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Letur-Lefr pre-order update & more

During the past week, a lot of you have been concerned about not having got any more e-mails on Letur-Lefr if you have ordered it from the official store; so you might be relieved to know you have one today. There's bad news: you'll be waiting a bit more due to a pressing delay at the plant.

There's good, good news, too! You're getting your mp3s a day early.

If you have pre-ordered the bundle, you're getting your hi-res files. If it didn't work at first, try to use your link again, there was an error that's been fixed.

If you have pre-ordered the CD or vinyl, you're getting your mp3s.

If you have pre-ordered digital, you're getting your files a day early.

In case you do not see the link in your e-mail, unblock links and enable rich view, that usually works in most e-mail clients and most web mail applications. If you're having any problems, reply to this news item or post here; so someone could help you out.

This is what probably is true for orders elsewhere:

If you had ordered through and some third-party retailers around Europe, they're already being shipped and some people got them already. Also, named Letur-Lefr their album of the week and themed their entire website to match it. Go have a look now.

If you had ordered from Japan, through one of their retailers, it depends on where you are and how your country handles shipping and customs. Be careful about the later, as some countries tend to charge a lot for this.

If you had ordered through Amazon in USA, I have no clear information on this, but it appears to be a week late, so its release date there is the 24th of July. Other Amazon sites appear to have started dispatching it already.

If you're not ordering online, check with your local stores and distributers for release dates and availability.

Just don't worry, you'll all get your Letur-Lefr, eventually.

If you got it yet, share with the world how you're enjoying it! Here's a question.

And, if you want everyone to see how happy and grateful you are, click here to submit a photo of yourself with your Letur-Lefr for the community's Facebook album.

  • Andy

    Anyone else having issues with the high-res version? The code worked and it downloaded successfully, however I was immediately bummed out when I saw it contained MP3s rather than WAVs.

    • I downloaded the high res at work and it did the same thing, came out as MP3s. Then when I got home I tried the link and the code again and it downloaded WAVs... Strange but maybe try it again?

    • it was no problem for me to get the high res. I ordered the Deluxe pack and clicked the download link in the email i received, and i downloaded both the mp3s, and the wavs in a seperate folder, however with no mp3tags although... songs simply filed as "01 In Your Eyes",... without artist, album etc. in itunes.

  • Lindsey

    i thought it was weird that with the CD purchase i was given mp3s, whereas normally i would import a CD into a lossless format. no big deal though, i generally can't tell the difference

  • I love the new album so much it's not even funny. It's amazingly versatile and open! Only one full listen so far, but instant love for the album!!!

  • asdfg

    I'm having problems with the actual mp3s. I cannot skip around in them, and my media player does not recognize their time length. I can hear them however. Anybody else having this issue?

    • Caroline

      Yes. And I can't change their ID tags.

  • Fam

    Yes! Got my new album one day early! Heading out to run a 10 miler and listen up.

  • Lukey

    I got the CD on the 15th.

  • Nick

    Just got the CD today.......I WANT MORE! This is awesome! Thanks John.

  • I love seeing everybody's album photos on the invisible movement facebook page. So much fun! Great idea!

  • sadclown

    anyone still waiting for their deluxe? mine hasn't shipped and topspin isn't answering my emails. 🙁 i'd hate to have to file a complaint with amex because i'd really like to get my package. sigh...i wish they'd at least answer an email and let me know what's going on.

    • zzz

      I purchased deluxe a couple weeks and have not received. I've sent two inquiries to Top Spin Media with no response at all. Have you received yours yet?