Cake - thanks to I.J.

Happy 42nd birthday to John!

Year after year, we give our warmest support to John Frusciante’s musical efforts – whether it’s been his solo work, his two long stints with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, his collaborations with other artists from or something completely different, in the spirit of Speed Dealer Moms or studio sessions with Swahili Blonde. We were witnessing history happening right before our eyes, multiple times, too.

As of today, “our” John is 42 years old. During the last 12 months, he was as busy as ever, appearing on other artists’ albums, as well as in a couple of documentaries. It’s confirmed that he’s working on new material, we know that he’s tied the knot and that he’s a hall of fame inductee, together with his former band. The creativity never stops and therefore, support never stops, either.

Though there’s no official action of wishing him a happy birthday, nor does anyone know if he ever comes across such things; make sure you think of him today. Furthermore, you can leave a happy birthday message in comments of this news item. Just make it tasteful. Make it spontaneous. Let your heart speak to someone whose music made an impact on you. Make it a message of health, love, happiness and inspiration. No stupid application using generated text that spams around can make up for your real feelings.

Happy birthday, John!

*Many thanks to I.J. for her photo of a totally unrelated cake. It sure came handy.



  • Tommy Young

    Happy Birthday John! Much love, and I really hope to meet you someday. I’m very thankful for your existence, and the beautiful energy that flows through you 🙂

  • Simon

    I hope he's happy with his wife and friends and that he has peace in his heart. Just as much as I have because of his works. I pray for you John.

  • Maarten

    Happy birthday to one of the most inspiring artists I know!! Hopefully he’ll feel equally appreciated as that I/we love his music and that we are inspired by him!

  • janet

    Love you lots. Hope I get you see you play one day when and if you ever want to perform again.

  • bennyboy

    Dear John, I hope you continue to do what you love with the blessings of the Gods. You have people that love you from the bottom of their soul even if they never met you, they still love you as family because your a part of their spiritual reality. (We are all holograms of the infinity and you help us achieve more than shallow nuances.) I am one of those people; please continue to be yourself, and making your best contribution to the human race that spiritually makes you evolve that is music 🙂 love*

  • Charlie C

    Happy birthday John! Can't wait to hear your new music and continue to be inspired by it. 🙂

  • Shine at end

    Happy Birthday John!! Thank you for giving me a reason to smile and appreciate the beauty of the world each and every day! I can barely find the words to express how thankful I am for having your music in my life. Our world is so lucky to have you as a part of it… Wish you a lifetime of creative being and all the best 🙂

  • Niek

    His solo music has become a verry important part of my youth and showed me how beautiful and honest music can be. I listen to a lot of different music at the moment but I will always continue to enjoy and love John's music. I wish you a happy birthday John!

  • Noel Hassling

    Happy birthday John and thank you for all the great things you have done to this world! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday John! After 20 years of hearing you play in LA, New York, Cleveland, and many places in betweeen…so looking forward to getting to hear you play more live music again soon!!

  • Josho

    Wow.Go John! Love you and happy Bday. Thankyou for your work and love! So keen for the next album haha

  • Hayden

    Happy birthday, John Frusciante. Thank you for continuously blowing my mind to the moon and back in a million pieces on a daily basis. The energy and emotion you channel has transformed the lives of many across the world, myself included. We appreciate all that you have done, and continue to do, for music.

  • bianca

    Happy birthday John! thank you for everything, for making such beautiful music! your music has made me feel better about being alive and has made me realize that there is still honest and real music going on out there! I can’t tell you how much you’ve made my life better and I haven’t even met you. yeah, just cheerio for being alive i guess ahha. good luck for your new album, I can’t wait to hear it! love you!!

  • Agust

    Im so happy that today is his birthday, and he's 42, and he's still with us making new music from us. Such a beautiful person. Thanks to him for inspiring me every day.

  • Phyllis

    Happiness and Light to you on your Birthday ,and of course Love!!! Happy Birthday John.

  • Andrea

    Happy Birthday John Frusciante! I love you in so many healthy ways. I am thankful for you because listening to your music gave me a new outlook on life. The way you seem to be and the way you portray yourself opens my mind of how to be. I thank you for having the will to exist! Thank you so much.


  • *ad*

    happy birthday John, I have learned so much from you and am so grateful for everything.
    Sending love and positive energy your way.
    Adam x

  • jackeline

    happy birth to my lovely John …he saved my life … make me feel in another level with myself …. there's no words to say how much i love you John…… one day, i will meet you and say : thank you! hope you're happy with wife…… this is really important…be happy …. 🙂 God bless your fingers and your hmble heart! with love, from Brazil, Nuit

  • Libertad Estrada

    Happy 42nd birthday, my dear John! Thanks for make my life more happy and complete with your music. The days are shining and the nights are wonderful when I hear your celestial voice and your unbelievable notes. I admire you and respect you, but the most powerful feeling in my soul is the love that I feel for you! Receive an affectionate hug and kisses to your eyes and hands!
    With love, your biggest fan in Mexico city

    PS. I can wait for your next record!

  • Marisa Turk

    Happy birthday John! You're the reason I picked up a guitar and why music is such a huge part of my life. Oh, I'm such a baby. I'm tearing up as I write this! You've been such a continual source of inspiration, and I will be forever grateful for that.
    Much love,

  • capitan mission

    A very real Happy Birthday! You’re one of my all time favorite artists, your music give me so much good energy, and you are an inspiration as human being.
    Un abrazo desde la Patagonia Argentina!
    Juan manuel Jones

  • animenur

    To John’s Mother, thank you for giving birth and raising one of the best musicians ever walked on Earth. He meant a lot to us.

    To John, if life begins at forty, then you are already so far ahead. Best of luck for your upcoming projects and personal life.

    Happy Birthday, Maestro.


  • Pedro Hernandez

    Thank you for everything, John. You taught me to play and love music. – Pedro H

  • Hayden

    Happy birthday John, i thank you for your gifts of music and art that you have given the world, and wish for them to continue until your days end.
    Much love and all the best!

  • Karolis

    Happy birthday John 🙂 I hope you get a lot of love and you spread a lot of love to everyone. May this is be your happiest day po the year ^^

  • Jose

    You’ve been a great teacher. Your honesty and total devotion to music is beautiful, it’s powerful. I aspire to be as great as you. Happy Birthday John.

  • Luka

    Thanks for making me become a new person, thanks for making me love every second of this beautiful day while thinking of you. Happy birthday John, I love you.

  • Agnieszka

    Happy Birthday John !!! I wish you happiness which you deserve and thank you for everything you’ve done so far <3 Love from Poland!!!

  • Nadya

    Well, as I already wrote in my letter, which I do hope has reached You by now – stay creative, be healthy and all the other universal things in life I wish You. Thank You for just being there with your work, through which You are helping me every single day to find myself. Thank You for your existence in this /and hopefully not only this/ dimension. Words cannot really express how I feel about You. Just want to say You're my biggest inspiration with the purest soul and perspective of the world.
    With all my love and gratitude – Happy Birthday, You lovely man! 🙂

  • Sarah Brown

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday Mr Frusciante! Your music has brought me so much peace and happiness and i'm so glad to be alive at this time to hear it, dance to it and to sing along with you. I dream that you'll someday come to Devon in England with your lovely wife and we can have a picnic up on Dartmoor and you can bring your guitar along, that would be heaven! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xx

  • Levi Smeets

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep on creating the best music in the world!!
    You inspire many people, including me

    Grtz Levi (Holland)

  • Levi Smeets

    You are the best musician ever, and from you I learned to play guitar with my hart instead of playing only with my hands. I hope you have a great day today and I wish you a lot of luck in the rest of your life, and I hope you keep on creating the best music ever. Your music and way of thinking meens a lot to me and it inspires me very much. It makes me feel the hapiest person in the world. Thanks a lot for being you!

    Happy Birthday

    Again: Levi

  • Luuk Hintzen

    Hey Mr Frusciante,
    You're the best musician ever lived, please don't stop beiing yourself.
    Happy Brithday man, hope you have a great day!

    Luuk Hintzen

  • Helen

    Happy Birthday John! John's music has had such a huge impact on my life, the way I appreicate music has changed for the better because of him which I can't thank him enough for 🙂

  • Lady Stardust

    Dear Pisces, you were always there for me when nobody else was. Words are not enough to describe your importance in my existence. You're the kindest soul I've ever met. Thank you so much for your music. All the best in the universe for you. <3 I love you.

  • nnnnn

    Happy birthday John!
    Please never stop creating those beautiful pieces of music. You're the only artist whose music I could listen to ALL the time. I never get tired of listening to your songs 🙂 Thank you!

  • Dan Davies

    Happy Birthday John, a beautiful person and one of the most gifted musicians to grace this planet. I hope you have a great day, reminiscent of the one portrayed in The Past Recedes video, filled with the simple pleasures that I and many of your fans enjoy: Relaxing, listening to music and playing the guitar.

    Thank you again, for being such a massive inspiration to us all. Dan (UK)

  • Montira

    Happy 42nd birthday my dearest John
    wish you all the love in the world :))
    thank you so much for bringing us such beautiful music ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • ZoeEsther

    Happy Birthday John, I hope your day is filled with joy and love and that you feel at peace in your heart, because your music makes me feel at peace every single day. You say you release your music because you hope it can do a certain amount of people some good, and I just want to say that it really does, probably more than you can imagine. Honestly thank you so much, I really mean that. Have the most beautiful day.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. The sun is shining here in Scotland, first bit of heat I've felt outside this year, it's out to celebrate your birthday too 😉

  • Carvel girl

    Happy Birthday, John!!!
    Thank you for the great music and for the perfect vibes…
    I wish you all the best.
    <3 xo

  • Matt Bardt

    Happy Birthday John, thank you very much for the music you're making, you're the most expressive guitarist and musician on the planet, it's amazing how deeply you're in touch with the depth of spirits through your music, it's another dimension listening to your music, you're wonderful creative man. I love you

  • Tassos (Greece)

    Happy birthday John!! I just HAVE to thank you for the wonderful feelings your music has gave me till now… It's truly life-changing… You are my inspiration day in day out… Loving my life a bit more every time.


  • HelenAmuShai

    Since I've been around nine, I've been listening to red hot chili peppers, and absolutely loving the music! I remember late nights with my discman (yeah, such archaic technology, right?) listening to By the Way and Blood Sugar albums and feeling everything was right in the world.
    Many years later, I was lost: I was on my last highschool year and still didn't know what to do with my life: I wanted to study some kind of art but I just wouldn't dare. Many people don't. That was when I rediscovered red hot's music and discovered John's solo work for the first time. I was so animated I made up my mind on studying something I liked instead of something that would give me money for sure, and also began learning to play various instruments such as guitar, piano or flamenco box drum. This was about April: next year, however, I stumbled across John's birthday same day as carnival where I live (the Canary Islands) and instead of putting on a costume, I took a white t-shirt and painted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN FRUSCIANTE" on the front and "5TH MARCH" on the back, and wore it out to everywhere I went, spreading knowledge and music of John Frusciante to anyone that asked.
    The year after that (last year) I had to work early on the very same day, and at first I didn't remember about it. However, I was oddly happy at work (I say oddly because usually I was miserable there) and I couldn't realize why, I just felt that "it was a good day". Then I came back home for lunch and remembered about his birthday: I was so happy, I found the same shirt and put it on, and spent all the rest of the day having good thoughts and listening to John's music solely once again.
    Today, I am sitting in my room: I am far away from home studying Cinema and Television, as I dreamed, but certain things have come with me from the other corner of the world. Today, once again, I am wearing the same t-shirt I quickly painted two years ago to wear to the carnival: what once was a COSTUME has now become a CUSTOM for me. Today, once again, I am listening only to John's music, as I do every year. Today, once again, John's birthday was a great day, I spend the morning doing a publicity research with a group of friends and had a good time, and I am still to go to the city centre tonight with a bunch of my friends dressed up in costumes and right now I'm meeting some other friends in my room to smoke and listen to John's work. Today, once again, as every year, I am at peace with the world, and I feel good at the place I am. Today, I thank John to the infinite, for the life that he has helped me accomplish and the bright future that lays ahead, always with him by my side. Today, once again, I say:
    [youtube -CL1MDsoWUc youtube]

  • Sofia_Blue

    Честит рожден ден, С днем рождения, Felis Cumpleaños…
    Happy Birthday John 🙂
    All the best <3

  • Colin

    Happy Birthday John! Without your music, I know I wouldn't be the musician I am today. I really can't wait to listen to your new album. Enjoy your day!!!

  • Indira

    Happy Birthday, dear John! Thank you so much for the wonderful music you've created, it still brightens my day every single day. May this day be filled with lots of love and happiness. Be safe and keep rocking!

    Lots of love, Indira (Holland)

  • shelovesmusic

    Happy Birthday to you John! All the best for you… keep on playing and creating such amazing music… you're always an inspiration! You should come to germany some time… that would be great =)

  • AdamSimpson

    Happy Birthday John, Hope your having a brilliant day!

    Thanks for all the great music and I wish you all the best in the future!

    Lots of love
    Adam Simpson [UK]

  • Bruna

    Happy birthday Maestro, you are like a flower in my life. Many thanks to God, your mother and your father to have you. Bruna, Roma ~ Italia.

  • Pilar

    Happy birthday, John! The world is a more beautiful place because you play and sing your music in it. And sometimes just because you talk and share your thoughts! I don't know if you reflect its beauty or it reflects yours. But you are a lovely soul…. Peace and much love!

  • Jano

    It is such a blessing to have people like John in the world, ones that actually build upon their gift, sharing their
    vision of what most of us cannot grasp and while doing so they are capable of creating something extraordinary, just pure delight. Wish you many-many years to come!

  • Mariel

    Happy Birthday John! I wish you peace, health and endless happiness. Love your music!!!!

  • Jasper

    I wish you much love and happiness and lots of good luck working on the new album.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday party 🙂

  • Alice

    Now John's birthday is nearly over in my country, and I can say, that it was a happy and joyful day, because I thought that whole day of this special person, and listened to his special music. John is my life – he is the one, who devided it into before and after. His music is my whole life's gift, that I'm very grateful to. I hope that he'll stay well and healthy, and will be able to do everything he wants to, without any pressure from any side. I hope him to be free, as he wants too, although it "seems pointless from above".

  • Priscilla

    Feliz cumpleaños John!!! Mis mejores deseos y toda la felicidad del mundo para vos! Luz!

  • Luchi-p

    john you are the love of my life without my guitar hero today is not that serious you are my idol you are my everything my're my inspiration when the sun will not come out in my're the best person I ever found you would see by chance if you greet, would embrace you, I would give a big kiss and one year if I could babble on're my source of inspiration I love you I hope this day the best passes I send you all the best luck in the next album I love you Lu

  • halcyon

    Happy Birthday John 🙂

    You are an inspiration for me since the day i start listening to the Peppers. Your music is just a flow of pure energy and feeling.

    Thank You.

  • Baro

    It's not only the fact that I love your music.
    It's the fact, that as a musician myself, you've influenced me greatly. Even as a bass player, when I listened to the RHCP way too often, your guitar playing influenced my bass more than Flea's bass itself.
    So, if you didn't exist, god knows how would I be today. I wouldn't be what I am now. I wouldn't probably even play bass.
    I owe you that.
    Thanks for existing. Keep doing that for even more years.

  • machyc

    Happy b-day John. We all thank you for your beautiful, breath-taking music, it truly heals our minds. Wishing you the best!

  • miray

    Hi john, I’m a big fan of your music and you from Turkey.I love you so much.Thanks for making the world liveable.I think you are the best guitarist alive.Happy 42nd birthday P.S: don’t be worry you look like 22

  • atilla

    happy birthday god. best guitarist all the time. love you so much.(sorry for my english) 😀

  • Rigo

    Feliz cumpleaños John!!! tú guitarra ha expresado muchos de los sentimientos que vivimos como seres humanos, sin duda alguno eres el mejor… sigue sonando John!!!

  • LyrikDeHaven

    Happy Birthday to the most amazing, beautiful, talented person I've ever known. Thank you for your music, John. I cherish every single song and will for many years.

    Happy Birthday John. I love you. <3

  • hitchhiker36

    Another cycle complete, hope this one is as rich and thought provoking as your music. I often imagine I’m jamming with you when I play guitar, I wonder if you ever get the feeling you are jamming with someone thousands of miles away…

  • Snow White

    "But the way you make feel is all that's really real"
    Happy birthday Frusciante ^^

  • Seda

    i wish i had more to say than just happy birthday. but it is really hard to write down your best wishes for your dearest musician. because whatever i say, it is going to be incomplete.
    hope you're doing well, sharing a nice bottle of wine with your friends&family, some good music, a very tasty meal, all the joy and all the peace…oh crap! i screwed up!

    john, you rock my world!
    see you in the next dimension.

  • Joe

    You saved my life this year John anthony frusciante. In return for this favor I will dedicate my life to being the best and deepest musician I know how and to always aspire to create art which has the level or purity, passion, and integrity that is found in everything you create. You have given me a reason to live and make me feel good about being myself because I know I can always look to you for happiness and inspiration when I find none around me.

  • ENW

    If Your Birthday Is Today__Actress Eva Mendes (1974) shares your birthday today. You enjoy the company of others however, you seek solitude to perfect a particular skill or technique. You have the discipline to do so because you try to stay in touch with what it is you hope to achieve. This focus on your goals is the key to your success. A change might take place this year, perhaps as significant as something that changed around 2003.____Happy Birthday John!__Looking forward to your new album.__Love and blessings from Canada

  • (((o)))

    Dear John, now you know the answer to life, universe and everything else: It's 42. But without being aware of that particular date I played INSIDE OF EMTINESS this morning, after a long time. Synchronicity, velocity, 666, 23? Anyway, thank you so much – this one alone would have made you immortal! Endless regards, Thomas

  • Cathippolyte

    As it is still 5th of March in California right now (but not for long) I wish you again a "bon anniversaire" from France 🙂
    Thanks for existing John (not original but sincere)
    Lots of love :*

  • frusciante ftw

    happy bdae john, i wonder what you did to celebrate….maybe invite flea and chad over to ur crib for a hard, fast, funk slap, unbridled jam session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perrine

    Happy birthday to you Mr Frusciante ! Quite belated due to a major power failure where I live ! Yesterday was kind of magic ! Snow fell all day long, coming out of nowhere as the last days were quite warm ! The whole town looked different, covered in snow with, no lights, closed shops ! Funny !

  • Dave

    Happy Birthday John Anthony Frusciante, we all hope that you are happy and relaxed with your wife and family to celebrate your birthday. We are doing our part sending you a lot of love from all over the world, USA, Italy, Brazil,India.. We may speak different languages but we're guided by the same feelings we have for you as a musician, as a person, as a fucking genius. You and your music make us able to keep dreaming.
    We love you John.

  • matt camaleon frushiante

    Felicidade al mejor guitarrista del mundo!

    John me cambio mi foma de ver y hacer musica!

  • Erika

    Happy birthday!!!
    thanks for being who you are, for all those great songs those great messages and good feelings…
    Thank you for spreading the love for music everywhere
    thank you for making our lives happier with your music!

  • Chacha

    Changed my life and my vision of it. Hope you will live happily for the rest of your life. I am greatful for your existence and every one of your songs. Sending you all my love and my respect! Thank you for making my life groovier!

  • matt camaleon

    Muchas Felicidades, gracias por hacerme entender la musica como ahora la entiendo….john eres dios!!

  • Edwin

    FROOSH! Happy Birthday I cant explain how much you've done for me and my fellow generation, I play your solo's for people and they go nuts! In the most beautiful way, I learn so much from you everyday and love life more because of you. The beautiful John Frusciante HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Low Jones

    Well, I know I'm a bit late.
    Nevertheless I remembered it^^
    So, once again: Best wishes for another year in your life!
    Thank you for all the art – and I'm looking forward to hearing new material 😉

  • Jason

    Come back to the Chili Peppers you little bitch!! Happy birthday you little hoe. Oh yeah and people here still suck….

  • David

    Happy belated birthday John! (yes I’ll acknowlege I was 2 days late :/) I hope all is fantastic in life and wish all the best! Keep creating, the world is a better place for it. 🙂

  • joe kenbok

    happy birthday john! every year you spend on this earth being creative is multiplied into many years of happiness and inspiration for me and obviously many others. i love you. ive loved you since i was nine and my cousin gave me a blood sugar sex magik cassette before i knew your name and it opened up my heart for music infinitely. when i first heard niandra, i was in disbelief and bliss and awe that someone could capture feelings i had in my soul and recreate them with guitar and voice. your music has been the soundtrack for my life and often my salvation. i feel like you express things that i feel but could never put into words. thank you so much.

  • @Violeta2684

    John quiero decirte cuan inspiradora es tu música, si tu felicidad y razón de ser es crear esta maravillosa música para hacerle sentir al publico la belleza que hay en la vida, en nuestra conexión con la naturaleza, en el amor, puedes ser feliz porque lo has logrado. Esta música maravillosa le ha dado sentido a existir, eres una bendición, decirte cuanto te quiero sonaría exagerado porque es demasiado. Mua!

  • Anna

    Happy Birthday John. I don't normally write to or for celebrities but I feel compelled. Always loved RHCP's but never noticed who's who until now (and I'm older than you a tad I have no musical ability at all, nothing. But I am apparantly a very gifted painter. Why tell you this? Because I did not paint or draw at all for 25 of my 45 years. Because I was afraid to go near the part of myself those abilities reside. It actually broke my family's heart when I quit but I couldn't say why. I've been at it for the past 7 years. Doing good, selling even! And your music helps me overcome the fear I have of the place within from which that "behavior" (won't say "skill") originates. Thank you that is the most amazing gift.

  • Dalton wells

    John, I know its a bit late but happy Birthday, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't play guitar as i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R A GUITAR HERO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desert Lady

    Many years on Californication tour I took the big trekk from my adobe house in the middle of desert nowhere to Phoenix. I was out on the green and some guard took me to the front of the stage to "cheer John up"….he said. It had been many years since my concert days of meeting lots of rock stars….was a lady in young 30's with braids, an orange dress and mocassins…..I had the time of my life…the music tantric in my blood…ecstasy the entire time….at the end, threw a rose someone had given me onstage..John caught it…the whole band had some inside joke about me ….not paranoid…reality..Anthony Keidas threw me a kiss and then went over to John and pointed me out…both smiling……..went to the parking lot, some limo stopped and a guy asked me in……just cause your'e in a limo doesn't mean I'm gonna come in….went to my car and then the gas station….this limo is there, this driver gets out…"why the hell didn't you get in the limo?? the band was in there!!"……I would have loved to talk with John about my handmade adobe house and my sweat lodge and the Native Ruins next to my land….and all the magic I lived in the desert without phone, electricity , running water…..I would have loved to do yoga with him and maybe even some Tantric yoga….dang…missed my chance……happy B day and Happy marriage as well John Frusicante……( I would have been your type!!! I look a lot like your wife!!!!)….Your music continues to flow true…..may your ship sail freely and smoothly forever……..from Desert Lady…….

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