October 2009 round-up

October 2009 is behind us and it was the month when, according to the “original” plan and many insiders’ comments on services such as Myspace and Twitter, Red Hot Chili Peppers returned to the studio. Most of the news items from this month revolved around this matter as well and there have been good vibes, but also a lot of anxiety coming from fans’ side was unleashed. Nobody is to blame, really; we’re all tottering in the dark, either way. But since being anxious can’t help things pass faster, here’s an advice: enjoy the music, enjoy rewinding your memories and who knows, what’s waiting around the corner is probably as awesome and in two years’ time, you will be rewinding it, too.

There’s one more thing you have to know, regardless of how unpleasant it is. During the last third of the month, the author of this website and some people who would like to remain anonymous on this occasion; with the help of RHCP management and message board staff determined that The Horse Chronicles interviews with John Frusciante, the poem he supposedly authored et cetera are, so to say, fictional material. This proven, I had resolved to remove all of the contents associated to this website from Invisible Movement, and some other sites’ owners have been prompted to do so as well. If you still have any of the now-not-interviews on your blog or anywhere else, I’m encouraging you to delete them, as that way the confusion becomes clearer (wondering where I heard that sentence before) and nobody is being told false stories anymore. Furthermore, I’m kindly asking you NOT to flame the interviews’ author, as I’ve never been fan of any sort of public lynch myself and internet flamewars are stupid and wrong. Many thanks to RHCP management and the moderator(s) who acted promptly on this matter; as well as the anonymous people who gave me a heads-up and those who sent sweet, supportive emails once they’d read about this on the board. Thanks to the other side as well, I assume they don’t know where the responsibilities of an owner of something that has not been “canonised” in any known way stop.

And here’s what was hot in October ’09.

Press reactions on RNR hall of fame nominations
The band is rehearsing…
…they indeed are, says Chad Smith.
Flea said so as well!
Possible album to come in October 2010 ^_^

Lorraine Tyler’s art
Rob Alvord is a big fan of John’s story
MusicRadar’s feature on John’s style

Saturday questions
SQ #34 – Colours
SQ #35 – Love
SQ #36 – What’s your problem?
SQ #37 – Your biggest dream
SQ #38 – Overcoming fear

For you
Awesome wallpaper by Leni
Another whole live show from 2001

…more wallpapers and more video to come in future, naturally. As well as everything else.

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Invisible Movement is heading towards two enormous milestones in November 2009, which will be a good occasion to give everyone something nice and spread some more love. Stay tuned and happy November!

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