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Solo album rumours are unclear, so hold your horses!

Cat eats cableSince there are some rumours about the 11th solo album going, this post was pretty much necessary.

Yesterday, our friend Wesley asked Share Watson if she's working with John on tunes for his new album. The response was:

RT @wesleyredhot: @TruthHurtsInc You can tell if John is recording a solo album? Have any chance of < He IS!The song we did is for his album

The comment was then posted in the comments of the previous news item. In a matter of minutes, the whole JF and RHCP community was exploding with rumours, some websites took it way too far and made it look incredibly important; so Invisible Movement addressed Record Collection Music and their response was quite brief and simple:

As of now, there is no solo album that is set so it is just a rumor at the moment.

So, since we should not doubt Share Watson's integrity - something interesting is definitely in the works, but it might not exactly be what was said. And, if it is, it might take months or even years until it's possible to report on. For those of you who don't remember and those of you who are new; Shadows Collide With People and The Empyrean took quite a while from the time they were first mentioned to when they were actually published.

Once there are solid news, we will be the first to know and I assume that something will be posted to the official site, too. Until then, the only thing we can do is sit, wait, be patient and enjoy John's numerous collaborations of the past couple of years. ^_^

  • Well, Solo XI (shall we coin that term? :p) should not take as much time as SCWP and The Empyrean since John -probably- has more free time: no RHCP, no tours, etc.

  • orangevarld

    Iva, you just forgot to paste the answer of Share Watson ("He IS!The song we did is for his album")

  • orangevarld

    I was just wondering how you could keep this site that much updated.
    Actually, personally, I don't have that much time, I should work, but nobody's there to force me, so, when I read such news...

  • Porcupine Phlegm

    WAHOO! Mention!

  • leakeg

    I fail to see how this makes Watson's comments any less exiting!

  • prodigy of peace

    my god you are so uptight. of course it's not something to confirm or speculate a release of, but it's not a flat-out rumor either. He's obviously been writing and is now committing things to tape. Last year at the Swahili Blonde show (I believe?) he said he decided which direction his new music would take, so it's reasonable to believe that the following year he would be recording some tracks.

    • Iva

      Responsibilities. I cannot put things out without a disclaimer. It could lead to trouble otherwise.

      Next time you have a complaint, do send it directly and I'll gladly explain why things are done the way they're done.

  • tyler

    I'm holding my breath riiiiiiight Now!

  • bernardo

    why is there a picture of a cat eating cable? o.O

    • Iva

      I wanted it to be funny, so I googled "cat eating cable" and that popped up. ­čÖé

  • tim

    made my day

  • Latten

    Some ppl breathes but john he does music. Its just a matter of time when next thing will come out may it be a ep or a album or some team up with some other ppl.

  • unfrieden

    It's about time he releases a new record... really.

  • pehjott

    from Cedric (of Mars Volta):

    lunarpower666 (17 hours ago)
    ''frusciante is not on the new record and i dont know what he is up to? all i know is he made some super over the top electronic record´╗┐ that is mind blowing''.

    • anna

      pretty sure he's talking about the venetian snares.

      • anna

        oops, i meant the speed dealer moms.

  • Rumors or not I will just wait patiently for some real and solid news from the horses mouth and not from anywhere else.
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