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New Swahili Blonde song on Myspace, “LeMampatee”

For everyone who's interested, there's a new Swahili Blonde song posted on Myspace and it is called LeMampatee (whatever that may mean). It appears to be mostly sung in an imaginary language similar to French and it's quite catchy. Enjoy!

Until that stuff is available to obtain legally, there's always Elixor Fixor, which is on iTunes and features some mighty JF guitar awesomeness.

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11 Reactions to New Swahili Blonde song on Myspace, “LeMampatee”

  1. Baro says:

    Uh La La! Mempatee!
    I love this one.
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  2. Manu1236 says:

    What type of music is swahili? I know that in the myspace says ''african rithms, tropical, tango'', but it doesn't have anithing of tango (as an argentinian I can secure that), I don't know of african rithms, and I really don't know what's mean tropical for they, I think it can have a different meaning that the mine -Iva I learned from your culture lesson haha.

  3. tommy says:

    are you sure john plays in that band ?

  4. Chili_Pat says:

    Oh my fucking god! The guitar is so amazing. So funky and fresh, with this rhythm and the grooving bass...what a gift to all humans 🙂

  5. Pat says:

    previous one thought gloomy sunday was about billie holiday wanting to kill herself over a guy (many hungarians would disagree, if you don't mind). this one doesn't know what tango is (ty, Manu1236) and sticks a selection of random images stolen off the net instead of band's photos. And...what is swahili in this? well, hakuna fuckin matata, then...

    yup, that's what the artistic girls of LA are today - no knowledge, no education, no clue on other cultures, not knowing what they're talking about. am a bit disappointed frusciante has to be a part of this fad.

  6. Iva says:

    I might disagree with both because there's a limit of what people should be saying online. Pat, keep your thoughts of people you don't know at least somewhat tasteful!
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  7. Femme Fatale says:

    do they have their album on cd? or just itunes

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