I say "act" because, in my opinion, he is acting like someone that doesn't give a shit...not actually being someone that doesn't give a shit.

        • HUJ

          Let me be clearer...I think I am confusing two points.

          1- John has repeatedly talked about stretching the barriers of music...taking songs to different places...being creative and free. So obviously, he's always cared about being innovative musically, and I believe he still does. I just think these days he's trying too hard and appears to be someone who is confused and my opinion.

          2- He quit RHCP after Blood Sugar for many of the same reasons he claims he quit this last time. Albeit, he was on drugs. What bothers me is that he rejoined for so many years and is now disrespecting the band, rock music, record labels, etc.. Why did he rejoin in the first place? He told the world once, when he first quit, that he wasn't into the rock-star thing. Did he rejoin for the money...or maybe the fame...maybe both.? The thing is, it's becoming more and more apparent that he did it for the money/fame... and I am not sure I have respect for someone that does something just for the money...or the fame.

          In an interview with John about two years ago he talks about the music industry being a lot like the "Hollywood star making machine," I completely agree with everything he says about it....the the thing is, I didn't participate in that industry and make millions upon millions of dollars off of it...then turn around and bash it..... that just doesn't sit well with me.

          Guys like Ian Mackaye and Charles Bukowski (two great artists that turned their back on mainstream) talk the talk and walk the walk.

          These latest comments from John just seem selfish, immature and disrespectful.

          • Chris R

            If he was only in it for the money/fame, wouldn't it make more sense for him to stay in RHCP and continue getting truckloads of money/fame? If he was there just to sponge some money/fame off the RHCP's success, why bother being the driving creative force in the band, as he was for Californication, BTW, and SA? Why not just lazily play the lead guitarist role, pick up the cheque, get groupies etc like so many other rock guitarists. It doesn't add up. He was excited about making that music with RHCP at the time (as you can tell from any of the interviews with him from the times of those albums), but after 10 years he wants to make music that he can't make in the structure of a band like that. Fair enough.

            "Whether you like his new music or not, it certainly isn't innovative! There's been a thriving scene of hip-hop and synth-pop going on since the 70's...this may be new to Frusciante, but it's not new to the world of music."

            I don't think he has said anywhere that he's the first to be doing this kind of thing. In fact, in the recent interviews he's made many references to the predecessors that he's been learning from, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares etc. I think the point IS that it's new and exciting FOR HIM. From the Japanese interview: "for me this was an unknown world.", "I felt like this was an unknown world that was now a possibility for me to explore."

            "Comparing himself to the composers of the 1700's makes me think he's on drugs again. lol"

            Why is that such an outlandish statement? He didn't say anything like "my genius is now on the level of Beethoven's", he's simply comparing his working method to a classical composer's: "when it comes down to it I probably have a lot more in common with old classical composers from the 1700s than I do with the rock stars of today, you know? I think more in terms of creating a full composition, and that’s really what makes me happy to be alive and excited to live every day, is the ability to create from scratch an entire piece of music."
            Most rock musicians don't conceive of an entire piece of music in that way, so yeah, his working process now does have more in common with a composer than the average rock musician.

            • HUJ

              Come on, gimme a break....he's a hip-hop musician now?!? Reminds me of the old Cracker song, " what the world needs now is another folk singer, like i need a hole in my head." Just substitute "folk singer" for "hip hop musician."

              Look, I love a lot of Frusciante's playing....and honestly, this interview doesn't even sound like him...I don't doubt the editor F'd with it. Good for him, play whatever the hell you want to play, but let's all not act like he's Jesus Christ or something...he sounds like a complete jack-ass in this interview.

              • Sam

                I totally agree...It's really sad seeing good people who once made good things, and once had a charmful, delightful, caring attitude towards everything change for the worse by becoming arseholes and divert completely to making mediocre crap like Outsides Ep and praise themselves as Jesus Christ, Mozart or Beethoven.

                • The Hound

                  You guys seem really upset, maybe it's best to take a little break from those hateful emotions. We're not getting anywhere and this isn't really a discussion anymore, just people hating on one another over one musician. Shame on us.

                  • HUJ

                    I don't know were you are getting "really upset" and "hating." I couldn't care less, just giving an opinion. What John F does one way or another doesn't affect me.

                    • The Hound

                      "Good for him, play whatever the hell you want to play, but let's all not act like he's Jesus Christ or something...he sounds like a complete jack-ass in this interview." There and it sounds like you're being affected and care since you're on a John Frusciante fan site. 😛

  • I find a lot of views very harsh on John, I mean, you have the right to don't like his music, but I don't find it normal to see people criticize his decision to change style. So what? John decided to do something else than what he has been doing for the last 25 years, I don't find this shocking.
    Personally, I am disappointed because I prefered what he did before, and my dream was to see John play live, but this is not a reason to call him a hipster or say that he suddenly became a dick.

    This interview is surprising, and of course, a few statements can be disorienting, I find it difficult to believe that John didn't feel right when he was on stage, ATP Festival and his performances with the Chili Peppers simply prove that John took pleasure sharing his songs with us. The fact that he even continues to release them shows that he cares about his fans, and that he doesn't just want to make music for himself.

    John became a huge influence, not just musically, but also on my life, and I suppose on some of you too. The "rock" songs he left us, on his solo career, with the Chilis or through collabs changed my life, and I don't feel the right to ask more if he doesn't want to continue.
    On the other side, I agree that some parts of this interview seem arrogant, but we don't know exactly how things were said, on which tone, we shouldn't make such conclusions: we all know John is a great musician, a rock legend, and more importantly a humble man, he doesn't pretend that rock music is shit and that he regrets playing in a band, we all know what it meant for him to play in front of us, but if today he wouldn't enjoy it, I don't think that we can criticize him.

    On the other hand, let's give his music a change! I don't know a lot on this kind of electronic music, but what I know is that John is a gifted and talented musician. He released 3 "albums" in 2 years, and even if I don't love them as much as other albums, I still enjoy them a lot. What I want to say is let's give the man some time! Do you realize what he achieved in just 5 years? Imagine what he would be able to produce in 10 years? John is young, his personality and musical directions evolved and deeply changed through the years, and I don't see why we shouldn't give a chance to this new John. We liked the crazy socksoncock-John in his early twenties, we enjoyed the constantly-on-drugs-John on SFTSYH, we enjoyed the melancholic-John during the early 2000, and we enjoyed the more "mysticJohn" with albums such as the Empyeran. So let's give the man a chance!

    Sure, I miss his voice, his lyrics, his beautiful guitar sounds, but I really enjoy the constant change of rhythms, and nearly stressful sounds on a song like Same. It's different, it doesn't mean it sucks.

    What I really want to say is give the man a chance, and respect his decisions. If you don't like his new music, that's fine, but you can't just say that he is wasting his time doing shit, because you know how talented this musician can be, as a producer, a guitarist, a song-writer, and lyricist, so with time he can only evolve and improve.

  • Nick

    John is on his own musical odyssey. You can choose to take the ride, or not. What he is doing reminds me of Tim Buckley's Starsailor phase (which is wonderful). He is choosing to make more out there music, because he feels pulled in that direction, and as with Tim Buckley, many of his fans are choosing to jump ship or attack his character. He is constantly changing as an artist, and will no doubt go in other directions after some time. The Billboard interview did have a strange tone, but it was also excerpts from an hour long conversation. Perhaps his answers were taken out of context and would make more sense if you heard the whole conversation. I think the negative reaction towards him trying different things creatively is point in case. He needs to make creative choices for himself, not us. I like the new music. I like the new direction. I've been listening to lots of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno, so it sits well with me. I would like to hear him sing more again, there is some great vocals on Letur Lefr and PBX. Anyways, no offense intended to anyone, just my two cents.

  • Sam

    This probably won't mean much at all to strangers on the Internet but I just want to apologise for my previous hateful comments. It's really short-sighted of me to chastise the things I really love. I listened to Outsides again and I can happily contradict myself now and say it sounded pretty good after the 4th time listening.

    As for my opinions, well I guess I can say with great confidence that all I know is that I do not know anything for sure.

  • Antwan

    John can play and do whatever the hell he wants. He has not obligation to please all of his fans and/or friends. If anyone hear writes music for a living like I do they would understand that. Sometimes breaking free from those shackles is a tough thing to do. He is doing what HE wants. Listen. Don't? Does it matter? Go get an ice cream and stop worrying so much.

    I also think it's messed up when people quote John from a 2001 live bootleg or interview or something and say he is contradicting himself in an interview done today. Sorry......I did not realize that human beings NEVER change their opinions about ANYTHING.

  • Emma

    Anyone who's followed John's career over the last 20 years or so knows he's prone to making very adamant statements and then spectacularly doing the opposite.
    I think he wholeheartedly believes every word he says at the time he says them, but he's utterly inconsistent and contradictory to the point of being predictable!
    This whole 'I'll never play live, never play rock music, only ever play electronic stuff' isn't worth the paper it's written on.
    I seem to remember him vowing he'd never be in the RHCP ever again and then proceeded to spend another 15 years with them.
    This is just another of his phases. No more, no less.
    I don't like everything he records but he's mot doing it for me; he's doing it for himself and that's absolutely fine.
    I'm just wondering when he's gonna start doing classical scores, etc. I'm surprised he hasn't already.

  • FidlersThoughts

    Hey guys, just for kicks, here are my thoughts on the EP:

    • Iva

      Advertising is not allowed here in that form. Please, post your review on the message board, in the dedicated reviews thread and it may or may not be included in the review complication.

    • Joe Kenbok

      You're review was decent. I like it. I disagree with one statement strongly though. Where you stated that in Same , John himself is obviously bored by such a long stint due to the disfiguring of the notes. I have to say that John is 1) All about first takes 2) All about keeping the human mistakes in songs, if the notes are in fact mistakes because I think they actually sound pretty cool and he manipulates some parts with the synth purposesly disfiguring some notes, and 3) It's a 10 minute solo!!! You'd be hard pressed to find any guitarist that would hit every note on the money for 10 minutes. I think it would be boring if it was " perfect ". It's beautifully flawed. The second paragraph is a little confusing. And in response to one thing in the last paragraph- I think it's kinda clear where johns head is at when you read his blogs or latest interview. So, just a little constructive criticism. Not hating. Like I said I like it, I enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to write it. 🙂

  • Alex Bar

    "I don't owe anyone" - Time Runs Out. And he's right, he never owe'd us anything... He started in the Chili Peppers to be apart of something where he could express himself. He chose to give us an even bigger gift by being a solo artist for 10 + albums. He really doesn't owe us anything... and if he gave the fans what they wanted, then he simply wouldn't be enjoying himself. If you're "offended" that John doesn't wanna play live anymore... then you have to rethink your position on things and tone down your ego.

    • Drake

      LMAO. the only person who has to tone down their ego here is john. why is he allowed to treat people like shit? just b/c he famous? NONSENSE.

      • Joe k

        You're an idiot. Why are you even visiting this site if you're so against John now? Just to talk shit? You people exaggerate so much it's ridiculous. Explain to me how he's treating people like shit?

  • Yannic

    He knows how the world goes, remember the song "Going Inside", it gave me so much happiness

    • Joe k

      Thank you I agree. Everyone has their own take on how the world works. But I've always enjoyed his thoughts ideas and theories very much. At least it's not a superficial or materialistic type of View. Even if he did mainly grow up Rich he never did give a shit about the money it was never about the money. He's always made that clear and everyone around him the closest people to him all said the same. He did it for the love of music and creativity. I've never known anybody to dedicate their life to creativity to such an extent as he did. And I've never seen anybody that loves music so intensely to listen to such a broad variety and study silly different things to be so knowledgeable as him

  • Yannic

    Thats it, he never wanted to earn popularity, he´s just making music since he was born and never thought about money or these materialshit. Thats the reason why i love him so much 😀

    • Drake

      how old are you? 11? the man grew up rich, he does not know how the world goes and he never will.

      • Mick

        You raise an interesting point. He did grow up wealthy with a lot of opportunities that many people don't have, especially musicians. And he has closed himself off from the world in many instances. But he does know a lot about "the world" when it comes to music. 🙂

      • Joe k

        Peoples opinions on how the world works is relative. Let's hear yours. Say what you want about the man, but I haven't seen too many musicians that are as hard-working and dedicated as he has been. He's brought joy and comfort you so many people including me. His music his save me from the lowest depths it so many times in my life. Or just made me feel content or comfortable feeling that way when I would listen to music and I didn't feel so alone. What have you given the world? Since you seem to be such a good judge of knowing how the world works or whether or not people know how the world works. What have you done for the world what kind of difference is if you made?

  • nightmare1138

    New JFru produced track "Never Let Go":
    Go nuts

  • Joe

    Does anyone else feel as though when John feels a certain way he gets so obsessed with that state of mind that he thinks he has always and will always feel that way? I for one don't think that John would have made all the music he did if he was more interested in hip-hop or whatever at the time. However, I may have mis-interpreted the interview and if so I apologise profusely for wasting peoples time.

  • Ash

    how did I get through your wall of sleep
    I see you now in my head and your still out of reach
    I've been grinding my backbone, just to be free
    and all of that time it was a message I couldn't see.
    and nowwwwwww, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I see the light looking down at me.
    I can see my life. or have I just gone insane......

  • jjj

    there is nothing complex about this man. his music used to be really good. his obvious mental health issues are once again shinning through and his music has gone from great to utter crap. Call it experimental or whatever you want it's plain garbage.