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Manimal Vinyl announce their Bowie tribute – JF’s in it, too. And it’s for children!

Legendary British rockers Duran Duran have gone ahead and told the world they're a part of the Manimal Vinyl tribute to David Bowie. And it's not only them, there's a line-up of mostly Manimal's own artists, as well as some surprises. The album is expected to be out in May 2010, and tracks "will start leaking around 15th February" (nice dose of humour). Amongst the other songs on this album, as Invisible Movement found out earlier, thanks to how nice they are over there at Manimal, there will be Swahili Blonde's cover of Red Money, where John can be heard both as one of the guitars and the backing vocal towards the end of the song.

Now, all of you should get this album once it's out - 100% of the net profits will go to War Child UK - a branch of an international charity for children affected by war. I assume most of you have never been in a war - and you shouldn't, because it's an experience that completely changes your life and the way you look at things (amongst all the horrible things that may happen to you during the war). So, this will be a wonderful and enjoyable way for everyone to give a piece of your hearts to those in need - even though it's the piece of your heart that resides in, well, your wallet. A friend of this website is an employee of War Child Canada and they can always elaborate on how important this is.

Here's the complete track listing for this album. A reasonable amount of you might recognise some other artists you like. The angel-voiced first lady of France is there, too. And there are multiple covers of single songs as well and two are unknown at this point.

  1. EXITMUSIC “Space Oddity”
  2. VIVIAN GIRLS “John, I’m Only Dancing”
  3. MEGAPUSS (Devendra Banhart) “Sound + Vision” (en espanol)
  4. CARLA BRUNI “Absolute Beginners”
  5. LIGHTS “World Falls Down”
  6. VOICESVOICES “Heroes”
  7. DURAN DURAN “Boys Keep Swinging”
  8. MGMT “tba”
  9. CHAIRLIFT “Always Crashing in the Same Car”
  10. ASKA w/ MOON & MOON “African Night Flight”
  11. A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS “Suffragette City”
  12. POLYAMOROUS AFFAIR “Theme From Cat People”
  13. KEREN ANN “Life on Mars”
  14. SWAHILI BLONDE (feat. John Frusciante) “Red Money”
  15. MARCO BENEVENTO “Art Decade”
  16. CORRIDOR “Be My Wife”
  17. AQUASERGE “The Supermen”
  18. WARPAINT “Ashes to Ashes”
  19. RAINBOW^ARABIA “Quicksand”
  20. WE ARE THE WORLD “Afraid of Americans”
  21. LACO$TE “Within You”
  22. ARIANA DELAWARI “Ziggy Stardust”
  23. PIZZA! “Modern Love”
  24. ST CLAIR BOARD “Secret Life of Arabia”
  25. CAROLINE WEEKS “Starman”
  26. AMANDA JO WILLIAMS “The Man Who Sold the World”
  27. MICK KARN “Ashes to Ashes”
  28. SOULWAX “tba”

As it was noted on as well as on Manimal blog, this is 3rd and possibly final tribute for Manimal in addition to previous tributes to Madonna and The Cure.

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Lyrics of Red Money are really looking forward to this.

Many thanks to Travis for the heads-up.


9 Reactions to Manimal Vinyl announce their Bowie tribute – JF’s in it, too. And it’s for children!

  1. Chris G. says:

    Warpaint doing Ashes to Ashes? That has to be the single best news in 2010 so far!

  2. rickie lee jones doing rebel rebel. mmmmmmmmhmmm

  3. behnood says:

    Iva, please check out the recent post on which says Josh's confirmed himself being the new Pepper...

  4. M.A. says:

    If you don't appreciate what she does, you don't have to be here.

    • Roy says:

      I mean I appreciate what she does, this website is kickass, but everytime someone doesn't see something or says something that theyre not informed about she jumps down their throat and says they did this or that wrong. Its just not really professional and not the most welcoming enviroment.. you know? I mean if your an administrator of a website you should be kinder to your followers. I know people can be stupid about stuff, but that doesnt mean you have to treat them like dirt...

  5. shalhevet says:

    thanx for the news! by the way the song before swahilli blonde is the israeli singer keren ann!

  6. CMD313 says:

    She said BEFORE, so I think she meant the one preceeding the SB song in the tracklisting. 😉

    On a totally unrelated note, we held the 1988 summer Olympics and now it's snowing. Love your country and stuff!!!!

    (I just wanted to point out how pointless it is to be excited about everyone from the same country as you - if everyone was thinking that way, this website would probably be, if I'm not wrong about the administrator being Serb, about Nikola Tesla.)

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