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New upoming release, Outsides

Japanese website CD Japan has posted information about a new, advanced, John release, an EP coming up on 14th August. There’s no cover art available yet, but there’s a release name and it’s Outsides.

They describe it like this:

*Advanced Japanese release. CD from John Frusciante features three tracks total, including a bonus one. Comes with lyrics and a descriptiom.

Badly translated Japanese description (help?) says:

This work to open the curtain counter electrode more than 10 minutes featuring a guitar solo on the entire surface was sealed Kimi “Same” in “John Frusciante” emergency release! Previous work. All three songs unconventional creative as if investigated thoroughly the world of “PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone” is included. Japan pre-sale, bonus track +1, interviews, commentary, Ki lyrics with translation.


  1. Same
  2. Breathiac
  3. Shelf
  4. 04 / Untitled / Bonus track 1

1 – not clear which is correct, as of now.

Click here to read about it or read about it on Yahoo! Japan. The release date is, currently, 14th August 2013; which would probably indicate that a worldwide release would come later that month or early in September.

John, earlier this year, for a photo session
John, earlier this year, for a photo session

*Thanks to Leni, Leon, Adrianna and Patrick for heads-up while we were away on a vacation! You guys and girls RULE!

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