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Exclusive: All John segments from Bob and the Monster!

April Fools day? Nah. That was never a practice on this website and it will most likely never be. Instead of that, today you're getting...

...three clips of John from Bob and The Monster!!!! This is an exclusive from Shaker Films for and John Frusciante fans. Please, do not use these clips anywhere else, as this is the world premiere. Please, enjoy and don't forget to say hello to the team behind the film: Keirda Bahruth, Rick Ballard and Austin Wilkin.

John Frusciante sees Thelonious Monster for the first time

John Frusciante on Bob Forrest

John Frusciante on playing with Thelonious Monster

To everyone who asked, the interview was done sometime in October 2006.

  • M.A.

    thank you, I really like the whole second clip! and the "vague memories" at the end of the third clip. Nice clips.

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  • Ryan Cato

    does anyone know what kind of synth/keyboard he has their in the background?

    • manu1236

      It's a Nord Lead

      • Robert

        to be exact Norld Lead III

        • Laurent

          It's a Nord Lead 2, look at the knobs. And he said he used this model during the recording of BTW, an era of which these clips definitely are.

          • David

            "To everyone who asked, the interview was done sometime in October 2006."
            That's the era of SA, or actually of touring after SA was finished, but no offence! 🙂

            • Iva

              I don't understand what is supposed to be offensive...?!

    • Ryan Cato

      Can i ask a slightly more obscure question? Does anybody know what kind of drum programmer/machine he uses on TROWFTD?

  • queequeg

    Hello and Thanks to Keirda Bahruth, Rick Ballard and Austin Wilkin 🙂
    Thank you I-M!

  • R!cH~

    thank you Keirda ,Rick,Austin and Iva

  • Johnny

    Loved to watch a new Frusciante interview! Could anybody please tell me in which year this interview was made??

  • Fadeout

    Thank You to Iva and everyone involved with Shaker Films! I can't wait to see the film.

  • Joe S

    I can not wait to see this in it's entirety.
    Bob Forrest is the greatest.
    John Frusciante is the greatest simultaneously with Bob

    Thank you Keirda Bahruth, Rick Ballard and Austin Wilkin who are simultaneously the greatest along with Bob and John.

    Death to the monster!

  • Lindsey

    good to watch 🙂

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  • no sé quién/quiénes son bobandthemonster.. 😛 pero siempre es lindo verlo a John 🙂

  • Those were great! Really loved them. Thanks so much, Keirda, Rick, Austin, and Iva! 😀

  • tanjarine

    nord lead , believe he used it when RHCP played warm tape live.

    thank you to all parties involved in sharing this footage. it is very much appreciated that you posted it here for all fans to see.

  • rebecca

    Thanx for the new video! I'm a huge fan and it's nice to have a site like this, to share our love for JF and his music.

  • Thanks for the video!
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  • PaulH

    Thank you for the awesomeness!

  • Felipe Marcarini

    Someone can transcript?

  • Gigantic thanks to the film team! The clips are really enjoyable. Although I'd enjoy listening to John even if he talked solely about the weather or tomato soup. I feel like the groupiest of groupies. ;-/

  • Floppy

    Did anyone notice the crotch grab in the first video? haha

    • janefave

      hahah i did lol, funny

  • gracias por los videos esperaba ver algo nuevo de john y al fin lo consegui....saludos desde chile....

  • Chili_Pat

    I made a transcription to all of the videos. It should be to 99 % correct, but I don't understand two words in the last video. Can someone help?

    John Frusciante sees Thelonious Monster for the first time

    Like, like, I, that night I was, I was a hundret per cent [draw breathe] there to see the Chili Peppers and that, as far as I was concern that was just some anonymous opening act. I didn't know that they were friends with the Chili Peppers and I didn't, you know, I didn't, I didn't know about their music in itself, like. It sounded, it sounded good to me and it's cool but I was, I was me- you know I. This, it, it sounds ignorant but this is just like, this is who I was at that time. I have to be honest here. This is like, you know like. I was very attracted to the physical movement of the Chili Peppers and the way they were on stage. I saw Thelonious Monster. My eye was drawn to this guy whos playing trumpet, who I didn't realize that it was Flea. But he's jumping around like a maniac and doing splits in the air and stuff and that's the kind of thing that I was attracted. „This bands trumpet player is amazing!“you know, like. I was saying to my friend like: „we gotta get this guy in our band!“, you know, 'cause we had a band, and I was like „let's fire this fucking little mexican trumpet player and have him played in our band!“ We thought he was mexican 'cause of his clothes he was wearing and stuff.

    John Frusciante on Bob Forrest

    What sticks out for me is the image of which I have many in my head of Bob singing and just like, just being so passioned and, and just loosing himself so much and, and I, and looking like he would just gonna burst out of his skin, like, looking like, this, this frame that contains our s- our souls wasn't gonna, wasn't gonna contain his soul anymore. That it was gonna burst out of his skin, like, that's, tha-, eh, I ha-. I f- I felt that so many times seeing him and we get chills and goose bumps, 'nd. His shows role is very intense and, and I, and, and, y- you know, his screaming and his, and his singing were just, were just amazing. There's really nothing like it. I especially remember in „Yer Blues“ just when he really be like screaming his head off, and it was so exciting and it just, he, he, he, you can, you can feel that he was inside, you know, pointing at the heart streams of everybody who was in the room, you know.

    John Frusciante on playing with Thelonious Monster

    I did play a little with Thelonious Monster after I quit the band but I really wasn't into playing guitar or, ehm, or listening to music or playing music or anything. Ehm. But a- after my first time in the Chili Peppers and for, for, for a few month after I ??? they were still a band after I quit I would always play shows with Thelonious Monster. I knew how to play all their songs, so, whenever they needed a guitar player I would play, whenever they needed a bass player Flea would play. Sometimes we both played in the band together, like, th- this was a. Tha- I just knew the songs like the back of my hand, I'd seen the ??? a million times and, and, you know. I just knew all their songs, they jus-, they just have three albums of songs, so, so whe- ehm. So when, you know, I, I play with them, but, we, we'd also a. Mh. Faint Memories.

    PS: Sorry, I had so much to do in the last few days, I hadn't the time to do it faster :/ Enjoy!

    • Mark

      ??? = them live?

    • ale

      the first ??? is while and at the end is vague memories... 🙂

  • Joana

    great videos. All of them, but I especially love ending of the last one 😀

    if it was recorded recently then it's really great to see John looking healthy and looking like a 41 years old guy.

    • Iva

      "To everyone who asked, the interview was done sometime in October 2006."

      I assume you missed that line.

  • Felipe Marcarini

    thanks for the transcription.

  • Kelly Freeman

    That was so funny. ahaha

  • wellfunk

    Nice crotch grab!

  • Oda

    These are not all the john segments from bob and the monster. In the movie (I just got it after pre-ordering) he talks about his drug abuse and having to have all his teeth removed etc.