Saturday Questions

Saturday question #17: Dream setlist, part one: RHCP

Some RHCP setlists - image by EmmaWelcome to the 17th edition of Saturday questions on a sunny June day. If it’s not sunny where you are, well, too bad, hope sunshine will come your way!

This week and next week’s questions will be, like, sister questions and rather straightforward.
You get to pick a setlist for a RHCP show. You can pick 18 songs, counting John’s cover songs too, and you can add regular jams, drum & trumpet, bass & trumpet, treatment jams whenever you like. So, what’s your dream setlist for a RHCP show?

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  • Roberto Campos

    Quick List

    01. Warlocks w/ Opening Jam
    02. Hello Hello I’m Back Again (Gary Glitter) (John)
    03. Scar Tissue
    04. Easily
    05. One Big Mob
    06. Wednesdays Song (John)
    07. Dosed
    08. Leverge Of Space
    09. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
    10. Dont Forger Me w/ Dont You Ever Leave Outro
    11. Soul To Squeeze
    12. Brandy [Your A Fine Girl] (Looking Glass)
    13. this Velvet Glove
    14. I Could Have Lied
    15. After Hours (Velvet UnderGround) (John)
    16. Sir Psycho Sexy
    17. Give It Away w/ You Gonna Get Yours Intro (Public Enemy)
    18. Ending Jam

    This is Mine, i though it would take 2 mins, ended up being like 10 mins, replacing songs, moving songs up and down.

    Take Care All,


    • Kris

      1.Higher Ground
      2.Jam into Red Hot Mama
      3.Throw Away Your Television
      4.Venice Queen
      7.Maybe (Frusciante)
      8.Flea, John, and Chad jam (trumpet, guitar, drum)
      9.Mellowship Slinky in B Major
      10.Freaky Styley Jam into Power of Equality
      11.Wet Sand
      12.Under the Bridge
      14.Sir Psycho
      15.Stretch (one hot minute b-side)
      16.Good Time Boys
      17.Give it Away jam into
      18.Around the World with end jam

    • Harry Portnof

      Intro Jam From La Cigale 2006
      By The Way / Jam
      Scar Tissue
      Around The World
      Maybe (John)
      This Velvet Glove
      Funky Monks
      Fortune Faded
      I Could Have Lied
      Torture Me
      How Deep Is Your Love (John)
      Higher Ground
      Dani California / Jam from Milan Alcatraz 2006

      John on Bass / Flea trumpet Jam
      Power of Equality


      :mrgreen: Cool heres min im gonna pick the first 18 that comes through the shuffle on my ipod……….

      1.intro jam straight into dont forget me ๐Ÿ˜†

      2the righteous and the wicked :mrgreen:

      3.death of a martian ๐Ÿ˜† lovely man :mrgreen:

      5.torture me ๐Ÿ˜€

      6.around the world :mrgreen:

      7.stone cold bush(with the best bass solo in the world!!!!) :mrgreen:

      8.blood sugar sex magik :mrgreen:

      9.good time boys :mrgreen:

      10.i could die for you :mrgreen:

      11.pretty little ditty ๐Ÿ™‚

      12.midnight :mrgreen:

      13.road trippin :mrgreen:

      14.higher ground :mrgreen:

      15.subway to venus :mrgreen:

      16.sir psycho sexy :mrgreen:

      17.theyre red hot :mrgreen:

      18.give it away with closing jam

      wow that trnd out pretty well 4 me neway!!!

  • Paris

    Not exactly a dream set list, just what comes in to my mind right now, could be a different thing tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Intro (Anything with a huge frusciante solo in it, Chad smashing his cymbals, Flea jumping around and playing using overdrive in his bass and Anthony hidden behind John’s Rig ๐Ÿ˜Ž )
    2. Can’t Stop
    3. Give it Away (With “You’re Gonna Get Yours” intro)
    4. Around The World
    5. Usually Just a T-Shirt #3 followed by a short cover of John’s favorite song of that day (I’ll leave that up to him :mrgreen: )
    6. Ready Made
    7. Funky Monks
    8. Otherside
    9. Charlie
    10. Right On Time (London Calling Intro)
    11. Don’t Forget Me
    12. Parallel Universe
    13. Dani California
    14. If You Have To Ask (To be turned into a long funky jam)
    15. Californication

    16. Prettty Little Ditty Jam
    17. Soul To Squeeze
    18. Sir Psycho Sexy

  • Bojana

    The order of the songs is unimportant:
    Venice Queen, Californication, Under the bridge, Wet Sand, Dosed, Parallel Universe, Funky Monks, I could have lied, Road trippin’, Out in LA, Otherside, Readymade, So Much I, Don’t forget me, Havana Affair, This velvet glove, Tearjerker, John – Lounge Act.

  • Niels

    Uhm, guess my favorite got to be this:
    Can’t Stop, Around The World, Dani Calfornia, Fortune Faded, Scar Tissue, Charlie, On Mercury, Parallel Universe, If You Have To Ask, Throw Away Your Television, This Velvet Glove, Naked In The Rain, Funky Monks, Venice Queen, By The Way, Californication, Save The Population, Under The Bridge, Make You Feel Better, Give It Away

    Guess it’s like this… It would be such a rocking concert! Might be some spelling mistakes, but I do my best!

  • Danny B


    1 Intro Jam, Like Slane
    2 Can’t Stop
    3 Dani California
    4 By The Way
    5 Scar Tissue
    6 Charlie
    7 If You Have To Ask
    8 Universally Speaking
    9 Parallel Universe
    10 She’s Only 18
    11 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    12 Around the World


    13 Californication Intro Jam
    14 Californication
    15 Wet Sand
    16 Under the Bridge
    17 Venice Queen
    18 Give It Away

  • behnood

    One of the best saturday questions ever Iva. I really dig it. So, here’s my dream list of an imagnery RHCP gig:
    1. Around the world (it’s so sad that Can’t stop has taken its place as a start off tune)
    2. Readymade
    3. My lovely man
    4. Suck my kiss
    5. She’s only 18
    6. Scar tissue
    7.Emit Remmus
    8.This velvet glove
    9. Torture me
    10. WET SAND (no. 10 always belongs to the best)
    11. She’s only 18
    12.Venice queen
    13. Parallel universe (with a solo like the one at Slane)
    14. Don’t forget Me
    15. By the way

    16. Soul to Squeeze
    17. Californication
    18. Give it away

  • hcrockso

    1. Around The World
    2. My Lovely Man
    3. Otherside
    4. If You Have To Ask
    5. Dani California>All Along The Watchtower Jam like in Milan 2006
    6. This Is The Place
    7. Your Pussy’s… (John Solo)
    8. Parallel Universe
    9. Organic Anti Beatbox Band
    10. Stone Cold Bush
    11. Emit Remmus
    12. She’s Only 18
    13. Get On Top
    14. This Velvet Glove
    15. Can’t Stop
    16. Blood Sugar Sex Magic
    17. Power Of Equality
    18. What Is Soul? Jam
    19. I Could Have Lied
    20. Give It Away>Long Jam

  • chrisgregory05

    1. Around the World
    2. So Much I
    3. By the Way
    4. Scar Tissue
    5. She’s Only 18
    6. What is Soul?/Jam
    7. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    8. John Frusciante – How Can I Tell You?
    9. Hey
    10. My Lovely Man/Jam
    11. This Velvet Glove
    12. I Could Have Lied
    13. Jam/Can’t Stop
    14. Don’t Forget Me
    15. Sir Psycho Sexy


    16. Under the Bridge
    17. Me & My Friends
    18. Venice Queen

    Such a hard question, and I’ve probably left out something really good. Honestly though I’ve heard Give it Away and Cali too much live on tv/dvd and stuff now though.

  • Rob

    1. give it away (that would surprise everybody)
    2. jam into scar tissue
    3. jam into snow
    4. parallel universe
    5. charli
    6. your pussy’s glued to a building on fire
    7. behind the sun
    8. this velvet glove
    9. charlie
    10. jam into californication
    11. easily
    12. don’t forget me


    jam into venice queen (or with ambient sounds like slane)
    i could have lied
    wet sand

  • behnood

    Wow!…it is so lovely to find My Lovely Man as a common song in most of the lists….best RHCP riff ever…John plays it celestially in concerts…I have a 2004 concert in paric wherein he plays a beautiful improvised solo to this song which makes your hair stand on its end!…The content of lyrics is also striking, fool of mourn and passion dedicated to Hilel!…Number one RHCP song of all time.

  • Perrine

    :mrgreen: Now, this is such an exciting question ! And the answer is quite hard to give. Basically, I would like every song to be linked to the next one by a jam, because John, Flea and Chad are just so good at doing it (hard for Anthony to make up lyrics all the time, of course). So, here is a set I would definitely fancy :

    1. Jam introducing Scar Tissue
    2. Jam into Soul To Squeeze
    3. Jam into Snow
    4. Jam into Readymade
    5. Jam into Can’t Stop
    6. Torture Me
    7. Jam into Cover Song : Little Wing : John (guitar, vocals), Flea (trumpet), Chad
    8. Jam into This Velvet Glove
    9. Jam into Under The Bridge
    10. Jam into Don’t Forget Me
    11. Jam into Savior
    12. Dosed
    13. Venice Queen
    14. Jam into Desecration Smile
    15. Jam into I Could Have Lied

    Encore :

    16. Otherside
    17. Californication
    18. Wet Sand

    Now, I wish I could have added tens of other songs but I guess everyone would be dead in the end, you know, dead fingers and arms for John, Flea and Chad and dead throat for Anthony and the crowd and also dead ears… So let’s stick to 18 ๐Ÿ˜›

  • TyrannosaurusPhil

    How awesome would it be if you could really have them do this?!?! Here goes:

    1) Intro Jam/Around the World
    2) By the Way
    3) My Lovely Man
    4) Get On Top
    5) Tell Me Baby
    6) Throw Away Your Television
    7) London Calling/ Right On Time
    8) Make You Feel Better
    9) Purple Stain
    10) She’s Only 18
    11) Warm Tape
    12) If
    13) Can’t Stop
    14) S.O.S. (John Solo)
    15) Dani California

    16) Power Of Equality
    17) Give It Away
    18) Higher Ground

  • ShaunKun

    Perhaps not to everyones tastes, but here’s my choice…

    1. Intro Jam
    2. Power Of Equality
    3. Arond The World
    4. Charlie
    5. Scar Tissue
    6. Otherside
    7. Minor Thing
    8. Give It Away (w/intro from ‘Off The Map’)
    9. So Would’ve I (John Solo)
    10. Slow Cheetah
    11. Don’t Forget Me
    12. The Righteous And The Wicked
    13. Storm In A Teacup
    14. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    15. Venice Queen

    16. Under The Bridge
    17. Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
    18. Fight Like A Brave

    18 songs is not enough… :mrgreen:

  • Paul

    nice question!
    my list would be…
    1. By the Way (with the outro from Slane Castle)
    2. Can’t Stop (the Itunes Original version, that one’s awesome)
    3. Don’t Forget Me
    4. She’s Only 18
    5. John covering Tiny Dancer
    6. I Could Have Lied
    7. My Lovely Man
    8. Dani California
    9. Dosed
    10. Otherside
    11. Funny Face
    12. Soul To Squeeze
    13. 21st Century
    14. She Looks To me
    15.Especially in Michigan
    16. Wet Sand
    17. Under the Bridge (With John on background vocals)
    18. Venice Queen

    in that order, that would be perfect!

  • Mary

    This is so hard! I only discovered their music last year and it’s sad to think that I never had the pleasure to see them live. Here goes mine:

    1. By The Way
    2. On Mercury
    3. Dani California
    4. Suck My Kiss
    5. 21st Century
    6. Scar Tissue
    7. Tell Me Baby
    8. Californication
    9. Snow (Hey Oh)
    10. Desecration Smile (lighters in the crowd moment, of course)
    11. Charlie
    12. Don’t Forget Me
    13. Hey
    14. Can’t Stop
    15. Give It Away
    16. Venice Queen
    17. My Lovely Man
    18. Turn It Again

    I’m not counting the jams as I’d like them to be in each song and I would love for them to have at least one complete song by John with Flea and Chad playing and Anthony as backup vocals. RHCP songs would need to be removed from the set but it’s worth it.

  • James

    The order is unimportant;
    By the Way, Californication, Funky Monks, Otherside, Universally Speaking, Minor Thing, Murderers jam, Can’t Stop, This Velvet Glove, Higher Ground, Parallel Universe, Around the World, We Believe, Turn it Again, Charlie, Pretty Little Ditty, untitled #6 jam (john and josh could do it), Zephyr Song, Under the Bridge, Suck My Kiss, Give it Away.

  • Tristan

    OMG, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Just out of the top of my head…

    1. Opening Jam
    2. Charlie
    3. Easily
    4. Wet Sand
    5. For Emily (John cover)
    6. Dani California
    7. Pea
    8. Me and My Friends
    9. Sir Psycho Sexy
    10. Snow ((Hey Oh))
    11. Hey
    12. So Much I
    13. Desecration Smile
    14. Don’t Forget Me
    15. Soul to Squeeze
    16. Jam
    17. 21st Century
    18. Tell Me Baby

  • dommyg45

    This is an easy question at first, but when it gets down to it, 18 songs is a tough one:
    I over ran a bit, but it would have to be along the lines of:

    Can’t Stop
    Around the World
    Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (John Solo)
    My Lovely Man
    Knock Me Down
    Dani California
    By The Way (Jam into-)
    Scar Tissue
    Fortune Faded (Save The Population Jam)
    Get On Top
    Snow ((Hey Oh))
    Buckle Down
    Throw Away Your Television/Don’t You Ever
    Wet Sand
    Venice Queen
    Higher Ground
    (Drum Solo)
    Tiny Dancer

    Under The Bridge
    Give It Away

  • Tom Fogarty

    Intro Jam :mrgreen:
    Can’t Stop
    Nothing to Lose ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    Search & Destroy [Cover] ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    Sexy Mexican Maid
    Throw Away Your TV ๐Ÿ’ก
    Rolling Sly Stone
    Purple Stain ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    My Lovely Man
    S.O.S. [John Solo Cover]
    Sir Psycho Sexy โ—

    Turn it Again โ— โ—
    Soul to Squeeze
    Dani California
    Give it Away
    John Outro ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Brian

    1. Into Jam
    2. Around the World
    3. By the Way (with Hyde Park ending)
    4. Dani Califronia
    5. Purple Stain
    6. The Righteous and the Wicked
    7. Scar Tissue
    8. Get on Top
    9. Naked in the Rain
    10. Permutation into Californication
    11. John – Tiny Dancer
    12. Higher Ground
    13. This Velvet Glove
    14. Don’t Forget Me
    15. Turn It Again
    16. Under the Bridge
    17. Soul To Squeeze
    18. Give It Away – End Jam

  • Lucy

    OMG how hard is this! Right have to think back to all those gigs we’ve been to..
    Intro – long, long and guitar focussed of course
    Dani Californication
    If you have to ask
    Get on Top
    Right on Time
    Snow (Hey Oh)
    Suck My Kiss
    Strip My Mind
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    I Feel Love/Tiny Dancer/Maybe – John’s covers medley (slight cheat but it’s mine…)
    Slow Cheetah/Wet Sand medley
    My Lovely Man
    Save the Population
    Don’t Forget Me – with extended guitar solo like last time

    Encore – Your Pussy’s Glued to a Building on Fire – John solo going into..
    Californication – with long solo intro
    Under the Bridge
    Give it Away – with minimum 20 minute jam and long guitar outro – like last time..

    That was completely harder than I thought it’d be but it’d most definitely keep me happy

  • Danny

    1. Intro/ Can’t Stop
    2. Dani California
    3. Charlie
    4. Universally Speaking
    5. Scar Tissue
    6. Small Flea Solo/ Dont Forget Me
    7. Fortune Faded
    8. She Looks To Me
    9. Otherside
    10. Hard To Concentrate
    11. Right on Time (London Calling Intro)
    12. Soul To Squeeze
    13. Tell Me Baby
    14. Higher Ground
    15. Snow


    Chad Drum Solo/ John- Sunday Bloody Sunday
    16. Under the Bridge
    17. By the Way
    18. Give It Away (Ur Gonna Get Yours Intro)/ End Jam

    Nothing really different than their normal set lisits……the way I see it, if it aint broke, dont fix it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ectogasm

    1. Intro* +Bunker Hill
    2. Can’t Stop
    3. Otherside
    4. Get On Top
    5. Drum and Bass Jam* +Righteous and the Wicked
    6. Warlocks
    7. Especially in Michigan
    8. This Velvet Glove
    9. My Lovely Man
    10. John’s Del Shannon “Runaway” Cover*+Runaway (By the Way B-Side)
    11. Trumpet and Guitar Mourning Jam*+Californication
    12. Minor Thing
    13. John’s King Crimson Cover “Lament”+ Venice Queen
    14. Power of Equality


    15. By the Way
    16. I Could Have Lied
    17. Wet Sand
    18. Give it Away +Ending Jam*

    Wracked my brain trying to come up with this one, but I have to say, if I saw this, I could die a happy man.

    • Ectogasm

      Oops, forgot to mention before Warlocks there is a cover/jam of “Inca Roads” by Frank Zappa

  • MikeA

    I’d like to hear them do Torture Me live and bring back Backwoods and Subway To Venus. I’m a huge fan of Throw Away Your Television; great bassline and excellent FX by John. Turn It Again and Mellowship Slinky In B Major would be cool too.

  • David

    1. Freaky Styley Intro/Around The World
    2. Suck My Kiss
    3. Fortune Faded
    4. Scar Tissue
    5. Skinny Sweaty Man
    6. The Zephyr Song
    7. Stone Cold Bush
    8. Me And My Friends
    9. Knock Me Down
    10. Can’t Stop
    11.Organic Anti-beat Box Band
    12. Intro/Californication
    13. Fight Like A Brave
    14. Venice Queen
    15. Sir Psycho Sexy

    (drum solo)
    16. Give It Away
    17. Under The Bridge
    18. Fire

  • chickenbot

    well like all chili peppers show starts off with a good jam
    1. around the world
    2. if you have to ask w/ awesome jam
    3. black cross
    4. funky crime
    5. green heaven
    6. funky monks
    7. love trilogy
    8. for the first time ever live, mercy mercy
    9. quixotelixir
    10. subway to venus
    11. blackeyed blonde
    12. don’t forget me
    13. under the bridge
    14. californication w/ intro jam
    15. my lovely man
    16. castles made of sand
    17. sir psycho sexy w/ long end jam
    18. and end the show with the classic BSSM outro they’re red hot
    Whooo000oO! and the crowd goes wild and riots breakout, just playing
    and of course there would be some random jams throughout the show

    • chickenbot

      ooh and if there’s time john would play tiny dancer before black cross, don’t know if that counts for a whole song

  • shalhevet

    well, my dream setlist would be:
    intro jam
    by the way
    around the world
    dani california
    cosmic slop (funkadelic cover)
    your pussy is glued to a building on fire(john solo)
    universally speaking
    don’t forget me
    snow( hey oh)
    blood sugar sex magik
    sir psycho sexy
    me and my friends
    my lovely man
    fire( jimi hendrix cover)
    intro to californication
    chad drum solo+ flea on trumpet+ john on bass
    tiny dancer( john solo)
    soul to squeeze
    under the bridge
    you’re gonna get yours+ give it away+ long outro

  • behnood

    “in my room i’m all alone, waiting for you to get home, listening to roberta flack,but i know you won’t come back”…it is such a striking lyric, just pictures the horrifying and sad moment when a friend reliazes that he has lost his friend forever….MY LOVELY MAN…i bet it is among the three most selected so far!

  • a.m.

    1. Jam/ Porcelein
    2. My Lovely Man
    3. Love Trilogy
    4. Don’t Forget Me
    5. Leverage of Space.
    6. Readymade
    7. Descecration Smile
    8. So Much I
    9. No Chump Love Sucker
    10. Scar Tissue
    11. This Velvet Glove
    12. Brandy
    13. Funk Jam
    14. This is the Place


    15. Higher Ground
    16. Suck My Kiss
    17. Dani California
    18. Country Feedback (REM) w/ Closing slow mellow jam with trumpets

  • dilraj

    haha this is kind of hard but ill try
    1.Huge long intro jam
    2.Good time boys
    3.Hollywood(with funky outro)
    4.scar tissue
    5.john and flea huge jam
    8.if you have to ask
    9.cant stop deep is your love(john)
    11.californication intro and californication
    12. Wet Sand
    13.My Lovely Man
    14.Higher Ground
    15.Torture me
    16.My Friends
    17.Boyz n the hood intro then party on your pussy (done with socks in cocks)
    18. Sir Pyscho Sexy with amazing outro
    john saying thanks

  • Alex

    Start with a jam/The Sides (by Ataxia)
    This Is The Place
    Throw Away Your Television
    The Metro (John Solo)
    Scar Tissue
    Funky Monks
    I Could Have Lied
    Torture Me
    So Much I
    Don’t Forget Me
    The Zephyr Song
    This Velvet Glove
    Warm Tape
    Venice Queen

    By The Way
    My Lovely Man
    Huge 40 min+ jam

    As you can see, I’m a big By The Way fan ๐Ÿ˜€

  • zspot9

    Jams don’t count as songs…

    Intro jam
    1. Give it Away
    2. Rolling Sly Stone
    3. Snow (Hey Oh)
    John and Flea loud and furious intro jam
    4. Midnight
    5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (John on vocals with Chad)
    Chad on drumsss, end with cymbals and John coming in with…
    6. Scar Tissue
    7. Wet Sand
    John and Flea long end jam
    *John and Flea get acoustics out*
    8. Road Trippin (acoustic)
    9. I Could Have Lied (acoustic)
    John extended Funky Monks intro on acoustic, then back to the Strat
    10. Funky Monks
    John and Flea long intro jam
    11. Californication
    12. By the Way
    Flea on bass!
    13. Around the World
    14. Don’t Forget Me
    John and Flea Don’t Forget Me end jam
    John and Flea Can’t Stop intro jam
    15. Can’t Stop
    16. Fox on the Run (John and Chad)
    John heart-breaking intro jam
    17. Under the Bridge
    18. Power of Equality

    Flea on Bass!
    19. Throw Away Your Television
    20. Dani California
    21. Leverage of Space
    John and Flea end jam

    I would pay any sum of money to see this set.

  • grt05

    Order not important..

    Can’t Stop, Easily, Otherside, Don’t Forget Me, Californication, I Could Have Lied, Greeting Song, I Could Die For You, Venice Queen, Dosed(they never play this live),On Mercury, Dani California, Soul To Squeeze, Coffee Shop, Slow Cheetah, Rolling Sly Stone, Anne, Leverage of Space.

  • emma

    this will prob be hard lets see

    1.cant stop
    3.knock me down
    5.desecration smile
    6.dani california
    7.breaking the girl
    9.venice queen
    10.s.o.s (john)
    11.tiny dancer(john)
    12.hump the bump
    13.fortune faded
    15.suck my kiss
    16.tell me baby
    17.give it away
    18.under the bridge
    prob loads more

  • thanos

    ok lets see…..

    1.Intro jam-can't stop

    2.Around the world

    3.Funky monks

    4.Stone cold bush

    5.Apache rose peacock

    6.Untitled#3 (john)

    7.Scar tissue

    8.She looks to me

    9.By the way

    10.I could have lied

    11.Soul to squeeze

    12.Sir phycho sexy

    13.Ten minute jam

    14.I like dirt

    15.Search and destroy (iggy pop cover)

    16.Under the bridge

    17.Give it away

    18.Venice queen and finish jam

    Of course i would like to put more songs on the list…

  • Nicolas

    can’t stop
    around the world
    21st century
    funky monks
    my lovely man
    don’t forget me
    storm in a teacup
    your pussy is glued to a building on fire (john)
    rolling sly stone
    turn it again
    wet sand
    nobody weird like me
    sir psycho sexy
    under the bridge
    your gonna get yours/give it away/LOOOOOOONG JAM ๐Ÿ˜†

  • alkร„ยฑm

    i want to see them in turkey… this is my very big dream ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Opening Jam + Can’t Stop
    2. Dani California
    3. Torture Me
    4. Snow
    5. Universally Speaking
    6. Fallout(John solo)
    7. Intro(Flea) + Don’t Forget Me
    8. Otherside
    9. Scar Tissue
    10. Wet Sand
    11. Turn It Again + Outro(with Josh,Omar)
    12. So Much I
    13. My Life(John and Josh ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    14. Soul To Squeeze
    15. Venice Queen and Road Trippin’
    16. Under The Bridge

    17. Chad & Flea & John jam and Californication
    18. By The Way
    19. Me & My Friends
    20. 0=2(John Frusciante & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez)
    21. Intro + Especially In Michigan(with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo)
    22. Give It Away(Long RHCP JAM)

  • Kami

    Huh… great question ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. Intro/Can’t Stop
    2. Scar Tissue
    3. Funky Monks
    4. Party On Your Pussy (Psychedelic Sexfunk Jam)
    5. Yertle The Turtle (Trilogy)
    6. If You Have To Ask & Jam
    7. Parallel Universe
    6. Your Pussy is glued… (John Solo)
    7. Breaking The Girl
    8. She’s only 18
    9. Don’t Forget Me
    10. I Could Have Lied
    11. This Velvet Glove
    12. Hey
    13. Slow Cheetah
    14. Power Of Equality

    15. Californication (Jam)
    16. Sir Psycho Sexy
    17. What Is Soul (Jam)
    18. Give It Away & Outro

    I would easily trade everything i’ve got to be on this show :mrgreen:

    • Kami

      Ohh damnit :mrgreen: …i’ve chosen 20 songs ๐Ÿ˜ณ
      hmm i would delete “Power Of Equality” and “Slow Cheetah”, but its a really hard decision ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pepper dion

    Mine would be:

    01.Intro / Can’t Stop
    02.Around The World
    03.Sunday Bloody Sunday(John and Chad)
    04.Greeting Song
    05.Subway To Venus
    06.Out Of Range
    07.Throw Away Your Television / Don’t You Ever Leave (Outro)
    09.Out In L.A.(As an Intro)Into:Stone Cold Bush
    10.Torture Me
    11.Death Of A Martian
    12.Get On Top (With the wah-wah intro in 2004)
    13.Catholic School Girls Rule (Like Hullabaloo)
    14.Venice Queen (Like Slane)
    15.Don’t Forget Me (Like Cigale)
    16.Magic Johnson
    17.Soul To Squeeze
    18.Power Of Equality / Long outro Jam ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜†

  • alexchilipepper

    i hope that one day they will come in greece and this would be the setlist!!!!i tried to put songs from all the albums……but i can’t cause i am a huge fan of after bssm albums!:):)so here is my dream setlist!!!!!!

    01.Intro Jam-Can’t Stop
    02.Dani California
    03.Scar Tissue
    04.Tell me Baby
    06.Throw Away Your Television-Don’t You Ever Leave
    07.Parallel Universe
    08.Songbird(John Solo)
    09.Snow ((Hey Oh))
    10.Bass Solo-Around the World
    11.Wet Sand
    12.Fortune Faded
    13.I Could Have Lied
    14.Bass Solo- Don’t Forget Me
    15.Flea – John Jam – Californication
    16.By the Way


    17.Venice Queen
    18.Give It Away+20 min Outro Jam!!!!
    and i will put and a 19 song which is guess!!!:):):):all the other rhcp songs that i haven’t put in my setlist!!!!:):):):)

  • DaniCalifornia

    1. Opening Jam (something like live at the Cigale in Paris, France) into Can’t Stop.
    2. By the Way
    3. Scar Tissue
    4. Dani California
    5. Snow ((Hey Oh))
    6. Songbird (Fleetwood Mac cover by John)
    7. Parallel Universe
    8. Otherside
    9. Fox on the Run (The Sweet cover by John, Flea and Chad)
    10. Strip my Mind
    11. Especially in Michigan
    12. Don’t Forget Me
    13. Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix cover)
    14. Purple Stain
    15. Venice Queen


    16. Californication (with insane intro)
    17. Under the Bridge
    18. Give it Away (with insane outro)

  • Jake Bland

    Around The world
    Subway to Venus
    Throw away your Television
    Yertle Trilogy
    Hollywood (the Meters – africa)
    Mellowship Slinky in B Major
    Gong Li
    Green Heaven
    If You Have To Ask
    Sir Psycho Sexy
    Desecration Smile
    Dont Forget Me
    Every Person (johnny fru song)
    Wet Sand
    No Chump Love Sucker
    Tiny Dancer (full rendition, come on guys! you can do it!)
    Dani California… just for the guitar solo.

    in no particular order, thats a vage running order. that i’d cream my pants to.

  • Warpeddream21

    I’ve never seen RHCP live, so anything they decided to play would be a dream to me. But I would love to hear in no particular order Breaking the Girl, Warm Tape, This Velvet Glove, Sexy Mexican Maid, Good Time Boys, Mellowship Slinky in B Major, Sir Psycho Sexy, Around the World, Readymade, Love Trilogy, Out in La, Taste the Pain, Don’t Forget Me, Instrumental #1, Otherside, Snow, Can’t Stop, and Organic Anti-Beat Box Band. And whatever covers they decide to play. Then John could play some of his amazing solo work. (I’d love to hear Untitled #11)

    (I know it’s kinda “forbidden” for them to play any songs from when Dave was in the band, but it would be a dream to hear Warped, Aeroplane, Coffee Shop, One Big Mob, Stretch, and Love Rollercoaster as well.)

  • jamesb

    My setlist would consist of a full acoustic set (Bridge Benefit), but would also include a string section to backup the band, and also would need to include AutoTune for Anthony. ๐Ÿ™‚ 18 songs..9 John solo songs and 9 RHCP songs. For the John songs, it would be interesting to have Anthony sing the lead and John sing the backup parts.

    1 Under The Bridge
    2 Dosed
    3 The Past Recedes
    4 This Cold
    5 Going Inside
    6 My Friends
    7 Goals
    8 Cabron
    9 Regret
    10 In Relief
    11 Road Trippin
    12 A Doubt
    13 She Looks To Me
    14 Unreachable
    15 Slow Cheetah
    16 Wet Sand
    17 Carvel
    18 Breaking the Girl

  • Shannon

    nice question ๐Ÿ™‚ :mrgreen:

    1) intro ( like hyde park, or slane)
    2) Can’t stop
    3) Don’t Forget me
    4) Otherside
    5) Soul to Squeeze
    –JOHN- Mascara—-
    7) power of equality
    8) I Could have Lied
    9) Californication
    10) She looks to me
    11) Wet Sand


    12) Under the bridge
    13) Around the world
    14) Give it away.


  • Shannon

    haha, i only picked 14 songs… ๐Ÿ˜›
    i would add :

    Venice Queen
    Taste the Pain
    Breaking the Girl
    Scar tissue

  • Emilio

    INSANE question…..but extremely hard to complete. this would be one of my dream setlists.

    1. intro into 21st Century
    2. Dani California
    3. Funky Monks
    4. Enough of Me (just the chorus (“if the seasons which change….onwards”) with a massive solo on the end of it
    5. Warm Tape
    6. Purple stain
    7. Easily
    8. Stone Cold Brush
    9. So Much I
    10. Californication
    11. John on Bass, with chad on drums doing the bassline from dark/light. (john is on the bass in that song)
    leading into
    12. Higher Ground
    13. Give it away
    14. Fortune faded

    16. jam into Me and My friends
    17. otherside
    18. sir psycho sexy (i know its not an original last song but they do it so fucking well!!!!!!

  • Caleb

    Hmm this is tough…

    1. Intro Jam (Either Fuji Rock Festival jam or La Cigale Jam) into Can’t Stop
    2. Scar Tissue
    3. Dani California w/ Milan 2006 Outro Jam
    4. How Deep Is Your Love (John Solo)
    5. Universally Speaking
    6. Funky Monks
    7. If You Have To Ask
    8. Breaking the Girl
    9. By The Way w/ outro jam
    10. Desecration Smile
    11. Venice Queen w/ Slane Intro
    12. Yertle the Tertle
    13. Readymade
    14. Snow (Hey Oh)
    15. Give It Away w/ outro

    16. Soul to Squeeze
    17. Don’t Forget Me
    18. Sir Psycho Sexy

  • Grant Halliday

    Get On Top
    Emit Remmus
    I Like Dirt
    This Velvet Glove
    Power Of Equality
    If You Have to Ask
    Funky Monks
    I Could Have Lied
    Soul to Squeeze
    Give It Away
    My Lovely Man
    Sir Phsyco Sexy
    She’s Only 18
    Torture Me
    Higher Ground
    Purple Stain

    In no particular order.

  • Michael Quinn

    I have seen the Chili Peppers quite a lot now so here is a semi-alternative list, hope you like!!!!

    Around the World
    Zephry Song
    Higher Ground
    Wet Sand
    If you want me to Stay
    Knock me Down
    Mellowship Slinky
    Parrallel Universe
    On Mecury
    Fight Like a Brave
    Give it Away
    Brother Cup
    Soul to Squeeze
    Turn it Again
    Sir Psycho Sxy

  • Ana

    waw this is hard as i find all their music aweosome but here goes…

    1- Opening Show (start of slane castle)
    2- Breaking the girl
    3- Sir pyscho sexy
    4- I could of lied
    5- Especially in Michigan
    6- Minor thing
    7- Dont forget me
    8- Higher Ground
    9- Tiny Dancer (john’s cover of elton john)
    10- Around the world
    11- Californication
    12- Otherside
    13- Get on top
    14- This velvet glove
    15- Parallel Universe (slane castle one)
    16- Torture me
    17-Under the bridge
    18- Venice queen- with closin jam.

  • daniel

    1. Dortmund 11.6.06 Intro
    2. Sex Rap
    3. Blackeyed Blonde
    4. Subterranean Homesick Blues
    5. Get on Top
    6. Nobody Weird Like Me
    7. New Orleans Jam with the Meters
    8. Yertle Trilogy
    9. Pretty little ditty
    10.Sir Psycho Sexy
    11.Emit Remmus
    13.Bicycle Song
    14.Teatro Jam
    15.What is Soul

    16.Tuesday night in Berlin
    17. Right on Time
    18.Endjam with Omar, Josh and Michael Rother from Hamburg

  • Fru666

    1. Intro Jam/Can't Stop
    2. This Is The Place
    3. Universally Speaking
    4. Strip My Mind
    5. Scar Tissue
    6. SOS (John)
    7. Suck My Kiss
    8. Otherside
    9. Dosed
    10. Wet Sand
    11. Don't Forget Me
    12. Make You Feel Better
    13. She's Only 18
    14. Dani California
    15. Snow
    16. Jam/Californication
    17. Under The Bridge
    18. Give It Away/ Outro Jam

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