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Saturday question #42: Ten events that shaped the noughties?

The noughtiesAs promised last week, until the end of 2009, all editions of Saturday questions will be about the noughties (2000-2009) – what was cooking, what was good, what was bad, what we did, what they did. So, starting from a global point of view.

What are, in your opinion, ten events that shaped the noughties? Both good and bad.

Since this question might cause arguments and dispute, I am asking all of you to watch your words, be civilised.

For those who don’t know: Saturday questions are a weekly meme on Invisible Movement where the site visitors get their own say. The questions are of a broad range, some of them are directly connected to the site subject and music, some are wonderfully irrelevant and some are very random. This is just a little way for everyone to interact, especially when it comes to people who don’t visit the forum.

For previous Saturday questions, click here. Everyone’s welcome to suggest a question to ask Invisible Movement’s visitors, by sending me a message as well as a DM or @reply to site’s Twitter.

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  • Allen

    10. No smoking in public places law in the UK
    9. The death of Johnny Cash
    8. The reunion of great music-Blur, Rage Against The Machine,AC/DC etc
    7. The beginning of China’s change into a democratic country
    6. Climate Change campaigns
    5. The release of the lockerbay bomber
    4. The Credit Crunch
    3. The Iraq War 🙁
    2. 911 🙁
    1. BARAK OBAMA!!!

  • Xpld

    10. Talent shows
    09. Natural Disasters (Katrina, Tsunami,…)
    08. Euro
    07. Climate Change campains
    06. Development of the Asian Economy
    05. The Credit Crunch
    04. The Iraq War and the Afghanistan War
    03. New technology for the masses
    02. 911
    01. Barack Obama

    • Yaheli

      If anything Barack Obama will have an impact on the world only in the next decade, it’s 2009 and 9 and anything he does most likely won’t have an impact in this decade. The credit crunch also won’t have it’s full affect on the world for at least another year or 2.

      The 2 events that shaped the current decade are 9/11 and the Iraq War.

  • santanafan

    The “noughties”… what kind of term is that… i really don’t think that is the appropraite term

    Barack Obama is in LAST PLACE. Any kind of impact he has had is purely ideological. There’s absolutely nothing to show for it. It’s all smoke and mirrors. You tell me how things are different now. Good luck to you on that one.

    Top events (at least for the Americans): 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq/Afghanistan wars

    • Xpld

      Who says that this ain’t a random order? 😉
      Of course, wars are more important than a single human being, but the ideological events aren’t unimportant at all. Firstly it has changed the mind about the mightiest nation itself, secondly they can show us the way to a better future, and finally: Why does everyone mention those long-haired idealists talking about the 60’s if they were representing pure ideology? ^^
      BTW: It’s all about campaigns and lobbies. Naturally Obama won’t decide anything in his career the way he’d like to. No politician ever will.

    • Roberto

      I would prefer if you didn’t use the term Americans for the residents of the United States since it is a loosely employed term and kind of an indicator of self-sufficiency and a wrong and inadequate belief of superiority since America isn’t only the United States, it includes loads of other countries that have different opinions over which events mattered most in these last few years.

  • Phantom

    In no particular order
    10. Itunes-increase in commercial music, popy sigles acceptable face of music
    9. Mass popularity of social networking sites leading to anti social culture
    8. Global warming awareness
    7. Internet
    6. Mobile phones ( i was only 8 in 2000 and nobody had one)
    5. Recession
    4. Terrorism
    3. End of innocence in kids TV plastic fake cleche American shows like high school musical hannah montana ect
    2. Mass obiesity in childhood
    1. Wars in afganistan/iraq

    i know these are mostly all negative things but ultimately its the conflict that makes us grow as people and not nessaserily the things that made life easier

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