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John is featured on a VAGENDA remix of a Weave! track

The band name Weave! might ring a bell to you as the four-piece with two female vocalists who opened for a couple of other bands we know more of, when Rock For Change was cancelled and the improv was moved to Troubadour. Then they released an EP and split and Nicole Turley started Swahili Blonde, the project we all know and many of us love, both for John's guitar and occasional backing vocals on it and the general tribal fairy-tale feel to it.

As of this month, Weave! are back with a new digital EP named New Funk Romance and the sixth song on the said album, H (heart) H was remixed by VAGENDA, Nicole Turley's side remix project that already released a digital EP. John is featured on the remix, playing guitar on what was originally a trippy synth-pop track.

You can listen to the song below, or view it here. It will be included in Vagenda's second remix EP, Volume 2, the provisoral release date for which is the 31st January of 2013.

For comparison purpose and/or to just enjoy it, you can listen to the non-remixed song below or here.

If you like Weave!, please consider buying their album to support them.

*Many thanks to Patrick for help and heads-up.

  • Thanks for the news, and all, but... "Nicole Turley started Swahili Blonde, the project we all know AND LOVE". Speak for yourself. I love John, but I don't love everything John's been involved in.
    Must I can almost say I hate Swahili Blonde.

    • Iva

      I edited that, added three more words. You may have noticed that this site's tone is very positive tone regardless of occasion, to support everything John is doing and, in the recent years, to support his love. That's what unofficial sites should be like - supportive and non-pretentious. So, no analysing, no opinion, just minor takes and support in general.

      I am sorry if I upset you with the way I write. But please, think next time when you use the word "hate", for anything. We should hate politicians, wars, nuclear disasters. Not music. <3

      Have an awesome weekend. 🙂

      • Jaja

        +1 Iva

      • orangevarld

        I don't think it's bad to have aversion for some music. However I think it's bad to hate any human. I don't see why politicians should be an exception.

        But I don't want to bring a negative vibe here.
        For that matter, I must say that even if I don't like most of Turley's music (even if I love her voice and one or two of her songs), even and if I don't like this remix either, she has all my support because she seems to do music with a great passion, for the sake of music.

        • Peon

          You are all hillarious. You go about finding a word you don't like in something someone said just because you don't like them, nor the person spoken of, and you dive deep into it, until it's ridiculous.

          And it's ironic. If one of your idols, one of those untouchables said the same, the next day it would be a quote spreaded over

        • Lydia

          We should hate every politician?

        • Greg

          Really you love her voice?

      • "... no analysing, no opinion, just minor takes and support in general."

        So, I have to say EVERYTHING John does is AWESOME, and not giving my opinion at all about things I don't find interesting at all? Great.

        • Fede

          I think all of us have the right to speak our minds, but there are ways to do that. You just pick an awful way, that's all. Maybe you are a kid who don't know how to express yourself, and that's ok...
          If the person who's in charge of the page wants to write something the way he or she wants... that's his/her deal. You read it or not, continue visiting this page or not.
          After all, if we keep coming here is because there are news of someone we adore (John in this case) that are difficult to find somewhere else.

      • Your name is too


      • KMack

        Why would you say "we should hate politicians"? That is a large generalisation. Yes there are many I strongly dislike and really disapprove of.
        Have you met them all and really followed their ideologies? Or have you just read a few things which might prove some to be bad? Can you prove none are good? Even still, "hate" is powerful - should you really hate a whole group of people?

        Are you of the assumption that all politicians are bad people? I can think of many who may rank low and are paid little but have gained that position working hard for their communities. I can also think of many who have held corporations accountable in courts of law or others who have overthrown/ran against dictatorships.
        Have you ever considered that a profession such as that (or possibly as a lawyer) is a rather divisive one, whereby their decisions are always in the public eye and are can easily made to look bad by the press and internet?

        Sorry for the rant - I rarely contribute anything online - this just vexed me a bit...

        P.S. We can't all be as lucky as JF whereby, our passions and the things we want to do in life make everyone who hears it happy. If everyone pleased everybody we'd all be the same. How boring would that be.

  • SqueakerTime

    I agree with Iva. This is why I love your site - so positive and full of love for music in general. Plus we get info regarding all collaborations and side projects John does. There is something for all of us. I have to say that I was intrigued by the music John has been a part of, like Weave! and Swahili Blonde. It's something different and I'm always looking for new music and new sounds to enjoy.

  • ildiko

    since when are we suggesting to viewers of this site what words they should use to describe how they feel, and then to demonstrate that you are not against the word hate, just when and how you use it according to you, i personally never use the word at all, but you do when YOU think its appropriate ie hate politicians
    perhaps all users of this site should be allowed to do the same,
    and i personally cannot stand Swahili Blonde, is that okay with you

    • Mandark

      Right, I agree. I'm all for being positive and whatnot but when is it not okay to share your opinion. I think that we should be free to at least say what we don't like. And supporting someone doesn't mean you have to like every single thing they do. Keep it real.

      • Peon

        I think the point was that it is alright to dislike, but keep it in good taste and that the site will write about it and remain positive on whatever it is.

  • asdfg

    I really get the feeling John's guitar playing is forced and uninspired on SB and Weave! etc. I just don't think he puts his heart into it as much as his solo work or RHCP. Sounds like he does it to appease his wife mainly. Sorry that's just how I feel.

    • Kellee

      On his website, John writes about practicing guitar because he wanted to play in a specific way on his wife's album. Sounds like he is putting thought and effort (and presumably heart) into the music.

      • asdfg

        Maybe that's the way it sounds from his website posting, but the music itself tells a different story to me. It's not up to his usual standards.

        • Caroline

          I always thought that Nicole's vision was to be flawed on purpose. Offkey vocals, trying to reach high notes she cant reach, musical chaos... Maybe specific means exactly what you are trying to say? And maybe it was hard for John to play like that?

          • Lydia

            I don't think she's flawed on purpose. She's probably just trying to sound different but some of the different sounds she's going for are so advanced and challenging to achieve without flaws. Only top experts can get them flawless.

  • Candice

    I'm sorry, I'm a little bit confused, because I didn't know about "Weave!" up till now. Was Nicole Turley in that band? Or is?
    I saw some pics on myspace and I'm pretty sure for having recognized her on them.
    For example:

    • Iva

      She was (as I said above, the band was the first to play at that event at the Troubadour nearly four years ago), then she left to work on Swahili Blonde and Weave! had another percussionist/vocalist and quit at some point; then she founded the label last year and now the band reformed. Then, they reformed to record this EP. I hope I figured this out the right way, would not want any of them to be pissed off!

      "Mouthpiece Hysteria" off their first EP is a fun song. While that...uh...what...hillbilly photo session might make one thing it was a band playing completely different music, their stuff is funky and fun. I'd have them over the famed WarPaint any day; but that's just me. :p
      My recent post Mašine za mužu / Milking Machines

      • Candice

        thank you! a little bit of Turley's biography/discography/bandography:) Great!

  • Reolin

    Well, I can't force myself to love this kind of music.
    Glad that I will always have Niadara, TWTD and Shadows.

    • Peon

      Niadara and Niagara are my favs, too.

  • joe

    the new I-M is great and I will always, at the very least, check out anything new involving or created by John but wanted to ask if any more live audio from any era is being added to the site any time soon? keep up the good work

    • Iva

      Thanks for your compliments. 🙂

      The problem, more or less, is that I'm trying to re-code a large portion of the site to make it user-friendly and accessible and it takes a lot of time...or at least it did before the campaign for these two albums became a priority.

      For the rest of what I'm about to say, check your e-mail, the one you commented with, please.
      My recent post Žaklina / Jacqueline

      • joe

        Thanks for that email Iva, i'll ponder that and get back to you + completely understandable about new releases being the priority. Thanks again

  • joe kenbok

    If you don't like the new music John is involved in, Don't listen!!! True fans are ones which support anything artistic and creative the musician does. I love all of John's work from beginning to end, some more than others, but i am completely blown away by letur-lefr. it is AMAZING. and i dig swahili blonde and weave. its something different and interesting and john on the tracks is a major bonus. John has said himself many times over that he is always trying to challenge himself and learn something new everyday and to keep being different or it would lose the spark. and he has stayed true to that always. and i for one am so thankful for it.

  • joe kenbok

    oh! also, i just wanted to thank the creator of this site for the best fan site I've ever seen. Thank you so much for all your work and everything you have kept me informed and entertained with for the past.....decade at least. Thank you!!

  • Spaceman J

    Hey just wanted to say Iva is human. Of course no one is gonna agree 100% of the time with what she writes but think of the hours she puts in and be grateful. Iv been following John since the late 90s and I-M is easily the best source for a fan of John's.. Sincere thanks to Iva. God knows most of us are too lazy to run an awesome, up to date site like this. Thankyou Iva and bless you!

  • Kay

    The remix sounds better than the original track, which is ridiculous and too short.

  • Michael

    I hate the internet. This track is nice. Thanks.

  • Lydia

    Her singing is a bit off but I like it other than that.

  • Eloise

    I like this a lot.