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  • Letur-Lefr cover image

    Hear Letur-Lefr before you buy and get knocked down to another world!

    All around planet, even major media is streaming the tracks off Letur-Lefr. While is urging you to buy the EP and support our precious artist who has gone to extreme heights this time, we feel nobody should be kept in the dark any longer. Prepare to be taken away to another world!

  • Letur-Lefr CD

    Letur-Lefr out in Japan, contributors revealed!

    A lot of Japanese friends who pre-ordered Letur-Lefr got it a day before the release date. The album features guest MC's: RZA is on three songs, the other MC's featured are Leggezin Fin, Masia One, Kinetic 9 and Rugged Monk; while Nicole Turley is featured singing additional vocals on the first song.

  • letur_lefr_other_previews

    Different snippets of Letur-Lefr songs

    A couple of days before the EP sees the light of day in Japan; different previews, each from the particular song's beginning have been revealed on a Japanese sub-distributer's website. What's even better is that the Amazon previews continue on them so...that's how you can hear almost a minute of each of the songs...if you want to, that is.

  • Letur-Lefr preview

    Snippets of all Letur-Lefr songs

    Listen to snippets of all five songs from Letur-Lefr and get a glimpse of what we're in for - there's some rap, supported by the maestro's own trademark heavenly backing vocals, the last track sounds just ethereal and...well, check it out for yourself and tell the community what you think of it.

  • Letur-Lefr cover art

    Japanese edition of Letur-Lefr comes with a poster painting!

    While we're eagerly waiting for more music, pictures, hints about the album and song titles and all the other usual fun stuff; the visual side of Letur-Lefr just got better! There's something you will be able to hang it in your own little creative space... a fold-out poster.

  • Feeding Back - Conversation with Alternative Guitarists, by David Todd

    Feeding Back – comp winner, more JF excerpts

    The awesome book “Feeding Back – Conversations with Alternative Guitarists from proto-punk to post-rock” is being released today and our competition winner is announced - congratulations to Peter, entry #42. And yesterday, Music Radar posted a bigger with John on their website - by reading it, one can have a really good perspective of what his motives are right now.

  • No picture yet.

    Letur-Lefr, John’s new solo release, out 9th July!

    It's been a long time coming, but this wait was totally worth the while! John is going to release a new five-song EP titled Letur-Lefr this summer. He's also created artwork for it. The EP will be released in multiple formats, including cassette tapes. More information on this to follow soon, so...stay tuned and be happy!

  • Feeding Back - Conversation with Alternative Guitarists, by David Todd

    Feeding Back – new book on alt. guitarists. Fresh JF interview!

    David Todd's "Feeding Back - Conversations with Alternative Guitarists from proto-punk to post-rock" is out next month and there's a lengthy and fresh interview with John in it. An excerpt of it and author's exclusive notes written just for the visitors of this website can be read here. If you're from USA or Canada, you can also win a copy of the book!

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