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Letur-Lefr tops Hot New Releases in Singles list on Amazon UK

As Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Ian MacKaye recently said when questioned about John's plans and future recordings, he does not want his music to be a product. So, we might be witnessing some awesome history right now, as his beautiful and soulful upcoming extended play is beating 'em products real hard and it's not like we heard more than just 30-second samples. is the only Amazon site with a singles' top list and both upcoming and singles & EPs already out are eligible for ranking. Today, ladies and gentlemen, dame i gospođe, Letur-Lefr is on top of that list, as the Hottest New Release in Singles. Look at that!. The imported version of the single is also on the list, placed 10th, so this is a very convincing lead.

John Frusciante's Letur-Lefr tops Amazon single charts in UK

Letur-Lefr tops Amazon single charts in UK

This means highly hyped artists such as One Direction, Maroon 5 and Flo-rida, the Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen and some masterminds such as Björk were left behind by the five eclectic songs coming our way from the maestro next month. Surprising? Or maybe not?

If this is more suitable for your budget and whereabouts; or if you would just like to contribute and make this list placement consistent, you can order the EP from there, too.

If you spot any similar occurrences elsewhere, do report it. Thank you.


13 Reactions to Letur-Lefr tops Hot New Releases in Singles list on Amazon UK

  1. Mattciante says:

    Finally pre-ordered it today. It's great to see it doing so well!

  2. Caroline says:

    WOW. Just WOW.

  3. jack says:

    the one that costs 12 pounds is also number 11

  4. Great, more souless electronic crap at the top of the charts. Doesn't anyone find it odd that the actual "good" music John made never made a dent in sales or notice, but this drum machine, blip-bloop, hip-hop audio vomit gets up there. The Mayans were right!!!!

  5. FLEA says:

    oo john you're amazing musician.. you're the best man i love you so much... your music inspired me everytime, thanks

  6. spenser says:

    that makes me really happy :)

  7. Davi says:

    man, cant wait to hear full version in my eyes

  8. Mihajlo says:

    Fuck that...John makes music to express himself...this music ain`t made for charts...but i cant still wait for this EP to be published...i live in Serbia and i don`t think that i can buy somewhere his sorry john...but man the Album in september.............................................................

    • Iva says:

      Molim te, ne izražavaj se tako na mom web sajtu, a ja ću ti pomoći da dođeš do albuma, jer je ovaj sajt ponosno pravljen usred srede Srbije. Hvala. :)

    • shibby says:

      why cant good music be at the top of the charts? that makes no sense

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