John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Credible LA bloggers/music industry insiders hint that John is not recording with Red Hot Chili Peppers

Over the past 24 hours, two different websites owned by music insiders from the Los Angeles area have posted news items which contained small bits regarding the future of Red Hot Chili Peppers and with whom they’re recording the follow-up to Stadium Arcadium. Both sources indicate that John Frusciante is no longer in Red Hot Chili Peppers or, to be more precise, not recording with them right now. owned by a former LA Times music journalist states:

Red Hot: I hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers are writing music for a 10th album, but without John Frusciante. Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who toured with the Peppers as a second axeman (and who also has played with Gnarls Barkley, Beck and PJ Harvey), is involved.

(The whole news item can be found here.)

Buddyhead, an independent record label known for their blog, having been At The Drive In’s label and having been sued a couple of times states:

Looks like John Frusciante up and quit on his homeboys. Cuz our buddy Josh Klinghoffer is the new guitar player in Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Drinks are on you dude. Better figure out what sock size your dick is STAT.

(The whole news item can be found here. Caution: obsene language.)

John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy
John and Josh - photo by Mrs.Pissy

– First of all, nothing is final until the band announces it on, so this is NOT OFFICIAL NEWS.
– Second at all, posting this is anything but fun, it’s probably similar to one of those oldschool cartoon situations where someone’s sticking an umbrella into your rear end or mouth and then opening it. In other words, I don’t enjoy this sort of stuff. Most of this website’s top contributors don’t enjoy it, either.
– Third of all, there have been indications of this from many people beforehand, but this website respects its subject and wouldn’t publish anything without a PUBLIC source available – just like it was the case with some side projects beforehand.

You might also want to check out:
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And once again, please do not call John names and do not call anyone else involved names. Do not say anything you wouldn’t say straight to someone’s face.

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  • Alex

    Wow, even though I didn’t think that John would 100% definitely still be in the band, this is quite a shock…The fact that Josh could be their new guitarist is even more of a shock.

  • Jesse

    As terrified as I was initially, I’m starting to think this might make some sense.

    I cannot believe or accept (mostly for my own sanity’s sake) that John is no longer a part of RHCP. That being said, I would fully believe he is currently somewhat estranged from band life, and wary of marching directly back into the studio again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked Josh to work with the Peppers for a while, and maybe even put together demos or frameworks for a few songs, but I have absolutely no doubt that John will be back.

  • Jesse

    (I couldn’t quite figure out how to edit my last post, so I figured I’d go again)

    Just because the Peppers are writing music without John (and even with someone else) does not mean that John is out of the band just yet.

  • hcrockso

    just one more thing to add here, if he really quit the band there is only one thing I can say:
    RHCP rest in peace!

  • Tristan

    Yeah… I don’t think I’m going to buy any of that but IF it is true than I’ll listen to the album they come out with. Josh is pretty talented and I wanna see what he comes out with when he’s with the Chili Peppers. But I can’t fall for this… until there’s actual evidence (like you said, until the band confirms it).

  • John is gone...

    Even if josh is an amazing guitarist , vert talentend…even if he’s going to do a great stuff on the 10th album ( if john really quit the band ) , i couldnt apreciate their album.
    josh will never be a true chili pepper

    ( sorry for my bad english.. )

    • Alex

      Well I bet that’s exactly what people thought when John first joined after Hillel, but look what people think now. At least we know Josh can play with the Chili Peppers really well (to be honest, without Josh at the RHCP show I saw in 2007, it wouldn’t have been as good, and that’s not because the others weren’t up to standard, it was coz he’s bloody good). And on the plus side, if John really has left, I think the band are gonna be sounding a lot different, which is a million times better than getting another Stadium, Californication or Blood Sugar. I’m not saying I don’t like them (I love them in fact) but they really need to do something new

      • CMD313

        I doubt people thought anything. There wasn’t the media we have today and the band wasn’t that popular. πŸ™„

      • John is gone...

        “Well I bet thatÒ€ℒs exactly what people thought when John first joined after Hillel”

        I agree with you , but john was absolutly unknown in 1988… unlike josh who is musically active since a few years .
        Ok he can play RHCP stuff pretty good , but creating music with the chili peppers…i really dont know πŸ˜• they can do somthing totally new with John.

        • Alex

          Yeah I agree, casual RHCP/music in general fans probably wouldn’t have thought anything, but to be honest, I doubt many casual RHCP fans know who Josh is and unless you’re a JF fan or a very big fan of any of the other bands he’s played with, I doubt you’d know him either. Or you might know him if you’re part of the whole alternative LA music scene or what whatever you wanna call it, but that’s about it.

        • Walter

          I think the fact that Hillel was dead, and John isn’t is important to note here. I mean, the Peppers HAD to get a new guitarist, and a change in sound was given after Hillel, but still, we don’t know how this is gonna turn out.

          I think everybody has a point here; and as CMD313 pointed, out the Frusciante-Chili’s sound is much more established than their sound with Hillel- simply because they became much more famous with John and its the sound most people know. Still, there are die-hard fans around who still think the Chili’s aren’t the Chili’s without Hillel- so for know its probably pretty meaningless to speculate.

          Still- I like Klinghoffer, and I don’t think Frusciante will ever be completely out of the loop, considering his close musical relationship with Josh.

          What’s important here is that we don’t actually know anything, and however this turns out, I’m still a fan of both RHCP and Frusciante

  • Manu1236

    If John isn’t with the Peppers, and is making music all the time… what the fuck is he doing? I want to hear some songs. (yes, i know he was playing with swahi… well you understand me, but there are three or four songs, and the creativity and composer capasity of Jhon is bigger than that)

  • shalhevet

    i totally agree with jesse! i think john is not out of the band! i hope that the show that they have in january 29th in the neil young tribute will clear all the rumours around that area! i believe in the chili peppers and in their friendship and their love to make music. i think that all the media is making a big issue of something that in reality is meaningless. i try not to pay attention to that. maybe they just want to record their music without any interruption by the media. i’m sure that when they will be ready to rock again they will come out and do it as great as they always did. about klinghoffer: maybe he’s just taking part in some of the songs and that’s why he’s with them in the studio.

  • Nemi

    I will not believe in it until John says it himself. Never.
    Maybe I will believe if the others in the band said so…but otherwise, John… our sweetie…is in the band for me.

  • orangevarld

    I don’t want to shock, but I want to explain my reaction when reading it : I wasn’t very surprised, even if I shout a “Oh fuck !” (“Oh putain !” in French) when I read the title but when i read that Josh seems to be involved, I found it so fun !!!
    I love JF music much more than any other music, but as other people said, if it’s to get an album similar to what they have made (and that I love too), it’s not bad, but it’s better for John to make music on his side and for the peppers to make music with Josh and create different things, I find it so special to replace John by Josh.
    My only fear is that John could stop to make music except in little band such as Swahili Blonde without showing all his creativity.

  • MÑté

    John might simply be busy nowadays and Josh is just there to help the band get in shape without missing a guitarist, or, Josh offically joined as a second guitarist and doing his job and John’ll arrive later after he’s done with the Swahili record…

  • Caleb

    I have a feeling that the only reason John isn’t in the studio with them right now, is not because he doesn’t want to, because I’m sure he wants to record music. It’s more likely the fact that really doesn’t want to have to worry about what will happen after the album is finished. Touring, interviews, etc.

  • Robert

    This is too funny. I just won’t believe it, it’s absurd. John would never make a decision to quit the band, ever.

  • Bojana

    “I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
    And I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
    When do you think it will all become clear
    Cause I’m being taken over by the fear”

  • James

    I kind of agree with Caleb on what says, John doesn’t like promoting music and maybe he’s not in the studio now because he just wants to make music without any pressure from record labels etc if you get what I’m saying. I kind of find it funny about him hating interviews etc but when it their albums come out he seems to be in interviews more than the others. Also if you read the new Rick Rubin book most of the quotes used when talking about the Chili Peppers albums are from John but that isn’t the greatest book so I wouldn’t really use it as a basis for anything, I brought for the fun of it.

  • Tommy

    i still find it hard to believe that the band would continue any plans without john involved. i feel like
    if johns not ready then the band would be willing to go on another 2 year hiatus, just to be sure
    they dont lose him.
    and that they would just grab a new guitarist so quickly without taking some time to put things off and
    do anything they can do to persuade john to come back. (refuse to believe)
    i just really hope that john is still in the band.

  • Tommy

    another thing………it seems that a big factor in this is johns desire not to go on tour. well then they
    should do what the beatles did and just make albums.
    i think its a bigger deal to not have john in the band as opposed to not touring

    i know this isnt the only factor. just some thoughts on the touring aspect

  • cosplusisin

    wow if this is true, then i don’t think RHCP will be quite the same. i listen because of John. but that said, it’s almost like Josh is John’s “student” (think back in the old days when Haydn taught Mozart and Beethoven), so if anyone would replace him, Josh is a good choice. he can carry on the torch, and all of us JF fans know that JK is an amazing musician with just as much soul in his playing as JF has. although his style is different, it is REAL, and that matters so much more than the technical skill that someone like Dave Navarro has. if this is true, i will be very curious to hear how the new RHCP sounds.

    and i will also be excited that John will be spending more time on his own music, which i much prefer. 2006-2007 was a good year for RHCP but not for John solo music. nothing was happening. maybe, just maybe, now we’ll get to hear some more of his wonderful solo work.

    it’s change. and we can all embrace it as a positive thing, if we choose to.

    kudos and thanks to John for all the amazing music he’s made, with and without the Chilis.

  • Baro

    John could do us all a favor and say something to the world. We just need a “I STILL AM IN THE BAND” or a “I AM NOT IN THE BAND ANYMORE”, and nothing else. I’m fed up of speculating.

  • mciesco

    I completely agree with Tommy on this one. My initial thought on hearing about John’s antagonism towards touring was for the band to take a Steely Dan approach and just create studio albums. They don’t have to go “all out” when they make a new album and go on a two year world tour to promote music that they don’t even have to promote to appease the masses. Let’s face it: virtually all of the critics love this band, and I have found their music to be representative of the more than one generation’s worth of music. My dad likes the band and so do I. Perhaps a small tour of the U.S. would suffice with a small tour of Europe, like they did for the Mother’s Milk tour.

    But at the same time, kudos to JK for both his financial security and for his state of mind. If there is anytime that this man has been the happiest, I can honestly see envision him reaching his empyrean at this moment. There are not that many artists that can claim financial independence and still produce masterpieces at their leisure.

    As for the Chili Peppers, maybe a switch to Josh might be something to shake up the sound of the music. This is not like after Navarro left where the integrity of the band’s future is at sake. According to the various amounts of interviews, the band is rehearsing and recording so everything seems to be at ease with the other three members. Let’s just wait for the Young tribute concert (which should be pretty cool) and wait for some official news.

  • Lucy

    Find myself agreeing with Baro, someone, somewhere, please confirm/deny this rumour and speculation. I’m sick of all this, it’s being going on for nearly a year. So much hot air and futile passion being poured into this is he in/is he out nonsense. Perhaps the band doesn’t want to dignify all this gossip with a repsonse but this is growing wildly out of control and perhaps now is the time to put the record straight. Personally I don’t feel we ask too much of the band or even John himself, especially on here, most of us just appreciate what we have, but maybe it’s time just to give us something – like the truth – in return. Is that too much too ask?

      • Sue

        ^^…while I think it’s important that there hasn’t been an announcement that John is NOT in the band, there’s just so much energy being wasted on speculating about what might be happening! : /

  • behnood

    I’m all tears….after reading this shocking and heart shattering story, i tried to ease off the pressure by watching excerpts of John’s performances with RHCP such as the live at slane (2003) and live at la cigal,Paris (2006) concerts,only to then find myself weeping out to each of John’s solo as if deep inside something kept telling me that all of these gossips whatsoever are turning out to be true and RHCP are going to lose both their integrity and the best guitar player in the world…I LOVE YOU JOHN, BECAUSE YOU’RE JOHN FRUSCIANTE, MY IDOL….BUT MEANWHILE, I HATE YOU JOHN, FOR BREAKING SO MANY HEARTS…

  • harry p

    this is really saddening to hear for me, i love rhcp and the band isnt the same without him. i dont listen to OHM and when i have it never struck a chord inside me like there later albums or the ones before with john, i also dont think josh would go start working with his best friends band as his replacement. none of this makes sense and i wish they could just make an official statement of what the hell is going on if there back in there same lineup or not. They say they respect their fans more than anything but were the ones sitting here with no way to know anything but to speculate shit and were the ones who want to know more than anything.

  • Daniel M





    • Iva

      Please, read the rules before you write in all caps and read the actual links in the article before you quote a made-up interview that ended up being removed everywhere it was posted.

      • Iva

        Same goes for you, if it the link to the article where it’s stated that the interview was fake is present in this article, you just have to read more carefully. Otherwise, you are not respecting anyone here.

        By the way, in some languages what you said would be translated as “eggseggs”.

    • Iva

      Well, don’t post on this website ever again, if so. I did not create it for people who can’t respect the others, take some basic guidelines that are normal everywhere on the internet and can’t respect the truth. And you appear to be exactly that – an insensitive cretin.

      The Horse Chronicles interview was fake and you have to be really messed up to still believe it was real after the band’s management actually asked the author to take it down. And Invisible Movement is not a mental hospital.

  • Kelly Freeman

    I will cry if this is true. I’ll still love John and all his music, but leaving the RHCP will be a major blow to the fans. Let’s just hope this is NOT true! Well, if it is, all we can do is accept it/respect his decision. Keep making music John!

  • Lara

    I refuse to believe that Josh would replace John in the band after everything they’ve been through.
    It would break my heart if it was true, god knows it’s been a rough year for me as it’s been already… However, I’m not going to jump to conclusions until we’ve heard an official statement from John himself.

  • mciesco

    Some forums shed a little more “light” onto the situation: apparently John DID attend the RHCP rehearsals over the fall but left after being too overbearing on the writing (which brings the “By the Way” sessions back into focus) and that the reason Chad Smith was so reluctant to talk about John is due to the fact that they are hoping that John will return to the studio with them. Google around for awhile-that is what I did-or check out, they have a few long threads.

    Also, this is ENTIRELY speculative, but it is apparent that this situation has been brewing for several months. The Peppers took Josh on the latter part of their SA tour, what if this was a “primer” or a “test” to see if Josh wanted to commit to the band? The Peppers were kind of lackluster at the end of their tour due to fatigue from touring (AK said that “cooler heads prevailed” though), but I cannot help imagining that the iceberg goes a lot deeper than we can imagine. Again, this is just a thought. Thoughts?

  • jill

    What credibility do these blogs have? I looked around them and I can’t see anything but unsubstansiated gossip. What do they say: that there has been talk that John isn’t with the band and that Josh is working with them. Do they even suggest that the talk has been from people in the know: no. Where has there been talk about these subjects: in the fansites. Wake up guys; it’s just a feedback loop of gossip. You talk about it; they report that there has been talk about it; and now you take their regurgitation of your babble as confirmation of your fears. You’ve created this whole drama in your heads.

    • Iva

      Wow, now you’re working full time at Human Potential Movement’s division of victim blaming? Nice. Really, really nice…not. πŸ™„ Before you blame me or all these people who would like to hear something more firm, read how the article was introduced.

      I also wanted to let you know that Robyn, the nice person who sent me this link, spent a couple of hours looking at various news sources to prove the journalist who posted the first article (the one going by name “Kevin”) is a 50-something, former LA Times contributor and definitely not someone who’d make up random crap – hence the way he worded this. He never said that John quit, he said that he’s currently not recording with RHCP. And there’s a big difference.

  • Roseline

    I’m crying. But let’s wait until the official news come down … we never know
    Anyway the new guitarist could make great stuff…Red Hot Chili Peppers always have been crazy dudes since the starting of the 80’s !!!
    Fact is that John Frusciante is big chunk in this whole band …
    Still is , even if he’s quitting, I’m sure he’ll continue to make great stuff !!

  • Kyle

    Jill, I like the empirical, reasonable input there, but I don’t think this can be completely blown over as irrational socialogical meandering. It’s true that what you’re saying is a very plausible, indeed, likely explanation…people and the media are constantly in that cycle, and it’s a testament to your acuity to recognize that, but realistically, there has been a great deal of subtle cues from all of these interviews during the hiatus that could just as validly point to the potential of this story. This may end up being as absurd as you paint it to be, but I don’t think it’s fair to denounce it as utter paranoia given what we’ve seen.

  • John is gone...

    One thing is sure: I’ve never been so stressed in my life for a band 😐
    I think that if john left the band :
    – the others wouldnt try to persuade him to say in the band if he really want to quit it… they’re not kind of people who “force” the others to play with them .
    -AK or/and Flea wouldnt have accepted to continu with a new guitar player , even if it’s a friend as close as josh who replace him. JF is ( was ? πŸ™ ) ‘THE’ Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar player .

  • Ayo

    oh my god. no way. nooo please.. if that’s true why no one said that to us? if that’s true red hot’s should make some step to inform their funs about such a things, man. why we have to speculate and trying to figure out what’s going on.. i want some official infromation.. i can’t live like that any longer!!!! ehh..

  • Allen

    Couldn’t it be possible that Josh is recording with them as a rhythm guitarist since he did so well on the tours? and that John is still in the band.We should just calm our jets and wait for some official info…Not that im questioning the sources just saying that they have evidence of Josh recording with them but not of John leaving, think this could all end well. A new guitarist in the peppers who we know is talented taking some of the burden of, of John and maybe making better music than ever because John and Josh get on so well.

  • mari

    I’m happy to hear it! John will have more time to record his own music. πŸ™‚
    BTW, you have chosen great photo to illustrate this situation.

  • patches

    It would be strange, but I would imagine that perhaps
    the peppers are going to do a very different kind of record and they want to surprise
    John with what they come up with. That would be more fun for all of them. πŸ™‚ :mrgreen:

  • Chris

    Maybe Josh has joined the band full-time along WITH John, but John is stepping back to let Josh come up with ideas with the other guys, and then John comes in later and does his thing.

    What chad said a couple of weeks ago about not being allowed to answer John-specific questions, could be interpreted as “John has left the band” but it could certainly also be “John will be joining later, we just don’t want to say that Josh has joined the band yet until we know if it will turn out good or bad”.

  • Hari

    John leaving the Chili Peppers. This isn’t much of a surprise to me, it kind of makes sense to me with all the clues left around hinting a John Frusicante departure from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    John in recent interviews has never been optimistic about reuniting with the rest of the band (and the interviews where has been optimistic were fake made up interviews as I have been informed). While the others in RHCP (especially Chad Smith) have been optimistic about reuniting. Also Chad Smith in an interview last month said he could not speak about John Frusicante when an interviewer asked him about John. John seems to be happy making music all day long in his house without the pressure of touring, reviews, press, interviews, etc. I say let John do whatever he wants to do, he has done more than enough for the Chili Peppers. It is a real shame though IF! he has actually left the mighty Red Hot Chili Peppers. I believe next month it will be official that John Frusicante has left Red Hot Chili Peppers, I just hope I am wrong.

  • Loveyoujohn

    “He never said that John quit, he said that heÒ€ℒs currently not recording with RHCP. ” I agree with you Iva. Maybe John have some health problems or something and he cant be in the band right now. I dont belive that anthony flea and chad said “Hey John you are not welcome here anymore!” because they love him and josh would never agreed to be in band if they did something like this. I think john doesnt want to be the main news… First time he left because he couldnt deal with the pressure and he dont want that this happen again so. But if he said that he dont want to bend, he is probably now at home crying and thinking what to do, because he always needed more time and he will, to understant what he did. God bless John and help him.

  • Silverla

    I think we should all just be sending John and the other guys heaps of love right now. If this is confusing for us, how confused do you think they all feel? πŸ˜‰
    They’re probably just not posting anything “official” until they have all actually decided what’s next for sure…not to drive people crazy on purpose.
    Praying that the outcome of all of this is for the highest good of all of the guys. They have all made such a difference to my life, John especially.

  • fast tony

    I enjoy listening to RHCP and by now like all of you I have every song tattooed in my brain. Along with ALL of John’s solo work. But I have to say John (and the gang) show glimmers of incredible mind meld musical genius, but for the most part the great majority of the songs these days feel like filler. I understand John’s love of music and the purity and integrity he lives for in his guitar playing, but his “experimental work” and more recent solo creations fall FLAT over the long haul. The same goes for Stadium. I assume the newest project will go the same music video, pop-profiled, sellable, pre-packed ready to go route. If John really wants to fully become the musician he can be he should shake off this self doubt and delve into to real musical experimentation. Please stop jumping into boring, hollow musical jaunts with the overrated mush music of Mars Volta etc etc. All due respect-Josh K seems more like a parasite musician than anything else. He has no real gut shaking style or presence (i.e. Empties Response) Seemingly feeding off of the skill and creative genius of guys like John to try and make his presence felt and appear more valuable than what it is in music right now. All due respect.

    John should shake off the dust and all parasites physical and metaphorical and get busy working. Start creating, practicing and delving into music like he did when he was 16 alone in with his records. I think a lot of us get older and forget how talented we really are. Sometimes we get content and lazy. I haven’t seen real experimentation and originality in music for decades now. Retreating to drugs to find originality is also not the answer. I hope he can man up to create and RELEASE the music we here deep in his soul before it’s too late. Before it is lost to all of the bullshit.

    Same goes for Mr Kiedis and the crew. Big respect to Flea right now for exploring new avenues as best he can at UCLA.

    RHCP could be THE best band in the world. Obstacles are only as big as we make them out to be. If the above news is true I hope they clear whatever obstacles might keep these 4 brothers in arms from rocking us out.

    • Pat

      I disagree John isn’t a good musician the way he is, but I agree about everything else – esp. the parasites. As a working guy, I might not understand bohemian life in general, but even if I was into it, I could not understand the point of a world-class genius musician constantly trying to push all his sexual partners and close friends forward (which also makes me woried reg. their motifes), almost as if that was his mission. In addition to that, these people also seem to inherit the cult of him, as if they would be some sort of minor saints. All I would ask off him is much more self-respect than what it appears he has. πŸ™

    • bryan

      lol im pretty sure that john frusciante hasnt forgotten how talented he is haha n hes makin music with people he respects n gets along with not people who his fans want him to play with. I dont get y there r people who r basically tellin him how he should live his life n play guitar. not all people want fame n money. only the greedy assholes which is basically everyone. its nice knowing theres actually a musician out there today that actually cares more for the music then the money n fame

  • fast tony

    Interesting post. Talented people get deluged with hangers on day in day out. Some hangers are just much better at hiding agenda I suppose. Determined people learn to put on the filter to move forward be truly happy. Are you implying his personal life is interfering with his focus? The little jam he did with Milla was petty dope back in the day though πŸ™„ . Not worth a damn, but cool none the less. Nothing wrong with making your friends happy I guess and sharing your success. Just as long as it doesn’t interfere with your own potential. Bohemians. That word these days seems like a disguise term for flaky. Your thoughts?

    • frankie

      i agree he’t totally wasting his potential by contributing to the bands of whichever chick he’s dating, bands no one would even know if his name wouldn’t attached. when instead he could be making music with the peppers or for himself, rather than being so *****-whipped. i always had the feeling he’s incredibly naive when it comes to certain people, especially women.

  • bryan

    u guys have no say in what he does so what if hes whipped or anything hes a better person then u guys will ever be. n im sure the projects hes workin on mean a lot to him, he doesnt care about kids like u who wanna here his big guitar solos n shit, he just does his thing n the people that enjoy it, enjoy it.

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