RZA inspired by John to make music for free + collab on a film soundtrack

PictureTime for some good news, thankfully. In the news item published today on and, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan is explaining that John gave him a big lesson on what music should be done for and how it should not be paid for.

“Musically, I got a friend of mine that’s given me a big musical lesson,” RZA explained to us recently in NYC. “His name is John Frusciante from the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers. He said to me that he doesn’t make music no more for profit or people. Those that like it, love it or don’t love it — he doesn’t worry about the critics. He has enough financial security that he doesn’t have to never sell music again. I don’t have the same security, because I got so many family members. I’m never gonna be rich enough.”

“I go to [Frusciante’s] house a lot and make music with him,” RZA said. “We just make music. I’ve made 100 songs this year, and probably nobody won’t hear them but us who made it. It feels good, yo. It feels good to do it with no strings attached. Not having to worry about if somebody is gonna criticize it, if it’s gonna sell. I’m past that. That’s a great place to be.”

To read the whole article, click here.

In addition to this, it appears that these two have worked together on a film called RZA’s Wu-Tang Vs The Golden ¨Phoenix. The trailer of the film is below and John composed music for it (or at least the music in this trailer. You can also view it on YouTube. It’s done by Grindhouse Production and apparently, it’s coming out on a DVD very soon.

Warning: the trailer is R-rated.

*Many thanks to RHCP Universe for the bit about the film.

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  • emptysoul

    There we got it. He’s not making music for money anymore. That may be a reason why it’s uncertain whether he’s with the Chili Peppers now. ‘Cause he doesn’t want to sell music, but just make it. Just a thought on my side though. Could be wrong.

  • CMD313

    I can behave according to the rule of not calling John names stated in the previous post, but I assume that the word HYPOCRITE is not offensive. 🙄

    It’s nice not to want money. However, us so-called mere mortals shouldn’t be looking up to this because you cannot live without money, put your spouse/family in debts, live on what they give you and pretend you gonna be the best in the world someday. Those are two different worlds and only rich people with such enormous legacy (and *cough* royalties that keep flowin’) behind them should be doing such things. John can pull it out, but this isn’t a good role model in any way. 😯

    Also, not releasing music and releasing it for free are two different things. I think this is called not releasing it at all (of course you can’t pay for something that’s not available at all) and the internet album is on the other end…and it would have never been released if it was not leaked either way, so these terms are loosely-defined. My point is: John does not and won’t release music for free. He is obviously not willing to have any online presentation and when it’s being released physically or on iTunes and similar sites, end customer pays either the processing fee or manifacturing costs. This is BS.

    I apologise for harshness. I probably just wasted 10m of my life by writing this while they’re starving up there on the north.

    • orangevarld

      But John didn’t blame people for making mucis for money, RZA himself seem to acknowledge to make it because he has to.

      But I agree with the fact that it’s a little bit selfish to not release music at all, to just live for him and nobody else.

      And I also think that it’s not good for the pepper. The bad news is that it could be bad for his solo work too, in the case he wouldn’t even share music.

  • pennylane

    I’m sorry If im over reacting or jumping to wrong conclusions, but to me this sounds like hes not planning on releasing anything at all for the next few years (until he changes his mind or needs money again). I feel very disappointed right now, because hes acting like he doesnt care for his fans at all. Hes got thousands of fans that respect him enough to buy his music instead of downloading it, and theres people like Iva who run this website and others, just because they think hes a cool guy who makes cool music. And now that hes got all the money he needs, he decides to withdraw from the media and not release any more music. Its his decision how he choses to act towards his fans, but I think he could be a little more thankfull to all those who are being loyal to him, buying his music and searching the internet and all sorts of magazines for news about him. Again, I apologize if I over reacted.

  • JustaGuest

    1. You seem not to understand the meaning of the word “profit”.
    2. You cant call him a hypocrite yet, “no more” implies that his future releases might be “non-profit” which does not necessarily mean free
    3. If John is not a role model for not lusting for more money, I guess all the Wall Street guys are great idols for you… wait wasn’t it greed that caused our current economic situation? 😯
    4. Next time spend additional 10m to read more carefully.

  • jf

    frusciante seems to become a musically kafka, whos work will be published after his dead^^ i don’t want to wait this time 😛

  • tdm

    I think it’s cool they are making music together just for the experience of it. As a musician, I know how fun it is and what a great experience it is to create music, both by yourself and with others. RZA and John are two musicians who like making music and if some of their stuff never comes out, so be it. It’s the product of their creation in that moment. Even I have songs I have no plans on showing people because those songs were made just for me, as a sort of journal of my emotions.
    Now let’s talk about rumors and assumptions. I don’t think of this as a clue to support the rumor he’s quit RHCP. That could lead you to believe John was in the band to make a profit, and not just to rock with close friends, as John and the others in the band say. It’s a crazy thought, and that’s why I don’t believe he’s leaving the band. It is a possibility, because he’s a free spirit, but I don’t think it will be true. It’s most likely just a state of mind than a plan not to make CDs. Maybe he just won’t want a long tour or do publicity junkets for the album, or maybe start doing things like Radiohead and distance themselves from Mtv and the media. We won’t know until they let us know their plans.

  • Baro

    The key is that he doesn’t need to sell music. I’d do the same. In fact, I’d be happy with my life if I could do the same: have my current life for free (current costs money actually), and just being able to create all the music I’d want. But if even RZA can’t, I guess I can’t either, so the most I can hope is make my living from selling music someday.

    • orangevarld

      And if you can avoid to seel music, will you at least share it ? That’s the big difference.

  • behnood

    I'm so disappointed with John…I tore his poster off my wall yesterday…he doesn't deserve to be called a rocker as long as he practices music with rappers and hip-hop artists…who the fuck is RZA anyways?…what the fuck is going on in John's mind?…he has to be expelled from the band since he does not deserve to be in a rock band at all…what a jerk he's become…unlike u guys who try to have excuses for whatever shit he does, i'm sure there are thousands like me out there who are pissed off by his inconsistency and his lack of respect for his stance as a rocker…u look at Friedman or Mustaine and how they stick to the roots and then you look back at John and you realize how far off the road he has gone…JOHN FRUSCIANTE IS NO MORE A GUITAR PLAYER OF ROCK MUSIC…he's a biggot and arrogant musician who doesn't even have the guts to work with the big names….RZA? once again, who the fuck is he?

    • Dan

      Hmm! So u want John to be a cliche rock star? Now that is a bit sad. How bout he gets old lookin like alice cooper or iggy pop. Would that make u happy? Should he start throwing tv’s out of windows, wear a KFC bucket on his head? Get a life

    • Matty

      Behnood, your ignorance is quite amusing. John Frusciante is a “musician”… rocker is the label that the media sticks to people, as much as “rapper” is. I don’t deny that the mainstream hip hop artists and “rappers” are quite terrible. But Underground Hip-Hop is in itself a culture as viable, constructive and meaningful (if not more so) than any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. Actually. Don’t you ever insult the artistic expression of someone’s pain and hardship. Don’t get me wrong, I love rock music, but the way you insult hip-hop really pisses me off. Don’t talk about a culture you know nothing about. Plus, its not our fault you have no idea who RZA is… I’m glad you ripped John Frusciante’s poster off your wall, I feel better knowing there’s one less ignorant and arrogant John Frusciante fan in this world.

      • Kerstin

        Like Matty already said, I have the feeling you really don’t know nothing about a) hip-hop and the culture, that comes with it and b) nothing about John’s take and also RHCP’s take on music anyway. I always loved John and also the RHCP for being open-minded. And if you listen clearly to esp. Anthonys singing style, it’s not even hard to notice the similarities to hip-hop. As he often pointed out himself, cause he likes artists like for example public enemy.
        So maybe, you just wanted to amuse ourselves and make a big joke. Well then: Bravo. If not, then better go and listen to some rock-music in your rocker-world.

    • emptysoul

      I really hope you’re not serious about this. If you are, you haven’t understand, not in the slightest, what Johns music is about or what his whole behaviour is about! It was always his opinion that people shouldn’t think in categories like rap, rock, techno, reagge or what else there is. You should just listen to the music and not judge it by it’s style or type of music. I must admit, it kinda sounds like he’s intending to keep the music he makes to himself just for his joy.But if that’s the case, then so be it. Maybe he’ll publish it for free or non-profit. Who knows? We’ll see. And I think you started listening to the Chili Peppers when Stadium Arcadium came out…otherwise you would know more about his music and his behaviour.

      And just so you know: RZA is one of the founding members of the WU-TANG CLAN, the biggest rap crew there is. He is, most definitely, one of the “big names”. He and John worked together in the N.A.S.A project (The Spirit Of Apollo, Track 5 “Way Down” along with Barbie Hatcher) and on the latest WU-TANG CLAN album ‘8 Diagramms’ (Track named “The Heart Gently Weeps”)

      It is really sad that a guy like you calls himself a John Frusciante fan and yet knows so little about music…I pitty you

    • kimon

      Benhood all i can say is that i feel sorry for u because you will never hear any music in ur life at all, if u dont change ur ideas.. u will only hear things with labels all over them like rap, rock, pop and such..thats bad man

    • lucy

      Behnood, what gives you the right to say what music John should or shouldn’t play? Surely that’s entirely his choice, you don’t have to like it but you don’t have to slate him for it either. Does the fact that he paints and goes to clubs that don’t play rock music means he’s somehow betraying music, as though people should only have one avenue of creativity? All John’s work is varied in style- if one project of his makes you doubt (and publicly trash) his integrity then you can’t call yourself a fan anyway, because a true fan would say, yeah, not to my taste but I still respect the guy. Musicians, I grant you, are generally best known for their work within one genre but that doesn’t mean they’re exclusively tied into that or that they’re inconsistent if they want to play something else. Going by your thinking, the whole band should be expelled for allowing the dance remix of By The Way, but guess what?, artists respect other artists and generally welcome interaction between genres because of how amazing the results can be. Which I shouldn’t really need to explain to you, because (I am assuming) as you are obviously an RHCP fan you’ll be able to trace the influences and collaborations in their work.

      Are you actually familiar with John’s music, because I think you’ll find, for example, that TROWFTD isn’t what most people would call “rock” being mostly influenced by electro-pop so how does that fit in with John being called a rocker? You’re attacking him for a lack of consistency but he is a creative musician not a product of some dead-headed marketing department who’s only allowed to churn out the same song their entire career. He maintains that control over his work himself and what he does is change his approach whenever he feels its right- if you heard say, What I Saw then Anne, for example, out of context and didn’t know they were both John you wouldn’t necessarily assume they were both him at all, that doesn’t make either of them less than the other, it’s actually a compliment to his diversity and ability. Look at Friedman and Mustaine- you could just as easily criticise them for never straying out of their comfort zones, why is staying with the same stuff so much more admirable that trying other stuff out? Working with “big names” has nothing to do with guts- if you had any idea what it actually means to be a musician or to have any kind of outlet where you have to do nothing else but enjoy the creativity that affords you, whether that’s art or writing or music or dance, then you’d understand that it doesn’t matter how famous or successful that person it, it’s what you produce between you that matters. You have a lot to learn about music my friend.

      RZA says in his MTV interview he credits John with teaching him a “big musical lesson” which is to make music because you want to and not worry about the critics or the money. Yeah, like RZA himself says John’s in a position where he’s able to do that (like Friedman and Mustaine I’d imagine?), but what he’s saying is that music is not an industry, it’s a creativity and an art and shouldn’t be made (even) with the aim of just pleasing your fans and selling a few units, it’s about having the freedom to create. By The Way, you could probably do with finding out who RZA actually is- I’ll think you’ll find he’s been pretty successful himself. If you want to read the interview it’s here (sorry Iva if this has been posted elsewhere).

      Anyway Behnood, I’ve enjoyed reading your little rant, and I’m sure you feel better for giving someone who you’ve obviously thought highly of in the past such a justified public slagging, I mean, clearly you know what you’re talking about.

    • kev

      I’m sorry but you don’t know what your talking about, and John could care less if you call him a rockstar or not REALLY..and who is RZA I don’t listen to WU-Tang much but there one of the most original and talented (RESPECTED) rap/hip hop groups ever.. John has no limits or bounds when it comes to music!!! You can’t expect somebody who’s rocked soooo hard since he was young to keep playing the same styles.. You obviously have no sense of Johns personality!! John has to always keep changing to stay interested and creative!!! I’m sorry he doesn’t play hard funk metal or BSSM style anymore for you *cough* *cough* 20 years ago!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love that stuff as much as the next guy but he’s not gonna play stuff he did when he was a young man!!

      P.S John could stop playing guitar until he was 60 and still rock harder and play with more style then Friedman or Mustaine i’m sorry but those guys dont even compare!!!!


  • The Past Recedes

    I think that the guy’s excuse for making music that makes him profit is completely lame. A cop-out.

  • Haley

    This isn’t bad news, he’s not saying he’s never going to release music for fans. A lot of musicians create music with the mindset that they will eventually use those songs to make money. John is free, he makes music to keep himself happy and he makes music for the fans. He isn’t concerned with making a great album that critics will love.

    And as for “profit,” that could lead to putting out music for free, or it could just mean that he himself won’t make money off of the records he makes. RHCP could eventually do what Radiohead did, they could go independent and let the fans price their music. I don’t think its the thought of being with the peppers that John doesn’t like, its just the thought of being a part of this big music industry giant of marketing, touring, etc.

    John will never ever not release the stuff he makes. However, since he plays music ever day, I’m sure there are tons of songs that they make for fun that just won’t be released. That’s fine. He knows people love his music, he said himself that people play music not only for themselves, but to make other people happy.

    I don’t think we should over-analyze what RZA is saying, its just a quick little interview for MTV. John has always had this mentality, like Iva said, this is good news!

  • MA

    you know what song is now in my head? Wu-Tang Clan….

    “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM, get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all” …

    RZA is cool and I think he shows in this interview how he can accept the reality of having to make money because he has mouths to feed, while also caring about his music as art and not just as a moneymaker. It takes effort to make a creative, artistic space for yourself, whether your challenge is people wanting to make money off of your talent, or trying to find a pure place for your music to come from while you have to spend hours of your day working, slogging away, because you have to pay the billls. Good interview.

  • Nancy

    I just think it is funny that John’s latest cd that is suppose to be about his spiritual journey appears to be the soundtrack for a martial arts flick. I love John to death. He can do whatever he wants and I will respect and love him for it.

  • Laws Tinsnow

    I think everyone is overreacting to the privacy of John Frusciante. He is musical inspiration, and i admire how he handles himself both musically, and personally. He truly can say he has devoted his entire life to music, and is reaping the benefit from doing so. His style is unique, and of course it would have be or Iva wouldn’t have made this beautiful website in appreciation of him.

    The chili pepper news has become perverted into a derogative state. My impression is that the band is not functioning the way they used to, and John’s whereabouts are somewhat unknown. (It is scary, for his drug addiction history is more menacing than anyone else’s alive.) Is it that hard to think about the optimistic side of this? There is no evidence of catastrophe, as much as harmony. They are in the beginning stages of a new album. They are four essential components needed for success, and for legitimacy. John could not cop out, it is illogical, disloyal, and just senseless. Why ration to the worst possible outcome? Everyone just needs to relax and, for your own good, go watch videos of his solos and covers on youtube, because any JF fan loves them 🙂 But for the sake of the appreciative humans who appreciate the beauty and art of a select individual (fancy way to say “die hard”) you should respect the decisions he makes, and enjoy things. Do not stress over something that inst even palpable!

    • Haley

      “There is no evidence of catastrophe, as much as harmony. They are in the beginning stages of a new album. They are four essential components needed for success, and for legitimacy. John could not cop out, it is illogical, disloyal, and just senseless. Why ration to the worst possible outcome? ”

      Nice! This is what I’m trying to tell myself whenever I start thinking about this whole thing. John just walking away would be exactly as you put it: disloyal and senseless.

      Its hard to pick it back up after a hiatus. Everything is fine, John is alive and well and is still making amazing music.

    • Me, not you

      according 2 this, hes not hiding. some punks robbed off private pix off his sistas facebook, he was w/his father and he looked normal. i dont approve of these things but i saw that on another msgboard. he also looked as if he weighed more than b4. :mrgreen: if hes hiding online perhaps its b/c hes fed up of his own fans. 🙄 🙄 🙄 ur privacy related statement doesnt even make sense.

  • behnood

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about…you guys are more taken away with John himself rather than what he must represent i.e. ROCK MUSIC(you all act like you’re his advocates and you don’t give a damn about his deeds and all that you are concerned with is to defend him anyways)…and don’t you guys dare comparing rock and metal with bulshit hip-hop and rap…there ain’t no creativity in the latter genres and they represent nothing but a bunch of lyrics full of garbage morphology, while their music is always a recurring pattern….no creativity, no beauty in the music of RZAs, if you could call it music at all…and for those shallow minded people up there who accused me of knowing nothing about music, i should just tell you that i used to play John’s riffs before you even knew such a person exists…so, you guys better zip it off when it comes to knowledge of music…and that exactly gives me the right to criticize my once-used-to-be-beloved artist, who has betrayed the guitar instrument in the first place by sticking to stupid genres like the one on “TRWOFTD”, and secondly has insulted rock music….why is it so harsh on you people to find someone rationally criticizing your favorite artist?…if you just ponder more profoundly, you realize that when someone is so damn important for you then you become more sensitive towards what he does or what he thinks…to me, regardless of how much pissed off i am, he’s still the ONE…but to see that he is vilifying his own image is so pathetic…and finally, it’s not that trying not to change the lanes is a matter of being a stereotyped person but it is more representative of how firm you believe in what you have taken on….Friedman and Mustaine can not be called cliche’ clinchers, but instead they have stood firm against the mainstream pop and rap culture in order to keep rock and metal alive…Frusciante, get back to your old school,you have so many admirers back there…

    • jkingd

      I find this whole comment thing pretty annoying and a waste of time with nothing but rumors and speculations, but I could only let a comment like this go once. but it has come back around so I had to respond…I get exactly where you are coming from, in my eyes John is one of the, if not the, best rock guitarist ever to live. No one puts as much emotion and heart into their playing…NO ONE! but with that being said…rock music, like you put it, clearly is not what John is into right now. If you are so knowledgeable in music and john, then you would know that ever since he re-joined the peppers he has been mostly influenced by different genres than rock, like electronic, trip-hop, and doo-wop. He has said numerous times that the only exciting music nowadays is electronic. i dont want to speak for anyone here, but clearly he is liking hip-hop and electronic music more than your so called ROCK music that he should stick to. The chili peppers started as a funk/punk band, remember punk = not conforming to rules, pure expression…and that is what he is doing

      • sam

        you are a really bland human being, why should he listen to boring and stupid rock music just because hes a guitarist?

        rock music is the most boring and worn out style today, and people like “mustaine” are doing nothing to “keep it alive”, in fact, they have been boring and doing the same harmonic minor lead patterns since the 1980’s. nothing really mindblowing there

        john frusciante/rhcp “purists” are probably the most boring forms of human life

    • emptysoul

      Are you suggesting there’s no creativity and beauty in hip-hop? No message? Dude, have you ever, in you entire life, listened to hip-hop? Alright, nowadays hip-hop is more about money and girls and getting lid and stuff( Id on’t like that stuff much either). But if you listen to some old-school hip-hop like Sugar Hill Gang, N.W.A, Public Enemy and such you realize that there IS a message and creativity and love for music! You said something like “what he must represent i.e ROCK MUSIC”. What the hell?! He doesn’t has to represent anything but himself and stay true to what goes through his head and his emotions and not what some guy wants him to do or play. You should have stopped listening to the Chili Peppers when their first album came out ’cause they never considered themselves a rock band but four guys who love music and make the music they want to make!

      If somebody criticizes my favorite artist, then that’s okay (most of my friends don’t like Johns music, but that’s cool with me) but when a guy like you claims to be a huge fan and says that his music came to suck since “TROWFTD” then that’s just plain dumb on your side. Obviously you don’t get what Johns music is about ( it’s about change). He would have stopped making music long ago if he just sticked to one genre (your beloved Rock) ’cause then it would be boring. Besides, just ’cause he’s not releasing any rock material doesn’t mean he’s not playing rock at all. Maybe he has some recorded stuff at home ( I just realized that this doesn’t even matter) or just plays it for himself but wants to express himself openly with other stuff.

      Phew…back to topic. I realy look forward to that film and I’ll watch it for sure when I get the chance

      • Matty

        I don’t want to argue. But I’m really glad there’s only one of you on this forum. Cause I don’t think I could deal with two of you.

        • MA

          I totally agree. If Behnood thinks that John has only been about shredding guitar and wants to play like Dave Mustaine, he should consider that besides the shredder influences, John was influenced by artists such as Velvet Underground, Syd Barret, Captain Beefheart, and David Bowie (who made a lot of electronic music). Hell, he mentioned loving Elton John and Donna Summer disco when they came out. And Cat Stevens. ‘Cuz seriously rockin’ guitar is the only music that’s ever moved the guy????

          To give an example from another instrument, my favorite drummer is Jimmy Chamberlin from the Pumpkins and he actually studied jazz and latin percussion. He’s said it was wonderful that his training made him “not rock” because it made him different from other rock drummers in a way not everyone could notice but was there. Even people that aren’t in to latin or jazz could appreciate his drumming.

          How does this relate? Well, if you don’t like rap or whatever, then just say you don’t like it and move on. You just look ignorant if you keep bashing different genres of music. No one says you have to like it. If John does make something rocking enough for you, it will probably be better and more unique that what else is out there because of his diverse experiences. It could actually make him a better rock guitarist, and he may do something you may like if you aren’t too negative to take the music as it comes. Just becasue you don’t like the types of music he is doing doesn’t mean you may not like something in the future.

          I seriously don’t mind you saying “I like this style of music, don’t like that one” But it does piss me off to hear people say mean and vindictive stuff about the type of music someone’s making when it obviosuly makes them happy. Why can’t people just accept that, OK it’s not my cup of tea but I’m glad they’re happy making music together? is that really so hard?

  • Jen

    I am really surprised so many people are putting so much stock into this interview. This is NOT JF saying stuff about himself. This is a guy whose English is so bad that he actually is saying the opposite of what he means (with double negatives). I believe he may make music with JF occasionally, but this is not John’s PR person releasing a statement. You cannot take anything this guy has said as actually coming from Frusciante. You just can’t. How many times have YOU embellished a story because you knew it would get you a little more attention? People do it all the time, or just misinterpret what others have ACTUALLY said. It could have been something as simple as him saying, “I wish I could release all music for free.” Which could go either way, but instead gets turned into this by someone who overheard it. Just sayin…….

    • Iva

      I actually said the same in the same comment where I was trying to explain people what “non-profit” actually is and how it shouldn’t be confused with “free”, but nobody paid attention…maybe they’ll listen to you.

      • Laws Tinsnow

        Isnt it funny how similar John is to Cat Stevens? ➡ idk i have been listening to alot of Yusuf Islam’s stuff-ranging back to his legit-cat stevens days, and for some reason i feel a parallel between them. am i incorrect?

        • Lucy

          Have always thought they sound quite similar vocally although there are definite differences of course. Curtains more than most is very Cat/Yusuf. Sure I read somewhere that John was also a big fan of Cat Stevens himself.

          • Iva

            I actually don’t understand the random off-topic out of blue (and in response to something else), but three years ago on this day, at my first Red Hot Chili Peppers’ show, John sung Cat Stevens’ “How Can I Tell You” and I sobbed so much. here’s the video and we should continue the discussion in comments on that page, not here. 😉

  • jule

    Altough I love John’s music in the trailer and in general, the good relationship he seems to have with RZA, his music just doesn’t seem to fit into this particular movie…idk

  • Alessandra

    i think the guy should be free to do whatever he likes……………music for profit, non-profit, for his friends, for himself, for his fan…………whatever he feels like doing is fine by me….. 🙂

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