John’s detailed blog post about songs on Foregrow

John has written a long blog post, his first in four months, explaining the creative process and tools used in order to make the four songs off the upcoming Foregrow EP. While he doesn’t classify this songs as belonging to any particular genre, they were recorded in 2009 and one of them was to be performed at the 2009 Bang Face Weekender.

He goes on further to say that these four tracks were chosen by Oliver Bristow of Acid Test and that the others are those that have been shared for free on bandcamp and SoundCloud. He explains how the cover art is a visual depiction of the lyrical “rules” he used for the title song and how the gigantic sculpture (nope, it’s not a digital model!) crumbled into pieces one day after having been photographed.

Foregrow cover image - click to enlarge
Foregrow cover image – click to enlarge

He also showed four photographs of his home studio, taken a couple of years ago.

To read the entire blog post instead of this lame retelling, please, click here.

In the meantime, a couple of music blogs and news outlets picked up on what appears to be a clone of the post on the label’s Facebook page.

John Frusciante’s studio setup is pretty epic (Mixmag)
John Frusciante’s electronic music studio is a gearhead’s paradise (Thump)
Nerd Alert: John Frusciante’s music studio is fiery hot (Deep House Amsterdam)

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  • Peter

    I downloaded the studio pics and spent an hour zooming in and looking at all the fascinating details. It’s super interesting to glimpse the machinery behind the brilliance. I can’t wait for the new release!!!

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  • SMP

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