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Letur-Lefr out in Japan, contributors revealed!

Given that Letur-Lefr appears to be out one day earlier in Japan, at least for our friends who pre-ordered it; images have been posted upon request on a couple of social networks. Our Japanese visitors also said that they love the album. While it's not available for streaming anywhere, you can at least have a sneak peak at what it looks like. There you go!

Here are the credits for you to read, so you know what you're in for:
All music written, performed and produced by John Frusciante
Printed lyrics written and performed by John Frusciante
909 Day contains words written and performed by Leggezin Fin, Masia One, Kinetic 9, and RZA
FM lyrics written and performed by Kinetic 9, Rugged Monk and RZA
In My Light contains lyrics written and performed by RZA
Female vocals on In Your Eyes by Nicole Turley
Female backing vocals on FM by John Frusciante
Recorded at home
Studio manager: Anthony Zamora
Cover art by John Frusciante
Cover design by Julian Chavez and John Frusciante

Seems that a lot of you were right about possible contributors, at least according to feedback here and on this site's social networks. And yes, you have read the credits well - John is doing female backing vocals on FM.

Please, DO NOT post any links to possible leaks here, as they will be deleted. Enjoy a little more suspense, as this is good, good stuff and totally worth the wait, especially after we have waited for a couple of years now. The snippets should also give you a good idea of what we're in for.

If you have it already, go and play it, scrobble it, MOG it, hype it, let the world know how beautiful it is!

*Many thanks to K.I. for the photos.

  • Untitled #14

    I'm liking the look of everything there, great stuff - although I'm very jealous of the people getting it early! Enjoy it!

    Oh, and did anyone else notice: "Female backing vocals on FM by John Frusiciante"?

    • Kevin Emery

      Yeah I'm not sure if that's an attempt at humor, in which case it is actually pretty funny. I kind of think it goes along with the next line, "Recorded at Home". You can tell that he's really lightened up a lot in the last few years.

  • Carlos A.

    Looking forward to listen to this album.

  • Serge

    Why before the release date, it's July 4th in Japan already.

    • Iva

      It was not when the person who sent in these photos said they had them.

  • Anders

    Jonesing for a listen! Can someone PLEASE post the songs on youtube or something?

  • david

    I notice the lyrics of FM aren't there, maybe that's because he didn't write them.

  • Love the artwork!

  • Unknown2

    spelling error on the credits... "Female backing vocals on FM by John Frusiciante"

    • Untitled #14

      Indeed, except that I was more interested by the fact that the "female" backing vocals are by John... Unless I'm missing something!

    • Serge

      might be a quite funny joke.

    • Pra

      Is not an error as it's in fact 'female' sounding i think..

  • Jak

    Our Japanese friends PLEASE post it on YouTube today we can't wait no longer!!!

  • jack

    In My Light was already my favorite song from the snippets but finding out that RZA is on it makes it even better

  • dani

    youtubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • iggy

    it's not fair... we want check this ep too!

  • Colin

    So..nothing from Share Watson on this record. I'm guessing she'll be on PBX?

    • david

      Yes, John said that ther was only one feature, might be Watson singing a song.

  • I wish I was born in Japan or at least was going to school there right now!!! After that whole tsunami thing, I am glad that the people of Japan are at least getting some rewards for the tragedies that they have felt. Enjoy the album everyone!! Moshi Moshi Koneko!!

  • marko

    i must comment..his "artwork" is so bad , its funny how bad is it. but i love it 😀

    • Untitled #14

      It looks as if he's going for the René Ricard look from Shadows Collide with People, and I'd have to say he's done a good job. I'm not sure on the plain blue background though; I think it would have looked better with an actual image of something, but that's just me!

      • brendan

        why is everyone such a critic these days

        • Untitled #14

          Life would be a boring place if everyone agreed with everything everyone had ever done. I was only adding my opinion, for the sake of discussion. Oh, and as for your comment, bit ironic is it not?

  • asdfg

    He does not sing any lyrics on FM, just backing vocals. And he didn't write the lyrics the MCs rapped either - make sense?

  • I'm so pumped to have a listening party!!!! I'm playing it loud on a loop for days!

  • danb

    I love it. RZA's house in New Jersey is like 15 minutes from my house. I see him at the mall sometimes but have never been able to talk to him.

  • danb

    Also, I appreciate you posting these pics. I really wanted to see the "In My Light" lyrics written out. They are beautiful lyrics.

  • Leon
    • Serge

      THE REST.

      • Iva

        Please, do not use that tone. "Please", "thank you" and no caps lock are a good start. 🙂

        • Serge

          Quite a problem though when it's about John's music. It comes out like it did.

      • flea

        haha epic reaction

  • ben

    There is some sweet guitar work actually.
    I already love that EP, really cool beats and synth sounds 🙂

  • tom

    my dear friends from japan, please post "In My Light". it would be such a beautiful day with this song 😉 please...

  • niandra
  • niandra
  • tom

    wohooooo 😉 thank you sooo much !!!

  • Paul Banks
  • Untitled #14

    Thanks for the YouTube uploads!

  • ElBandor
  • eforie
  • niandra
  • Dan

    WOW. Never heard anything like it. Never thought i would say it, but FM one of my favourites!

  • rattle36

    Finallyyyyyyyy yesssssssssss

  • kidaci

    Suspense is good, but my will power's strength is finite. Plus, in America we celebrate July 4th (independence day for all of you who live elsewhere in the world) with explosions. Wouldn't want to accidentally deafen myself and not be able to hear the songs later just to maintain the suspense ; )

    On that note, I enjoyed the album (listened on youtube). And on the second listen I enjoyed it even for the 3rd...

  • Corey

    When John described his music has "progressive synth pop" and then went on to say "but that says nothing about what it sounds like" I knew things were going to be interesting, but this album far surpassed anything I could have ever fathomed.

    You can really hear his influences on this album. Clearly the Wu and specifically RZA (not even so much the rapping, but the overdub of speaking tracks on 909). Obviously his work with SDM and the recent intrigue in electronic music.

    Does anyone else get a Swahili Blonde sort of vibe to it also? Not so explicit, but it has the same kind of undertones to some of their songs.....

    Great album, can't wait to really let it sink in

    • orangevarld

      I also sometimes feel a very slight Swahili Blond touch, maybe is it because of the numerous changes of rhythm.
      Also, obviously because of Nicole's voice in in your eyes.

  • ben

    If you want to listen to it without any buffering or breaks in between the songs, someone uploaded the whole ep as one youtube video:


  • regina

    CAN U PLS POST IMAGE OF the cd spine pls. thank u

  • Jeffrey

    Received the SHM cd from japan today! Listening to it right now = awesome

  • SO do we think that John is doing the opera vocals on FM