Letur-Lefr CD
Sneak previews

Letur-Lefr out in Japan, contributors revealed!

Given that Letur-Lefr appears to be out one day earlier in Japan, at least for our friends who pre-ordered it; images have been posted upon request on a couple of social networks. Our Japanese visitors also said that they love the album. While it’s not available for streaming anywhere, you can at least have a sneak peak at what it looks like. There you go!

Here are the credits for you to read, so you know what you’re in for:
All music written, performed and produced by John Frusciante
Printed lyrics written and performed by John Frusciante
909 Day contains words written and performed by Leggezin Fin, Masia One, Kinetic 9, and RZA
FM lyrics written and performed by Kinetic 9, Rugged Monk and RZA
In My Light contains lyrics written and performed by RZA
Female vocals on In Your Eyes by Nicole Turley
Female backing vocals on FM by John Frusciante
Recorded at home
Studio manager: Anthony Zamora
Cover art by John Frusciante
Cover design by Julian Chavez and John Frusciante

Seems that a lot of you were right about possible contributors, at least according to feedback here and on this site’s social networks. And yes, you have read the credits well – John is doing female backing vocals on FM.

Please, DO NOT post any links to possible leaks here, as they will be deleted. Enjoy a little more suspense, as this is good, good stuff and totally worth the wait, especially after we have waited for a couple of years now. The snippets should also give you a good idea of what we’re in for.

If you have it already, go and play it, scrobble it, MOG it, hype it, let the world know how beautiful it is!

*Many thanks to K.I. for the photos.