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John on Catherine Ringer’s Prends-Moi

John appears on a single track on French artist Catherine Ringer's new album, Ring'n'Roll; which was produced by his friend and the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind, RZA. He's soloing on the track titled Prends-Moi (Take Me), which is listed as number 5 on the album.

You can hear the track here.

Catherine Ringer - Ring'n'Roll

Catherine Ringer - Ring'n'Roll cover image

Here are a couple of review snippets:
RHCP's guitarist, John Frusciante, adds a remarkable contribution.

Catherine rocks on the more up-tempo tracks, which benefit from the sporadic help of John Frusciante, ex-guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You can (and should) buy the album if you like what you heard.

If you're interested or if you want to sing-a-long, here's the lyrics.

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  • orangevarld

    Wow !
    How incredible he always is. Who could have expect such a collab ?
    The guitar is still so good !
    Unfortunately I don't like Catherine that much.

  • orangevarld

    What makes me more happy in it is the fact that John proved that he is still active, productive, creative (the guitar, this is so much him, but at the same time, it doesn't sound that much like something he had made previously) and that he still plays guitar (I had feared to hear nothing except electronic sounds from him).

  • J

    Not crazy about the song but good to hear John's still on the radar! Hopefully not too long before we hear more of his own stuff!
    Bit late to have realised this now unfortunately, but best dream collab ever - John and Gil Scott-Heron *sigh* RIP

  • timz

    great sound! it sounds a lot like the tones on Ah Yom and Today from the empyrean!

  • Cleobule

    There is an interview of Catherine Ringer on Canal Plus (a french channel).
    The first question is "how have RZA and John Frusciante contributed to the album?"
    She tells that she explains to RZA the meaning of the song and that she wants an guitar to make the balance. Then RZA invited John, he's quite a character, he was completely "Haarrr arr" It was impresive!"

    You can see the video here

  • Xpld

    gotta love the way she imitates John 😀

  • DodoTheBird

    A beautiful song. That's a pity though to hear John's guitar only in this one. But to see Catherine acting out his performance - priceless. ;-/

  • yes

    The guy doesn't look like John and he doesn't play with the same emotion. But then again John said he would never solo again so if it is him well he just doesn't look like himself.

    • Iva

      He said that in 2004. He soloed in 2006. What is your point? 😉
      My recent post Moja zadnjica…uznemirava

      • yes

        Really? I guess I best check my facts first

  • Dodie Joswick

    130 regular bitches not like this unique video..