RZA inspired by John to make music for free + collab on a film soundtrack

PictureTime for some good news, thankfully. In the news item published today on and, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan is explaining that John gave him a big lesson on what music should be done for and how it should not be paid for.

“Musically, I got a friend of mine that’s given me a big musical lesson,” RZA explained to us recently in NYC. “His name is John Frusciante from the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers. He said to me that he doesn’t make music no more for profit or people. Those that like it, love it or don’t love it — he doesn’t worry about the critics. He has enough financial security that he doesn’t have to never sell music again. I don’t have the same security, because I got so many family members. I’m never gonna be rich enough.”

“I go to [Frusciante’s] house a lot and make music with him,” RZA said. “We just make music. I’ve made 100 songs this year, and probably nobody won’t hear them but us who made it. It feels good, yo. It feels good to do it with no strings attached. Not having to worry about if somebody is gonna criticize it, if it’s gonna sell. I’m past that. That’s a great place to be.”

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In addition to this, it appears that these two have worked together on a film called RZA’s Wu-Tang Vs The Golden ¨Phoenix. The trailer of the film is below and John composed music for it (or at least the music in this trailer. You can also view it on YouTube. It’s done by Grindhouse Production and apparently, it’s coming out on a DVD very soon.

Warning: the trailer is R-rated.

*Many thanks to RHCP Universe for the bit about the film.