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HQ video and stills from the Swahili Blonde party!

John Frusciante with Swahili Blonde - screen capture detailAs usual, some people take a couple of days to recover from a great show. Some of them keep their impressions for themselves, which is probably not really cool, but it's OK. Some of them say a thing or two, take a couple of photos. And some, like our friends Ari and Ernesto go out of their way to bring us a whole Eyjafjallajökull-smoke-explosion worth of awesome. So? So, you're in for an Invisible Movement exclusive!

Here's Ari's video of Swahili Blonde performing Dr. Teeth two nights ago at the Echoplex. If you open this entire news page, you'll also get to see screencaps of Ernesto Mejia's video, shoot from the other corner. There's much more to come, so stay tuned and keep on checking the site.

To see the video in the 640x480 resolution, which would normally mess up the main site's layout, please do watch it on its video archive page.

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Swahili Blonde - video still by Ernesto Mejia Swahili Blonde - video still by Ernesto Mejia Swahili Blonde - video still by Ernesto Mejia Swahili Blonde - video still by Ernesto Mejia

Once again, if you have photographs of your own, please do send them over. Invisible Movement will never claim your photos as its own and if you're an owner of another website, they will go online with your own watermark/no watermark (whatever is the way you prefer them). At the same time, this website reserves the right not to publish anything that I feel would be too intrusive/invasive. Thank you so much for sharing the love, dear friends!

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  • Manu1236

    Who is the guy playing the other guitar?

    • Yours Helpfully

      That's Michael Quinn (AK to tha A: Quinn) from Corridor.
      Nicest dude and does great stuff.

      • Linnea Ångström

        Really? Go and marr to tha y him.

  • Herad

    Thank you for the video

  • danny

    nice little jam session.........thanks

  • frazryan

    i love how this contrasts so well with say parallel universe solo at slane. john playing in the dark sitting on an amp versus john in front of 80000 with his marshall stack and the spotlight. man is awesome.

  • Latten

    I love John Frusciante but when he left Rhcp i was thinking about all the solo albums he would make =)
    But Swahili Blonde i dont know but i dont like it. Bring back ataxia instead !

  • JJ13

    the drummer can't play!

  • Linnea Ångström

    Do you really expect some poo poo peoples to follow John Frusciante the way Chad did?

    • ernesto

      it's minimal drumming influenced by kraut rock. its not suppose to be rock star caliber like Chad. it is good in it's own classification.

  • mitchell feron

    suck an awsome band, they should tour the UK... (with john would be good) 🙂

  • Iva

    You might want to read the newer updates, he left them. C'est la vie, carpe diem, miseri Troiani etc.
    My recent post Ova ima dugačak- poetičan naslov sa uskličnikom na kraju! - This One Has A Long- Poetic Title With An Exclamation Mark At Its End!