Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chad Smith isn’t allowed to respond to questions about John.

o_oIn his interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Chad Smith unwillingly responded that he’s beeen told to stay away from “John questions”, having been asked if some statements from earlier this year impacted anything.

So the Chilis have finally returned to work, following the 2006 double-set Stadium Arcadium. Did guitarist John Frusciante, who in recent interviews seemed to express antipathy towards doing so, take some persuading?
[Sounding uncomfortable]: Well… at this time I can’t talk about that. I have been told to stay away from the John questions.

Nevertheless, the tenth album is underway?
What I can tell you is that the Chili Peppers are writing songs, and we’re looking forward to making a record next year.

Who might produce it?
I really can’t go into any more detail than what I’ve said.

So, do you think there’s any reason to worry?

EDIT: Please, stop calling John names. Whatever is going on, some words are just not called for.
EDIT II: For everyone citing the certain September interview, looks like you did not read this. So, read it.

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  • Haley

    It sounds like there’s just a little tension within the band, I’m really hoping the rumors aren’t true. The Chilis have a scheduled performance for next year and they’ve already been rehearsing, so I’m sure everything is fine. They know that the band won’t work without all four of them, they’ve learned from experience. After playing with them for the last 10 years I don’t think John would just leave them hanging and quit.

  • Perrine

    I hate Sundays, even more when such news is dropped. Should this interview be reliable then it all sucks ! I would tend to give it some credit as John seemed really tired of touring and all the stuff the Peppers are likely to do when they record new material.

    Besides, the interview Flea gave a month ago about Silverlake AND the rehearsals of the band did not show much enthusiasm, even some kind of a disconnection, I feel.

    And Chad would not play on that “John Question” as he knows just how much this would affect fans.

    Time will tell, especially next January… But I do feel down about it… John may release new things on his own but he’s not likely to tour… UNLIKE WHAT HE SAID BACK IN 2005 ! (Live at All Tomorrow’s Parties, listen to “The First Season” and smile bitterly 😛 )

    Holy crap…

  • HiÅ¡ica.

    Chad is just sick of journalists asking same questions all the time … no reason to worry, I think.

  • emptysoul

    I don’t wanna be all pessimistic, but I’m afraid that there really are some issues inside the band…John said that he doesn’t want to tour and has no real interest in being in a band. I guess that says it all. Maybe they are trying to persuade him, or just talk to him, but I guess it would cause too much of a ‘panic’ (in the fanbase) if they said John isn’t really in the boat this time. I just hope he has a change of mind

  • santanafan

    man does stuff like this make anyone else worry for his health? i mean this may be way off and sorry if it’s inappropriate but i just can’t help but think it…. ahhh 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 hope everything’s ok.

  • orangevarld

    I also think we should worry to not see JF on the next RHCP album.
    I tought to his health, but I don’t think it’s about that. I think it’s because he dosent’ want to make music with the others just because he has to (and maybe because of a deal with Warner) and he prefer to make the music he wants with who he want, and I think it’s better like that, even if I would prefer that he find good to continue to play in the RHCP.
    I suppose that at this time, the RHCP are trying to convince him to join again and are makeing music, as chad says, but without him (and I’m curious to see what it sounds like !).

    Why is Chad saying “What I can tell you is that the Chili Peppers are writing songs” witouth mentioning that John is with them ? Can somebody give an other answer than : because he’s note withnthem ?

    • Lucy

      Please stop calling John a ‘diva’ – he is no such thing. Like everyone he probably has his moments of tempramentality but he’s by no means an egotistical diva who demands everything his way. Listen to him in interview or speak in person and he’s always extremeley modest, hardly a ‘diva’.

      This speculation will probably only end on Jan 29th when the band (in whatever form) appears at Music Cares.

      • baro

        I love John too but he’s always been a bit too “big baby man”. Diva implies other things that wouldn’t apply to him tho.

  • harry p

    i dont think there is anything to worry about, he said strait up there writing new songs and looking forward to a new album. the chilis are a very private band and john a very private person.

  • Robyn

    Does anyone else find it ironic that ‘staying away from the John questions’ is generating more speculation? Poor Chad, no matter what he says it gets him into trouble! 😆

  • MikeD

    i really wish we could just get a straight answer one way or the other, if johns still in the band (which i really hope he is) then just tell us, and that will stop all the questions, if he’s not then just say it, say who’s replacing him, and give all the fans time to get used to it, i want john to stick with the chilis but he’s a big boy now and if he doesnt then people will have to get over that, at least we’ll have his solo stuff to enjoy

    sorry if that all seems a bit rant-ish

  • Tommy

    i do understand where hes coming from, but hes part of one of the biggest band in the world,
    he cant just ignore them. communication with the media comes with the territory i guess is what im

  • jkingd

    As as big of a fan of John and the Chili’s that I am and am sure the rest of you are too, please understand where I am coming from with this comment…stop worrying about John, stop worrying about his future with the Chili’s, and stop worrying about weather they are making music without him. No body knows any details, and clearly they, John and the Chili’s, do not see it necessary that we know anything or they would tell us. John has been known to write emails and letters, and even give interviews, to his fans about important situations that he is in. But the main thing I am trying to stress, and am struggling with myself, is that this kind of behavior is a sliver of what he was so against when he first quit. I think if we, as fans and musicians, can take anything very important from John and this situation is to understand that music comes from somewhere else, not us, and if we want to hear that good music that the Chili’s could make with him again, then open our minds and make the music OURSELVES!! Put your effort in worrying about the future of this band into making your own band, and playing music that you love with people you love.

  • Deepak

    He probably said that because John doesn’t want anything said about him that doesn’t come from him. Only so no confusion arises thru false statements.

  • *a

    Are you surprised? It’s annoying, when journalists ask only about John and questions are extremely similiar – I admire Chad that he stands it :mrgreen: .

  • Niels

    I don’t think John would quit like that… Think Chad is sick of answerring Johnquestions, cause he is there to answer RHCP questions!

    So, bet they rock with the four(of five) of them? And I mean: Kiedis, Flea, Frusciante and Chad(and nr 5: Josh Klingshoffer, who I think will be added as being a Chili)

  • ThePunterHunter

    I think if chad says theyre writing music together, that means ALL 4 of them. After all, one of Johns main passions in life is just writing songs, and waht group of musicians know him and eachother better then RHCP? i think if he did quit the band, he would return after a while. How could you be so close to a group of people like John is to the rest of the Chils, and the just leave them? doesnt make sense. They’re writing songs, they’re gunna record them, we are gunna hear them, and they’re gunna rock.

  • Swan

    You seem to have forgetten what john says on the horse chronicles interview a few months ago: ” i did not quit my band ” … i prefer believing John that rumors based on speculations 🙄
    Chad was just tired of all these questions about John…really , when was the last interview where we didnt ask him about JF ? 😕

  • AaronianKenrod

    remember when chad said they were going into the studio like last october or something? every now and again chad seems to say something that causes a lot of speculation (good or bad) and that we probably shouldn’t worry about it. didn’t john already confirm he had NOT left the band only a few months ago?

    • orangevarld

      No, he didn’t, there was just a fake interview and the news related to this interview have been removed from this site.
      Though I think it would be good to make a new post to mention all the things that were said in this interview, so everybody can see what they believed to be true.
      In one of his last true interview, earlier this year, John didn’t seem so keen about being in a band.

  • ectogasm

    To me the whole situation smacks of the post-BSSM John who was so into Burroughs and the idea that the artist is in opposition to the audience. Obviously he (and the rest of the boys) have gotten older and the rigors of touring are not something they look forward to, but an important thing to remember is that while he is being artistic with his solo albums and collaborations, an important part of art is that there be *discomfort*.
    This is so we can avoid resting on our laurels, as well as other things. The Empyrean was a good album, but not his best (I would say “Shadows”) and while I would enjoy hearing more from him solo, I think a lot of people, including him, are underestimating the value of John as a Chili Pepper, or even the Chili Peppers as a whole.

    One reason being that Stadium Arcadium was a disappointment to many, (definitely would have gone with John’s idea of making “By the Way” the double album myself) and if one remembers the many interviews of that time, this was during a time of contentment with the band. All four were getting along and living prosperous lives, which added up to a lackluster album. At this time, there is enough friction to give the Peppers the creativity needed to make their own “Kid A” which is to say, an album that blazes new territory for the band and reaffirms their status as a real, worthwhile band.

    Sorry for the long post with some rambling but I had a lot of thoughts on the subject and couldn’t arrange them better.

  • Django

    Josh already joined the peppers. He already left warpaint to rehearse with them. But I’ve always hoped josh would be second guitar or perhaps piano. Man!
    I hope they’ll soon tell us what’s going on. D:


      • Django

        Well, there is some duthc forum called
        The discussion that has started here now had already begun on that site.

        If you’re dutch or can understand it :
        They’re discussing the new rhcp album and than suddenly a message pops in about josh left warpaint for the peppers. But still I can’t find the source ( I didn’t search long but…).

        I don’t know anymore!

        • Maria

          I woudn’t like Josh to be with RHCP, I LOVE them just the way they are right now (well, I mean Athony, Flea, John and Chad… guess nobody knows how they are right now…)

  • MA

    def. the particular question…did John need some persuading?… is something John should answer first before anyone else. I mean the others’ opinions of John are interesting, and probably contain a lot of truth, but if people are going to make opinions about John’s excitement or lack of excitement about being in the band, whichever it is, it’d be better that they make opinions on what John says, not anyone else.

    I was gearing up for some Chilis music, kinda thinking it was going to happen, so it will be a teeny bit of a letdown. But they really have earned the right by now to take their time and not tell people stuff that’s happening until they’re sure, maybe they just need some space. And if John is indeed not going to be involved with the Chili Peppers anymore, a solo album or some other project will make up for the bit of a letdown, IMO.

  • Haley

    In this interview Chad says the peppers are rehearsing, and in numerous other interviews Flea, Anthony, and Chad have said the same thing. I’ve heard they’ve been jamming and writing songs. John is a major part of that, and I don’t think they would even be jamming without him. I don’t think we should worry (haha but its pretty hard not to!), I think Chad’s statement here just reflects that John just wants to speak for himself, especially with all these phony interviews that circulated, he probably just wants people to hear whatever it is from him. Chad says he can’t talk about whether or not John need persuading, but insists that they are rehearsing and writing.

  • Isn

    Why are so many people so convinced of all these terrible things? It seems that so many are convinced that John isn’t in the band or he doesn’t want to be or something. With all due respect, calm down! The Red Hot Chili Peppers consist of four people, do I need to list their names? All four of them are making music right now and we will hear it one way or another. So many people are letting their imagination get away from them and because you fear the fact that John wouldn’t be in the band you start believing it. Just relax. There is no way to know for sure what is going on, but have some trust in John. Has he ever let you down before? Not me. There is no reason to get worked up over: “I’ve been told to stay away from the John questions.” I bet he did need a little persuading to make Chili Pepper music again. John loves his freedom (that’s how actions should be). What he’s been doing the last 2-3 years is making music he wants to make with 100% creative freedom. Its hard to give that up. He loves his fans though, and he loves his band mates. I’m excited for the album next year and to see them live!

  • Eugene

    Mr. Frusciante has outgrown the chilipeppers. There are people who know who the new guitarist is but their not on this website, so the speculations will persist. I’m sure an announcement will come soon enough.

    • CMD313

      Dear Friend, can you please fill in a mere mortal from a faraway Asian country what music a world-class guitarist like Frusciante should make? 🙄 If we’re not talking Broadway, classical music or something like that, I’m not taking you seriously.

      You sound like a free spirit, so I assume you’re all about indie bands where “the weirder the better” is what everyone goes for, without any sense of culture, logic and knowledge. I think that sux, tbh.

  • lucy

    My opinion is that the lines between RHCP and John interviews tend to blur, and despite what some people think, RHCP are a band made up of several members who all have their own contribution to make and the people behind the Chilis just want to make sure the right message gets across. Chad says he’s been “told to stay away from John questions”- the crap side of the music industry is that it is an industry and therefore ultimately about making money (before anyone shouts at me I’m not making digs about any individual, just about the world as a whole [hole?]) and given that not all RHCP fans are John fans (and vice versa) it doesn’t seem unreasonable to keep RHCP interviews about RHCP. Maybe John has been reluctant, maybe there’s some other John-related issue that has nothing to do with whether he actually wants to be in the band, maybe it’s John’s own request because he’s just fed up of being asked about when he isn’t there, maybe Chad’s fed up with talking about John instead of his band and he’s paraphrasing, maybe it’s something else entirely. Getting everything back up and running again has got to be a difficult thing to do, there’s bound to be bumps here and there, I think they’ll make some sort of announcement if there’s anything to tell.

  • Haley


    I’m sure everything is fine. They’ve been on quite a hiatus and are trying to get back into the swing of things, John is used to doing the solo thing but he wouldn’t just abandon what the peppers have worked on for the last 10 years.

  • Ayo

    All these comments made me feel tense.. Has John ever said something about quiting the band? No? No. So people. Calm down, please. Don’t let your imagination go too far. Man… Just enjoy RHCP music and try to hold on ’til the new stuff will be released! If something wrong happen inside our beloved band, I’m sure we will be advised. Hold on to the facts and official statements. Take care! (:(:

  • ELantuo

    It’s nice everyone is speculating nothing is wrong. There has been, and always will be tension in the Peppers. If you saw the last tour, they were missing that connection on stage. For how long they have been touring/recording, two years is not a lot of time to take leave. I truly believe John is burnt out and needs more time. I don’t want to hear a forced Chili Pepper album. I’m sure Warner Bros are trying to get their money train back on the track. Somthing interesting is happening, I hope they do not replace John. If anything, it would be a great time for Anthony and Flea to work on solo projects. Give John more time to do his thing.

  • David

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. I do know this… there have been no OFFICIAL words from John himself in quite a long time about his future involvement in RHCP. And that concerns me. 🙁

  • Chris D

    What if it was Johns idea to have Josh replace him? Josh can be in the Peppers and have the biggest gig of his life and it leaves the possiblity of John returning one day in some fashion since they are such good friends. Makes sense to me!

  • scott

    First off, there was discussion of “demos over 10 years old”. That would definitely be John, not Josh.

    Secondly, this is all speculation on our part. It is kind of exciting though, isn’t it?

    I feel tense and nervous, I don’t know why. He will still continue to make music, peppers or otherwise. He will continue to make awesome music, no matter what. The Empyrean ruled, let’s not forget.

    I am worried about John’s health as most of us are because we care about him. But it’s not our place to worry. He is doing what he wants to do. Anyway, I’m sure that he’s fine. A little wine and pot never killed anyone.

    As mentioned before “all will be revealed, my friend”… in due time.

    Listen, earlier this year I had an opportunity to meet John due to working on music out in L.A. with someone that knew him very well. We were about to go over to John’s place (this is a very true story) when the person (who needs to remain nameless) informed me that, upon calling John it would be best if we not go over to John’s place at that time. I was feeling really let down, and worried about John but (the person) said that John was just honestly way too busy working on mixing music to entertain guests at that time. This was post Empyrean being released. I was bummed, but at the same time if he were really that bad, I highly doubt that he would have been able to be so productive.

    You don’t have to believe my story but I assure you that it is true.
    I’m still hoping to meet him one day!

  • Roberto

    It’s pretty much unlikely that Josh joined since Josh collaborates so much with John that I think Josh would prefer to work with John rather than join the Peppers. Apart from his help during the last half of the tour, Josh hasn’t had any contact with the band, since he is almost exclusively a friend of John’s.

    My opinion on the subject is that, well although the Horse Chronicles was a fake, it wasn’t so far off concerning John’s attitude towards the mainstream, rumors, comments and such since he has always been reluctant to address pretty much any kind of public issue. For example, imagine that you are John for a sec and that someone comes and asks you about your recent work (the Empyrean obviously) and all of a sudden they take that merit away from you and start asking about past works with the Peppers. They’re pretty much taking away his moment to express one of the albums he’s most fond of. I think Chad was just trying to keep John away from the press as much as possible, although if John isn’t on the band anymore it is not our business since it’s his choice and we can’t mess with it. Everyone has a right to choose and we can’t impose our desires on someone else. If he decides to quit it is HIS choice and he must have a good reason why chose to do so, so stop all the fuzz and the nonsense of weeping over a decision which we still aren’t sure of and that we can’t do anything about. Accept life as it is and enjoy it, either by listening to old Pepper’s songs, John’s solo work and any new idea that he comes up with.

  • scott

    I also would like to add that I attend recording conferences around the world, being a recording engineer and studio owner. A couple of years back I attended one in New Orleans where Ryan Hewitt spoke on a panel about working on mixing Stadium Arcadium. He’s a really cool dude, and really smart. Some people were prodding him for info on the (yet to be released) John album… which came to be known as the Empyrean about a year later. Ryan was hesitant to talk about it. I was worried. Remember how there was that huge gap between when John first started talking about “making his new record” and when it actually got released? I seem to remember it being a year or longer, maybe even two before we heard anything else about the project. There was talk, among recording industry folks, especially after the tape op interview came out that John was in a bad way and unable to finish his album. I thought this was why Ryan was quiet about it on the discussion panels but the truth is that none of that was true. What was actually going on was that John was spending an enormous amount of time, slowly working on the record to make it as close to what he heard in his head as possible. It was to be his swansong. In retrospect, I can see why it took so long… it’s a really intense complicated record with a lot of motion and crazy panning and tons of stuff going on in the mix.

    My point is that it’s bad to speculate on things like this sometimes because we don’t know the facts. People like Ryan and Chad who are in the inner circle with John aren’t always legally allowed to say what’s going on while a project in being worked on.

    Also, it would be rude to talk about something when it isn’t finished.
    Many props to Ryan for keeping his cool. He was probably thinking “just wait… it’s gonna rock”.

    • CMD313

      What do you actually mean by “swanosong”. Hopefully not the last thing people do in their life? That term is frightening in many cultures, pls elaborate. 😯

      • Sue

        I don’t know about the last thing someone does in their LIFE…but “swan song”, to my knowledge, generally refers to a person’s last major accomplishment, especially before retirement. Strange choice of words I would’ve thought : /

        • Baro

          If you’re an artist and you call your next work your swan song, it means it’s your last work… I really don’t see John just stopping doing music and baking an album from time to time.

  • Chris D

    At what point did John start drinking and smoking pot again? Ive read about this and want to know if he has talked about it in any past interviews?

    • Iva

      Chris D, with all due respect to you, I think it is not our business to discuss that. Perhaps he never even stopped, people need this or that for their leisure and if they know their limits, I doubt anyone can tell them anything.

      And this is coming from a straight-edge person who just can’t quit caffeine, no matter what…and I totally hate it when people tell me how much Pepsi Max I drink and how that will kill me. I assume everyone with a minor addiction/craving feels that way when someone else discusses it.

      • Chris D

        I know. And im not trying to be Nosy, i just look up to the guy so much i worry he is gonna fall back into that Abyss again. But your right thats Johns buisness, not ours.

    • Roberto

      Yes I thought that! I was just referring to the post beforehand that mentioned the possibility of Josh being in the band which I think are nonexistent.

      • Tommy

        i was addressing all the josh comments in general, but yea man, good points. whatever john decides
        to do, i see good tunes in our future

  • Kev

    Their music was of late becoming tired, un interestingly average and in many respects, stale! I’d love to see a few extra members and an overhaul of their sound! Johns frequent flings with the Mars Volta and various other ‘progessive musical outlets’ are bound to conflict with the ‘punch in, write a song, punch out’ ethos the chilis have fallen into. I hope he gives it another go with the chilis, but, I also hope there is change, with re-ignition of the groove filled beauty that they used to be!

  • Laura

    To those who suggest that Josh playing with RHCP is nonsense because he’s exclusively a friend with John, check this photo, it’s Josh with Anthony at a Silverlake benefit early September, so right after he left Warpaint to join RHCP.

    People should refrain from stating about who is friends with whom or who-knows-who when they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.

    I’m not going to take part in the discussion “will John be replaced, is it really true” because I really don’t know. What I do know is that I’m starting to feel excited in a positive way because things are happening and seem to be changing and that is what RHCP need, in my opinion. I also know that I would feel less excited about the new album if it turned out that nothing would change… same line-up same producer same repetition blah. Although there is some good stuff on Stadium Arcadium, I never was a fan of the album as a whole, so I’m going to welcome CHANGE in whatever shape. Empyrean John beats Stadium John, imo.

    To those people who are desperate to meet with John… I had brief contact with him at Bangface Weekender last April and even though it’s cool to be able to say “I met John Frusciante”, in reality it’s a bit overrated, fans’ expectations are way to high. The most magical moment I had was when I was standing first-second row (I was kinda switching) in Paris in 2007, when we had eye contact and he winked at me after I showed him a paper with a few words written on. Meeting a musician I think can never compete with the moments of being front row in a live concert.

    • Laura

      Okay, after the first alinea I had inserted a photo but it doesn’t show (while it did in preview) so here’s the PHOTO LINK. I meant to reply myself, sorry for double posting.

  • Manu1236

    well, reading the comments and the interwiew of RZA i think, john can compose the guitar parts and record for the cd, and josh later will play it live. If someone understand my bad inglish, tell me, its is possible? or I’m crazy?

    • Dan

      I think this def going a bit far! There really is no need to contemplate anyone taking over just yet. lets just wait until something more official turns up

    • Billy

      Haha, like a master chef in the kitchen, or some artist from the 16th century instructing his apprentices what to do for his painting!

  • Bernard

    Scenario 1: John’s still in the band and everything’s fine. This solution does not figure. Why fuel speculation? Why avoid the questions? Why, after so many months, has nobody at least denied the rumours?

    Scenario 2: John has left the band and the Chilis are at work with a new guitarist. Again, this does not figure. I can think of no reason why they would avoid declaring the new lineup.

    Which leaves us with something in the middle. Perhaps John is unsure, running with the flow to see if he wants to do this. Perhaps the Chilis are still actively trying to persuade him. Or they are trying new musicians, keeping mum until the name is decided. Time will tell.

    • Haley

      I agree with you, I think we’re somewhere in the middle. A little while back Chad was interviewed, saying that John wasn’t too anxious about getting back into the studio, but Chad said they’ll get him there eventually. What really makes sense is that he’s not super anxious about things, but he’s probably still jamming with them and stuff. They know they want to make another record but don’t know when. John just probably doesn’t want people talking about him in interviews if nothing is certain. If there was a DEFINITE new lineup, I think we would know about it by now.

      Didn’t the peppers say that they could only continue if John was with them? Like they had this super-chemistry with him and no one could replace him? Not those exact words, but something along those lines. I feel that they are getting older and they wouldn’t want to try another guitarist, they know they’re the best with John.

  • Nemi

    if John Frusciante leaves the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it’s not the Red Hot Chili Peppers anymore.
    And it is that band who’s going back to rehearsal.
    So, from my conclusions, John must be with them.
    We can just hope that he himself will give us some clues : )
    otherwise I’m just happy that he got back with the band once and made so many more beautiful songs than he’d already made.
    Especially Hard to Concentrate.

  • Haley

    ^^that’s what I’m saying! They’ve said countless times how important it is that the Red Hot Chili Peppers consists of the four of them. They have a chemistry that no one would replace. Why would they, after doing this for so long, change, especially in their older ages? Doesn’t make sense.

    Sorry I’ve commented pretty much saying the same thing a million times, but I like agreeing with people, its just giving me a little hope 🙂

  • Matt

    I also feel like John is still with the band. Last year, when John was unable to perform with AK, Chad, and Flea at the Music Cares event, they formed a different group to perform, reaffirming that it is the FOUR of them that make up the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since that’s the band scheduled to perform, I’d say John is on board and is just tired of Chad answering questions about him.

  • Cary

    I also feel John is still with the band. As we all know John has been big on the Mod. Synth and piano lately and if I recall correctly Chad said there has been a couple tunes with piano cranked out already which is a good indication that he’s on board. 😉 But either way, if worst comes to worse, we’ll always have John.

  • Sikamikanico

    Have a look at Blackie Dammett’s Myspace , he says that according to Anthony , there’s a “good progress” on the album ( Dec 6 ) :mrgreen:

    ( sorry for my bad english )

  • CMD313

    Are you sure, 100%? I would not come here if I were high. You are not even sure if you talk about Leonardo da Vinci or Da Vinci code, book!!!

    Poor John. Many of his fan are crazy.

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