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John’s still working on something with Share Watson

You might remember that, circa six months ago, Share Watson aka Truth Hurts was at John's home studio, working on some tunes for her third studio album. Apparently, there's still more work to be done. How exciting!

This is what ms. Watson posted on her Twitter account a couple of days ago:

05th April: Back in the lab tonight w/1 of my favs Mr incredible #JohnFrusciante!!Keep u posted on the magic this eve 😉

06th April: TruthHurtsInc: Learning so much from John Frusciante right musical awe!!late night #labflow

So, perhaps the new mysteriouos collab will soon see the light of the day?

*Many thanks to April for the heads-up, as the HQ has been really busy these days.

  • I'm hoping we can get a taste soon. Excellent insight, Iva. You are my hero.

  • orangevarld

    Mysterious is the word. I can't wait even if I know I might be disappointed.

  • Justin

    This is potentially awesome:

  • Justin

    This is potentially awesome:

  • That I asked that question for her! I am @Wesleyredhot


    RT @wesleyredhot: @TruthHurtsInc You can tell if John is recording a solo album? Have any chance of<<He IS!The song we did is for his album

    It would be interesting to post this! 😉


    • orangevarld

      Wait, for HIS album ? ! So maybe we'll hear a new Jf album soon ? And with a beautiful feminine voice on ?
      (But who said it was for HER third album ? An information needs to be corrected)

      • Iva

        When they were recording in September/October it indeed was for her upcoming third album. You might not remember, but two songs were posted to her website and, from what I understood when talking to her on Twitter back then, John was collaborating with her for one of that upcoming album. Perhaps they made a deal to work on something else, perhaps he liked her enthusiasm and her amazing voice - the answers will soon be known, patience, please.

        Nothing will be corrected before approval, the last thing we would want is our pipes being cut with an axe due to not respecting them, right? 🙂

        • orangevarld

          Ok, I think you're right 😉

  • Ben

    She sounds like she's quite fond of John and his talents as a musician. It's good that these two lovely people are collaborating, not to mention some of it is for John's next album (apparently).

  • Chris G.

    Best news in a long time! Can't wait for a new JF record. I always learn so much when listening to those.

  • is there any news of when the collaboration might see the light of day?