Sargent House founder sheds some light on upcoming Omar/John collab

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John FruscianteSargent House management company/record label owner, Cathy Pellow, was responding to questions on the label’s and, amongst other things that might be more interesting to people who follow artists signed to this label; she shed some light on something we could be interested in:

A while back you might have mentioned something about an Omar/John Frusciante collab coming soon, is that true or am I just doing some wishful thinking?
Omar said that would be something we would be putting out sooner or later, but honestly I don’t know what stage it’s at. he’s got the Trio album coming next and then some other really big surprises so don’t know about the JF album status or when it will arrive.

You have responded to the question regarding Omar/John collab, but just to make it clear: whenever it’s published, would that be an album/EP or just a song or two on an Omar recording? Thank you. ^_^
I don’t have the information to tell you definitively on how many tracks or what format it would be released at this time.

Since JF is out of the Peppers (getting out of Warner/RC, I suppose), is there any chance of his next solo albuns being released by SH? (by likeapisces)
Not that I’m aware of.

So, I assume that it’s the right time to say that a bunch of people emailed this website during the second half of the summer to say that the guys were recording. Now, knowing how often it takes ages for something to come out, don’t jump around on your tiptoes. At this point, knowing that it exists is a blessing already!

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*Many thanks to Arakuine for the heads-up.