John’s blog entry and lots of free music

I was drafting an entry to thank you for having been coming here and putting up with my “ridiculous sets of morals” and “Goebbels behaviour” for eleven years…

…but that can wait. That can wait another day. John just blogged and dismissed all the strange rumours coming from a certain blog that seemed to be obsessed with him recently was posting odd things recently and – more importantly, shared more views on art and free music. A LOT OF IT.

Like, this…

…and a lot more.

So, err, why are you reading this? Go read that. And sorry for typos and sentences that don’t make sense to anybody older than five, I’m as excited as everybody else.

UPDATE: It appears that John’s downloads on bandcamp keep on going over bandcamp’s downloading limit and bandcamp automatically sets a price. Since I am not sure about his stance of this, I can only assume that they are meant to be free at any point in time and that you are supposed to wait until the free downloads powerup has been bought again. More information about bandcamp powerups can be found on their blog, just so you don’t think that this is a scam, like a couple of people inappropriately suggested. It’s not.

The pieces of music are still free on Soundcloud, where there is no such limit.

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  • Cherry Pie Face

    I’m so grateful I live in the same time period as John. To be able to experience his music as it’s released makes me feel like a part of history. Thank you John!

  • Von_Dingle

    He said “This music is all free of cost to the public, and can be downloaded or streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.” so I guess our ideas of “FREE” are drastically different. NONE of this music is FREE to download. The Renoise and 4 track guitar music are $7 each and all the single tracks are $1 each. He goes on and on about creativity and “Giving people music for free online being so common these days is a good reminder that artistic expression is always a matter of giving, not taking, or selling. Selling is the making money part, and artistic expression, creation, is the giving part.” Again, its NOT FREE.

    • Iva

      It’s not his fault.

      Bandcamp apparently limits the number of free downloads an artist can give away, according to their FAQ. If I understand this well, he needs to buy some sort of codes to provide free downloads to the audience. I guess this just shows how much people appreciated these tracks.

      The tracks are perfectly free on Soundcloud, though available only in .wav format.

  • K

    Pretty sure it’s a blog named Alternative Nation. They started the “no audience” thing, but they did not stop there”. They have been posting bizarre stuff of him recently, in the lines of personal matters that have nothing to do with music, a fake album prank created by a “fan” and in the end, they made a news out of the fact that he was, err, seen in public.

  • gounei

    Chill out. Maybe it’s some mistake. I’m pretty sure if he wanted to charge $7 for an album he would’ve stated so.

  • Haunted by Harmony

    Great read! It’s good to know that we will get hear more of his musical output in the future. His willingness to take risks and explore untrodden paths usually makes for interesting and inspriring listening experiences.

  • Tom

    I picked up his email at 7am whilst on my way to work this morning. Made me smile. I like that he felt compelled to set the record straight on his audience (or lack of) comments that were misinterpreted. I’ve read so many negative and angry comments from “fans” of John on here and other websites, ever since he started releasing his more electronic based music and he made his feelings known about no longer having any interest in performing live and so on. I guess people that love guitar based music just felt like they’d been betrayed and John owed them something, unable to simply accept that he’s a volatile artist and not the image they have of him in their head.

    Super excited to get home tonight and listen through all of the stuff he’s made available. Especially the stuff he said he recorded to 4 track since the last stuff I was really aware of him releasing that was recorded to 4 track was Niandra Lades. Not expecting anything like that obviously, I’m more interested from a technical point of view as I mess around with 4 track recordings from time to time myself and loved his approach with Niandra.

    I guess some of us have gotten used to the general blackout in media and news from John since he left the Peppers but I’m happy to know he’s probably living his life very well away from the typical mainstream rock star spotlight, the same old guitar magazine interviews and generally having to repeat yourself. It also makes me appreciate the guy and his work that much more when you hear nothing for 6 months or more and then out of the blue you get stuff like this.

    His clarification on the lack of audience now I find really interesting too. Especially when he said how he would send tracks to Aaron Funk and his friends from time to time, as they consciously or subconsciously become your target audience and influences everything you’re creating. I have the same thing whenever I’m writing or recording new ideas. I’ve always played in bands with the same couple of guys I met back in college 10 years ago. We haven’t done anything together now for 3 years or so aside from some jams here and there but even now whenever I’m sitting down recording some ideas in I find I always have my old buddy in the back of my head and I’m thinking “would he like it if it sounded like this?” or “what if i did this with it he’d dig it”. Really interesting approach to want to remove that aspect out of your head space completely, not fully finish tracks and just be zoned in on the creative process without anything else coming into play.

  • Matex

    shit this is beautiful, John’s practice shit, lots of mistakes and unjustified choices, I so freakin’ love this.


    The Bandcamp downloads are free again, so it seems like John indeed did buy some credits for his audience 🙂 Great stuff, love it more than his recent albums.

  • Marissai

    It’s a nice coincidence that John releases a post and a bunch of music on 11th Birthday of Invisible movement.
    Loved the music…
    I’d consider it a great Bday present and a sign to keep up the great work.
    Thanks John and thanks Iva!

  • r

    Unfortunately Bandcamp is refusing to allow downloads without a $7 payment and Soundcloud is only allowing half the songs to be downloaded (half do not have a download option). I know this is not John’s intention. It is kind of him to release this music for free. I’m tempted just to pay Bandcamp’s prices because John has earned that money anyway. I wish these sites would cooperate with John’s wishes.

    • Iva

      Bandcamp was free for a period of time and then again. I guess these downloads are extremely popular.

      Wondering about torrenting. Everything in one folder, with the letter in a .doc or .pdf file and voila. Or Noisetrade, they allow unlimited downloads…I think.

  • Sean Partington

    So glad he decided to release the stripped back version of ‘Zone’. Whenever I was listening to the album version in the car I found myself wishing it was less busy because the lyrics/vocal is so beautiful.

  • adamsweeney

    I know he talks about audience and the difference between giving and selling- but I want to buy this. physical copies spinning on my record player…. 🙁 its so nice to hear new music.

  • Iva

    It’s in John’s blog post, which is worth reading for many reasons – and that is precisely I did not link it here.

    But in all good hopes that you will give it a read later, here’s the link:

    You don’t even have to download the music, you can stream it on the Soundcloud app for Android and iOS.

    EDIT: Seems that Disqus turned it into an audio player. Oooook…O_o

  • Bernard

    It was almost two years ago that I replied to a post on this very board to console a very gloomy and dejected fellow with these words:
    “Ale, don’t be sad. You are misinterpreting his words. It is not that John does not care about making other people happy. Rather, John is keeping the thought of making people happy out of his creative process, with the aim of creating a purer and more personal musical experience for our consumption and enjoyment. I still believe that John values his music being appreciated.”
    It has been a long wait but that day has finally come, I’m happy.

  • mC

    First, I want to say I love hearing from John and consider
    one of the most amazing and beautiful artists of our time. That being said, I am
    a little disappointed by his tone during the interviews I have read over the
    last few years. Starting with RHCP, he continually mentions that part of his
    life in a fairly negative vein. He made a comment about the band never actually
    hanging out, listening to music, etc and kind of gave the indication that this
    defines a false music relationship. I am pretty sure in the early years, they
    hung out quite a bit and he is only referencing the recent memory. I believe
    all members of RHCP have children and are in relationships, so yes it is not
    likely they want to hang out after a show. Mick and his mates didn’t get along,
    as well as the Beatles. Also, in this interview his describes “sell outs” and
    described basically most successful popular bands. Keep in mind, John left RHCP
    because he thought they were too popular, and then almost killed himself as a
    drug addict. Flea convinced the band to bring him back, and probably saved his
    life. So do I think John should have left RHCP? Yes. But maybe he could tread a
    little lighter on the way he describes them and the past relationship. Also, he
    has stated before he will never play another live show. He described that he
    felt he was just playing to make the crowd happy, like a puppet. I feel like it
    is a little contradicting to say you wont share with your fans the beautiful
    experience of playing live (which I have seen many times), yet you claim to
    still understand that you have a devoted audience. Finally, his message now
    about music should be a gift and not sold, and therefore he is giving away some
    of his catalog. That is very easy for someone worth tens of millions of dollars
    to say…how about a struggling band or artist? They should feel guilty about
    making a living on their art? I want to end by saying that I hold John and his
    music in very high regard, and he was very nice and sincere when I met him. At
    the same time, I think these phases he is going thru have a way of destroying
    his past, as it is clear that once he moves on he does not want to reflect on
    his earlier years or music.

  • gounei

    I noticed the same thing on interviews, but RHCP do the same thing with more polished PR since they get more press. In any given case there is in fact any bad vibe there, maybe they’ll sort it out, maybe they won’t, maybe one day they’ll publicly say what happened. Maybe they won’t. Everyone is curious, but if they don’t want to talk about it, so be it. I know RHCP built an image based on how much they love each other, but human beings have conflicts no matter how close they are. And as far as the comments about how he felt about playing live, he could be referring to something else, or it was something he felt in the moment. There is performing, and there is composing. He said he was focusing on the latter at the time. Thirdly, “sellouts” are successful artists. He doesn’t condemn the practice of selling your work, but rather that it shouldn’t necessarily be the case all the time. He does say that these songs in particular he doesn’t intend to sell them. He did not state either he will share everything he does for free from now on. And about his approach to his past, well, it’s his life.

  • Theseasons

    You have to realise that John has not had a life that we can even begin to understand. He joined his favourite band at 18, he is in his forties now? When he talks he is always in the moment. so comparing things he said through his life is not really fair because like every human, he changes and develops his thinking. the only thing different about him is that there is a magnifying glass on his words. Its understandable because we all love his work, and some find his outlook on life inspiring. but that outlook is very unique and to changes a lot. I wouldn’t worry about him saying contradictory things. If you were inspired by something he said in the past, hold on to that and develop yourself 🙂 I got into johns music when I was 17, im 28 now. just in those 11 years i would hate if somebody took my words at 19 and 21 compared to 28, and even when i’m 34 i will the same about 28 etc. We will never truly know what happened with RHCP. again, he joined that band at 18!!! we must try and steer away from judgments about how he speaks on things. we have no real idea. and again, his worldview is based on a childhood and life that is so alien to any one of us on this board. lets just enjoy his output and be inspired when his words or his sounds touch us.

    🙂 I hope I got the tone right in that message. Im saying it all with a smile

  • Cameron

    Unending 126 Mix is fucking sublime. All of it is. Sometimes a thing just hits you at the right moment.

  • Joseph Kenbok

    oh my :). How much do the four track recordings sound like usually just a tshirt with drum machines??

  • Bernard

    I do recall a post-departure interview where the RHCP spoke in glowing terms about John. So I think they never fell out on a personal level. But yes, John does strongly resent mainstream bands’ quest for maximising their sales by “aggressively selling products and selling themselves”. The RHCP no doubt do fall a bit in this category, but that does not necessarily translate into a bad vibe with his former bandmates. We might never get to know.
    I personally don’t concur with John’s hardline view of the music business. He’s a bit of an art snob IMO, but I love him for it. It’s part of what makes him and his music so unique. Theseasons couldn’t have said it better: just enjoy the output. We don’t really need to worry too much about what he thinks and how he relates to others.

  • gounei

    I’m confused if you guys meant to reply to me. Bernard, I did read those interviews between the lines. I have a particular reason for having mentioned that, but it’s my opinion, same as everyone’s, but as I was saying, it could be anything and I do not think it’s important. The point I was trying to make was not to label or judge people

  • TheBreadster

    He needs SOME money to buy bread – give him a break. I know it may seem sneaky to you, but I suggest you sit back with a divine loaf and take time to breathe in the smell. Soon, you will understand.

  • TheBreadster

    Tears are streaming down my face. The oven is on. It is real.

    John has confirmed that he does indeed love bread. The hidden messages are all there.

    It seems that none of you understand, but that does not matter. I know it’s real. Do not worry, John, bread thanks you for existing, too.

    Thank you Iva for allowing this to happen.

  • trndabojzna

    schatzi…maybe you and i are a bits delussionale because johny ist so slim and i still think he dont carb`s but the phantasie of it is beautifull. anyway, i like fight for love allot. i too like zone akustik. i can`t wait for more song`s. Ö

    meine umschalttaste ist not working proper today, sorry!!!!!!

  • Bernard

    Sorry for the confusion. I was really adding to the general line of conversation rather than replying to anyone of you in particular. However I would like to touch upon something you, gounei, said. You are very right pointing out that John never says that he will never sell any songs. A few years from now John will release an album for sale and people will be falling over themselves to point out the apparent contradiction. In truth John has a habit of over-stressing a point and he ends up being misinterpreted. He declares an aversion to rock and pop for example, but then instigates Duran Duran to release an album (yes, Simon Le Bon actually admitted that). So yes we are reading too much in between he lines, we should just let him be.

  • John

    1:20 into motiern 58 and culminate is a similar chord theory as tangerines composition for the film “The Keep”. It’s so beautiful.

  • Iva

    Cool, we never had fetishists in site comments before. Don’t leave me like this, can bread be an instrument?

  • Untitled #6

    Why do you all make assumptions about what this guy does or thinks or feels or values, especially after he offers thousands of words to that effect? Assume they are all honest for a moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where those people who put in real, tangible effort to minimize the real, tangible physical suffering that millions endure every day – what if we celebrated them instead of people like this? It is astounding to me how important this still is to thousands and thousands of people. Someone put some free music on the internet – cool, so do millions of other people. Granted, most of them do not have the level of skill or experience with making and producing music that this person does. Still, there is nothing terribly unique about this person besides two short, prolific periods of arena stages to reproduce marketable products for tens of thousands of people per night. Sure, there is some value to that in that this world is a horrific place if you focus on only the negative, and positive energy is a welcomed distraction from it. But this person is not administering humanitarian aid, or attempting to educate the oppressed, or working to uncover whatever the truth is, or really doing much of anything to better society except for distract us from all of its ills. If you want to appreciate his music, fine, why not, but don’t you think it’s a little silly to not only dedicate an extremely detail-oriented community to him, but to worship him like a demigod?

    I have been reading this site long enough to know that a lot of downvotes are on the way. I wish we celebrated doctors and teachers and people in the Peace Corps like we have chosen to celebrate people like this, who can play a Fender pretty darn well. Cool stuff.

  • Iva

    Aside from the part where you say that putting words in the mouths of those we don’t know is wrong – which is spot-on – this comment is extremely unpleasant. The argument about whoever owns the madhouse being the maddest hurts a lot, despite how many times people used it in the past.

    If you have a problem with the way this website is run, feel free to e-mail me with your concerns, but I do not want this kind of commentary to continue on the post about eighteen free pieces of music.

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