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Guitar World’s Greatest Guitarists poll: John vs Omar

Guitar World have come up with a new poll to entertain their visitors. During the past month, they have hand-picked 124 guitarists and allowed the visitors to list four more names who would then be a part of their world-cup-like The Greatest Guitarist of All Time poll. Throughout May, most of the head-to-head "battles" have been voted on already and, as it was obvious to expect so, they placed John in one of the last clashes before the second round kicks in.

If you would like to vote in the poll and get John to the next round, that sadly means eliminating his long-term friend, collaborator and music soulmate, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Proceed to the voting page to vote for John, against him or just give them your own piece of mind on this particular battle. And remember to be nice.

Here is the criteria for picking one's favourite:

• Influence: Who inspired more kids to beg their parents for a guitar for Christmas? Who inspired a wave of copycats?
• Chops/Versatility: Is the guitarist in question a one-trick pony or a master of many styles?
• Body of Work: Who had the more consistent career? Who has played on more classic albums?
• Creativity: Who pioneered new techniques? Who sounds the most radically different from what came before them?

You can also check out the bracket, which is regularly updated according to GW staff and see who will go against whom in the next rounds.

Oh, those music magazines and their constant need to rank everyone and everything!

  • Using the three first criteria, John is the winner. The fourth one is up to discussion.

  • I love both but I would say John as probably influenced more people because he is more known. I think both have pioneered new techniques

  • Alex

    john wins in 1,2,3
    omar wins in 4

  • Ryan!!!!!!!!!


    That was me banging my head on my keyboard. I feel so....Well on one side I just want to stay away from these shenanigans, but on the other hand, I feel some obligation to at least go vote for him, though I'd expect him to dislike the entire thing, especially his selection for "opponent" in this round. I'll probably vote. Perhaps it's some morbid, masochistic tendency I have haha. Thx Iva 🙂

  • Joe

    Ok this makes sick. Watch JFs heart is a drum machine interview where he specifically talks about how messed up these kind of polls are and how they mess with the music.

  • Bernard

    In solidarity with what I know to be John's opinion on these polls and classifications, I won't vote....

    .....but I know won't be able to resist the urge to check out 'the bracket' page every so often! 😉

  • Skinner

    How is it fair to put john let alone anyone up against jimi hendrix, because john will get knocked out really early and therefore seem like he is not as good as other guitarists that go through where he could have rated higher among most others but came across Jimi Hendrix who is incomparable very early. I personally think music is much to a personal and unique thing to compare although i would vote John over Jimi on the simple fact that his music touches me in a way that no other musician can match.

    • Bradsta

      Agree with that. The thing is they know John would get further so they know at least by putting him up against jimi he will be knocked out. He got some of the highest votes out of all guitarists so far, so that tells all of us John fans what we already knew that he is one of the best. They want some unoriginal guitarists to get further. The whole thing is ridiculous. Can't wait for new albums though!

  • styoung4

    This is bizarre...i think we could all agree that the person who would give the least fuck about this would be John (and Omar for that matter).

    "Music isn't the Olympics."-John Frusciante

  • ShadowsCollide

    It's now Frusciante vs Hendrix. God vs God. This cannot happen!

  • TheClosing

    1 & 2 go to John
    3 & 4 go to Omar

    According to the criteria it's a tie. Fact.

  • Nick

    No such thing as a "best guitarist"

    All guitarists... all musicians for that matter... are equally great in their own right.

    I'm almost sure John would agree

  • Conor

    I agree with this dude ^ i would say neither of them tbh