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Truth Hurts talks about working with John in an interview

In one of her most recent interviews, Share Watson, also known as the bearer of all the recent hopeful news that listeners of John's music have had prior to two months ago reveals more about what might been the singing snippet. While that can be just a rough guess, she sure is using familiar rhetorics, that might just, just seem less scary than the first time around.

DX: You also started talking about experimenting with a Rock sound and collaborating with John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Did that song ever come out?

Truth Hurts: He’s putting his own project out. I sang for his project and I’m getting a track from him for my project. You never know with John. He may put it out, he may not. His thing is, he doesn’t make music for people anymore. He doesn’t have to. But the song is great that we did together. We were chilling at his house listening to one project that he did and he never released it. There’s this track on there where I was like, “Man, please let me take this cause this track is crazy!” He’s crazy on the guitar like nobody’s business. I was like, “Please let me have it!” [Laughs] Nobody’s heard it. It’s crazy. He’s like, “This is just for the archives.” I’m like, “No way. No way.”

If you would like, you can read the entire interview.

NOTE: The interview author notes that the project is Letur-Lefr, which is apparently, not the case.

*Many thanks to Robin Hipps for the heads-up.

  • Roo

    very interesting stuff, John is amazing and all this news is just getting me more and more excited for PBX!

  • orangevarld

    Good to remember that on top of PBX, we'll probably soon hear a song from John on her project.


    What a amazing soul..I wanna fuckin cry!!

  • Untitled #14

    I just love how he makes glorious, perfect music, but still sometimes decides not to allow anyone to hear it. This just proves how dedicated he is to simply making music rather than what most artists are aiming to do (sell, sell, sell). I love it.

    One can only imagine the absolute diamond mine of tracks he has hidden away. Amazing.

  • Iva

    I don't like having a take on anything as, for whatever reason, people take it hard when I say something; but this time I have to, regardless of the consequences.

    This thing that Share Watson and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez dressed up beyond belief in interviews (might be the way interviewers dress it up further, might be the way most people read it, too) is nothing "admirable", nothing special, just common sense and a normal thing for an experienced artist of any kind. It's just that people who love the mad scientist attitude and are obviously close friends have blown the entire process beyond belief; the same way a mother will always think that what her own child is doing is unique. They love him.

    Say you were a poet. You have years when you write only one poem a month and all of them are good. Eventually, they're published, entered in a contest, ending up in poetry compilations. It might have not been a fruitful year for you, you might be feeling spent, but there's the love.

    Then, you have years when you burst with words like mad, when you write every other day and end up with 150, 200 poems. But a large portion of what you have done might be slightly "out there", not understandable to people who are not you, in need of being worked over and over again until it makes sense...there will be surely those poems that you will keep for yourself, as a memento of a period of time where you were exploring, looking for, but were still far away from finding whatever it was that you wanted.

    Is it worth the while? Hell, yeah. You were obsessed with them, you enjoyed every single moment of time you spent writing them, you were shaking from your own excitement over this word or that word, how they go together, over the stage you might have built for your own characters, the concept, the metaphors you came upon.

    While it might not be what people will want from you and while you might not even want to share those attempts with them, it was YOUR learning curve, YOUR excitement and your way of growing on the inside, expanding your inner horizons.

    This is how I see it. No admirable recluse story, no miracle, just a human being like me and you, possibly but not necessarily with very high standards of what's to be heard and what's not to be heard.

    And "not having to make music for people" = not having to meet certain standards and clichés that were expected of him in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A people loather and a snob who doesn't release stuff because we're not worthy of it would not share half of a decade of his own life with random strangers and eventually release some music.

    And likely, with the business model that doesn't have anyone monitor every single thing he does, he can be like this. A major label would probably take the supposedly sub-par songs and release them because they want more $$$ and make him play some sort of a role, be told what to say...and other bullshit.

    He's just a man who appears to have an incredible passion for what he's doing and get completely possessed, consumed by the process of creating works of art. Embrace the works that passion produced instead of sticking to some sentence in some interview that was taken out of context. Be creative instead of trying to be a carbon copy of him. Admire him the way you would admire your cool next door neighbour, that mysterious girl from your art classes whose drawings nobody gets, the third cousin who goes on a safari or a glacier expedition and comes back with a story so vivid that a mirage of everything he's seen burts in front of you....

    ...not the way someone worships a divine figure.
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    • Kellee

      That was beautiful Iva. (and I just came back from a Glacier Expedition.)

  • Mike moon

    I completely agree. Although I want John's music, I want what he is comfortable releasing. It is his music, it's that simple. His music has always been a blessing to my life.

  • Inspired to comment by what Iva has said,

    I'd actually given much thought into why John feels he shouldn't release his music.

    Well, as a matter of fact, if you "rationalize" it, it completely makes sense.

    If you release what you have created, then there will be critics. Especially if your name starts with F and ends with rusciante!
    It won't really affect what you have already done. But you'll notice the critics (and what fans will say, of course) and it will stay in your mind.

    So, probably, John must feel that, if people like it, he will subconsciously release something not-similar-but.

    I mean, the industry would affect what he creates. And that's exactly what he tries to avoid.
    Hope I made my point sort of clear.
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