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From The Sounds Inside

John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

John Frusciante - From The Sounds Inside

It is fairly smoke and mirrors how this collection of sincere, raw and barely produced songs actually made its way to the internet. Some of them already appeared in nicely-polished versions on To Record Only Water For Ten Days, some were the B-sides of the Going Inside single, one of them later ended up on the soundtrack for Vincent Gallo's controversial movie Brown Bunny. Many of the remaining ones were never performed live, and during the 2004 FAQ section, it turned out that John had no idea who "Lou Bergs" was. Same year, he told someone else that the song is actually called Purity, so it would finally end up with the title Low Birds on the setlist for the acoustic performance at the 2005 All Tomorrow's Partiest Festival. The highlights of this underrated gem would definitely be the first track, So Would Have I, performed live many times and the incredibly emotional, gloomy yet brilliant Beat Down. Some of the other songs, such as Innerstate Sex, The Battle Of Time and the instrumental With Love have never been mentioned or played; so their real names and any inside story are a mystery for now. (© 2004)

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Track Listing, Song Information And Lyrics

  1. So Would Have I [2:12]
  2. Three Thoughts [3:27]
  3. I Go Through These Walls [1:56]
  4. Murmur [2:01]
  5. Saturation (Unmastered Version) [3:05]
  6. Innerstate Sex [4:40]
  7. Dying (I Don't Mind) [2:13]
  8. The Battle Of Time [2:25]
  9. With Love [1:51]
  10. I Will Always Be Beat Down [2:06]
  11. Fallout (Demo) [2:12]
  12. Lou Bergs (Penetrate Time) [2:44]
  13. Slow Down [3:04]
  14. Nature Falls [1:52]
  15. Beginning Again [2:11]
  16. Cut Myself Out [2:00]
  17. How High [1:06]
  18. Fallout (Alternative Version) [2:14]
  19. Leaving You [1:06]
  20. Sailing Outdoors [1:34]
  21. Place To Drive [1:34]

NOTE: All the songs' lyrics on the album were written by John Frusciante and are © 2000 Niandra LaDes Music/BMI. There's no official lyrics, so I cannot guarantee that anything here is correct.


  • This album was released in August 2001 for free, online, bit by bit.
  • The album's title was a result of a voting among fans, where it won with 36%. Two other titles, 2001 Internet Album and Live Above Hell received 35% and 29% of votes.
  • The most of the songs' titles aren't real titles, but provisoral names given by fans and the ex official site's webmaster.
  • The song titled Lou Bergs has many alternate names, the most recent of which is Low Birds, hence the missheard name.
  • Rough mixes of Fallout and Saturation have also found their way to this compilation.
  • The most of the songs from this albums have been played live during a mini-tour John had in 2001.
  • So Would've I and Beginning Again ended up as B-sides of the Going Inside single.
  • Two songs were supposedly omitted from this album for being too short. They can be found on many internet communities under the names Untitled 2000 (instrumental) and Back And Fourth (To The Sun).
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    Download the album (temp. link as John's official site is down)


    Release date: August 2001
    Released: Online only
    Duration: 47 minutes, 43 seconds
    John plays: All instruments
    Produced by: John Frusciante