Hear the preview of Foregrow EP!

Interested to hear the tracks on the Foregrow EP, previously announced as coming up on April 16th?

Juno Records have previews of all four tracks and you can hear them using the below player, stream them directly to your digital jukebox through or embed them elsewhere. This confirms the prior assumption that this Foregrow is definitely the same track heard in The Man With The Iron Fists.

In addition to this, it appears that the front cover of the CD/LP features only the abstract shapes and that the image we have seen earlier this week is actually the back cover.

Foregrow cover art
Foregrow cover art

The cover art was done by Sarah Sitkin – who did the cover collage for The Empyrean and Aura T-09 who is responsible for the artwork of the November 2015 releases. The compilation was mastered by Stefan Betke of Scape Mastering.

Foregrow will be available as both Record Store Day vinyl LP, under the catalogue number ASD027; and CD, under the catalogue number ASD027CD.

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  • C. Rogers

    I noticed that track one and two on both Juno Records and are the same, but track 3 a 4 are different. I recognize Frusciante´s sounds and progressions on track 3 and 4 from Juno Records and also i feel track 3 is the best one, but song 3 and 4 from sound off. I could be wrong but it might be a glitch. Nevertheless its cool to hear jf sounding music.
    i Hope the tracks are nice and long like in his last EP.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer

    I’m actually a bit puzzled about how less reaction there is about the new EP. In the first thread about the release there have been a few comments, yeah, but still less than one would expect. And on this thread there are little to no comments at all (despite the decent one, a funny feller and a I-will-always-cry-about-the-past entry). Have people simply missed the news about this new release? Maybe they still don’t get it that John NEVER stated ANYWHERE in his own words that he won’t be releasing anymore? Have all the RHCP fans “given up hope” with John’s music, so they will assume that every release after quitting “the band” has to be worst case? What about the eternally bitter haters? Even they don’t seem to bother anymore…

    One other thing, as you’ve probably already figured out by my name, I live in Germany and I’m a bit itchy about that there are still no posted pre-order links. Well, nothing that a modern being couldn’t look up for itself… But I actually found only one (online) retailer who will ship the LP (even Amazon has just the CD release listed!). I preordered the (european) “RSD ITEM” LP version of Foregrow but they have now taken the product page down. No cancellation of my order so far, but it seems a bit odd that the LP wasn’t (and right now isn’t) available anywhere in Germany.
    What’s with the other “outside of the U.S.” countries? Are they also having trouble with getting the vinyl release?
    Just curious…

  • BlingHit

    I can’t speak for other but I think that since John turned to a more electronic and less guitar driven music a lot of the “early” fans have been thrown of balance. The last album I really liked of his was Letur-Lefr and I didn’t really like PBX or Enclosure (Outsides was good but not crazy good imho), and I listen to a lot of music so I think it’s not only the guitar driven aspect that I feel missing. To me he’s just not as relevant in the genres he’s exploring. I’m still curious anytime he’s releasing something but not as excited as I was before. I’m happy he’s having fun making and releasing music and I’ll keep my ears open but I’m obviously listening to his older stuffs more than his newest.

    Also, they might still be listening to his recent bursts of releases and didnt expect anything for some time. If you don’t come to this site you probably won’t hear about it from other sources..

    About the shipping and LP thing I can’t help, I’m from Belgium but I don’t order nor pre-order online anyway. Hopefully you’ll get your LP in time πŸ™‚

  • Arthur Schopenhauer

    Thanks man! I hope so too. πŸ˜€
    I noticed it must sound a bit off caring that much about a RSD item and yet ordering it online. It must seem like I didn’t got the point of RSD but actually the record store in my town could also just get me the CD release. So I just took the next suitable choice for obtaining the object of desire…

    While agreeing with you that “invisible movement” is an excellent source for news about John (it’s my personal number one choice for these news whenever I feel like checking if there’s anything new about JF) I have to say that there is plenty of publicity for the new release on the internet (at least by now). And this has also been the case for years so at latest when other media besides IM would cover a new release, people would come here and tell how excited they are, how crappy they find it (mostly with a judgement based on 30 sec. samples) or how infinitely sad they are that he’s not repeating all the stuff he already has done before.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not what you would call a “fanboy” randomly adoring everything he will release in advance. I even skipped out a few of his releases like Kimono Kult and the whole Swahili Blonde thing.
    Frankly, I’m also tending more to his older stuff just because that is the broadest base in my music taste. But I also listen to many different styles of music so I enjoy the electronical releases of John too.
    I have to admit, for me personally the average of songs I immediately love on first listen has decreased with his electronic approaches. But there are still songs that really blow me away instantly. With PBX “Ratiug” is IMHO one of the best songs he ever made.
    Enclosure I actually enjoy the most out of all his recent releases. It sums up all the processes behind all of his electronic work up to that piont pretty nicely and shows his personal mastery of these approaches.

    I also agree with you that some former followers in fact might not be interested in new JF releases anymore. But by stepping into the field of electronic music I would consider that he also acquired a new base of people who might didn’t know anything about him or his music before – even with regards to your very true statement that he probably isn’t that well known in electronical styles of music.

  • BlingHit

    I agree with most of what you’ve said but what I think is that there are artists in the electronic genres that are more daring, interesting and relevant than he is. And unfortunately for people that listen to those genres he’s flagged as “Chili Peppers old guitarist”. Those two combined make it hard for people that don’t know about him to take the time to listen to what he’s putting out when there are many other good releases. And his old fans being less drawn towards his newer approach also seem to desert him.

    Anyhow it’s all a matter of taste and some people can’t help but get stuck in the past, I just wish him the best and check what he’s putting out.

    I also like some songs on PBX and Enclosure but on his older records I liked all the songs or a big majority of the songs. My favorite album is the Empyrean so i’m not even one of the “die hard” fans that like nothing but Niandra or Smile from the streets.

    But yeah less and less people seem to come here, might also be because he now has a site of his own which wasn’t really the case before ^^

  • Iva

    I don’t like seeing a person constantly overanalysed, ripped apart, played pranks on, adored and hated at the same time and blamed for a bunch of things they didn’t do – which has not happened in this conversation, but happens in most others. So, here you go…about internet traffic, this website and the official site, albeit not really coherent. Structure is not my strong suit.

    The amount of comments posted here does not have much to do with the amount of fans John may or may not have. And would it matter, anyway? Why go for things because they’re “big”? Go for things because you like them. πŸ™‚

    Music blogs and Facebook steal traffic from pretty much everybody else – INCLUDING musicians’ official sites. The earlier were created with revenue in mind in 90% of cases and there are whole marketing teams behind them, the latter is swallowing the internet in general, because casual users like everything served to them instead of reaching out to it.

    John has always had his own website, but the things posted there, until his most recent post, were always related to releases on his main label.

    Everybody other than NYL (whom we avoided) and AcidTest (who avoid us, sort of) reached to this site for other releases and that event in 2009 that went the way it went. This is, by no means, a brag, I’m just picking up relevant things and posting them, since pretty much day one and that’s now it ends up like, pattern-wise.

    The official site has traffic spikes when John publishes something, just like this one does when something is published. These days I’m pretty sure that music blogs and Facebook steal’s traffic come the next day, the earlier with aggressive marketing practices and the latter with all these little cult of personality groups where people overanalyise the subject and celebrate themselves.

    As far as the focus of this website goes, yes, we missed some news for a period of time in 2015 – I was in early phases of recovery from a general health problem that went undiscovered for years and I actually apologised for this in a round-up here:

    Other than that, our policy is clear:

    Another thing that I have to make sure – unlike me, John does not owe anybody an apology. It’s not his fault that people misunderstand the things he’s saying and not getting that some of his statements in, say, 2013 or 2014, were the way they are because he absolutely has the right to feel after how things played out and he had the right to choose not to be a puppet controlled by fat guys in fancy suits. The latter is an intuitive assumption, so please, do not take it as a fact or anything.

    I am not touching the rest of this discussion. I’ll just add that the same way some people don’t care if John’s big or not, some don’t care about labels such as “Chili Peppers’ guitarist”, unless they connect that to words such as trailblazer, innovator, visionary. And that’s what matters – what he did, not what he was. That’s the way I love him and yeah, I really love him.

    I never typed the above sentence on the internet, by the way. But when I see people doubt everything, from the musician’s intentions with his music to my willingness to run this website and constantly question their own affinity to his work, why not state it, point blank? πŸ™‚

  • Renat

    The only important thing is whether this music is resonating with you or not. I’ve been listening to the music that John shared on Soundcloud almost every day in the last few weeks. I’m in love with it, especially the Renoise tracks. It makes me feel happy, or even better, it adds an extra layer to the happiness that I’m already experiencing. In the light of this, thank you John for being who you are and doing what you do, and thank you Iva for this amazing site.

  • BlingHit


    To be honest i’m kind of surprised by the lenght of your answer ^^ (i’ll try to keep it as short as possible:)

    * I agree with the 2 firsts paragraph

    * Did not know there was a JF website forever, i usually go to IM for JF news related stuff πŸ™‚

    * Don’t know about the 2 other sites you mention ^^

    * Agree with the paragraph about traffic spikes and marketing techniques

    * Hope you recovered from your illness and I didn’t really notice any missing stuff so that’s that ^^

    * I don’t think you owe me an apology and neither does John (at least not to me)

    * I think I agree with the rest as well, and your dedication to this site if not proof is at least a strong indicator that you love him ^^

    Hope that was short enough and thanks for your input ^^

    As I’ve said, I’m clearly looking forward to anything he’ll put out and I’ll probably keep myself informed here πŸ™‚

  • Arthur Schopenhauer

    Yes, of course the amount of comments on a specific website is in no way a real indicator for the amount of the website’s users (in this case JF-fans).
    As I stated I’m using IM for years and despite have commented just very rarely. Because I just enjoyed reading them and I suppose that’s what the majority of website users does. And yet usually there where a lot of comments for every new release on IM.
    So thanks to Iva for sharing a little insight into the statistics and all! It is useful information if one is interested in understanding social phenomena, development and the effects of media (e.g. that people indeed tending to be less active in looking up information by themselves and instead want everything to be served directly to them in the most comfortable way).

    It is also in no way important to art how many fans an artist has. Simply because art is about expressing yourself in the way you(!) like. People’s attention and admiration for a piece of art made in that fashon should always just be a kind of unintended “byproduct”. For else it is not art (by this definition) anymore.
    Expressing something you hope (or sometimes even know) other people will like is simply entertainment. Of course there are a lot of artistic entertainers who are undoubtfully very creative but they are still entertainers…
    For example Frusciante on stage with RHCP. He stated that he often did (rock star like) things on stage he didn’t like to much but did them anyway because he is kindly enough to also consider the fans and provide them a good show. He usually did good entertainment there.
    But as we all know he realized he wanted to be an artist instead.
    I absolutely appreciate his decision and I always check every now and then (here on IM) if he had any new outputs.
    So thanks again to Iva for all your passion over all these years, and: since we are all just having a nice conversation and nobody insulted anyone I suppose nobody owes anyone an apology for anything. πŸ˜‰

  • George

    Agreed. Ratiug is straight up one of the best tunes he’s made. Not really digging much since PBX but all good, John can do his thing.

    The thing that gets me is that he seems kinda arrogant? Never once have I ever heard John say ‘I’m not a part of RHCP because it’s not my thing anymore BUT I am grateful for what it was because now I have millions of dollars and can do whatever the fuck I want’.

    Heaps of people would love to just sit around and make whatever music they want but can’t due to financial reasons…be grateful Mr Frusciante…

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