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John blogs on his recent history, journey to “one man band”

Many have wondered, and some appeared to be confused about it, where did this Progressive Synth Pop, that later turned out to be a genre-crossing, boundaries-breaking wonder came from. You will definitely love reading John's most recent blog entry, My recent history; where he describes the journey that started with Acid House and ended with what he calls a one man band.

He reveals that he'd had been playing guitar to synth and sample-based music for good ten years before starting to think about making it himself; that the theory was not what he was used to in standard genres of music and that he started programming in 2007.

I was obsessed with music where machine intelligence and human intelligence seemed to be bouncing off one another, each expanding with the incorporation of what it received from the other.

Further on, he reveals more...

I had lost interest in traditional songwriting and I was excited about finding new methods for creating music. I’d surround myself with machines, program one and then another and enjoy what was a fascinating process from beginning to end. I was so excited by the method of using numbers much in the same way I’d used my muscles all my life. Skills that had previously been applied by my subconscious were gradually becoming conscious, by virtue of having numerical theoretical means of thinking about rhythm, melody and sound.

...and confirms that he indeed started using a computer, after having begun to play with two unnamed friends; which lead to coming up with his new style, Progressive Synth Pop - still based on Acid House in its core - came from. For a period of time, he was not including guitar and voice on these recordings, but then he started doing so again; and came up with an approach that was different to what he was doing before.

He then shares some insight of the creative process between Letur-Lefr and how the approach changed even further for PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, where he started implementing the guitars again. He also mentions playing them on Swahili Blonde's Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink (referred to as "my wife's second album"), in a disciplined manner.

Aspects of PBX are the realization of combinations of styles of music I saw in my head many years ago, as potentials, but which I had no idea how to execute. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to focus exclusively on music for music’s sake, and also so thankful that I got to spend all those years active in the music business whilst keeping my head in music all the time. I was free to spend most of my time playing along with records, writing, and dreaming. I have so much gratitude for everyone who made that possible.

In the end, he calls himself an one-man band. After such a detailed description, all of us are looking forward to PBX...aren't we?

These outlines might not be doing justice to such a complex blog entry, so make sure you read it all, carefully.!

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John blogs on both album titles
Letur-Lefr EP in July, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone LP in September!

  • Bertie

    Holy monkey balls, I'm excited to hear PBX now...

  • Mike

    when i first saw this on facebook i scrolled down to the bottom first and read, "In summary, Acid served as a good starting point for me, very gradually leading me to be able to combine whatever styles of music I want, as a one man band." And i was like WTF? Acid served as a good starting point? Then i read the rest...

    • yoyo

      its pretty unclear to if he refers to acid as the genre or the drug in a few points of his blog

      • CMD313

        I am sure it is the genre.

  • Hippers

    I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! It sure sounds like we are going to receive some great music!!

  • Kellee

    I read this right before bedtime. Now I can't sleep. Letur-Lefr is beautiful. I can't even imagine what PBX will be like. And so kind that he shared his process and thinking with his audience.

  • i assume his unnamed friends are Aaron Funk and Chris McDonald from speed dealer moms as the way he is describing his approach correlates with that of the sounds from Speed Dealer Moms?

    • brisbeete

      Yeah, for sure, one of this friends is Aaron Funk! He also have an acid side project called Last Step.

  • mark

    Finally the question is answered what unexpected instrument john bought:
    -> a Yamaha SG 🙂

  • Danno

    i've been saying this since I heard about this...PBX will be the shit!!

  • Untitled #14

    PBX sounds like it's going to be exciting! Can't wait for it. Although I'm little sad at this point though:

    "I had lost interest in traditional songwriting"

    Seems to me as if he's saying we won't see albums like Shadows, TROWFTD, Niandra, etc. again which is a shame. I might have read it wrong though.

    • Serge

      you still have shadows, trowftd and niandra

    • Iva

      Read it up to its ending, carefully. From what I understand, he ended up mixing all of his approaches, thus creating a new, unique one.

      • Untitled #14

        Just had another read now I've had more time to take it in, and I think what you're saying makes more sense than what I first thought - which is a good thing.

        I enjoy reading what he has to say about things. So much detail. Would definitely buy his book!

  • Pawel

    A collaboration with skrillex is next! jk

  • Leon

    This man has some kind of intelligent. I can't define it, but it seems like his way of thinking is higher, but is 'normal' for him, while I can't imagine thinking like that. Thats really one of the things I also like about John. I am really excited about this blog!

    • Nick

      He mentioned that he started messing around with synthesizers before he even got serious about playing guitar many many years ago. So he has a synth influence by nature and guitar playing is more 2nd hand. Sounds like hes been going back and forth and combining throughout the years and now wants to go back to his roots of synth pop. I think john gives inspiration to anyone who may want to do this one day and all you have to do is surround yourself with the right people and the right tools.

  • Did we miss this one at the time?

    • mark

      yeah seems like we mised this one 😀
      thx for posting!

  • Alex

    Pretty good read. I personally didn't even expect John to stagnate in one particular frame of mind.

  • kay

    I didn't quite understand the 4th from last paragraph about incorporating guitar again? could someone sit up please? like how he felt he could use guitar again. Thanks

    • Dan

      I think he was trying to say that he felt he couldn't use his guitar to begin with, because he felt that the laws of rock music, which he is very proficient with, would mean his guitar would take the lead ahead of the electronic instruments. John wanted to learn the laws and rules within the electronic music realm so he could use them with as much ease as in his rock music phase. Once he had learnt enough, he felt he could pick up the guitar again and play using an electronic approach rather than a rock approach, so there would be a better balance with the other instruments. He know feels he can mix guitar with electronic music, without one imposing on the other.

      That's how I read I anyway! Hope that makes sense!

  • John

    After reading John's blog I am even more intrigued to hear PBX. I'm so looking forward to it!

  • Fam

    This is great news! I've been a fan of these instruments John has been using and have been dreaming of new sounds and exploring them in new ways in my own music. Check out the end of this youtube vid link demonstrating an MC 202 to here what one can sound like:

    I can only imagine what John was hearing in his head, but I am extremely excited and inspired that this is the direction he has gone. Very much looking forward to this...

  • Bernard

    This is a breath-taking piece. John has lifted the lid on his innermost musical processes, the mechanisms of creative methodology. He has re-invented himself and his musical persona by un-learning what he knew to make way for new skills and paradigms. I think that for this he deserves our respect regardless of whether we like the new musical direction or not. seems like he's almost dismissing Letur-Lefr as his first primitive attempts before arriving to this new concept that is PBX. Can't wait!!

  • Tom Feather

    John following his dream and doing his own thing is beautiful and inspiring but I'm truly disappointed in these new EP's. I know we don't have any idea what's going through his head and I feel, after reading this, the way it goes makes him happy and excited but for him to trade his guitar for "the machines" he's talking about, makes me very sad.

    • Benne

      I agree with you man, seeing John move away from his guitar made me sad too. When I heard letur-lefr I actually felt a bit disappointed, I had been been waiting for a new record for so long and to hear him experiment with machines instead of his guitar really didn't feel right. John is one of the few people ever to walked this earth who can really transport their feelings directly to the instrument they're playing. Hearing John play his guitar is just pure emotion coming from his hands, you can hear he's not thinking about the next note or chord, he just play's what he feels like. I didn't have the same feeling with listening to Letur-lefr, it all sounded really well thought off. I'm not saying that letur-lefr is a bad record, I just missed the raw emotion coming from his guitar and his voice.. But there's good hope that PBX will be different, as he's saying on his blogs.. I think I just miss BSSM happy John..

  • Colin

    That could explain the song title '909 Day'. There's this acid house group called 808 State, who got their name from the drum machine they used (Roland TR-808), and 'State', referring to 'state of mind'. So maybe John used the Roland TR-909 for 909 Day? Can't really reference the 'Day', though.

    • Iva

      A day when he felt like doing something with his 909? 🙂

  • fam

    That sounds about right Colin. I broke out my 808 sampler few weeks ago when "Glowe" was released. Re-inspired to make music again. Here is a song a made last year that John helped inspire where I also try to use the elements he is describing. BTW this was an ad I ran for my apparel company so if you don't want to see it please don't click. Or maybe Iva can delete this comment if its not Okay 🙂

    I think what I like most about John's new music is the emphasis on the "progressive". Though I also agree with Tom F I like the old stuff too. Separate any virtuoso from his definitive instrument and it is a little sad but it sounds like John is balancing both skills with PBX.

    • Iva

      I had no idea you were making music. This is beautiful, I am not going to delete fact, please send me a mp3 of it, if possible. 🙂

      My recent post Dani na dokovima

      • fam

        Thanks Iva 🙂 So much appreciate the album updates and insights on here. If anyone else wants a copy just reply with an email to send the mp3.

    • I really enjoyed your video and music. The old rusted car- and you guys are so fit and handsome. Exceptional.

  • Jean Antoine Bruit

    What i have heard of LeturLefr was indeed very impressive. Although, i must say im a bit pissed of by the balance of particular tracks. Im trying to listen on different equalizing presets, but it does not really help. I would pay a million to get hands on that raw material and engineer it myself, to my perfection.

    And that is pretty weird feeling, cause most of Johns work sound just like it should to me.

    Im really happy that John gone this way. He brings us something that we would not expect and it is beautiful. He is free. Im happy.

    Jean Bruit

    • Iva

      Jean, what version are you listening to?

  • Dani

    john frusciante is one of the most important musicians in history undoubtedly


    I just thank john endlessly for sharing.

  • One man band = no live show?

    • Andrew

      I stopped expecting live shows from John when he didn't tour the empyrean. I'd be surprised if he went on a live tour in the next few years.

  • Lukefr

    Oh my goodness.