Feature on John from Guitar Magazine Japan and more

As promised, here are the scans of the previously discovered May 2014 issue of the Japanese Guitar Magazine.

The feature on John consists of sixteen pages, plus four pages of tabs. Enclosure is reviewed elsewhere in the magazine and it is one of the editor picks.

Click the thumbnails to go to the individual pages in the gallery or click here for the entire album. If doing the latter, remember to turn the page as there are two pages of thumbnails.
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Kultura Program TV, April 4th 2014

There was an one-page article of John, paired with a quick review of Enclosure in the 4th April issue of Polish guide, Kultura Program TV. It appears that the author is not enthusiastic about the maestro’s new direction; but nevertheless Enclosure got 3 out of 5 stars.

Here are a couple of excerpts.

Who’s crazy enough to trade in a career in one of the most popular rock bands for making electronic music for their own enjoyment at home? That would be John Frusciante, who’s just released his 12th solo album, Enclosure.


New album, titled “Enclosure” is a combination of experimental work – fast beats with rock maneuverings in “Shining Desert”; long guitar solo and metal riffs in “Sleep”; and typical electronic pieces with ‘broken’ rhythms in “Fanfare”; ’80s sounds in “Stage”; or hip-hop rhythm in “Excuses”. It often gets unpredictable, with complicated composition and unexpected sounds in “Run” and “Zone”.

You can read the entire article here.

Click on the thumbnail or here to have a look at the scan photo.

Remember, you can check all the other 2014 magazine features in both text-only form and as scans. There’s quite a lot of it compared to 2010-2013.

*Many thanks to Karolina BanaΓ…β€Ί for translating the Polish article.

If there is anything relevant in magazines, newspapers and on the web where you are – do not forget to share. You will be credited, as always. Also, if anybody is willing to give a try to translating at least some of the Japanese feature – that would be awesome. The community depends on volunteers.

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  • George

    hey Iva is there any chance somebody would translate these Japanese versions into english? Just thought i'd ask cheers!

    • Joe k

      What appeal is that? I'm not seeing what you mean. Will this article be showing up as text only on English in the magazine article section soon? Thanks!

      • Iva

        The last two sentences in this news item are:

        "Also, if anybody is willing to give a try to translating at least some of the Japanese feature – that would be awesome. The community depends on volunteers."

        It helps to read each news item from beginning to the end. Either way, two people applied to give this a go and since the Duran Duran fan sites also seem to be interested, I too hope these two people can get something done, depending on their free time. πŸ™‚

  • Anne

    There's a review in the German magazine *Plattentests* (April 11, 2014).
    They say that Enclosure is remarkable and that John is pushing the limits of genres even farther than he did with his guitar (*he is mixing glam, krautrock, jazz, post punk, electronic, classic*). They also praise his vocals as *majestic* and emphasize the second verse of Fanfare.
    What I liked most: * he still has an appetite for relevant music* and that they remind us *he had been elected best guitarist of the last 30 years* They add that he is suited as poster model ( I guess this last part might be one of the many reasons for John not being keen on performing again) and that Enclosure is a fantastic parallel sound universe.

    Anne (*satisfied smile*)

    • Iva

      Would you be able to scan that somehow or have somebody at the copy shop or wherever scan it for you? Sounds awesome! πŸ™‚

        • Anne

          Hi Stefan,
          thanks for posting the link πŸ™‚

          By the way, have you ever tried the google translator? I have. I couldn't stop laughing. Machines and humans seem to function differently.
          Maybe the two of us could try to translate (half and half)? Or somebody else out there πŸ™‚

  • anne

    Hi Iva, I'll gladly do, if Stefan's new comment with the link isn't sufficient.
    Yeah, it's awesome, isn't it?

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