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Happy New year 2010 and happy new decade!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all visitors of Invisible Movement!
Srećna Nova godina!
Buon anno.
I mean it and you can listen to it below.

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I'll shut up now in all those languages and let you watch this beautiful video from the performance 12, one of the nicest gems that graced our ears in the noughties and a great way to start the noughteens with. On the 05th August of 2004, John played with his friend, the German legend Michael Rother (whose songs you totally have to buy - Katzenmusik album is breathtaking, so is the song Reiselust!) and Josh Klinghoffer jumped in, too. Beautiful, serene and something that I wouldn't mind hearing more of in the noughteens, hope you share the enthusiasm. The song is called Doppelgänger (originally found on mr. Rother's 1982 effort Fernwärme) and on this occasion, many thanks to Robert Subia who taped this and the ever so-wonderful Leni for pimping it.

(the video page is here)

If you would like to resolve to do something in 2010, we have a thread for that over on the board.

You could also post a sticker on Invisible Movement's canvas, which is kinda blank and kinda new at the moment.

Or, well, if you have not done so yet, give some love.


15 Reactions to Happy New year 2010 and happy new decade!

  1. Lucy says:

    What a relaxing way to begin the year after the indulgences of last night! Sweet 🙂

  2. Red_Strat says:

    Happy New Year to all Frusciante Fans!

  3. Soujiro says:

    Thank you and happy New Year 🙂 Yes, its really relax )

  4. Xpld says:

    Best beginning I can imagine. But it's quite strange to see all those German words 😀
    Frohes neues Jahr to all of you!

  5. Meh says:

    Happy New Year to all of you !!! =)

  6. Gabi says:

    that's one of the nicest ways to start the new year...
    thanks for putting this video on IM

    happy new year!!

  7. Manu1236 says:

    Iva you have a very beautiful voice 🙂 thanks for the video, a pretty way for start the decade
    happy new year

  8. Dan says:

    That was a lovely thing to do Iva. Very personal. We all appreciate the work you put into this site and wish you all the best for 2010. Lets hope for some great new music to live our lives to. x

  9. M.A. says:

    I enjoyed that, thanks Iva 😀 Happy new year to you, too.

  10. Vivi says:

    Happy new year for all of you and...buon anno Iva! ^_^

  11. jule says:

    I didn't know Michael Rother at all, and I'm German 🙂 His music is great!
    happy new year to everyone and thanks for your little message, iva!

  12. Leni says:

    Happy new year everybody! I hope we can get so much more IM for 2010! 🙂

  13. Sissy says:

    This is gorgeous.

  14. Anthony says:

    Iva, you sound so cool when you talk ha. Nice nice

  15. shalhevet says:

    wow it's amazing! i'm so into it. i totally reccomend to close your eyes while listening to this and let the music flow through your body.

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