John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Different snippets of Letur-Lefr songs

This month we're finally getting to experience Letur-Lefr and, as some of you pointed out, the previews from earlier, perhaps, don't say much about the songs. But what if they were slightly, slightly longer?

The Japanese website CD Japan is using different ones, from the beginning of each song and you can listen to them here. Flash player is required, as well as an exception for some of the popular pop-up window blockers.

Our friend Leni had a bright idea of putting the samples together:

So, there you go, now you have more of Letur-Lefr. If you want to listen to it, that is. If not, remember, you can still pre-order it using the official links, or whatever works where you are. And remember, feel free to report any problem you may encounter!

  • John Step

    john. where is your guitar? I know your taste change, but I loved your guitar, and your beautiful songs so much.

    • vcdscd

      Huh? His guitar is in some of these songs.

      • John Step

        barely any. it's not as exposed.

    • i_design

      That will be "the different" album like A Sphere in the Heart of Silence experiment. I think PBX will be more like frusciante-style-wah-wah-some-acoustic-stuffs-great album. By the way the samples sounds great.

      • John Step

        i hope so, i was thinking the same. i love the in my light chorus, but other than that, i just dont feel the emotional connection to the electronic hip hop synth

        • Iva

          That could be just prejudice. He did a whole album of electronic songs 11 years ago and it was incredibly emotional. Remember?

          You might warm up to the songs as they're out. They could grow on you more than you could have imagined...:) 🙂

          • John Step

            I love To Record Only Water For Ten Days, and A Sphere, but this album is just different. I've tried, but I'ts just my musical opinion and interest. I'm not interested in hip hop or synth of this form at this moment. I hope PBX has more raw, instrumentals.

  • Kerblaney

    This is wonderful!

  • Sacha

    this beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    The synth sound is incredible. I can't wait to hear what PBX is gonna be like 🙂

  • Dani

    i'm crying when hear the voice of john

  • Xavier Hernandez

    wheres glowe? anyways this kicks so much ass! in your eyes had been my favorite the first time with the 30 second previews, and now i find theres singing in it!!! ilt will definitely be my favorite song off this album!!! 🙂

    • orangevarld

      Same here

  • Jacob


    • Iva


      • Jacob

        For sure? explain please

        • It is not him. It is someone else trying to get you to listen to their crappy rip-off tunes. It will be released when John wants it released.

    • Miro

      This got me thinking if guitar and ratiug are the same song but played forward and backwards. Different parts would be backwards in different songs. Even thought at the moment we do not even know if these songs even contain guitar.

    • John Root

      haHAHAHAHA i CANT believe someone would do this!!!

  • What does "Snippet" Means?
    Love the new ohn's Style, he seems like a new man. Thank you John for giving me some motivation on these days :)!

    • Jacob


  • Colin

    In My Light!!!! <3 😀

  • Dan

    When i first listened to this, i hadnt noticed that it is two clips joined together! I found the part where they join together quite interesting! Seemed to be repeating what i had already heard, at a higher volume, whilst still in time. I found it quite cool.

    now i realise this prob isnt the case as its just slight errors in joining it up! I feel a bit silly. Sounds awesome tho.

    Any idea if the snippets from PBX are genuine? They sound great too


  • ElBandor

    They PBX snippets sound to much like older JF stuff. The first one, singing, sounds like a song from The Empyrean and the 2nd one is more TROWFTD or Niandra Lades. Therefore at this point id say fake.

    On topic: The new snippets make it realy nice, excited tot hear the full songs.

    • Dan

      Yeh def heard the empyrean snippet. Both nice songs tho, even if fake

      The new stuff is something I would not normally listen to. However the more I listen to this, it grows and grows. There is so much going on and it takes a lot of listens to take it in and appreciate. Sounds awesome thru headphones. In my light is my fave so far. Hope the link between verse and chorus is a bit cleaner than the snippet. Sure it will be

  • These are awful. I hope PBX is better..and I think those PBX samples are total fake-a-rooni's, so don't be fooled.

  • Eugene

    This is the Frusciante I've been waiting for since To Record Water. I almost dig his synth work more than his guitar work.

  • Jak

    In My Light sounds like a Duran Duran song, and i like it!:)

  • Sweeet!!! Iva, I've gotten two emails from topspinmedia concerning my Letur Lefr order:

    Your back/special order has not yet arrived. Please know that we are working on getting it for you as soon as possible. As soon as it arrives, your order will be shipped! In the event the product becomes unavailable, we will notify you. Thank you for your patience.

    If you need to contact us, your order confirmation # is xxxxx.
    B/O QtyItem #TitleAvailable *
    1TPSP1519212.4FRUSCIANTE,JOHN / LETUR-LEFR07/10/12
    1TPSP1508777.2FRUSCIANTE / LETUR-LEFR CD07/10/12
    1TPSP1508776.1FRUSCIANTE,JOHN / LETUR-LEFR07/10/12

    * All items with an Available Date displayed are considered pre-release items. Pre-release items are not yet available for purchase. You should receive this item on or shortly after the date displayed.

    If you have any questions, please contact us via:

    Thank you for shopping at

    • Iva

      Peter, would you like me to direct that to someone and ask them what it means? It would also help if you explained what you did to get these sent to you and when they were sent.

      E-mail me with those details or respond here. Thank you. 🙂

  • Iva, I don't think there's any need for action. In fact, I appreciate the communication efforts of topspinmedia- who evidently was selected to complete these orders.

    I ordered the Deluxe package through John's website. I think these emails are automatically generated as the shipping solution is worked out.

    I will say, I hope my order comes around the 10th- the day the album drops. Before all the bit torrents are released.

  • ben

    ooooooooooh my god how sweet is in my light 😀
    could'nt believe that beatiful atmosphere when i first listened to it.

  • ben

    coming back to those PBX snippets: " Ok, it's time to say the's a snippets of my songs.. iv'e just made some experiment,.i’m John’s hardcore fan too so I will stop it, sorry guys and don’t get angy…and if you liked this song I’ve uploaded the full version of this song”The Real song” 🙂 "

    that was posted by the youtube user who uploaded this song.

    • Iva

      Thought so. I hate it when people do this, it's an unfair mean of promotion and next time someone does it, I'm just editing it out.

      ProlapsedAnuse was very right this time. 😉

      • Ben, that was so lame!! Thank you for owning up to your deception, but again, it was pretty obvious that those were really bad fakes. John has very quality recording equipment and talent..even in the songs that i don't like. Your didn't seem to have either of those happening, so it was simple as a pimple to spot and I will pass on the full version for as long as I live. And thank you Iva!! This Anus loves a little recognition!!

        • Jak

          Let's forget about it and forgive him(i guess he's JF fan too) and prepare for tomorrow to hear the full Letr-Lefr version!!!:o

          • douchebag

            @prolapsedAnus and Jak: did you ever realize that quotation marks are often used to quotate the sentences of another person? maybe that's why they go by the tricky name of quotation marks 😉

            • douchebag

              uh... to be precise quote... instead of quotate... where was that coming from... it must be viral... nevermind.

  • Cameron

    "In My Light" sounds amazing. Well, every song sounds amazing, but that one specifically.

  • Alan James

    The second worst project by John (the number one is A Sphere). Except for Glowe and In My Light, the music sucks, electronic craps.

    • Tyrone the Master

      Comon, almost all albums are crap. Only a very very small percent have decent songs on them. This one has at least 40% good. I hate to break it to you but that means that its a pretty successful album.

  • I've never been a fan of electronic music, because I've never considered it music, just sound.
    But I have to admit I like this stuff.
    The first track has beautiful vocals, and a catchy sound.
    The second track, not sure if it johns vocals yet, but the music is beautiful.
    Glowe is a catchy sounding song, I like it
    Not a huge fan of FM, but who knows, maybe I'll like it once i hear the whole song.
    And the final song, is just perfection, and I haven't even heard the whole thing yet.

    • Jeremy

      Without sound there would be no music.