Letur-Lefr cover art
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Japanese edition of Letur-Lefr comes with a poster painting!

Letur-Lefr cover art
Letur-Lefr cover art - click to enlarge
Waiting for albums to be released, especially after what seems like such a long period of time might be annoying to some, exciting to some others; but one thing is sure – most of us just cannot wait for 4th, 16th or 17th July to hear more of Letur-Lefr.

But this might make many of the foot tappers a bit happier! The Japanese edition of the album on a SHM CD is, according to information on Amazon, set to include an exclusive poster painting by John, an unedited version the very same image that graces the EP’s cover. The said poster is a fold-out.

So, if you feel like it, pre-order yourself one. If you’re close to Japan or there, of course, use the officially- provided link.

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