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January 2009 roundup and a recommendation

January is over and it's been a pretty mad month overall. Whooping 103485 people have visited Invisible Movement and that number would've probably been even greater if there wasn't for the server downtimes due to too much traffic and the day when the bandwidth was eaten within four hours. Either way, THANK YOU and six-digit kudos for this six-digit number of mostly wonderful people; thanks for dropping by. If you're new and if you weren't coming to this very corner of the web, welcome.

Soooo...given that way too much was going on in January, I thought I'd present you all with a little compilation of all the interesting news and discussion that took place throughout this month. If you were busy and missed something, this is a good way to catch up.

All the rustling1 around The Empyrean
MusicRadar podcast transcribed and discussed - top-news of the month!
Photos by Nabil and Sarah Sitkin.
The 44 second album previews.
The Empyrean gets reviewed on this website.
It gets its first 10/10.
The Watt from Pedro podcast.

[1] - Pun intended, thank you very much!

Also, check all four parts of the special done here on the album's release date:
Part 1 - Stream & FAQ
Part 2 - Tabs and a cool mashup
Part 3 - A review digest
Part 4 - A wallpaper
...and don't forget the album page

Stories from JF's blog discussed here:
The Empyrean - Part three/"Poem"
The Empyrean

Non-Empyrean-related top news:
Still audio torrent saw the light of the day.
Speed Dealer Moms to play live in April & article on them.
A (rather strange) RHCP collab rumoured...

And, as far as inside stuff goes...
The forum has moved to its own domain.
JKDN is back and everyone is delighted. ^_^

So, time for you to do something, too!
Be good. Help children in the countries destroyed by war by getting the Heroes album. If you have ever been in a war at young age, I'm sure you will understand the cause. If you have not, consider yourself lucky - much luckier than you think you think you are. War Child have asked me to pass this news on and I think it's worth your attention (as well as everybody else's attention).

And don't forget other good causes mentioned one month ago! Make someone else happy!

  • eugene

    thanks for being a rad site. by the way, has any noticed at the beginning of enough of me, john says "do do you need to eat, should i make you a couple eggs real quick." its funny he left that on there.

    • LNE

      I've been wondering what he says since I first heard Enough Of Me. Thanks for solving the "mystery"! :p John's so nice!