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This decide, apparently called “noughties” by some people, is nearing its end. Therefore, many polls on what were our favourite films, people, books, musicians et cetera are taking place. If you were old enough to remember it from any previous decade, you might even find it a bit annoying.

Nevertheless, there is also a poll for song of the decade. And there’s a certain song with a memorable riff that graced all possible TV shows (everything from MTV’s TRL to very random commercials in countries in transition), performed by a person whom you just can’t forget even if you wanted to for a band that’s been everywhere. In other words, care to throw in a vote for Can’t Stop?

Song of the Decade - Can't Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Here are the instructions on how to vote and make sure you don’t cheat, as votes from the same IP range on the same songs will be discarded. You can also check the stats here. To grab a code, click here.

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