Foregrow: formats, availability and lyrics to the title song

Today is the day Foregrow is being released. So, how do you actually obtain it? In how many formats does it exist? What’s the lyrics of the title song, the only one with vocals? Right this way!

To our knowledge, there are three editions of Foregrow: the Record Store Day vinyl release limited to 1000 copies, the Japanese CD and the CD reserved for all the other areas.

Vinyl Edition

The vinyl edition of Foregrow is a Record Store Day release and what matters in terms of being able to obtain it is a) if there is a record store near you that participates in RSD, b) if the store’s supplier would carry RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Releases AND, if so, if they can carry this particular album.

In order to figure this out, go to list of participating stores and allow the website to access your location. If there’s a store near you participating in RSD, you should be able to see it on the map. If this store is in your city and country, go ahead, phone them, e-mail them, Facebook message them and ask them if they’re carrying Foregrow by John Frusciante.

From what we have been able to determine – sadly, from our own experience – Record Store Day is too mainstream to be 100% credible, preference is given to things that will sell and mainstream material. It is VERY unlikely that stores in most countries not known for stellar record sales by independent artists, will be carrying this record! You may have to resort to overpriced second-hand copies!


Japanese CD

The Japanese CD is NOT a Record Store Day release, as far as we are aware. It has been available for a couple of days now…

…and you can obtain it through pretty much any online and offline store if you’re in Japan; and in usual places such as Amazon if not. This CD comes with what appears to be an editorial letter, which may or may not contain anything new. We’re waiting for the confirmation from somebody who can read Japanese.

Lyrics to Foregrow, which you can also read as text only.

The mysterious inlay

This is the very same CD that is sold on German Amazon and similar outlets at the moment, with the ASIN B01C5UQYWK.

European CD

There appear to be two different ASIN codes for this, so proceed with caution.

This release is not out yet, and release dates vary from April 29th to May 20th.

As of April 20th, copies from Italy have been popping up on eBay and elsewhere, therefore, it’s out in Italy.

You can pre-order this CD on Amazon, Boomkat or pretty much any decent website.

Digital Version

No words on this yet, but our best guess is that it will be out once the European CD is. There are no free digital download coupons available with the vinyl record.

Some pictures

We do not own any of these three items yet, so you’ll have to excuse us for embedding the heck out of things!

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* Many thanks to TL_ and Leni for their help in compiling this – goat knows it’s hard for this Ewok to search the web with six fat little fingers!

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  • Non Existent

    I was lucky enough to obtain an RSD Limited Edition Record earlier at Rasputin Music. They only had one.

  • Majestic Frank

    I didn’t know that we in Europe had a later release date. I got my CD yesterday…

  • Iva

    If I understand this well – and I hate marketing, sales stuff and I think it’s killing the spirit, so don’t take what I’m saying for granted – the more expensive, German CD is out, but the affordable, British one is not. I may have to update the post to reflect this. πŸ™‚ Sorry for the confusion.

    And congrats for getting it!

  • Rob

    I´d like to share a little story of my search for the LP. (in Germany) Last two weeks I started calling all the local record store participating on the RSD. Most of them, like 90%, said they ordered the LP but can´t guarantee if they will even get some of them. I was glad that the even noticed it on the list and decided to order it.

    Yesterday, on record store day, I picked one shop to start with and arrived there few minutes before it opened, as several other people (around 25 were waiting to catch some RSD exclusives). I was really lucky to grab the LP, the other guys werent too interested it seems. When I paid I asked if they have one more copy of it because a good friend of mine would´ve liked to have on too. They said they ordered 5 copies and got only one, the one I was able to buy. I drove to two other stores: one ordered 5, got one and it was already sold like 20 minutes after opening the doors. The third store ordered 3 copies, got one and it was – again – sold.

    I was kinda lucky to get one copy, paying 18Γ’β€šΒ¬ for it. Last night I searched discogs for it (because my friend still wants it) and one copy was offered for 50$. I looked for ebay and found a Berlin record store selling it for 37Γ’β€šΒ¬ – I bought it right a way for my friend. It´s double the amount I payed, but thats the price second hand I guess as its so strictly limited – 1000 copies world wide.

    The fact some stores in my city (500.000 people living here) ordered it and actually got one is great. I was afraid there wont be much interest in that EP over here in Germany.

    I hope everybody will get the edition he wants! I wish you luck.

  • steven matthew pickett

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  • William Turner

    Not really related to this post, but does anyone know how to write a letter to John? Id really appreciate it

  • Iva

    I don’t understand what these four comments are about, but I removed them, because you posted your own address online, as well as other sensitive information, next to your full name.

    If you need help, please call somebody! Seeing a person in a state like this is concerning and I cannot notify anybody from half the world away.

  • Iva

    Maybe you’re my lucky charm – about 23 hours ago, a friend told me that there’s vinyl on the Amoeba website and I grabbed it. Wanted to tell everybody else, but looks like they had a single copy! O_O

    So, yeah, the copy from a fancy Hollywood record store is on its way to Europe’s rectum! πŸ˜€

  • Non Existent

    Congrats! I’m actually surprised to hear that a record store like Amoeba had a copy left. You must be very lucky. The fun starts while you wait for your copy. Have a g great one!

  • smp

    foregrow boy I am ever looking forward to this second pice of masterpiece of good music may 20 2016……….love good music definatley non dummy material good music good songs is what makes life ahh good thing……tattoos vids music groceries resauarants movies internet phone line cable……… I love music

  • Iva

    Rob, you’re a wonderful friend, pretty much like the friend who let me know about my copy. That’s the spirit. πŸ™‚ Congrats to both of you!

    And “they”, not he and “people”, not guys…if you don’t mind. πŸ˜‰ For me and the other girls who like JF!

  • Blank28

    I just found three in my local record shop in Cardiff. They’re out there if ya look hard enough! Blank x

  • Iva

    Congrats! If you want to tell me the name to the store, I can spread the word. πŸ™‚ A link would be even better, in case somebody from elsewhere in the UK wants them.

    Also, haven’t seen you around in ages, but I remember you fondly!

  • smp

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  • Peter

    hehe. my copy says “Made in Germany” very proudly on the back. A rather circuitous path your album is taking!

  • Peter

    Side A at 33. Side B at 45 RPM… Don’t screw it up people. You must follow the instructions. Or maybe not. Check your turntable speeds and the record label.

  • Holli Hawkins

    I was really fortunate to get my vinyl copy. I live in a small city in the south so we don’t have a huge market for vinyl in this area. My copy reads “made in Germany” as well. Do you know how many vinyls were released in the US? And also how can I tell which copy I have?

  • J.G.

    Do you get mails, don’t know if you do, can’t send you a message on the forum. wrote to iva

  • Iva

    Thanks for that! πŸ™‚ Pretty important – will add it to the album page and the follow-up post that was supposed to go today.

  • Iva

    Congrats on getting your copy. πŸ™‚

    I can’t reply to the first question, but as far as the second goes, I’m pretty sure all of these were made in Germany and distributed all over the world.

  • Nicholas Allen

    Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan still has many LP copies left. 2,590 yen. they also had a big display right next to Brian Eno’s release The Ship. Gotta love Japan!

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