John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement Top 50 Guitarists of All Time – John came in 42nd

Gibson logoHere's one more proof that all possible polls are a matter of taste and it's also meant to make both extreme sides relax: those who are crazy when someone doesn't win because they're much better and those who are crazy when someone wins because they don't like something they endorsed to be liked by masses.

Gibson, legendary guitar makers, have organised a poll titled Top 50 Guitarists Of All Time. Just like most of the time when "all time" is concerned, Jimi Hendrix topped the list, followed by Jimmy Page. However, the rest of the list differs a lot from, for example, Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists Of All Time and, naturally, even more from The Axe Factor which was taking in account only the guitarists of the last 30 years (dunno who won, but he must be amazing...).

On this very list, John is sharing the 42nd place with Richard Thompson, Rory Gallagher, Clarence White and Hubert Sumlin. Journalist/columnist Aidin Vaziri writes:

He was just 18 when he was drafted to replace his personal idol Hillel Slovak, who died of a drug overdose, in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But Frusciante didn’t come onboard just to recreate the stuttering punk-funk riffs of the past. He brought melody and depth to the band’s defining multi-platinum releases, 1989’s Mother’s Milk and 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik. And each time he circled back to the group between his various solo flights, the results were always inspirational. As singer Anthony Kiedis once said, “John is always deeply disciplined and committed to living and breathing his music at all hours of the day and night. That’s pretty infectious.”

*Apologises for not having linked to the actual list on Rolling Stone website when I used it for comparison. Their new website is absolutely not user-friendly and there actually isn't a page for the entire list.

  • Peter

    Frank Zappa #39, John 42nd? no wayyyyy, both should be higher (like top 15)
    I'm fan of old Guns 'n' roses but Slash #34? Don't think so, look at his riffs, they are all the same...
    But, I'm glad that Jack White is 13th and Django Reinhardt is 20th but I can't agree with this poll at all

  • John

    LOL The edge #23 what the...*** ...David Gilmour #41?!? No way! A part of the list really SUCKS!

  • Nicola Gaunt

    And I thought the Rolling Stones didn't give him enough credit when they put him in 18...

    Well... I'll just pretend this didn't happen. Happier and less angry day all around.

    • Nicola Gaunt

      Oh, but I am a little annoyed at the "stuttering punk-riffs" part. That completely undermines Hillel. Their music with Hillel was groundbreaking and people would do well do remember that >:(

  • Noah

    This list blows harder than the rolling stones one. The one that plows my mind the most is Jack White. He is super annoying and relatively talentless, especially when compared with John. John vs. Jack there is no comparison yet Jack is 13th and John is 42nd. Gibson can blow me.

  • Asithos

    Probably hating on John for his Fender loving.

    • exactly what I thought :p

  • Luka

    Jack White???Who is that guy???

    • Luka

      But really, this list isn't worth a shout, for example Angus Young tops Ritchie Blackmore. -.-

      • Roy

        I know Angus Young isnt the best guitarist ever but he is good. Listen to shake a leg or whole lotta rosie to see what I mean, but please explain to me how Ritchie Blackmore is good at all, I mean wow smoke on the water, and thats the only song they have....

        • listen to "Made in Japan", for example his 3min solo on "Child In Time". "Smoke on the Water" is just a annoyingly overused song that never used to be their best.

        • Luka

          Ritchie was one of the top 5 rock guitarists of the 70s and you want me to explain how is he good at all?Strange...

          • Roy

            yeah u said that Ritchie was top 5 of the 70s, but Rolling Stone also said Kurt Cobain was also like top 20 and he isnt good at all...strange... Ritchie still sux and now hes playing in some renaissance bullcrap... yeah hes good

        • Bill R

          Listen to some more stuff from Blackmore...Machine Head was considered a pretty great hard rock album...Highway Star has a pretty cool solo. Also, some of his better stuff was with Rainbow. Check out the solo in Kill the King.

          • Roy

            I still dont get it I listened to those songs, and they didnt connect at all, but if you wanna listen to someone that can dish it out and make you connect listen to Allan Holdsworth or Santana

  • rst

    I dont understand how can ritchie blackmore be that low in the ratings. Rainbow (ritchie + dio) was awesome, one of my favourite bands.

  • rst

    Deep purples Living wreck, son of alerik, when a blindman cries... blackmore's night solos in way to mandalay, i still remember... Rainbow's catch the rainbow (live in germany), mistreated, difficult to cure, stargazer, gates of babylon, 16th century live, man on the silver mountain live, the shred, temple of the king, ariel live, etc. His playing is beautiful, his classical music influence, his fluidity... Also, i missed Paco de Lucia in the ranks, and i think Tommy Iommi didnt even get a mention.

  • A-tay

    This is a GIBSON list. Of course John is lower than he should be

  • santanafan

    true true... fender would say differently ;p