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Omar & John vinyl reissue pre-order

As it was revealed last week; Omar and John's collaboration is set to be re-issued on vinyl. Looks like we didn't have to wait for very long as it's up for pre-order as of tonight.

The new vinyl is going to be transparent and red, it is set to be shipped around the 1st of November and the first 500 orders will qualify for a 11x17 folded poster, while supplies last. You can see a picture of the said poster below. Click here to pre-order.

Free poster shipped with the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante vinyl reissue

Free poster shipped with the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante vinyl reissue

*Many thanks to TL, for the heads-up.


31 Reactions to Omar & John vinyl reissue pre-order

  1. Untitled #14 says:

    Thanks for this. Ordered!

  2. Bertie says:

    any UK store doing the same deal??? Uber psyched for this vinyl, one of my favourite albums of all time!

    • Bertie says:

      scrap that, got too excited and shelled out for the shipping fee!

      • Untitled #14 says:

        Yeah it's always slightly disheartening when you reach the checkout and see the high shipping fees for the UK. Doesn't stop me though!

      • Guckeery says:

        How much is shipping to the UK?

        • Untitled #14 says:

          $15, so nearly £10.

          • Guckeery says:

            Thanks, think i'll wait to see if it's on sale in the UK. Fingers crossed!

            • Iva says:

              From what I am aware of, you cannot pre-order from anywhere else; so you will have to settle for that shipping fee.

              Then again, the Hello Merch website has some last-century policies on there; so it's not a miracle.

            • hey joe says:

              Well, there are only 1000 of em available, might be gone quite soon, however I managed to get one first 1000 like year and half ago and theyu did not seem to be that rare to me, but it was again from Hello Merch, what looks to be only place to sell them. Alternatively you may try to get more of them with some friends of yours and share the shipping cost, I think, they send like up to 3 LPs in one box at the same shipping rate, at least the used to.

  3. john says:

    Just bought it through paypal, shipping to the UK. They converted the price to GBP and it came to £21.69 is equivalent to $33.67 USD. Thank you IVA!!!!

  4. @Femikneesm says:

    Postage to Australia was almost $16 - totally worth it

  5. dani says:

    good album

  6. trubaduur says:

    im sorry to be asking this.. but it kinda made me wondering.
    if there is only 1000 copys of this..
    after paying i saw that i was 35 000´s who ordered this....?! how does that work?

  7. joe Kenbok says:

    Got mine but I wish you could tell if you got the first 500.

  8. nightmare1138 says:

    Hey, (off topic but..) can someone tell me how much "applicable tax, shipping and handling" is for PBX on John's own website. Thanks very much!

    • You are in the first... ive ordered about 30-40 albums for hello merch and am highly familiar with their site... its not the first theyve done a limited run with a poster... a little sign will come up on the page saying that the poster in no longer available...

      • nightmare1138 says:

        Oh. I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that John's new album, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, is somehow tied to this poster? I'm just tryin' to figure out how much more (than $13.99) the album will be after one factors in the shipping and handling. Sorry

      • joe kenbok says:

        thanks man

    • Iva says:


      Please ask that on one of the PBX news items and make sure you write where you are and what exactly you ordered, otherwise it doesn't make sense; as your location and weight of items play an important role in calculating the price.
      My recent post Car psećih zvona /The Tzar of Dog Bells

  9. Tom says:

    Just ordered mine! Does anyone know if you get a free digital download with it?

  10. There is also a cd version out, right now!! Limited edition!

  11. Ricardo says:

    Iva, do you know if this reissue will be limited to only a 1000 copies which are in colored vinyl, or it´ll be a reissue of, lets say 10,000 lp´s and only the first 1000 are going to be in the colored vinyl?
    Sorry I know its a little late to ask but, since I´ve ordered one, I want to know if its secure to get the colored vinyl or It could be possible of getting a standard vinyl.

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