The Internet Tracks / From the Sounds Inside

John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside
John Frusciante – Internet Tracks aka From The Sounds Inside

The free collection of tracks from John’s website, posted in August 2001. Download them here.

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NOTE: All the songs’ lyrics on the album were written by John Frusciante and are © 2000 Niandra LaDes Music/BMI. There’s no official lyrics for most of these songs, so we cannot guarantee that anything here is correct.


The Internet Tracks are a collection of demos, unfinished songs and some alternate takes and unmastered versions, conceived around the same time as the tracks that eventually became To Record Only Water For Ten Days. It is believed that all of these songs were from the recording sessions for the said album. The tracks were originally given on a master CD to Ralph Paredes, by John and he was asked to get them on the Internet for free, for the fans. At that time, a lot of these songs were being leaked on the net, and John wanted people to hear them in their best quality. One of the copies of the burnt CDs was sent to the then-webmaster of John’s official website and the master CD was returned to John’s then-manager.

After this, the story took a twist. The songs were uploaded to the official website in small batches during the month of August 2001 with additional tracks added in October, as 160 Kbps Windows Media Audio files, and the majority of the tracks were given random titles. Eventually, the collection was renamed to an internet album named From The Sounds Inside, based on a poll on the titles submitted by fans. The other suggested titles were Live Above Hell, Penetrate Time, “i”, Into Infinity, With Love, The Battle Of Time, Purity and I Go Through These Walls.

During the second incarnation of the official site, the tracks were described like this:

This material, which has never been published on a commercial album, was made available for free to all John fans in August 2001.These songs are are a personal gift from John Frusciante, to you the fans. (Please do not ever attempt to sell these tracks on eBay or use them in any other commercial way)

As of 03rd January 2013, the songs are available here on, in two formats: 320 Kbps mp3 and FLAC, thanks to the person who originally got the master CD from John.

What happened to the songs in the meantime?

Saturation and Fallout were released on To Record Only Water For Ten Days and played live.

So Would’ve I and Beginning Again I surfaced as B-sides of the Going Inside maxi CD single.

Leave All The Days Behind, initially known under its fan title Cut Myself Out resurfaced as one of the tracks on the soundtrack for Vincent Gallo’s film, Brown Bunny.

Beat Down, How High and Low Birds were all played live, under the said names. The last was known under three different fan-given names: Lou Bergs, Penetrate Time and Purity. However, according to the All Tommorrow’s Parties setlist from 2005, Low Birds is indeed its name.

All of the above songs were played live on at least one occasion, while the others were not, and their titles were deliberately given to them either by fans or the former website staff. The real names of those other tracks might or might not be what you see here. They might have not been planned for a proper release at all. The only things that have been changed regarding those provisional names are misspellings in two tracks: Three Thoughts and Innerstate Sex, which were written as Three Throughts and Interstate Sex.

Sessions / Demos / Related Tracks

A good portion of these tracks are sessions and demos themselves. Some of them ended up as mastered and officially released tracks on To Record Only Water For Ten Days.

Two songs were supposedly omitted from this release for being too short. They can be found on many internet communities under the names Untitled 2000 (instrumental) and Back And Fourth (To The Sun). However, they were not present on the CD mentioned above.


Release date: August 2001 / January 03rd, 2013 (original version)
Released: Online only
Duration: 47 minutes, 43 seconds
John plays: All instruments, since it has never been noted otherwise
Produced by: John Frusciante