Saturday Questions

Saturday question #25 – Oddshow

?!Welcome to August! Here’s the 25th round of Saturday questions.

We already had a lot of questions related to imaginary bands, festivals, tours et cetera…but this is a different spin. You have the supergroup, you have the tour, you have currated a festival…and now, let’s set a special, secret show in a totally odd place.

What incredibly odd place would you play a live show at? Anything goes – from real places to virtual worlds. And this continues onto the last week’s brain tickle.

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  • shalhevet

    well, i think the most odd place i would have a show is in the middle of the desert. with the open sky under the stars. that would be amazing!

  • emptysoul

    I wouldn’t think of a special place…rather a special way of performing…you guys remember the scene from Funky Monks, where the band is hanging upside down and being photographed? I wold like to see (or do) something like that…performing upside down xD that would be awesome^^….

    About the place: I just thought of something. I would be really,really really cool to play in a place where is no in space xD You know, the band kinda flying around and playing some beautiful songs….that would be great.

  • Jamie

    Probably in space not because of the zero gravity (even though that would be awesome :mrgreen: ) because of some of the really awe-inspiring views you see on all the space programs, that would be pretty amazing

  • phantom

    flea did a show once hanging upside down, i think i would like to see a show performed under the northern light or under a waterfall or just on top of a really beautiful mountain

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