The Mars Volta’s Octahedron out on 19th June?!

The Mars Volta's Cedric and OmarAs reported on The Comatorium blog as well as; an official announcement is expected in near future regarding The Mars Volta’s new album, Octahedron. Once again, the album will be produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The provisoral release date would be 19th June.

And, from this segment taken out of the Mike Watt’s The Watt From Pedro podcast, John’s very likely involved in this:

Mike Watt: Like, uh, Omar…

John Frusciante: Mmhmm.

Mike Watt:..had you be a guitar player for him.

John Frusciante: Yeah, I’ve played on all their albums, except their first EP. I just did another one in August.

Mike Watt: Does he play on it? I mean, there was one where he didn’t play, right?

John Frusciante: Well, no. He played, but he played, like, overdubs. Like, I played..there’s two where I played all…most of the written guitar parts and then he did additional parts on top of that, like, tracking with the drummer or, umm…I guess there was just one where for the whole album I played all those parts. But even on the next one I did after that, the last one that was released, I did pretty similar, you know, where I’m playing uh, a lot of written parts.

So…roll on for a summer of good collabs! And thanks to Adam for the second of the two links in the first paragraph.

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