John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer at the Leeds Festival in 2007 - photograph by Richard Riley
Red Hot Chili Peppers

MusicRadar’s source claims it’s true that John’s left RHCP again

In the article the website just published, MusicRadar’s Joe Bosso – the same person who did the podcast/interview with John early this year – says that they “exclusively interviewed” a “source close to the band” and that John has indeed been replaced with Josh Klinghoffer.

“Josh Klinghoffer has been playing with the group for a couple of months now,” says the source. “Optimistically, the Peppers are trying to lock down a replacement for John, who has apparently quit.

“Mentally, John checked out a long time ago. He’s interested in doing his own thing, his own albums – the whole big rock band machinery just doesn’t appeal to him anymore.”

Futhermore, they add that the podcast from early this year (remember, there’s a transcript of it here) was actually edited at its very end and that there were some additional things going on. I assume it’s down to their different morals that they revealed it, but this is something – sorry to bring in my own opinion, forgive me – I would never do.

The news that Frusciante has quit can hardly be viewed as surprising. During a podcast interview with MusicRadar earlier this year, the guitarist was lost for words during a routine question about the status of the group. He paused for nearly 30 seconds (later edited) before awkwardly stating that the Peppers had “no plans.”

Frusciante also refused to be introduced to be as ‘guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers,’ preferring instead to be called, simply, ‘guitarist.’

You can read the whole article here.

What do you think about John's departure from RHCP?

  • Great! He can work on his own ecletic music. (41%, 1,563 Votes)
  • Great! I'm not a fan of him and I like Josh. (1%, 46 Votes)
  • Undecided. I like his solo music but my only way to see him perform would be with a major band. (42%, 1,591 Votes)
  • This just plain sucks. (46%, 1,726 Votes)
  • Something else (do explain...) (12%, 443 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,076

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Once again, I wholeheartedly apologise for publishing this as I know it’ll upset many people, but there’s a point when news are public and they cannot be ignored. I hope everyone (that means everyone, including you, you and yes, you) can understand it. Thank you.

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  • Mike

    Well good for josh, he’ll get the fame he deserves. John gets to keep doing what makes him happy aswell. This doesn’t stop me from being annoyed though, I’ll probably never get to see him live now ๐Ÿ™

  • Nemi

    Oh no. Oh God. Nononononoo. Oh my God. Johnny…
    I KNEW it.
    At least it’s Josh… but somehow I would have wished that it was somebody they didn’t work so well with and then John would realize that they needed him and he would come back.
    Now I guess they will work really well with Josh and John is no part of it… : (
    But still… he has to be a part of it somehow. I mean they are like, his best friends. Josh… Flea… all of them. HE HAS TO.
    John noooooooo… Johnnyjohnnyjohnny no please don’t!!!
    Oh now I’m crying too. Shit.
    But Josh’s voice will be absolutely beautiful as backvocals.

  • paris

    Well, I’m not really sad about john leaving the band, good for him, I was kind of expecting it.

    What I’m really sad about though is that they continue with another guitarist. Come on guys just split. THis is no 1992, who can imagine the red hot chili peppers with another guitarist after californication, by the way and stadium arcadium. I think its time for them to end this, no that they are at the top.

    • orangevarld

      Many great rock band done it…
      I suppose (hope) they don’t feel (aren’t) forced to play together.

    • frankie

      i agree they should stop now. they seemed to have lost their spark already during the arcadium tour. they should be remembered the way they were at their best, instead of becoming a pathetic tragedy like the rolling stones or something.

  • orangevarld

    I vote undecided, but that’s rather good. I’m so curious to see what Josh will do with the other three, the music cannot be bad. Furthermore, I think Josh is a little bit like John, he doesn’t like to be in a big rock band machinery.
    Ok, I’m sure that the RHCP will never be as good than with John, so, if John doesn’t continue to make solo music (which is even much more powerfull than the RHCP), this news would be very sad.
    But I also want to say that John is sometimes able to compose poor songs without much imagination with the RHCP, as we can hear on some of the B-side songs of Stadium Arcadium, and when hearing them, I thought that it could be announcing a sort of end for the RHCP, so it’s good that the band change because I don’t want them to make an album of songs like “Mercy Mercy” or “Whatever We Want” (Ok, that’s almost the fault of AK if these songs aren’t so good).

      • orangevarld

        I mean, if some of their last B-side were quite boring IMO, that’s more because of the sing of Anthony Kiedis, but we cannot say that John did a great job, we can feel a lack of inspiration in those songs.

  • Stephanie

    This honestly completely broke my heart. I love this site for keeping me updated but honestly it has been a DREAM of mine to see all the TRUE chili peppers live, and now i feel like i will never have the chance, i can not say enough how heart broken i am. And i agree with whoever said it would be wrong for the chili peppers to continue without john, just wrong.

      • honest dude

        I’m sure a lot of fans started complaining like you back when hillel died and john replaced him….although back then the chilis didn’t have that many fans….

          • Stephanie

            But what i mean is the TRUE chili peppers to me are chad, john, anthony, and flea. Because together they have made the most beautiful and influential music. Honestly you cannot compare the uplift mofo party plan to mothers milk, blood sugar sex magik, and the rest that came the band needed john and chad that is when they were fully complete. That is when the best of the best finally came out. Because whenever anyone asks me who my favorite band is i say the chili peppers, but with john. please don’t think i don’t see flea and anthony as amazing artist because they truly are, but the magic really only happens when it’s those four up on stage, or jamming and creating new music together.

  • Chris D

    This is for the best. I really want to hear more John solo stuff on a regular basis, and i think the Chili peppers will be reborn with Josh in the band. I think they are trying to keep it on the down low for as long as possible for Josh’s sake, Think about it. Josh has been apart of some major stuff, but never somthing this big or in such a major role. When the offical word breaks hes gonna have every John/Chili Pepper lover staring at him with their arms crossed just waiting for him to fuck up so they can all yell for John to come back. Keeping it secret leaves them time to write music without any eyeballs on them.

  • Maria

    this is terrible!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    it really sucks, I’m feeling so bad, No, John!! Noo!!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    at least, neither the band nor the man had confirmed this yet, so we all can just hope it is a rumor…

  • honest dude

    i was hoping for that ever since i discovered his solo music, because i always loved it more than rhcp.

    to the degree that i was thinking that the chili peppers were narrowing him.

    + i can’t believe that a person who’s making music with people like venetian snares or the mars volta would go back to playing funk riffs with a 47 year old rapping over it…

    the chilis were done to me with the release of by the way.

    so i’m not sad.

  • Austin S

    this is not okay…. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no non no o no no no no no no non

  • Kocky

    My heart is broken. They had so much energy together and now i cant even listen any of their song because i cant imagine them and feel this music flows through me.

  • patches

    To me this is neither official nor a negative thing …
    The first time this happened it was a lot worse. This time it is almost like the polar opposite of
    some sort of downward collapse for John that happened from 93 onward. Instead he maybe is thinking about settling down, or something, and how could he do that if he wasn’t able to stay with his girlfriend?

    I think the musicradar writers are a bit … I mean I don’t think a question about the “status of the chilis” while they are on a break is a “routine question”, more like John is thinking “What do I say here?”

  • Sue

    Iva, I agree that releasing “extra” details from the Jan interview is unnecessary. It didn’t really add anything because even with the “edited” version, the pause as well as the tone were pretty obvious : (

    I just hoped [along with many others] that over the course of the year things might have changed for the better. However, the timing of the release as well as the inclusion of a more recent source seems to add more weight to the rumours in my mind : ( Nothing’s definite yet…but I feel very sad anyway.

    Thanks for clarifying who you are C. Park! : )

  • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ > ๐Ÿ˜• > ๐Ÿ˜ > ๐Ÿ™ > ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    R.I.P RHCP


    so..who’s going to be my new favourit band now ? U2 ? muse ?… jonas brothers ? ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • Allison

    If this is true, I think it’s for the best for John and his fans. He will hopefully make more awesome solo records or do some more cool collaborations. I love Josh Klinghoffer and I’m scared for him and the reaction he’ll get from rabid JF fans. If this has JF’s blessing, it’s best for the Chili Peppers. I was really looking forward to seeing Josh do his own thing though, personally.

    • Laura

      Yeah me too, I hope people will give him some credit, because for sure the media won’t, I hope he will be able to ignore the pressure.

  • Walter

    Rather, RIP RHCP



  • Sissy

    I’m beyond saddened that John has (likely) left the band but if this ends up being 100% true, my major disappointment is how this is being handled. It’s awful that any information (real or rumor) about a new band member/replacement for John has surfaced prior to any official announcement that he has even left. It’s like telling your kids that your getting remarried before they even know you are getting divorced. It would be nice to know and have time to process any information about John’s departure before even thinking about who might replace him. Ugh.

  • Sean

    I’m forced to be a bit skeptical since there has been no official announcement, but if John really has left than he has my support. He makes amazing solo records and I think his departure will give him more freedom to do things his own way. I wouldn’t want him to continue with the Peppers if it doesn’t appeal to him because the music will ultimately suffer. I’d rather have no RHCP than a bad RHCP. I also have no doubt in my mind that he will keep making music and that it will be the best music we have ever heard.

  • emptysoul

    Although I expected this to happen, I’m still pretty shocked…It’s change and change happens, I accpet that. But it’s a pretty fucked up change.(Sorry for strong language). I’m a really big fan of the Chilis as well as Johns solo (maybe a bit more of his solo stuff) and hits me really hard, you know? They seemed to me like the perfect band with John being the centre of the music, and now it’s like this band is isn’t what it used to be. But well, we can’t change this. It’s Johns decision not be in a band anymore and hopefully he’ll make more of his own music and release it and give it to the world. I’m glad I saw the real Red Hot Chili Peppers live once in my life and maybe I’ll attend a concert of the new band as well. Still I really think it’s kinda like dissing the fans for not telling them what’s going on. Even IF it means some huge pressure for Josh, they could at least release us from the pain of uncertainty and give us some info…It’s sad that a band exchanges members when they said in the past that the band wouldn’t really work if one of them is missing…But it’s way to early to judge them so I’ll just wait and listen what comes out of this

  • emptysoul

    I might add that Josh could be considered Johns apprentice having been involved in all his solo records since Shadows Collide With People…so that’s one thing on the bright side…

  • ='(

    John is a huge reason of why i like RHCP, but at least this time he’s leaving under better circumstances. after BSSM, he was dealing with a drug addiction, and he didn’t like his new found fame. now he’s leaving just because he wants to make music for the sake of making music.

    Josh is a good replacement. he has the same thing going on with him that john had when he replaced Hillel. hes friends with the members, hes friends with john, and he’s already jammed with them. i hope the transition goes well.

    i think they’ll continue to make great music. i’m pretty sure when people ask me what my favorite band is, i’ll have to say: “The Red Hot Chili Peppers… but when John was their guitarist” though. =/

  • Nora

    I’m kind of suprised though that they said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were back to rehearsals.
    Because they aren’t.
    Not if John isn’t with them.
    I mean… He is like… red in his face while he’s laughing…very hot… chilichilichili…euhm I guess he likes eh strong food…and uh peppers…. maybe he’s…eh…no…. aah fuck it!
    He’s at LEAST half of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Sorry…bad sence of humor. I’m just really, really shocked right now even though I knew this was gonna happen.
    Aaaww I’m gonna miss him so much when they start doing interviews again!! And their connection musically was so perfect! He’s said it himself!! He said that it was (I don’t remember EXACTLY but…) almost strange, the forces that brought them together, because it was such a perfect connection and… that was in 2006.

  • Luke

    That’s so weird. I was just tellin my friend earlier that I had a felling john was going to leave.
    I hope it’s just a roumor

  • chels

    What a way to start the week. I am truly gutted to hear that John has (most likely) left the RHCHs. In saying that all I hope for is that John is happy & in a good place and will continue to bless the world with his music. Love & respect to him.

  • Noah

    Yeah lets just face it. This blows, no matter what. John solo work is great an all but he is nothing without the chili peppers. they made him, sure without them he wouldve prolly got a little bit of fame with the monster or some other band but still, chili peppers made frusciante and eventually frusciante made the chili peppers.

    Without eachother, they are both weaker. Its almost better if the chilis just lay down and die instead of getting josh to play with them. I just cant imagine seeing the chilis without john, it would be just damn retarded. no crazy mind bending improv solos, no cool solo covers. come on.

    And i would rather they get like dave navarro back then use josh. josh just doesnt have the power to fill that position.

    Its just bad all over. Bad all over. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    • Bryan

      dave navarro sucked man that guy should never come back to the peppers, Josh will do a great job im sure, it might not be what we were hoping for on the next album but it will be interesting to see how he works with them. He puts a lot of heart into his music just like John does so it should be interesting to see what happens

        • Allen

          At least with Dave we would know what to expect but with Josh im a little worried, especially since John struggled to cope with sudden fame.It makes me wonder how Josh will/would cope. Imagine finding out your going to play with the Chili Peppers, wouldn’t that freak you out? I think the shoes are to big to fill at least with Dave we wont expect much and might end up with a nice surprise.

  • kristofer

    While i love John’s solo records and feel really excited about him putting out more stuff, i also feel very sorry if it’s true he left the peppers. They were the first band that i really got into, the first record i bought was californication, and i feel that their music will always be special to me. When by the way came out it was the soundtrack of that year and the same with stadium arcadium. Their music is so associated with summer and good times for me that i will feel very sorry if they don’t make another album with john..

  • Robbie

    Man… I love the shit out of john’s solo work but I’m so bummed that he quit the chilis ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • harry p

    how could they expect to carry their live shows without john, would they play his songs? could josh play them like john, i dont care if hes good hes not god and john is god. the chili peppers live is what i loved the most about them and that was john always in a state of creative change. i dont want to hear scar tissue like the album, i could stay home and listen to it. im very upset with this news and ya i love all of johns solo work but i loved him in the chilis also. i dont want to see josh try to play johns songs like john because its still not him and who knows how he would of played them at any given show. he would of done it like no other time before. i say that the chili peppers without him are not the chili peppers and the band should just end with stadium being great because a record without john is doomed before its written. im sorry i love josh i do but this isnt his element, its johns and johns alone.

    • Nemi

      I absolutely agree with you.
      He created the whole thing, without him they are idk but definitely NOT red hot chili peppers!
      I said this to my friend “He is fecking half of the RHCP, like… red hot chili peppers without red hot….and that would be like….rhcp – rh = cp”
      I love to listen to them live because John is always standin there doing it like a god AND HE HAS HIS MOUTH OPEN ALWAYS IT’S FRIGGING HILARIOUS and he is playing so beautiful I’m like, dying.
      Every time I see those vids I’m sitting there going “gapa! gapa! gapa!” which means like… when you “gapar” you’re having your mouth open, dunno the word in english if there are any.
      that’s Swedish anyways.
      cuz I love it! Josh can’t stand there! sure he can play, he can really play but I mean PLEASE he can’t do the John thing! I can’t say “gapa! gapa! gapa!” when Josh is playing!!

      btw I love your name, is it your real name? if it’s not GO HARRY POTTER xDD

      • Bryan

        u r all idiots who think its the end of the band cause john left, how do think the people who listened to the chilis when slovak was the guitarist fealt, just everyone shut the fuck n see what happens

        • Iva

          Why are you coming here to insult people just because you’re “oldschool”? Elitism is for children.

          This site is about John, not about RHCP. It’s more than normal that many people will be biased.

          • bryan

            im not insultin anyone i think people r makin a big deal about this when john probally didnt even leave, n im not old school okay i listened to john before i even listened to the chilis, evryone just need sto stop their cryin and wait for the outcome

            • bryan

              by the way(good album) if this site is only about Frusciante how come u have interviews with chad smith?

                • bryan

                  whatever im not tryin to make anyone mad, if this is actually true id be as dissapointed as everyone else, i just dont see john just leaving for no reason he loves everyone in that band too much to leave cause if he did, i dont see that new album coming out, n if it does i doubt there will be another, josh is a great guy n musician but he can never have the connection with flea like john did, i hope he didnt leave n im sorry if i offended anyone

  • lucy

    I’m trying to be pragmatic and think, right, no-one’s confirmed anything yet but no-one’s denied anything either and to be honest I’m shocked. I completely love John and I will listen to his music for as long as I live but I completely love the Chilis too and I just can’t see them without John. I mean no disrepect to Josh by that, just that I’m inclined to think that the Chilis really are greater than the sum of their parts and I can’t see (and experience shows) that if it’s not Anthony, Chad, Flea and John then it would be the Chili Peppers. Having said that, I will welcome with an open mind anything they have to put out as Anthony, Chad, Flea and Josh- John clearly rates Josh so who am I to disagree, and as much as I love John’s colour, the Chili’s colour is not solely down to him.

    I think Josh has got the biggest job in the world on his hands if this is true, and I can’t see that the Chilis would have him if they thought that would compromise their sound, which makes me think that if John really really has left the band then he’s done the decent thing that Dave Navarro did for him and said, this is the guy you need. I also can’t see that this would have been an easy thing for John to do- aside from anything personal or emotional, my understanding (and I may be wrong) from articles that were around about them entering the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was that they have 1 more album left on their contract, and surely that’s going to cost John a lot to get himself out of? I can’t believe he made this decision (if he’s made it at all) lightly.

    Anyway, I can admit that I’m bummed that if this is true I won’t ever get to see the Chilis live as I want to, but for the moment, no-one who really really matters has denied or confirmed anything and until it’s permanent then I don’t think they will. Really, I’m a John fan first and a Chilis fan second but I would probably never have heard John if I didn’t love the Chilis so to me it’s academic, but John’s long association with Josh makes me feel ok and I’m sure he’s the best person for the job. It’s surely no surprise to anyone that John doesn’t like the rockstar thing- he could have toured The Empyrean, even on a small scale but he didn’t, he creates, he puts it out and he moves on; he’s a creative person, not a performer (by which I don’t mean one is better than the other, just that they’re different). He’s had a lot of time to do exactly what he wants to do musically and I can totally understand why he wouldn’t wanted to face the behemoth of fame at the level he has in the past. Although I’ll be disappointed if this is confirmed (and my feeling is that it will be), I think he’s doing the right thing and he and the Chilis still have me as a fan. Good luck Josh, is what I say.

    I’ve just googled this again since I finished what I’ve just written and it’s all over the place. I think he’s left. I think he’s really, really left.

  • Rob

    All good things come to an end. Just enjoy the hundreds of rich and colourful tunes the band has put out in the past two decades. As time goes on people change along with situations, and this is all a part of space being made for new creative energy. Don’t get attached to John Frusciante the individual even though he was a magnificent channeler for creative spirit. As one person dies another is reborn, that’s the way and flow of life. Just know that it’s a part of an infinite and ongoing process of things fading away so new things can be expressed into existence. Without a doubt everything that John Frusciante embodied will be expressed again in various other forms. Really looking forward to what Josh Klinghoffer will bring to the band, his passion and love for music certainly parallels that of Frusciante.

  • Nemi

    ok. no.
    I just watched Under The Bridge – Live at Slane for the 600th time and realized:

    no. I will not believe in any of it. I will pretend I didn’t just read what I read… WHAT are you guys TALKING about? John leaving the band? pfff…no way. Noooo way. NO WAY hahaaha THAT would be the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, John IS he friggin’ band!

    • Alan

      Thats y this isnt as bad news as first thought. John wasnt making the band progress. I fell in love with his solo stuff last year, then became bored with 90% of the stuff. They’re still good songs bt became boring as did some of BTW and SA. Yes the live stuff may suffer without JF bt Josh was very good and nw we cn at least see what he cn do now.

      All this of John being the band is rubbish. He steered them away from funk and towards pop. Mibi Flea an AK can take then back towards a funkier sound and Josh will contribute to that.

  • Chris

    I have just listened to Give It Away from the Live in Hyde Park CD and the outro makes this “news” 10 times worse – don’t listen to it!

  • Laws Tinsnow

    This is going to show how good Anthony, Flea, and Chad really are. I am chauvinistic towards RHCP so this-to me- is going to show the true musicianship and creativity that the gang has without their leader. Klinghoffer will do well, but for some reason i believe he is going to be similar to a Dave Navarro type of contribution. I expect RHCP’s darkest, most progressive album to come from this. Darker than One Hot Minute. of all people in the world, i am so relieved it is Josh to take his throne. From watching the multiple videos of RHCP at the end of the tour, seeing him onstage, i could sooooo tell they were test piloting him for something.

    we all (referring to whoever has entered this amazing site) just want harmony and if that means John is doing music-or anything outside the red hot chili peppers, then we must support his decisions. Good luck RHCP i am still a fan.

  • Kimon

    Sweet God show mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit, shit, shit!!!!! nooooooooooooo…… The Mayas missed the wnd of the world by 2 years, 2010 is the end…… damn its all gone….I like his solo music though and i will never stop believing john is a music god no matter what he does. but the peppers… god bless their soul..

  • manu_srfr

    I love John’s music, but the chili peppers are Anthony and Flea. They founded the band, they created de chili pepper’s style… As Anthony an Flea stays the band, the chili’s we’ll never die.
    This is an oportunity for them to create new music more freerly, from By the Way, John’s contribution was extremly influential.
    I like Californication, SA, and By The Way, but they were more ‘Frusciante’ than ‘RHCP’, but the less better part of John’s work. Sadly, Jhon saved for the chili’s his more comercial side. Was good music, but not his best contribution.

    Sorry by my english, I hope my words don’t be badly interpreted.

  • behnood

    Hahahaha!…once again my comment has been deleted…criticizing Mr. complacent Frusciante results in ommision of people’s opinions…this dictatorship really correlates with John’s hypocritical opinionated and totalitarian attitude…

  • shalhevet

    i think we all should wait and see if it’s true or not. we should wait for official announcment. if it’s true and john is no longer in the band then i think he should play with them a couple of shows more for the fans who love him. he shouldn’t quit like that cause he is a very important part of the band and the chemistry that he has with flea and chad and anthony is one of a kind. the only person whom they had the same thing was hillel slovak. john was a great replacment back then when hillel died and i think that josh will do a great job but not like john cause he’s one of a kind he is special. see for yourself when he left in 1992 they couldn’t find someone who can play as good as he does and they were so desperate they took dave navarro to be their guitar player. if john wants to be an independent guitarist and musician then it’s fine with me but i expect him to leave in dignity cause he wrote so many incredible songs with the band. i still hope it will turn out to be a big lie.

  • Ayo

    so.. i’m just happy that i had a posibility to see the old red hots alive (i hope You had too).
    but i’m sad that my children won’t have a chance to feel that undescribable energy straight from them… uhm… i feel ehh.. shocked and kind of weird inside… i think i will need a quite a long time to go on with it.
    now the new era is coming… for them and for us.
    have to be patient and wait what they’ll show to us.
    The New Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    My heart belongs to RHCP. They were one, and they still are for me.
    The Greatest Band Ever. That’s their name.

  • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

    do you imagine josh playing Give It Away ? Me and My Friends ? singing in Scar tissue ? By The Way ? CAN’T STOP !?!?!?! -____-‘

    I’ll miss very very much Josh’s covers…”Anne ” , ” How deep is your love ” , ” I feel love ” … ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • behnood

    two fucked up news blowing us RHCP fans away…the first one comes from a man who is so selfish that doesn’t give a shit about the outcome of his egocentric act, namely the JOHN LUNATIC OVERBEARING FRUSCIANTE and then we’re striked by the second news which is the most absurd and rediculous one i’ve ever heard of: Josh the rookie Klinghoffer replaces a guitar god in a legendary band…c’mon you dumbass Peppers! what’s wrong with you guys?…at least Chad could have pulled the strings and convinced his other band mate, the great Joe Satriani to play for RHCP…only a big name deserves to replace a missing legend! (i respect John musically, but i hold no repsect for him personally since he has disrespected all his RHCP fans,TWICE).

    • Cured

      I usually do not swear in places like this but Ill do an exception. Behnood, you are stupid retarded ashole, so fuck you, motherfucker ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

      “(i respect John musically, but i hold no repsect for him personally since he has disrespected all his RHCP fans,TWICE).”

      I totally agree with you !!

      • Ayo

        yeah… kind of understand that, you know. i feel like not important enough to be informed about such a huge steps.. givin’ all my love both RHCP and John and i wish they could say even one word. just to stop this heart breaking speculations. i just want to now damn it!! ehhh.. :/

      • behnood

        c’mon dude…these guys are not connected to so many big names…if it was up to me, i’d have chosen Marty Friedman to work with them…but now that Chad is good friends with Joe, why not bring him in instead of this jerk Josh?…c’mon guys, Klinghoffer can’t even play the simplest guitar solos like Californication let alone the likes of Dani California…All he did on tour with peppers was to play some simple chords or a bunch of notes on his stupid keyboard…i reiterate again, a big name has to replace the best guitarist of all time….and if you are concerned about the genres, well to some extent you are right…but looking at the material of Chickenfoot, you realize how compatible Satriani can be to adapt himself to situations other than his solo genre.

        • Alex

          Ok, even if I put aside my dislike for Satriani, he still would not fit into the Chili Peppers. He may work well with Chad and probably Anthony, but I seriously doubt Flea would enjoy working with him. Anyway, have you seen him play with PJ Harvey? Now that gives you an idea of what he can do. It’s hard to judge him based on his appearances with the Chili Peppers, as he was only playing what the band (well, John) was telling him to, nothing more and nothing less (except for the jams, which believe me, he was almost better than John).

        • bryan

          if he actually did leave the band, it was prob johns idea to bring in klinghoffer, hes worked on most of his solo albums with him, they share the same views, i think if they did make a record with klinghoffer on guitar, it would be pretty interesting to see what they can do

    • emptysoul

      saying that Satriani could fit in the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a pretty dumb statement…He’s a solo guitarist and so he wouldn’t really fit in the style of the Peppers…Josh is capable of writing some good tunes and I guess he’s the best replacement they could find. You should calm down a little bit and try not to act like an idiot hating on John and the Peppers for making their own decisions and doing not what you want them to do…

  • Frus Is God

    RHCP are my fave band in the whole wide world, Also John Frusciante is my favourite musician of all time, he is a God. Id be gutted if he did leave RHCP.

    Since RHCP took there indefinite hiatus thing then all his interviews when asked about RHCP have been pretty dismissive and also that he didnt have any plans to play with them again. Been going on for months, but RHCP have announced a comeback gig next year and it wasnt announced that John wasnt a part of it. John hatesthe mainstream side of RHCP, he just made music, because he loved making music, not for the commercial side of it, part of the reason he left all those years ago, but after his personal torment and struggles with his heroin addiction and brush with death he changed his lifestyle and outlooks on life.

    But if John did leave, Josh Klinghoffer I guess is a readymade replacement, he toured with the Chilis on the Stadium Arcadium tour as the second guitarist on some of the live songs. Josh has played multi instruments on most John’s solo records, and even has a joint album with John in A Sphere In the Heart Of Silence. And he is good friends with John so it keeps some sort of familiarity going I guess, even though Josh in music circles is still pretty much unknown.

    I love John’s solo material. John’s last album The Empyrean is one of his very best albums, so as long as he keeps doing his solo work then it wudnt be the end of the world if he left RHCP. The main shame wud be that he barely does any solo gigs, so if he isnt part of a band, people wont get the opportunity anymore to see him live,

    a very big hole to fill, when they replaced him with Dave Navarro, Navarro was an amazing guitarist and One Hot Minute is a quality album, but he just wasnt John Frusciante, which will always be the problem with any replacement. Josh Klinghoffer is like a younger mini John and has been given the experience with RHCP the stadium Arcadium tour so maybe that will help him, buts now it would be weird for them to be without John yet again, stuff like backing vocals which add a large part to the songs wont be John’s so it just wont be the same.

    Cant believe how many lineup changes there has been over the years with them, an absolutely insane amount, even members who havent recorded any songs that have all been in them at some point.

    the key with John working with RHCP is he might be able to write good songs in his own right or with John’s solo stuff, but do they fit with the other members, when RHCP make/write a song they follow a forumula, usually by Anthongy Kiedis writing lyrics, John then uses that to pretty much come up with a song, and Chad Smith and Flea usually come up with an instant drum and bass parts based on the Anthony’s lyrics and John’s guitar in rehersals, its the chemistry to be able to do it like that which works. I think they said Dave Navarro cudnt do that. Mentions it in the book Scar Tissue.

    There a lot older now, and theyve become quite settled with the members that were in it. So will be interesting to see what sound or style they come up with. Id imagine there to be a bit of Atmospheric electronic type stuff to be in there as Josh Klinghoffer has been known to do that.

    But this report is neither new or much different to anythign else Ive seen. So until it is confirmed for sure, then Id probably assume he is still in RHCP

  • Ben

    John: “Someone told a friend of a friend I quit the band again. Every time we take a break I ‘quit’. All nonsense.”

    I just hope, that statement is true… Peppers, especially live without John would suck!
    Besides Rory Gallagher, i dont know any guitarist, who takes so much energy and passion in his playing…

    • Iva

      For one last time, read all the links in this article, that interview and all others done by the same magazine turned out to be made up.

  • Alex

    Well I guess we all saw this coming, but yeah, I can’t think of anyone better to replace him than Josh. But I doubt that he will never have anything to do with the band again, seeing as he has constantly been saying (up until the most recent interviews) that Josh and Flea are the two musicians he has a connection with that he doesn’t have with anyone else (except for Omar maybe), so I think this is more of a farewell than goodbye.

    • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

      There’s no “best” replacement to john in my opinion
      Josh and the peppers are in different periods of their life…josh is a good guitar player , talented ( or whetever you want… ) but he’s too young , too inexperienced to play in a big rock band like the chili peppers as the guitar player
      Ok john was just 18 years old when he joined the peppers in 1988 , but the situation is different now.

      • Alex

        I get where you’re coming from, but I think he’s had a hell of a lot more experience the most. Just go on his Wikipedia page and see the people he’s played with, and also he is 30, so he’s not that young.

        • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

          right , but you know…i really dont feel it ๐Ÿ˜

          • honest dude

            probably because you haven’t heard him as the guitarist of the rhcp.

            nobody around here did.

            so don’t complain for “not feeling it”

      • Laura

        I think people should just stop using the term "replacement" because it invokes all kinds of negative subconscious associations. Just drop the term, and see Anthony + Flea + Josh + Chad and the future will look much brighter… imo Josh doesn't need to replace anyone, he's simply playing with them now, beautiful.

  • RHCP1234567

    Oh nooooo! Please not! This is shocking me, but I will only believe it when it comes from a safe source!!!!!!!! I thought they are all happy to produce a new album together, I mean, Josh is a nice guitarrist, but what is he compared to Frusciante? Let’s see if this is the truth and if it is so, I’m incredibly sad… ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • patches

    I am glad that the only good proof of this is that Josh is with them and John isn’t.
    For all we know, John happened to end up being busy with his great new band (S.B.) and he
    says to Josh, go and tell me what the songs are sounding like! : )

  • Pav

    I love his work in the band as well as solo. The reason I am personally upset is that, as a RHCP member, I felt like I had a chance to see him, even if I had to drive a ways to his concert, whatever. However, he just seems completely out of reach and inaccessible as a solo artist. It seems like only some elite few will ever get to see him play live, and that’s just unfair. It is also without the need to say that the Flea/John duets will be sorely missed.

  • simplexify

    Hm… what makes me worry most is that it’s not unlikely that he won’t sell his future solo music, because he is against this commercial thing. ๐Ÿ˜
    Meaning that we would totally lose him! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    • honest dude

      that’s what he did.
      he left the band AFTER making a record (Stadium Arcadium) and even after touring!

  • sugar_free

    I think that all this stuff is very weird. If it was sure that John leave the Chili Peppers, there would be an official release in their web site or in an press conference. I hope that all of this would be a way to keep people interest in their return, most of all, coz John love to work with Flea and Josh, and the new album, will keep them out for years. I love John’s solo career, but the Chili Peppers complete him as anything else, specially Flea.

    Excuse me for my english. Have a nice day and good luck for all of us!

  • alin

    Hello everybody!

    I am a big fan of John and I think that this is just what needs to happen.. John was the best ingredient in the RHCP history and made this band so fascinating.. Of course maybe John and RHCP would be nothing today without Hillel. But for now this is the best option for both RHCP and John. This is the price the band had to pay after all this years and I say this because I think it was too much with the media.. they deserved all the attention but again they didn’t know how to handle it. John is not for that.. I mean look at him in Hump de Bump video… he’s not from there.. You simply can’t function this way.. John from the Empyrean is not the same John from Stadium Arcadium. And when you can’t handle the magic as you want as a band.. you can’t keep the same feelings from Cali era or By the Way.. the same connection with people around you..
    John made history and of course Josh can’t make it the same way.. I love Josh and I watched him when Josh first mentioned the Bycicle Thief. I’m sure Josh was picked after a close discusion between Flea and John.. and it is the best option.. I hope Anthony got something from his recent let’s say dark experience of divorce and stuff.. I hope Chad keeps up the funk and the good vibe.. and Flea comes with new genius approach as a better musician he is now.. Josh can’t replace 12 years of John on the RHCP new album (if it will be).. but I’m sure he can handle it and come with something fresh and great. Let’s don’t have expections from Josh to come with another Under the Bridge or Give It Away or Scar Tissue or what other hit you want.. Let’s just hope he keeps the peppes alive and fresh.. and let’s hope Josh will not try to copy John.. We are 20 years after BSSM so let’s expect something new.. John is John and there will be nobody like him.. But I am so excited to hear new things now.. Of course now we have no idea of how it will be.. I would say we’ll hear something as dark as One Hot Minute but more electronica exeperimental as Josh’s approach.. Let;s don’t forget that Josh is a great piano player also.. This is just part of RHCP history.. Let’s be grateful that nobody died at this point of history.. John is doing his best now and we have to respect his decission.

    All the best,

  • alnike86

    I’m a bit sad, but entirely not surprised. There is somewhat of a difference in philosophy between John and the rest of the band…you could already hear it and see it in Stadium Arcadium inteviews. I think the good thing is that the Peppers have shown that they are pretty resilient with lineup changes (although their better albums have been with John-let’s not talk about Dave Navarro) and if its true that Josh Klinghoffer is the new guitarist that would be fantastic. The thing that makes me a bit sad is what is going to happen to the evolution of RHCP music. When John came back, the band really didn’t play andy of the music that they made from 94-99, and I hope that doesn’t become the case if/when they get a new guitarist. In the past decade the band’s sound has really matured and developed, in great part because of John’s contributions. They don’t deserve to get a new guitarist that is just a good imitator, but they need to keep their catalog alive.

    As for John, he’s fantastic and it’s totally fine that he does what makes him happy. I mean, if he really did leave again it doesn’t surprise me because it seems for the same reasons (minus the drugs) that he left the first time. The band is (well, was until 2 years ago) huge, selling out arenas, and playing on the radio a lot. All of these things plus the crazy stress of press and fans breathing down your neck consistently is a lot of pressure to deal with and if you aren’t into that sort of thing, then it’s best to get out.

    Either/or, both parties are going to come out of it fine…fingers crossed for an appearance if the band gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Christopher


    this my first comment.

    I’m feeling sad about it. But I’ve also hope, because there is nothing officially. So I wait for an official statement of the band and/or the management.

    I think that the RHCP without John will be not same. And I don’t know, if I would buy a record without John. He’s the only reason I could play guitar today: I started to play because of Green Day, but I was too stupid to play it^^ And so there was Stadium Arcadium and Wet Sand and ‘normal’ Chords. But there are also Barrรƒยฉ Cords and so I’ve learned them too. And the list goes on. With every Song of the RHCP/Frusciante solo stuff, I’ve learned something too.

    In our times, there isn’t a lot of very well music. The RHCP are one of the last really good artists.

    So finally, I hope, that’s not true.

    Greetings from Germany, and sorry for my english ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RHCP1234567

      Muss ich dir recht geben, wenn sich das bewahrheitet, wรƒยคre es schlimm! John kann doch nicht einfach so gehen!?!? ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ Was sind die Peppers schon ohne JF… Ich verfolg’s gespannt weiter! Ebenfalls Greetz aus Germany. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Christopher

        Es wรƒยคre einfach sehr sehr sehr schade. Vor allem weil ich sie nie Live sehen konnte.


        It would be a shame. And I never saw them live on stage…

  • Lucas

    JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Laura

    I voted “something else”, which would be a combination of option 1 + 2. I really like Josh and I wish him all the best with RCHP, but of course that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of John, I own almost all of his records and now he has the time to put out some more. Also I’ve seen him play live with RHCP 6 times, so I’m not really sad about the change in line-up, I’m actually pretty excited and much looking forward to the new album.

    • CMD313

      Wow, so there’s an actual ribbon of dedication you win for having seen him live and buying albums? Who gives a fuck? Who the hell are you, anyway?

      Europeans are weird, I say. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      • CMD313

        On that note, I saw them live only once in 2002 and that does not determine anything other than Korea being physically isolated. ๐Ÿ™„

      • Laura

        Huh?? I was only adding that to make clear that:

        1) I wasn’t dissing John by liking Josh, because I do like his solo music
        2) I do understand that people might be sad if they hadn’t had the chance to see them live, while I did, so I don’t care

        I don’t see how me being European ha anything to do with that and who are you, you don’t even have a name.

  • behnood

    Why do some of you guys try to defend this Josh guys and insist on his being a great guitarist? If you give him extra credit, then you have insulted all the legendary 6-string players including John himself…this guys MIGHT BE A GOOD MULTI-INSTRUMENTAL MUSICIAN BUT HE IS NO SUPERB GUITAR PLAYER AT ALL….hey guys, just remember, those solos on Stadium Arcadium will never be repeated with a person of Josh’s calibre…that is why i keep mentioning the names that are equivalent to John in terms of technique, speed and virtuousity. There are numerous solo guitarists already out there who might say YES to RHCP job offer…. I know that someone like Friedman may never return to U.S but Satriani, given that he’s so fond of Chad (they chickenfoot members believe that Chad is the core of the band), may get the nod…O.K, an arrogant guy in the name of John Fruisciante made a decision and gave a finger to all his fans, but now that he’s gone ,the person who takes over should reinforce the band and not weaken it….I, at this very moment, bet that once an album featuring Josh is released, then all the critics including the fans will slap the Peppers for their wrong choice…

      • behnood

        just fuck off you motherfucker…you’d better change your ID to emptymind,cause you are deprived of having such a thing….and by the way, you have already replied to what i wrote you pathetic loser!…Hell with shallow minded people like you who can’t discern real guitar gods from inferior ones such as Josh.

        • noah

          its true. just watch slane castle. Sure josh could probably play most chilis songs, but he cant fucking jam them out there like john can with all that strength and emotion. the jams and improv solos will be empty shells without john and the new album will be full of false enthusiasm just like one hot minute. josh is fine and all but i would rather see no red hot chili peppers then have him play with them. its just sacralige.

  • Kyle

    Far and away the most aggravating thing about this to me is that the Chilis are essentially closing their run with a pretty mediocre parting gift. Stadium Arcadium has its moments of glory, but I always felt it was deeply muddied by the decision to make it a double album and the generally over the top production. It may be better than what a lot of other bands have made, but I don't think it really stands together with the triumvirate of awesome that preceded it (I don't count One Hot Minute). It pains me when an entity that has made such enormous contributions to music doesn't end on a high note, and I really feel like SA is not a high note.

    If John had done this back in 2004 when he was on a roll, I probably would've thought it was a great decision. Almost six years later though, all that's come out is SA and the Empyrean, which didn't resonate much with me either, and thus, makes me highly dubious to the benefits of this move in either direction. I prefer his solo stuff, but not if the stuff following this is all at the level of the Empyrean. Either way, rough times are ahead for this John fan.

  • Jesse

    This is what I think:
    Josh is going to be making an outline so to speak, of the guitar riffs and chord progressions to go along with the songs. The rest of the chili peppers are eager to start but john just isn’t in the mood to get back to the life hed have to return to. John has never said he quit the band. He just says he doesnt have a date on his calendar to return. I’m positive John will come back and blow us all away with his amazing guitar skills and finish the RHCP album. Josh is a talented guy. He played many instruments on John Solo albums and plays rhythm for some RHCP live shows. Josh isnt John Frusciante but they have very similar tastes and style and Im sure it will all be ok.

  • Mike

    This news makes me really sad, just yesterdayi was watching all my RHCP video collection and thinking about them, i thought “I hope they make a really good record, if they do something like By The Way they should retire” but i really think they can make something really good if they put their mind to it, anyway, Chili Peppers without Frusciante confirms my thoughts, they should retire…. Love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but without John it’s like Led Zeppelin without Bonham……. 50% of the band lost…… best of wishes to you John if this is true, hope it’s not for ego shit……

  • everyperson

    oh god, i’m so so sad ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    i should’ve gonne to see them while they were on SA tour ๐Ÿ™ who could’ve thought this was going to happen again?! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • Petra

    As a huge John solo fan, but also an enthusiastic RHCP fan, I’m pretty shocked. Although you could have seen this going to happen, it feels like a punch in the gut to actually read this. I voted the “I don’t believe this until I hear it from them/him” option, because I don’t want to believe this to be true.
    As someone wrote before, change happens, so I guess we all have to accept this. I hope John’s decision is the right one for him and regarding the band, I’m still curious to know with what they will come up in the future, but I have the feeling I won’t be so passionate about it anymore, because in my opinion for the “real” Chili Peppers, John is the essential ingredient.
    And I feel sorry for many fans, because their only chance to see John perform live, would be with a major band. I hope you used that chance in the last years.

  • Chris

    I’ve just been thinking the last few days about the whole situation and if the news turns out to be true I don’t feel as bad now as I did when I first heard it. I’m guessing that the band took the break after Stadium Arcadium and when the time came to get back together John just simply wasn’t in to it. Maybe feeling in another time/space/reality/dimension to the rest of the band.

    Ive always felt that the Chili Peppers have had a special connection not seen in other bands, each one brings something different with their individual styles. I’d hate to see a forced effort from anyone if they just weren’t 100% there, I’d rather see the happiest guy on earth making music everyday for themselves than to drag out an attempt to make an album for the sake of it. Making music is meant to be fun, inspiring, having a laugh – not forced because you’re in a world famous band.

    I’ve also been thinking about how John came back to the band for Californication. Man, the guy came from the very bottom back to the very top and I don’t think he’s stopped going upwards! No disrespect to the rest of the band at all, they are all fantastic musicians and RHCP’s my favourite band but I think now John is in outer space whereas RHCP is kind of a bit left behind still on earth (if you know what I’m trying to say, all based on the solo work thats been put out these last years). If John stays, then the next RHCP album is going to be amazing. If John leaves the band then I really hope that we get to hear some of the music that could be made in the bands place. If not, then I wish all the happiness for the future. Hey, why doesnt he put out songs for charity, then everybody wins!

    Of course this is all my speculation and I’m hoping its all a rumour but whatever happens is for the best.

    If it turns out to be true I’ll just always be thankful for what has been, and not what could have been.

    ps none of the above is based on fact, just my erratic thought processes.

    • noah

      The only thing thats in outer space is johns brain. he needs to stop being so out there and come back to earth. stop playing all this damn bizaar music that we all pretend we like. swahili blonde? come on, seriously? the empyrean was the biggest let down of all time. lets here some good guitar jams for goodness sake, some good, hard, sexy, red hot chili peppers guitar jams.

      • behnood

        Finally there comes someone who really knows what I’m talking about…Noah, you’re so great…your understanding of music is evident from your comments…i’ve been mentioning this fact for such a long time that John works with bullshit artists and since the people coming here are mostly biased and support him no matter what he does without any logic, i’ve always been ignored especially by the owner of this site, because she seems not to tolerate any criticism of John’s deeds. Nobody understands that the more you love a person, the more perfect you want him to be and thus the more critical of his heterodox actions you will be…i can’t even spell the name of most of these unknown so-called musicians that he works with…he is the main reason why he is always ignored as a legendary guitarist by critics and media because of his poor collaborations…and now, he’s seperating himself from the only thing that was a representation of his greatness i.e. RHCP. Those who keep admiring his solo career have to remember that John would have been nothing without the Peppers (the vice versa is also true) and even this website would have never gained such a reputation had he only been a solo artist…well, when a lunatic says he believes in spirits and that he gets inspired by such superstitious stuff to create music , then nothing else than these abnormal acts are expected from him…he’s the best guitarist, but a total psychopath.

        • WindUpSpace

          behnood, itร‚ยดs a shame that you call yourself a fan of john and his music..according to your posts you really seem to know nothing about him and about what is actually driving him to make music..Iร‚ยดve been listening to his solo stuff for about 10 years and I saw him live 4 times. Iร‚ยดm kind of sad that since the last few years there are more and more “wannabe-” and “mainstream-fans” like you who always want to see him as the big rock star or as a guitar god because this image seems so very cool to them. But that is just not john and Iร‚ยดm glad that heร‚ยดs not !!! If he really wants to quit the peppers then itร‚ยดs ok, itร‚ยดs just his decision you know?! Iร‚ยดm thankful for all the beautiful music he gave to us…so go and listen to your poor plastic-rockstar-stuff and leave us real fans alone, please!!!

        • Andrew

          John is not a psychopath:

          do your research. you shouldn’t throw around that word for anyone who (you deem) is “crazy” or weird.

          but about John being nothing without RHCP, you’re right – it’s true that none of us would be listening to his solo stuff if it were not for RHCP, BUT that doesn’t mean that he has to continue being in RHCP forever. there is no logic to that. RHCP and everything that happened are what led to this moment in time. (John said it himself, excuse the language: “and all of the fucked things you do are the product of what’s happened to you”). and in many people’s opinion (mine included, and probably John’s too), John’s solo work is far more meaningful and expressive and just plain awesome than anything he’s done with RHCP. if he feels that now he would rather work without RHCP, then he should. he is not obliged to stay in the band that got his name out there. what if Neil Young had never left Buffalo Springfield? or CSNY? or what if RHCP disbanded after the Hillel’s death? just because something started one way, there is no commitment to keep it going that way.

          i am a huge John-solo fan, and significantly less of an RHCP fan, and i think i’m one of the only ones who would be happy at this news (though still unconfirmed). the one thing i have read people saying, which resonates with me, though, is that now there are a LOT of people who won’t be able to hear John playing and singing live. i can only hope that he’ll do some solo shows. and yes, it was RHCP which introduced me to John. in fact, it was a live concert when it hit me how amazing he is. i liked RHCP before that, but this concert just blew me away. and it was specifically because of John. and it was that same night, when i got home, that i bought “The Will to Death” (from itunes). the rest is history (for me). sorry i went off on a tangent.

          yes, none of us would have heard of him if it weren’t for RHCP, but he is not indebted to anyone because of that. i just hope he plays some gigs on his own.

          but this is still unconfirmed. and even if he’s not playing guitar with RHCP now, as someone else said (not sure where in this ocean of comments), maybe John will be producing the album. i was listening to The Empyrean today, and it hit me how imaginative the production is. and in Chad’s recent interview, when he didn’t answer who was producing, maybe it’ll be John? now THAT would be cool.

      • Rob

        Do you own the album “The Empyrean”? If so, listen to it a couple more times without skimming through it for guitar riffs and you’ll realize that it is the pinnacle of Frusciante’s career as a musician. The focus of that album was vocals and rich layered compositions, not “guitar jams”. God, if kids like you and Behnood weren’t always looking for blazing guitar solos you may actually enjoy an album or two. The whole album was based off the concept of the highest point in heaven and each song beautifully flowed into the next providing a surreal, otherworldly experience of high points and low points. Ahh, just thinking about it puts my mind at ease…so colourful. If you guys didn’t share that same experience i feel sorry for you, but i guess we are all at different points in our spiritual development. Or you sincerely may not have liked the album…fair enough if it didn’t resonate with you. I do however, invite you to give it another listen, and if it still doesn’t tickle your fancy check out “Grow Up and Blow Away” by Metric, that’s a great album.

        • Rob

          And Behnood stop bullshitting man, “your understanding of music is evident from your comments”, do you honestly think you’re fooling anyone into thinking you’re intelligent or musically talented with commentary like that? If your so into shredding then why are you such a Frusciante fan? Shredding clearly isn’t his thing man just listen to the “By the Way” or “Californication” albums and you’ll see that what defines John Frusciante as a musician is his ability to play a variety of different styles with the same passion and feel that is heard and every album he’s been a part of. I have a feeling that speed and skill will only interest you for so long before you begin to appreciate musicians who take their time and gradually build up to a spiritual climax. Good music is kind of like sex in a way but i doubt you would have a good understanding of that subject either. John Frusciante’s virtuosity can be attributed to his mastery of many different styles and moods he expresses in his guitar playing, not just his mastery of playing really really fast. And as for his spiritual/ superstitious beliefs, i don’t necessarily agree with them but i believe that he actually has those experiences. Honestly man, what he is able to emote with his guitar is supernatural in itself.

  • fast tony

    Listening to the interviews over the years and all it basically sounds like John just doesn't like touring and all that comes with a big album release.

    Why not just have John write and record the music with the band in studio and have Josh play it live? That's enough for me. We'd all love for John to write more of his own stuff anyway instead of wasting too much time touring. Not saying for John to skip an entire tour just show up here and there as a treat. Compromise. If all the news is true.

  • TimZ

    I think John totally changed his mind while working on the emyprean. I mean he’s really having fun during the stadium arcadium tour, but than that hiatus came along, and John began working on an album with a heavy style he never made before. I can even remember I saw him smoking on one of the empyrean album fotos! But then again I don’t think he should leave the peppers just like that, and I don’t think he is doing that right now. All they said was: John doesn’t record with the chili peppers right now…

  • Laura

    I answered “Something else (do explain)”, so I feel I need to detail my choice…

    Personnally, I’m desvasted to learn this (if it’s true !!!), but on the other side, this is John’s choice and I’ll always respect his choices. If He can be happier this way, then I’ll be happy for him…
    I just hope this is a clear decision made by him, to go on his solo work and to avoid the disagrement of stadom, and not a mistake as in 1992… I don’t know if I explained myself enough clear, but what I wanted to say is that I just want John to be happy and to make wonderful music in the futur…
    But I know, at the same time that I would never be able to listen to the Red Hot in the same way before a long long time… And the Red Hot were the only thing which helped me through my personal life since I was 13… So, this is a really really sad time for me…
    So, I prefer to think about John’s happiness and futur plans in solo works… If He can’t be happy anymore with the Red Hot anyway, then let’s him be happy in his solo work…
    This is the only way to keep my moral for this time, thinking about John’s happiness and fullfilment in music…….

    I hope that my message will help other Red Hot fans that felt the same way I felt learning this sad news…

    Life isn’t what you choose or what you want… Life is just a collection of beautiful, happy, painful and sad events which make you what you are…
    I just understood that few months ago, and now I don’t try anymore to control what happens in my life, because whether you want it to happen or not, it will happen anyway, so John’s departure is just another sad and painful event for me, that I must grow with…

    I really hope some people will understand me…



    • Xpld

      I agree. Every word and phrase without exception.
      Well, I could quote some great men now, but there’s nothing left to say.

    • Meredith

      what you said was beautiful and made me tear up. Because of a similar story you wrote of your reasons to be sad about his could be departure, it meant so much to me that other people feel it and people are turned on to how honestly John tries to live and understand truth and make music. I dont know how or why it is, but fans of John’s work seem to have a very similar outlook on life and of beauty and pain. I mean, we all seemed to be guided to his work by so mysterious reasons Its nice to find people that can have a humbling non jealous tone to themselve if this has made much sense, Im just all mixed up with emotions but calming down

  • Juraj Vinski

    I love Frusciante & peppers and I think that in this moment this is good for everyone, john, the bend (with josh) and us, the fans.

  • mari

    It's funny. I just looked at the Current Poll

    What do you expect from the new RHCP album?

    * Something totally new! (39%, 659 Votes)

    * Something mellow. (16%, 269 Votes)
    * Something heavy. (6%, 95 Votes)
    * Something funky. (29%, 494 Votes)
    * Something else. (10%, 189 Votes)
    So we will have what we want… Something tooooootally new!

  • ewa

    I don't know if this is realy John's page on twitter, but we can read there:


    1. Thank you every one for your support I did not leave and look forward to producing more music with RHCP.

    about 10 hours ago from Tweetie

    so what is going on? is it true?

  • Iva

    Use your common sense and you'll easily determine that the Twitter account is not real. You'll also determine why it's not real.

    This was reported to RHCP board mods earlier today as they can inform the management.

  • Anthony

    No John no me buying Pepper albums or going to their shows. Later Peppers its been a fun 20 years for me as a fan but at this point it would be better for you guys to quit now.

  • Itzed

    I just hope John doesn't think he's "out grown" them, or surpassed others and no longer has a use for the them. A lot of John's personal music is rather obscure and not really all that marketable. He could end up depressed and alone if he's not careful. Making music for music's sake is a nice thought until you lose your following because the masses can no longer relate to it. I always thought it was a great mix and balance for him to have the commercial success of the peppers, which comes with the love and adoration, and the freedom to do his own thing on a more personal level too. No musician is telling the truth if they say they don't care if people like their music or not. If you love music enough to want to create it, you want to know other people are enjoying it too, and that makes you feel good. I'm not sure John's limited audience for his solo efforts are enough to feed that part of his soul.

    • tangerine

      interesting point. only time will tell with all of this. I'm excited to see what happens, I hope we get some kind of official news soon.

  • SH!T

    I'm really surprised because both at live shows and in interviews from 99-07 he seemed genuinely excited about playing with the chili peppers. He always had a big smile on his face and stated that Flea was essentially his musical soul mate. It seems like if he did in fact leave, there's more to it then just his dislike of the "machine". Maybe personality conflicts? I don't know. It's just sad. I love the chili peppers and his solo work. I thought he enjoyed both as well. I think it goes with out saying that he's an amazingly talented musician that can pursue all sorts of other endeavors, I just didn't see this coming.

    I hope that if it is true, he's happy with his decision and the rest of the band think long and hard about the next step. They could continue without him, but should they? They can go through the motions, make some music and cash a paycheck, but at this point they have to drop something really great, and out of left field (like Californication was) to not tarnish their legacy.

    At the end of the day we all strive to do what makes us happy right? Kudos to John if this is what he needs to do. We can still hope it's a rumor though:)

  • Anthony

    This is truly awful. Those 4 made magic together. Their albums were my favorites. I was a firm believer they were getting better. The Stadium Arcadium tour was so rocking. John lit up every show I saw. To know those days are gone well its just so sad.

  • John si gone...( is back :) ? NO IS GONE >__< )

    I’m listening to By the way outro ( live in Hyde Park ) , really John is IRREMPLACEABLE ! whatever they’ll do with josh , the best period is over.

  • add

    John still rocks though his solo work is so awesome the chilis just will never be the chili peppers without him !

  • Mara

    I can't believe this!!! It'll not the same without him!! The Chili Peppers are with J.F. John: Please! Come Back to the band!!! You`re a God!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mara

    I can't believe this!!! It'll not the same without him!! The Chili Peppers are with J.F. John: Please! Come Back to the band!!! You`re a God!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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